10 Best Biometric Gun Safes – Which One Should You Get?


How would you feel if a gun which had belonged to you was stolen and used in a robbery or homicide? No doubt, you would with that your gun had been more secure. Your guns and other valuables can be more secure using a fingerprint safety vault.

When it comes to biometric gun safes, knowing which one you should get becomes something of a challenge. We think the best fingerprint safety vault is the SentrySafe Pistol Safe QAP2E, because it meets all of the right safety standards and provides the most security features for the investment you make into it. It will keep your guns and other valuables secure by only allowing you and 3 of your closest friends and/or family members to gain access.

Different individuals have their own personal preferences when it comes to products they buy, so our guide and reviews below can help you in either choosing the lock we selected or another product more to your liking.

How to Choose The Best Model

Quick access by the person who owns the weapon is the reason that most people choose a fingerprint safety vault. Being able to access your vault quickly is one of the most important factors involved in purchasing a safe for a handgun. Fumbling with keys or a combination lock can cost you a lot of time when time is critical, because of this, many people choose a fingerprint gunlock.

How does it work?

Though fingerprint gunlock provides quick access, they only provide quick access to those who are authorized to open them, but not to children or an unauthorized person. Your unique fingerprints, or those of the persons you authorize to open the vault, are the only ones which will open the lock on a fingerprint safety vault. The technology in the lock of these vaults reads the unique fingerprint pattern placed on it and opens the lock if it is a match and opens within a couple of seconds.


Fingerprint safety vault requires A/C or reliable battery power to operate. They are most commonly plugged into a wall outlet, which can become an issue for various uses. Battery backup for a power outage is something to keep in mind, as well as other ways to open the lock if the fingerprint technology fails. Besides this drawback, they do tend to require a greater cash investment than most gun locks.

Fingerprint Reader Accuracy and Reliability

Biometric technology has been around for several years. That means that there has been plenty of time for the necessary technology to advance and become more accurate and reliable. One of the best ways to know that your fingerprint safety vault is met these two qualifications is if the print reader and lock design have been rolled out in the last 3 to 5 years.

Easy to Setup

Fingerprint safety vault typically uses LED light indicators to let you know if the lock is set up correctly. Though these simple enough, that type of system can leave you with more questions than answers when it comes to setting up your vault. Try to find locks with detailed instructions and maybe even an instructional video to help with setup.

Easy to Install

Gun safes for handguns are, by nature, small and portable. Being small and portable makes it easier for the entire vault and gun to be stolen. Most fingerprint safety vaults are designed for handguns and need to be mounted or installed in one of the following manners:

• Wall locks, which typically require reinforcement in a wall structure in order to mount the safe.
• Floor locks, which are typically recessed into the flooring and will need to have a hole cut into the area where the safe is installed.
• Tethering cables tend to be much simpler and only require a solid object to which you can secure your vault.

Be Sure It Is Designed for Handguns

Biometric technology is used for plenty of security installations. Because of this fact, not all fingerprint safety vaults are suited for handguns. Before purchasing a fingerprint safety vault, make sure that it is specifically designed for your handgun, has the proper inner dimensions and allows your gun to be secured inside the safe without causing damage to the firearm.

With these features and characteristics in mind, you are able to make a more informed choice concerning the fingerprint safety vault which best fits your needs. Let’s take a look at ten of the top rated biometric gun safes on the market.

Top 10 biometric gun safes

Rank Product Review Score
SentrySafe Pistol
9.9 Buy on Amazon
 Barska AX11224 
9.8 Buy on Amazon
Verifi Smart
9.8 Buy on Amazon
Gunvault Speedvault
9.5 Buy on Amazon
 Viking Security
9.3 Buy on Amazon
Gunvault Microvault
8.8 Buy on Amazon
Barska Quick Access
8.6 Buy on Amazon
Barska Top Opening 
8.4 Buy on Amazon
Stack-on Super Sized
8.3 Buy on Amazon
 Barska Compact  
8.2 Buy on Amazon

Top Rated Picks On The Market

1. SentrySafe Pistol QAP2E

SentrySafe Pistol

Having your pistol safe, but quickly and quietly at hand when you need it most is what the SentrySafe Quick Access is all about. With enough space to add two moderate sized handguns or one larger gun this pry resistant lock features a quiet gas pistol on the door and 12 gauge steel construction.


• Internal Dimensions: 14” x 6.5” x 2.2”
• Mounting options: steel tethering cable
• Number of users: 4

This is a near perfect fingerprint safety vault specifically designed for storing a couple of weapons and giving you quick, single-handed access to it when you need them most. It is small enough to be portable, but still large enough to store 2 firearms. It is pry proof and built of a stronger gauge steel than many safes. It is not built for storing additional ammo and it is not designed for a lot of users, which may or may not be an asset to some. The price is also in the mid to lower end of the safes we reviewed.


  • Pry-resistant design.
  • 12 gauge steel construction.
  • Whisper quiet access.
  • Meets California DOJ requirements.
  • Affordable.


