Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jack Ross Ammunition Review

Like many gun owners, I find myself being pretty loyal to ammo manufacturers that make quality ammunition at an affordable price. When I heard about a new ammunition company that was based out of Nevada (my home state) I was immediately interested in learning more.

Jack Ross Ammunition

I was pretty happy to get my hands on a box of Jack Ross .45ACP to test out. Generally, I like to do my evaluation of ammo brands after I have shot thousands on rounds of it, but for now, the 50 rounds of FMJ .45ACP I got will have to suffice as an initial "review".

Jack Ross .45ACP

I carefully inspected each and every round and found them to have been made uniformly from what I could tell on the outside. Unlike what I saw in the pics on the website, my rounds were made with nickel plated brass instead of regular brass. I inquired about the issue (not a complaint because nickel plated brass is actually a "bonus" feature). This was the response:

"Hi Marshall, I generally use brass but I got a good deal on some nickel that I couldn't pass up. I use standard loads, and don't load +p. Hope you like the ammo."

Well, as it turns out, I did.

The gun we used was a Springfield Loaded. It grouped as well as I am capable with 7 shots at 10 yards. We churned out several similar groups. The ammo and our gun did it's part when we did ours.

No problems with the function of the ammo whatsoever, it was flawless. Seems pretty clean as well.

Jack Ross Ammunition makes ammo in 3 calibers right now, 9mm, .40S&W, and .45ACP. They plan on adding other calibers soon, including but not limited to .38 special and .380, as well as rifle calibers, starting with .223.

They have good prices on bulk ammo with FREE SHIPPING on cases to folks in California and Nevada.

I would gladly use Jack Ross Ammunition again and hope to get my hands on some more for review on my blog(s), including the .40S&W, 9mm, .380 and .223.

Since the original writing of this review I have had the chance to shoot more of their ammo and posted a review HERE.

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