Tuesday, November 24, 2009

North American Arms .22 Revolver

The North American Arms .22 revolver is not very powerful or accurate... but one thing it has going for itself, is size!

Here it is next to my Kel-Tec P32, which is my smallest CCW gun, and is extremely easy to carry. The NAA .22LR revolver could go into your pocket and you may even forget that it's there.

They are kind of painstaking to reload, as you need to remove the cylinder from the gun and knock out each spent round individually and load individually.

This, combined with the size and the cocking of the hammer for each shot shot makes shooting it kind of a chore when compared to most guns. I just didn't really enjoy shooting it. Although, it is not meant for range shooting.

These guns are very small. Easy to conceal, even in the palm of your hand. I see them as a last ditch BUG (back up gun) though.

The .22LR round in this gun produces more recoil than one would expect from a .22LR. Not to mention that the .22LR is not exactly the most daunting man stopper. I think I would go with Stingers or something more than bulk .22LR for carry in this gun.

This picture is of the NAA .22LR revolver in it's "Belt Buckle". An interesting way to carry the gun openly. Frankly, it's a bit silly to carry it that way in my opinion.

Now, I have been critical of this gun, but that doesn't mean that I don't care for it. I think it serves a practical purpose, and I appreciate what it is capable of, despite it's inadequacies.

It serves this point.

Photography by Oleg Volk

However, I wouldn't expect it to do much outside of 5-10 yards, under stressful conditions...

This is a deep concealment revolver, and the price is not too bad at around $200 or less.

NAA .22LR Revolver

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