  • Limited number of users.
  • No room for extra ammo or other items.

2. BARSKA AX11224 

BARSKA 16.5 x 7.75 x 14.5 inches

For those who would like to store multiple weapons in a lighter weight safe with fingerprint recognition, the BARSKA AX11224 is a good entry level safe. It features easy programming, 2 key backup access, allows up to 30 users and comes with a 1 year warranty.


• Internal Dimensions: 16.5” x 7.75” x 14.5”
• Mounting options: pre-drilled floor mount and hardware
• Number of users: up to 30

This is an impressive vault on several levels: its programmability, its multiple weapon and multiple user capacities. The backup access system which requires a special tool to remove the logo plate in order to access the key entry is pretty clever as well. What pushes it down from the top of the list is the 16 gauge steel construction and the fact that it is not portable.


  • Easy to program.
  • Two key backup access.
  • Multiple handgun storage.
  • 1 year warranty


  • 16 gauge steel is a little bit light.
  • Not for transportation.

3. Verifi Smart Fast Access 

Verifi Smart Fast Access

A reputable manufacturer, Zvetco Biometrics, produces this safe which is popular in the DOD, DHS government agencies. It utilizes FBI fingerprint sensor technology, allows for up to 40 users. It features LCD backlighting, a long battery life, and a secondary backup key. It has 14 gauge steel and will allow for the storage of up to three firearms.


• Internal Dimensions: 13.0” x 9.5″ x 7.3″
• Mounting options: pre-drilled for floor mount with (2) 3/4” locking bolts
• Number of users: up to 40

The manufacturer behind this vault is a top performer and they have put a ton of technology into it. It probably has the best biometric fingerprint reader of all of the models reviewed in this list and its 3 gun capacity is impressive. It is more than double the average of the others reviewed, probably because they sell more them to government agencies than they do private individuals. For what they are asking for this safe, they ought to have added 12 gauge steel instead of 14 gauge.


  • Well-known manufacturer.
  • Multiple users and multiple guns.
  • Meets California DOJ requirements.
  • FBI fingerprint sensors.


  • Double the price of other models.
  • 14 gauge steel is a little light.

4. GunVault SVB 500 SpeedVault

GunVault SVB 500 SpeedVault

SpeedVault isn’t just a clever name assigned to this safe, but the design actually gives the user quick access to his or her firearms. This is a pry-resistant unit which allows for maximum security for two firearms that are secured by a biometric lock. It is constructed of 18 gauge steel and allows for up to 20 users to be programmed to use it.


• Interior Dimensions: 8 ½” x 5 ¾” x 2 ¼”
• Mounting options: pre-drilled, wall mount with anchoring bolts
• Number of users: up to 20

The best feature on this vault is the way it opens out with the grips of your handguns where you can get a hold of them quickly. It is designed to be wall mounted to open to the left or right or straight out. However, the light 18 gauge construction, the fact that it is limited to smaller weapons and the fact that it really isn’t portable are drawbacks.


  • Quick access design.
  • Multiple weapons and multiple users.
  • Pry proof fitting and design.
  • Wall mounts in several different arrangements.


  • Very light 18 gauge construction.
  • Not suited for transport or larger weapons.

5. Viking Security VS-25BL

Viking Security Safe VS-25BL

The size of the Viking Security makes it more versatile when it comes to locating it for mounting. It will fit multiple handguns and comes with a very reliable and responsive fingerprint sensor. It is made of 14 gauge steel in a pry-resistant seamless welding design.


• Internal Dimensions: 13.5” x 9.5” x 8.5”
• Mounting options: pre-drilled holes for floor mount with (4) bolts
• Number of users: up to 32

You would be making a decent choice to choose this safe. It comes with solid optical scanning and will fit multiple weapons. It is pry-resistant and has a solid mounting footprint, but it is a little light and for the price you are paying for it, they ought to be able to put some foam lining in there to protect your weapons from damage.


  • Pry-resistant construction.
  • Reliable and responsive fingerprint sensor.
  • Multiple weapon and multiple users.
  • Four bolt floor mount.


  • 14 gauge steel is a little light.
  • No foam lining to protect firearms from damage.

6. Gunvault MicroVault XL MVB1000

Gunvault MicroVault XL

The Gunvault MicroVault brags of both a lower false rejection rate for fingerprint recognition as well as a spring-loaded door for better access to your weapon. This is a truly portable unit which is lightweight, will fit in a desk drawer or in your vehicle, has foam lining on the inside, includes a steel tethering cable, and allows for multiple users to be programmed for using it.


• Internal Dimensions: 11.75″ x 8.5″ x 2.75″
• Mounting options: steel tethering cable
• Number of users: up to 120

Where portables biometric safes are concerned, this is a top performer which is popular because of its fingerprint recognition software and its spring-loaded door. Its size, the steel tethering cable, foam lining are pluses, but the light weight and size limitations are drawbacks.


