Monday, January 3, 2011

Ruger Starting to Pique My Interest

Whether you like their new offerings or not, you have to admit something. Ruger is making some waves and gun enthusiasts are taking notice.

I personally never claimed to be a huge Ruger fan. That said, I've owned plenty of 10/22's in my time, and it's possibly the most common .22 rifle out there. The Mini-14 has been out there for a very long time in the shadow of the AR-15, lurking and utilizing a design very close to that of the M-14, in 5.56. It has a small but loyal following. They've also been making quality revolvers and some affordable auto-loading pistols for a while now.

Maybe you were aware of Ruger's announcement that they would be releasing a new gun design today. Maybe you were even disappointed. That said, I wasn't.

Only time will tell how the LC9 will perform, but I am eager to see. As a long time Glock fanatic and CCW holder, I have long awaited the arrival of a single stack 9mm sub-compact Glock. Since they won't make one, and I haven't been happy with any other similar products that I know of, I welcome a new contender.

The LC9 is a 9mm polymer frame, 7 round magazine single stack. Sure, the LC9 will not win any beauty contests, but will it put out? In this case, that is all that matters.

The release of the LC9 comes only a few years after the release of the LCR (light compact revolver) and LCP (light compact pistol), which the LC9 is only slightly bigger than.

Even more recently, Ruger has finally contracted the "black rifle disease" and made an AR15 variant, the SR556, which features a piston driven upper. I am not a believer in the piston upper, but they are headed in the right direction.

Lastly, they have also released a .308 bolt action based on the "Scout" concept made popular by Jeff Cooper, the Ruger Gunsite Scout. The price seems likely to be a little on the steep side, otherwise I would probably be more interested. We'll see what they go for at the dealers.

Maybe none of these weapons interest you in the least, but chances are, if you are a gun enthusiast, at least one of these new weapons does intrigues you. More importantly, they seem to be communicating something very interesting. They are putting a lot of thought into what they think people want.

So, the only question now, other than how these new weapons work is, when are they gonna start making a 1911?

UPDATE 4/24/2011

Well, what do you know. Ruger has now introduced a 1911, the SR1911

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