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The .300 AAC Blackout requires little introduction. You can’t hit a rifle range and not be surrounded by the tinkle of their casings bouncing off the floor.

And for good reason. It has excellent ballistics. It’s mass manufactured so the cost is... reasonable. You can easily find the right model for you in 300 Blackout, too. Because there are many, and in an abundance of styles. 

If you spend any time practicing your craft, or you just want to protect the hearing of those around you, a suppressor can spare much damage and discomfort.

To say nothing of the home defense value of preserving one's night vision in the event of a home invasion. 

But what to look for? Is it durable? What materials is it made of? How’s the fit? Is it affordable? What does it do to sound/recoil/flash? What will its weight do to my target acquisition? How much will it add to the length of my system?

Listen up, because we’re going to shoot straight with you, and find the least bang for your Blackout 300.

Our Best Choice

Gemtech GMT .300 Blackout Suppressor

  • Design makes it easy to clean.
  • Light and durable.
  • Very quiet.

Up to a 39dB reduction in sound, and a two-piece construction that makes routine maintenance easy. That—accompanied by its lightweight and smaller profile—makes the Gemtech your best bet.

The Top .300 Blackout Suppressor in the Market

4 Best .300 Blackout Suppressors

1. Gemtech GMT .300 Blackout Suppressor - Best Overall 300 Blackout Suppressor 

What really sets the Gemtech GMT .300 Blackout Suppressor apart is its two-piece construction, which allows for easy comprehensive routine maintenance of the unit. 

That—in conjunction with being manufactured out of a titanium G-core material—leaves you with a suppressor that will outlast most of its competitors (particularly at its price point).

Rated at a 36-39dB reduction for either supersonic or subsonic ammunition, it's one of the finest sound suppression systems on this list. At only 14 ounces and 6.7 inches in length, it’s both one of the lighter silencers and one with the smallest profile.

It’s the only model on this list that isn’t rated for automatic fire, so if that is your primary use of the tool, then this silencer isn’t for you. Nothing wrong with that. Right tool for the job and so on. 

But this model is one of the absolute best at what it does.


  • Design makes it easy to clean.
  • Light and durable.
  • Very quiet.
  • Available in multiple calibers.


  • Not rated to handle automatic fire.

2. Silencerco Omega Suppressor - Best for 5.56 and 300 Blackout 

The Silencerco Omega Suppressor blows other suppressors away when it comes to cartridge options. 5.56 mm NATO, 300 AAC Blackout, 300 Winchester Magnum, and 7.62 mm NATO.

Manufactured out of stainless steel, titanium, and stellite, this model is as tough as it is versatile. Making it a favorite amongst firearm enthusiasts of every ilk. In that vein, the included quick-release mount allows for a fast and easy breakdown or swap.

The anchor break knocks recoil down considerably and makes this model the best flash 300 blackout suppressor on this list, too.

It comes in at only 14 oz. It’s also one of the shortest cans on this list, making it a more convenient home defense model. 

In the 300 Blackout, Silencerco’s claims that it reduces sound to 119dB holds up.

All in all, the Omega by Silencerco is the runner up on this shortlist of best suppressors.


  • Caliber options.
  • Quick-release system.
  • Short and light can.
  • Rated for automatic fire.


  • Slightly longer and wider than some of the other silencers on this list.
  • I’m going to have to be as quiet here as the can is.

3. Advanced Armament - Cyclone Suppressor .300 AAC - Best Budget 300 Blackout Suppressor

The Advanced Armament - Cyclone Suppressor .300 AAC is a CNC machined aluminum suppressor. It comes in with the tightest metaphorical grouping of function, cost, quality, and longevity. 

One should work with ear protection as much as possible (or so I used to hear) but this suppressor is rated to reduce decibel levels by 30-33dB. Paired with the right ammunition, it can really help prevent damage to one's auditory tissue, even without ear protection.

The machined fit threading at ⅝-24 is consistent and tight. The device functions well as a recoil compensator and of course—dampens flash. 

At only 22.4 oz of aluminum, it’s a light easy addition to any system, and it costs less than half of similar models.

Simple, reliable, versatile, and affordable. The Cyclone suppressor might not be as easy to maneuver as other models on this list, but it is unquestionably the easiest on ones bottom line.


  • Unparalleled affordability.
  • Durable machining.
  • Reliable functionality.
  • High-quality sound reduction.
  • Rated to handle automatic fire.


  • This is the heaviest silencer on this list. It’s still light, but not the lightest.
  • At 9.5” this is the longest can on this list. Not a deal-breaker, but overall length impacts handling for any close quarter purposes.

4. SIG Sauer SRD762-QD

Relative newcomer to the suppressor game, SIG Sauer came in guns blazing onto the scene with their specific brand of manufacturing competence.  

The SIG Sauer SRD762-QD is built out of the superalloy, Inconel. This leaves the unit with significant resistance to metal fatigue. Ideal for carbines, which are notorious for beating up cans like an old boxing champ coming out of retirement.

Along those lines, in coming in at 17 ounces and only 7 inches long, this model seems perfect for home defense carbines.

On top of all that, Inconel bleeds heat faster than most materials. Because an accidental brand is only funny if it’s between bros (likely under the Kyle banner).

Available from .204 Ruger, up to .308 win mag, so this model’s versatility isn’t in question.


SIG might be new to the silencer game, but they learned from the mistakes of their predecessors and stand on the shoulders of giants. The SRD762-QD is testament to such. 


  • So many caliber options.
  • Quick-release system.
  • Short and light can.
  • Rated for automatic fire.


  • Slightly heavier than other models on this list.

In with a roar, out with a whisper.

The Gemtech GMT .300 Blackout suppressor checks off all the boxes any shooter could have.

Silencerco Omega Silencer

  • Lightweight. Better for barrel swing and target acquisition.
  • Short and narrow. Better for close quarters maneuvering.
  • Most drastic reduction in sound.
  • Titanium G-Core construction provides a long life.
  • Two-piece build makes thorough routine maintenance easy.
  • As affordable as some budget models.

No matter your reason—hunting, home defense, hobbyist, etc— one can’t go wrong with any of the equipment on this list. They’ll all mitigate flash, recoil, and sound without breaking the bank. They are all well made, seat firmly, and are built to last. But the Gemtech GMT in .300 Blackout is top shelf. On top of that, Brownells has them available for immediate order.  Get yours today and save your hearing and your money.