Saturday, January 16, 2010

.45ACP 230gr +P Federal Tactical Bonded

We tested this load the same day we tested the Federal .45ACP 230gr +P HST. I specifically wanted to test this load through a barrier to see how it performed. Test gun was a 4.25" Commander style 1911 made by Dan Wesson. I was happy with the results.

OK, above is the Tactical Bonded vs the HST (both shot at bare water filled milk jugs). The Tactical Bonded penetrated into the 4th jug, but the mushroom is less dramatic than that of the HST, which stopped in between the 3rd and 4th jug.

The Tactical Bonded round measured .73" at the widest and .68" at the thinnest. Not nearly as impressive expansion as the HST, but better penetration.

In this picture, you can see all of the TB bullets we tested. The one in the center was shot through a pickle jar first to simulate a glass barrier (may not be totally realistic, I am sure a windshield is much harder to penetrate, but it was a barrier of some sort nonetheless). You may be able to see some glass shards imbedded in the lead. The bullet was obviously much more deformed than the others but it stayed together pretty well and still expanded very well, as well as penetrating to the 4th jug.

The two bullets flanking the center JHP were both shot through into bare jugs. As you can see one of the petals sheared off of one of them. All bullets penetrated into the 4th jug. Even the sheared petal of the JHP on the left was recovered in the 4th jug as well.

Here you can see a shot of the Tactical Bonded round that was shot through the glass jar before entering the water filled milk jugs, by itself. This round measured .88" at the widest point, .71" at the least.

Conclusion: This is a very good load if you want better penetration. The downside is less impressive or consistent expansion. Reportedly does well penetrating barriers, did well with the barrier I used (glass jar).

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