  • Portable design.
  • Spring-loaded door.
  • Lower false rejection rate software.
  • Multiple weapons and multiple users.
  • Mid to low range priced.


  • Not for larger handguns.
  • Lightweight 18 gauge steel.

7. Barska Quick Access AX11652

Barska Quick Access

Fingerprint safety vault also comes in models suitable for your larger firearms or long guns. The Barska Quick Access allows you to store up to 4 rifles or shotguns. It is pry-resistant, 14 gauge steel and features an easily programmable biometric lock which will allow up to 120 user identities.


• Interior Dimensions: 52” x 9.7” x 6.3”
• Mounting options: (6) pre-drilled holes and anchor bolts for wall mounting
• Number of users: up to 120


  • Designed for larger rifles and shotguns.
  • Solid 6 point mounting.
  • Multiple weapons and multiple users.
  • Pry-resistant construction.


  • 14 gauge steel is too light.
  • Not transportable.

8. BARSKA Top Opening Fingerprint 

BARSKA Top Opening

The same BARSKA quality used in the other safes in this review is used in this top opening model which is designed to fit in a drawer or under the seat in your vehicle. This model will hold two pistol with their magazines. It is set up for mounting in a drawer or a floor in a car or home. It has top biometric fingerprint optics and allows for up to 30 users to be programmed for use.


• Interior Dimensions: 14.5” x 11” x 2.5”
• Mounting options: pre-drilled holes with hardware for drawer or floor mounting
• Number of users: up to 30

This is a solid portable model as well. It is a bit more durable than the Gunvault we reviewed above, but might not have quite the reliability in the fingerprint software. It has a gas pistol strut to open the door so you don’t have to fumble to get your weapon out. It is nice that it will mount to a drawer or floor, but the addition of a steel tethering cable would be nice.


  • Pry resistant steel construction.
  • Gas piston door strut.
  • Two key alternate access.
  • Multiple weapons and multiple users.
  • Slim design for drawers and transport.


  • 14 gauge steel is a little light.
  • Would work better with steel tethering cable for portable use.

9. Stack-On PS-15-20-B Super Sized

Stack-On PS-15-20-BIf you need more space to secure your handguns, then the Stack-On PS-15-20 would be a good call. Two removable shelves allow you to reconfigure the interior for different storage options, it uses three options for opening the safe: biometric, 4 button panel with a 4 to 8 digit programmable code or a backup key. This safe allows you to program up to 32 users as well.


• Interior Dimensions: 19.75” x 13.8” x 12.25”
• Mounting options: pre-drilled holes and anchor bolts for floor mounting
• Number of users: up to 32

This safe allows for more storage space and the variable configuration is a pretty cool feature as well. It is moderately priced and is set up for floor mounting. One of its best features is the 3 different access options, but those options are there for a reason, the fingerprint reader on this particular model seems to be unreliable and users are left with a 4 button programmable lock or back up key rather than the fingerprint safety vault hey were looking for.


  • Pry-resistant design.
  • Multiple weapons and multiple configurations.
  • 3 different access options.
  • Pre-drilled for floor mounting.
  • Moderately priced.


  • Steel gauge is a little light for a mounted safe.
  • Questionable fingerprint recognition function.

10. Barska Compact Security 

Barska Compact Security

We are taking a look at one more BARSKA safe, but this time it is a compact version of the AX11224 we reviewed earlier. The same construction of the other safes and the biometric lock is as reliable as the others as well. What sets this one apart is that it can be mounted in tight spaces and well hidden.


• Interior Dimensions: 11.8” x 7.8” x 7.8”
• Mounting options: pre-drilled holes and hardware for wall or floor mount
• Number of users: up to 30

The silent locking mechanism of the BARSKA safes is a plus. This safe also seems to be pretty accurate when it comes to recognizing fingerprints. The compact size makes it nice for storing in a tight place as well, but it is a little too small for storing multiple weapons and the steel gauge just isn’t up to snuff.


  • Seamless welding, pry resistant design.
  • Compact size for mounting in compact areas.
  • Multiple weapons (small ones) and multiple users.
  • 1 year warranty.


  • 16 gauge steel is too light.
  • A little small for securing two weapons.

Our Best Choice...

SentrySafe Pistol

When it comes to securing your firearms, especially you handguns, you want your safe to be durable and theft resistant, but you also want to be able to get to your weapon quickly when you need it. A fingerprint safety vault should provide both needs. The best model for us is the SentrySafe Pistol Safe QAP2E.

The SentrySafe Pistol Safe QAP2E is a near perfect biometric safe specifically designed for storing a couple of weapons and giving you quick, single-handed access to it when you need them most. It is small enough to be portable, but still large enough to store 2 firearms. It is pry proof and built of stronger 12 gauge steel than the other safes we reviewed, is specifically designed for securing your firearms and allowing your quick and quiet access when you need them.

Regardless of whether you choose the safe we recommend above or another model on our list, be sure to keep your weapons secure and easy to get to when you need them most through the use of a fingerprint safety vault.