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We have reviewed our top choices below and also done in-depth reviews by brands, but if you are in a rush:

Our top choice for Biometric: BARSKA Safe (Check on

Our top choice for Handgun: Blue Dot Safes (Check on

Our top choice for Long Rifle: Stack-On E-66-MB-E-S  (Check on


Before you even think about bringing home a gun, you must have a durable and effective storage in your home. These locks come in different designs that you can lock to keep those firearms away from robbers and your kids. Some even come with a biometric feature that will scan your fingerprint before you can open and unlock the safe to remove your guns.

Our top choice for a biometric gun safe is the large biometric model from BARSKA (Check Price on Amazon), which can fit longer runs and can accommodate the fingerprints of up to 120 different users. The Second Amendment Fire-Resisten (Check Price on Amazon) from Blue Dot is the top safe for handguns because it is resistant to fires and has a locking mechanism that prevents robbers. We also picked the Stack-On E-66-MB-E-S (Check Price on  as the best for long rifles because it can fit firearms of various sizes and has built-in storage on the door.

How to Choose the Right One?

To find the best safe for your home, make sure that you look over our list of the top features to look for before putting any money down.

Fire Rating

If you want to use your safe for storing more than just firearms, make sure that you take a look at its overall fire rating, including how long it can last in a fire and what temperature it can withstand. The best models will last for at least 60 minutes in temperatures of 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

Mounting Capabilities

Find out whether you can mount the storage, how you mount it and if it comes with any mounting hardware. Most storages have drilled holes in the back, bottom or sides that help you mount it to either the wall or the floor. Some manufacturers will give you hardware like bolts and screws for mounting the safe too.

Type of Locking Mechanism

You have a few options when it comes to the locking mechanism used on the storage. Some prefer a more traditional lock that requires you turn a knob to the right and left to enter a code, but others use an electronic keypad that lets you enter a code of your choosing on the keypad. A biometric lock will scan your fingerprint and only open if it identifies your print.

Number of Users

When shopping for a biometric model, find out how many people can use that storage. If you live alone, you may like one that only registers and users your print. If you want your spouse, roommates or older children to have access to those firearms, you’ll want one that can identify the print of multiple users.

Internal Space

For rifles and longer firearms, you need a storage that measures at least 40-inches tall, but if you have just a single handgun, you might prefer a smaller case. Larger models should have built-in shelves that can hold the ends of larger guns and keep those upright and stable.

Adjustable Shelves

Locks with adjustable shelves inside give you more space for storing firearms and all your accessories. These shelves often work with brackets on the sides of it and let you raise and lower the shelves based on the size of your belongings.

Door Storage

With larger storage, look for models that come with additional space on the door. The door may come with small pockets or elastic bands that let you store boxes of ammunition, scopes and even holsters.

Overall Weight

A lightweight storage lets you pick that safe up for easily storing in your home, but that lightweight design makes it easier for robbers to walk off with your lock too. Heavier models are more dependable and much harder to move. If you decide on a heavier lock, look for one that comes with wheels attached to the bottom.

Protection from Thieves

The best locks are those that come with features designed to stop thieves in their tracks like a steel plate behind the door or hinges places on the inside instead of the outside. You should look for a lock that is tamper-resistant and anti-pry bars inside that resist thieves trying to break in with crow bars.

Top 8 Biometric Model

Rank Product Review Score
9.7 Check on Amazon
9.6 Check on Amazon
3 The GunBox 2 THE GUNBOX 2.0
9.5 Check on Amazon
9.3 Check on Amazon
9 Check on Amazon
6 Inprint INPRINT Security Device
8.8 Check on Amazon
7 Viking Security VIKING SECURITY VS-25BL
8.7 Check on Amazon
8 Gunvault GVB2000 GUNVAULT GVB2000
8.5 Check on Amazon



Many of the biometric models on the market today are so small that you may only have room for a single pistol, but this Large Biometric from BARSKA is large enough for all the firearms you have around your home. It has a matte black finish that draws attention to the silver handle on the front and the matching biometric scanner. That scanner keeps anyone without authorization from accessing the strorage.

Suitable for both residential and commercial purposes, it can store the prints belonging to up to 120 users and retain that information over the long term. When a user places his or her finger on the scanner, it will let the user know within seconds if that individual can open the storage. That makes it a top choice for businesses like pawn shops, firearm stores and retail shops that sell personal weapons.

