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Do you need to get rid of a few pesky squirrels and maybe do a little small game hunting? Does the cost of ammo for getting rid of pests or the extended range of higher powered firearms concern you? An air rifle for squirrels and small game might be the perfect answer for meeting your concerns.

You will find a hard time doing better than the Bear River TPR 1200 when it comes to hunting squirrels and small game.



  • Excellent for varmint shooting
  • Bang for back value
  • Top notch accuracy for distance shooting
  • Break Barrel action packs a punch

This gun has the necessary speed and force to make a clean kill, but is a lower caliber so it extends range as well. It has a single magnification scope, which is all that is necessary for close range hunting.

Take a closer look at this and four other air guns for squirrels and small game in our review below, but before you do that consider some tips on how to choose the perfect air rifle for squirrels and small game.

Top Models on the Market

How to Choose the Right Model

Pin-point accuracy and kill force on an air rifle make it a good choice for tending to squirrels, other pests and even small game. What it avoids is the attention attracting sounds that a more highly powered gun has as well as the problems that extended range can cause. Below are the factors involved in choosing the top air gun for squirrels and small game.

What are the Range Limits?

Range and killing force varies from one model of air gun to the next, but there are some general range guidelines for the four classifications of air guns:

• Light. Used for plinking and pest control.
• Medium. A little more kill force and a range of 30 to 50 yards are typical for this class.
• Magnum (high). A greater range of 50 to 70 yards is typical with this class of air rifle.
• Super magnum. Specialty air guns in this class reach the maximum ranges of 75 to 85 yards.

If you are serious about hunting small game and might need a little extra distance in order to reach the cleverest squirrels, anything less than a medium class air gun will be pretty limited. An even better choice is going to be in the magnum class, especially if you intend to extend your use of the air gun beyond getting rid of squirrels. Continue reading for additional elements involved in choosing the right air rifle for squirrels and small game.

  • Calibers
  • SIghts and scopes
  • sensitivity
  • finish


Projectile size and weight influence both the kill force of the projectile as well as speed and range. Heavier or larger caliber projectiles provide more killing force, but speed is slower and effective range will be less. However, lighter calibers have greater speed and their range is greater, but there is a reduction of kill force. Projectile sizes or calibers are typically 0.177, 0.22 and 0.25 inches in diameter and all three are effective at tending to those pesky squirrels.

1. Bear River TPR 1200

The quality design and impressive features of this multi-purpose air gun is enough to draw your full attention.

The pistol grip on the synthetic stock of the Bear River TPR Hunting makes it more ergonomic. 

It features a high grade rifled steel barrel and a single  magnification scope which is mounted on a 6” picatinny rail rounds out its top features.


• Caliber: 0.177
• Speed: 1300 fps
• Site: 4×32 scope

Because the Bear River TPR 1200 shoots a 0.177 caliber projectile, it gets a little better range than some of the higher caliber air guns on this list.

Though larger game might need a higher caliber, it has plenty of power to take care of a squirrel and most small game as well.

It does not have the highest velocity of the group we are reviewing, but it is still the most viable choice for multi-purpose use in the field.


  • Durable, high quality synthetic stock with pistol grip.
  • Scope mounting and fixed magnification scope is top notch.
  • Budget priced, multi-purpose firearm.
  • 2-stage adjustable trigger
  • Decent range and velocity.


  • If you want to hunt larger small game, the 0.177 caliber is a little too light.

2. Ruger Magnum Combo

A trusted name in firearms manufacturing is behind the high quality design of this air rifle.

The Ruger Magnum Combo also features a lightweight, synthetic stock, has a 2-stage adjustable trigger.

It has breaking barrel single shot cocking and a mounted fixed magnification scope.


• Caliber: 0.22
• Speed: 1200 fps
• Site: 4×32 scope

Pest control and small game are both possibilities with this air gun. Because it has a higher caliber, you get a little bit more kill force from the Ruger. It is a well-balanced gun which is not overpriced because of the fixed magnification mounted scope. The 0.22 caliber projectile is more than adequate for squirrels and it doesn’t give away too much when it comes to speed and range.


  • Quality, well-known firearm manufacturer.
  • Heavier caliber for larger small game.• Fixed magnification scope.
  • Most budgets can handle purchasing this gun
  • 2-stage adjustable trigger.


  • A little more kill force than you need for squirrels or smaller pests.

