Are you a small game hunter who would like to try something new? Does the idea of an air rifle and less expensive ammo peak your interest? If either or both of these are true for you, then you might also be interested in looking for the best air rifles for hunting.

    Our Best Choice

    Ruger Air Magnum Combo

    It is hard to go wrong with the Ruger Air Magnum Combo when it comes to hunt game or just getting rid of pests.

    This model is backed by a solid name, has sufficient speed and force to make a clean kill and makes use of an optic that works well for close range hunting. You can get a better look at this and other models in our review below, but let’s discuss how to choose the best model before you do.

    How to Choose Which One is the Best?

    Air rifles provide a safer alternative to higher powered rifles, but still allow you the pin-point accuracy and kill force to bring down small game. There are a number of factors to consider when you choose the best gun for hunting.

    What are the Range Limits?

    Types of Force

    Trigger Sensitivity

    Open Sights vs. Scopes




    • Well-known firearm manufacturer lends to quality
    • Is 0.22 caliber, which allows for range, speed and kill force
    • Not overloaded with high priced scope
    • Priced for most budgets


    • Only has 1 year limited warranty

    Ruger Magnum Combo

    This is a high quality designed model backed by a trusted name in firearms. The Ruger Magnum Combo features a high powered pneumatic gas spring piston, single shot cocking, a 2-stage adjustable trigger, breaking-barrel and a mounted scope.


    • Caliber: 0.22
    • Speed: 1200 fps
    • Site: 4×32 scope

    This solid built model has plenty of potential for either small game hunting or pest control. You will get accuracy, range and kill force from this model which has the Ruger name to back up its quality.

    Besides the excellent balance and accuracy, it is not overpriced, probably because has an adequate single magnification scope.


    • The velocity and kill force are adequate for most small game
    • Design and construction are solid
    • It includes a 5 year warranty


    • The higher magnification on this scope is not necessary
    • exclamation-circle
      A sizeable price difference over comparable models

    Gammo Magnum

    The Gammo Magnum has the IGT Mach 1 gas piston to fire projectiles from this rifle, which comes with two different caliber options. Trigger sensitivity can be adjusted on this model and it features an all weather stock, rifled steel barrel, a variable magnification scope and is backed by a 5 year warranty.


    • Caliber: option of 0.177 or 0.22
    • Speed: 1650 feet per second (fps) (.177) or 1300 fps (.22)
    • Site: 3-9×40 variable scope

    The higher caliber option available on this model is probably a better choice for small game hunting of larger animals which require a little more force to make a clean kill. The scope is overkill on this model and is part of the reason for high price of this rifle. The warranty has to impress you, but in you ought to have a warranty like that when the item comes at a higher price.


    • Pistol grip handle on a durable high quality synthetic stock
    • Scope and scope mounting are second to none
    • Solid velocity and accuracy
    • check
      Multi-purpose air rifle at a budget price


    • The 0.177 caliber is a little too light for killing larger small game animals

    Bear River TPR 1200 

    This is a quality, multi-purpose model and is loaded with some impressive features in its quality design. The Bear River TPR Hunting includes a synthetic stock with a pistol grip handle, it features a rifled steel barrel and its high quality, single magnification scope is mounted on a 6” picatinny rail.


    • Caliber: 0.177
    • Speed: 1300 fps
    • Site: 4×32 scope

    The range of the Bear River TPR is a little better than the Ruger, but fires a lighter projectile.

    This model is comparable to the Gammo, but with a little lighter velocity and a little more than half the price.

    The pistol grip handle and the high quality, single magnification scope and mounting rail set, makes it a viable choice for multi-purpose use.


    • Impressive hardwood stock design
    • Quiet, smooth action firing
    • The 0.177 option has decent speed
    • check
      Adequate single magnification scope


    • The speed, range and force of the 0.22 option is questionable for small game hunt
    • exclamation-circle
      Hardwood stock increases the price

    Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston

    The Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston is a reliable small game hunting rifle, which is quieter than most models and has a durable smooth cocking and firing action. It features a 2-stage adjustable trigger, an ambidextrous stock with a pistol-grip handle and a mounted scope.


    • Caliber: 0.177 or 0.22
    • Speed: 1200 fps (0.177) or 950 fps (0.22)
    • Site: 4×32 scope

    This is an impressive looking hardwood design and setup. The quiet, smooth nitro piston is something to keep in mind when you take a closer look at this rifle.

    The velocity of the 0.22 caliber option raises some concern as it is quite a bit slower than the other models, which suggests that it might be a little bit underpowered.

    This model is a little higher priced due to the hardwood stock.


    • Crosman quality design and functionality
    • It has all the right features
    • Budget priced


    • Speed, range and kill force are questionable

    Crosman CPNP22SX Phantom

    The basics are covered in this Nitro Piston Crosman, which is backed by the name of a well-known manufacturer. It features a durable, synthetic stock with a 2-stage, adjustable trigger, a rifles steel barrel, 70% quieter firing action and a single magnification mounted scope.


    • Caliber: 0.22
    • Speed: 950 fps
    • Site: 4×32 scope

    This is a no thrills, no spills, basic gun. You have to consider that it is backed by Crosman know-how when it comes to design and functionality, but it is a little bit slow and that makes you question its kill force. All in all, it is a fair air rifle at a budget price.

    Final Verdict

    Ruger Air Magnum Combo

    If you are looking to take on a new challenge in small hunt or just want to get away from the costs of higher powered models, the purchase of an air rifle might make a lot of sense to you.

    Using the information above, you can make a well-informed decision of what model works best for you. We suggest the Ruger Magnum Combo.

    When it comes to hunting small game or just getting rid of pests Ruger Magnum Combo is a solid choice.

    Backed by the name of a well-known firearms manufacturer, this model has sufficient speed and force to make a clean kill and comes with an optic that provides better accuracy for close range hunting. This model is also moderately priced for its value.

    Choose the model we suggested or use the information provided to select your own favorite, but purchase an air rifle and open up a whole new world of small game hunting.