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If you’re interested in seeing all your options, we’ll cover them here, so you can make the best possible decision.

Top AR-15 Bipods on the Market

5 Best AR 15 Bipod Reviews: The Best Things on Two Legs

There’s a bipod for every rifle. We’ll start with our reigning bipod champion

, and work our way through the
in order of price

  1. CCOP Tactical Hunting Rifle Bipod - Best Overall AR-15 Bipod
  2. CVLIFE Tactical Rifle Bipod - Best Budget AR-15 Bipod
  3. CVLIFE Carbon Fiber Rifle Bipod - Best Lightweight Bipod
  4. Magpul Rifle Bipod - Most Versatile Bipod
  5. Versa-Pod Model 52 - Most Adjustable Bipod

1. CCOP USA 6" Tactical Hunting Rifle Bipod: Best Overall AR-15 Bipod








Though, since the bipod locks into position with spring tension, 

it’s possible for the bipod to snag on something and pop open or fold up.

While the adjustable is easy and quick, it lacks a bit of precision. The leg length adjusts in steps. There are 5 positions between 6 and 9 inches. The leg length adjustment is good.

However, there’s a swivel on the mount that enables the bipod to turn 360 degrees, which gives you a lot of flexibility in where you can set this bipod. 

The mount itself requires a rail. Unfortunately, there’s no adaptor 

for mounting the bipod without a rail.

Overall, this bipod is a great deal. The price is excellent, and the bipod itself is versatile and capable. A great option for those who need gear for stabilized shooting, but don’t exclusively shoot long range.



The mount also allows your rifle to tilt up to 50 degrees, and pan 40 degrees without lifting or moving the bipod feet. It gives you a great shooting platform for engaging moving and widely spaced targets.

 the locking knob is capped with rubber to provide a stable, quiet forward rest. So, even if you don’t need the elevation of a bipod, this model is still useful.

The feet are textured rubber that hold fast on any surface. The feet are even useful for stabilizing your rifle against a vertical service.

Although this bipod is a bit pricey, it’s one of the best bipods for both long range and mid-range tactical shooting. It’s a great Magpul option for any high-end tactical rifle.

  • 7 adjustment steps is great, but not perfectly precise.

5. Versa-Pod Model 52 Bipod Pan Tilt and Lock: Most Adjustable Bipod

One of the big struggles with bipods is that many of them have fixed mounts. So, you have to lift the bipod and shift the feet to change the aiming point of your rifle. The Versa-Pod Model 52 Bipod solves this with an extremely articulate mounting system.

The essentials of this bipod are solid: a lot of steel construction and mechanical locks. However, the solid build does make this a rather heavy piece. So, it might make your rifle a bit front heavy.

But, the legs extend to 12 inches. That’s really tall. So, it gives you the best versatility for resting your rifle in unorthodox shooting positions.

However, the big show stopper of this bipod is the pan and tilt mount that enables you to pan and tilt your rifle without moving the feet. 

Additionally, the mount features a friction lock that enables you to lock the bipod at any point in the range of motion in the pan and tilt mount.

The only other weakness of this bipod is the size of the mount. While the mount is agile and versatile, it’s bulky

. Even when this bipod is folded up, it still takes up a lot of space.

However, the weaknesses of this Versa-Pod bipod make sense, given that it’s designed for a high-end rifle that’s primarily used for long-range shooting. if you’ve got a great custom build with solid long range capabilities, this might be the bipod for you.