3. Gamo Magnum 

The IGT Mach 1 gas piston used to fire projectiles from this rifle makes the Gamo Magnum another well designed firearm to keep in mind. It features two different caliber options and 2-stage trigger adjustment.

The all-weather synthetic stock also features a pistol grip for greater control and accuracy. Finishing out its list of features are a rifled steel barrel, a variable magnification scope and a 5 year warranty.


• Caliber: option of 0.177 or 0.22
• Speed: 1650 feet per second (fps) (.177) or 1300 fps (.22)
• Site: 3-9×40 variable scope

There are so many things to like about this gun. It is covered by a great warranty. It has a durable synthetic stock with a pistol grip, you can choose which caliber you prefer as well.

What keep this from being the top pick on this list is the variable scope, which is not only a pain to keep adjusted properly and is unnecessary for the limited range of an air gun, but also drives up the price of this model.

You can buy both of the two guns above for the same price as you pay for this one.


  • Either caliber choice has sufficient range and kill force.
  • Solid synthetic, ergonomic stock with pistol grip
  • It includes a 5 year warranty.
  • 2-stage adjustable trigger.


  • You might have a hard time justifying paying twice to three times as much for this firearm.
  • exclamation-circle
    Variable magnification scopes need more adjustment and add bulk.

4. Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston

The Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston allows you to have some of those extra features you are looking for in an air rifle and a more traditional, hardwood and ambidextrous stock with a pistol grip to boot.

It is quieter than most models, has a durable, smooth cocking and firing action and features a 2-stage adjustable trigger as well as a fixed magnification scope.

The ventilated rubber recoil pad is a nice touch, too.


• Caliber: 0.177 or 0.22
• Speed: 1200 fps (0.177) or 950 fps (0.22)
• Site: 4×32 scope

The quiet and smooth nitro piston might come in handy when it comes to tending to squirrels and other pests, but the velocity of the 0.22 caliber option raises some range concerns. Sticking to the 0.177 caliber might be the better option.

It is difficult to pass up the impressive looking hardwood design of this firearm, which gives you a little more traditional look, but you will have to pay for that design extra, which might also add unnecessary weight to the unit.


  • Hardwood stock designed with pistol grip.
  • Quiet and smooth firing action.
  • Fixed magnification scope.
  • check
    The velocity and range on the 0.177 option is decent.
  • 2-stage adjustable trigger.


  • Only the 0.177 caliber option will provide the necessary velocity and range you need.
  • exclamation-circle
    Paying more for the hardwood stock.

5. Crosman CPNP22SX Phantom

The Nitro Piston Crosman Hunting is a solid choice with the basic design features you want in an air gun and its quality is backed by a manufacturer with a solid reputation in firearms.

The features of this durable, synthetic stock air gun include:

A 2-stage, adjustable trigger, high grade, rifled steel barrel, a 70% quieter firing action and a  fixed magnification scope top it all off.


• Caliber: 0.22
• Speed: 950 fps
• Site: 4×32 scope

Crosman knows a thing or two about air guns and this one is no exception. It is not as flashy as the other air rifles reviewed on this list, but it covers the basics without making it overpriced.

It fires the heavier 0.22 caliber projectile which makes it a little better for larger small game, but it is going to have limited range because its velocity is pretty low.


  • Crosman design quality
  • 2-stage adjustable trigger
  • Fixed magnification scope
  • check
    Quiet firing action
  • Priced for any budget


  • Horribly slow
  • exclamation-circle
    Not a lot of impressive extra features.


Bear River TPR 1200

When it comes to being able to deal with pests like squirrels and other small game, you need something which has accuracy, kill force and is effective up to a decent range. Based on our guidelines for selecting the top air rifle for squirrels and small game, the Bear River TPR 1200 is our top choice.

The Bear River TPR 1200 has plenty of power and range to tend to pests. Though it might not be as good for larger small game, it is still going to do what you need it to. The pistol grip feature on the durable synthetic stock adds to its accuracy and feel. Its fixed magnification scope is adequate for its range and does not through off the balance of the firearm. Most of all, it is moderately priced given its list of valuable features.

If you are concerned about noise and safety from higher powered firearms and just need something to tend to those pesky squirrels and other pests around the house, then an air gun is probably the right choice. Purchase the model we suggested or select another which has the features you prefer.