Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some pictures from my trip to Mexico

Went on a cruise this past week along the Mexican Riviera. I saw a lot of guns. Mexican soldiers/sailors were carrying M16's and/or Beretta 92's.

Got some pictures of the Mexican Federal Police. One picture caught my eye upon further examination. I didn't think these guys carried AR10's, but this guy appeared to be carrying one. It'd be interesting to know what brand it is and if it is select fire.

Seemed like most of them were carrying M4's, FNC's, or G3's. Here is a HK G3.

My brother asked this guy if he could take a picture with him. He has an older M4 with CAR handguards, an A2 upper, and two 30 round magazines taped together.

I wish I could have gotten more pictures but you know how it goes. Besides, I didn't want them to get freaked out by the gringo taking pictures of their guns...

Large groups of Federales were pretty common it appeared. I came across several groups of them.

Several people also commented to me on message boards that they would be extremely worried about traveling in Mexico. There's no doubt there are some places in Mexico you don't want to be going to. I was in large tourist towns on the Mexican Riviera. If word got out that tourists in these towns were being slaughtered, it would kill what they have there of a legitimate economy. There are plenty of people in these towns who believe it is in their best interest for tourists to feel and be safe there.

I was very alert while traveling there, but I never felt particularly threatened in any way. Stay in the tourist areas, be alert, keep a low profile, and I think you really can be somewhat safe...

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