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About Minuteman Review

Our Mission

The Minuteman Review is dedicated to supporting the 2nd Amendment and promoting firearms safety and education. We strive to provide every gun owner—and prospective gun owner—the information they need to get the firearms and gear that are most relevant to their needs, and use those tools safely and efficiently.

Why We Do It

We believe that firearm ownership and self-defense are essential human rights. We also believe that these rights must be exercised responsibly.

Being informed is a cornerstone of responsible gun ownership and use. We started the Minuteman Review because there was no comprehensive online resource where gun owners, hunters, and survivalists could get impartial education about guns, bows, and gear.

We also realize that everyone has hurdles to overcome in getting the equipment they need to best defend themselves and their loved ones.

People were basically shooting in the dark when it came to researching guns, bows, and equipment. And most resources for finding the best prices were undependable.

So, we started the Minuteman Review to give firearms owners of all types a reliable stock of information to inform their buying and training decisions, and help people overcome economic barriers to self-defense and the shooting sports.

What We Do

We’ve built a team of the most qualified writers and researchers to give you articles, guides, and reviews based on the most up-to-date information, and find the best prices on all the products we cover.

This gives Minuteman Review readers a home base for researching new purchases and learning the best ways to use them. We’ve created that dependable and comprehensive resource for defensive firearms owners, hunters, archers, survivalists, and anyone else to get the best education—and the best prices—on everything in the shooting sports.

Our Resources

Articles: Up-to-date information about recent news and events related to the 2nd Amendment, firearms ownership and use, and anything else in the world of shooting sports. We also supply a comprehensive list of news resources, so you can be the most informed person in the room.

Guides: How-to posts that help you get the right equipment, and use it safely and responsibly. We cover everything from choosing the right piece of kit to how to behave with your gun in public.

Reviews: Thorough, unbiased examinations of guns, bows, knives, optics, and accessories to help you decide what’s best for you. We give you all the details you need to choose your gear, and a place to get it affordably. 

The Minuteman Review Team

James Miller

James Miller received his first concealed carry permit in 2008, after completing his enlistment in the U.S. Marine Corps.

After extensive training, James found that many American gun owners lacked adequate knowledge or had unrealistic expectations for defensive firearms use, and tasked himself with correcting this.

In 2013, James started as an assistant instructor with American Target Sports in Reno, NV, and three years later, he was certified by the ICE Training Company as a defensive firearms coach.

James now teaches over 100 shooting classes a year based on the concepts and principles of the Intuitive Defensive Shooting program.

Josh M.

Josh M. has completed more than 50 gun courses, including gun assembly and disassembly, proper handgun shooting techniques, proper handgun carry (concealed and open), and firearm safety – among others.

After working as a contractor overseas, Josh decided to start his own blog reviewing firearms and sorting out the “wheat from the chaff” in the gun world.

Currently, Josh resides in Davenport, Iowa, where you can find him doing regular target practice, tinkering around his “gun shed”, and taking care of his two Labradors along with his lovely wife, Sandy.