Though the safe is fairly secure on its own, you can make it even more secure when you mount it. BARSKA gives you all the hardware and accessories that you need for mounting it against a wall or onto the floor. The interior features multiple shelves and a durable carpet lining.

The GunBox

The GunBox

Make sure that everyone in your family can get to a gun when the need arises with The GunBox Biometric. Though the manufacturer released other models over the years, this original model still gets the highest ratings from customers. It comes with an aluminum-alloy shell that uses the same type of aluminum that airplanes use, and it has mounting holes on the back for mounting on the wall or floor.

One of the best features of this model is that you can use it in your home or in your own vehicle. It has a built-in battery back up that you can turn on and off with a switch on the device, but it also works with any USB cord. You can plug in a charger to one of the two ports on the back for charging via an outlet in your home or the cigarette lighter in your car.

The 360-degree built-in biometric scanner lets you put your finger down for scanning without standing directly in front of the safe. It also comes with an internal alarm that lets you know when someone tampers with the storage that you can hook up to matching accessories.

The GunBox 2.0

The GunBox 2

The GunBox 2.0 uses the tag line, “The Smartest Quick Access Gun Safe” because it gives you quick and convenient access to all your firearms. Unlike other biometric models that require you stand in the same spot each time you scan your fingerprint, this one has a 360-degree scanning field. As long as you have your finger fully on the scanner, it can identify your print, compare it against the registry and let you open the storage.

One of the most unique features of this biometric model is that it comes with an RFID scanner that works with a fob or a key card. You can press that fob to open the storage or open it with the fob. The manufacturer includes both accessories with the model.

Two internal USB ports located on the storage lets you charge the internal battery while you’re at home or on the go. You can even charge it with a charging cord that plugs into the adapter in your car, and the battery can last for up to 18 months. A built-in alarm emits a noise when someone tampers with or moves it.

Verifi Smart.Safe Fast Acces 

Verifi Smart.

With the Verifi Smart.Safe, you no longer need to remember a password or code to grab your firearm. It has 0.85-cubic square feet of internal space, which is enough for storing a single handgun and some ammunition. Its compact size is also great for apartments and smaller homes.

The built-in fingerprint scanner on this model uses the same type of technology that the FBI utilizes. When you first scan your print, the storage creates a 3-D image of your print and retains that print for future use. It can retain the prints of other users too and allows others in your home to store their own weapons and belongings inside.

Once it identifies your print, the scanner also lets you access the main menu to add new users or delete previous users. The menu comes with built-in tutorials that show you how to use features like an activity log of everyone who used it and an event log of everything the storage did in the past. You’ll also find a stealth mode that lets you open it without anyone knowing and an alert that goes off when someone tampers with it.



With a smart storage like this one from VAULTEK, you can now unlock and grab your firearm in just a few short seconds. It comes with a backlit keypad that helps you clearly see all the buttons, which is handy when using it in the dark, and a built-in fingerprint scanner on the top. If you have any problems opening the storage, you’ll love knowing that the manufacturer gives you a key that lets you bypass that scanner.

When you download the app from the manufacturer, you can access all the settings and find out more about your storage from a linked phone. This app lets you increase or decrease the brightness of the internal battery, unlock it while away from home and even see the amount of battery life remaining.

VAULTEK ensures that no one can open it with features like bars that are resistant to prying tools and hinges mounted on the inside that keep others from prying the door off the hinges. It also has built-in brackets on the inside that keep others from forcing or breaking off the door.

Inprint Security Device


Who says pink is just for women? This Inprint Biometric Security Device comes in a bold and refreshing hot pink color both men and women will love. That bright color will help you see this secure box in all light conditions, and you can even find that box while cleaning out your home after a fire or a natural disaster.

This is the fifth generation of biometric technology used by the manufacturer, and Inprint believes that this technology works far better than the tech used on older models did. It comes with a simple built-in scanner located right on the top of the box. Press your finger on that scanner, let the machine identify your print and wait for the door to open.

That door has a spring-loaded design that helps it open faster and keeps the door from catching on the safe itself. Made from a type of durable steel, it also comes with a soft lining that prevents objects hidden inside from rubbing against each other. Though not specifically designed for firearms, it has a single shelf inside that is large enough for storing a pistol or a smaller firearm and some accessories.

Viking Security VS-25BL 

Viking Security

Keep any pistol or hand gun safe and out of harm’s way while also enjoying the security of biometric scanning with this storage from Viking Security. It includes a built-in LED light that automatically comes on when you open the door and bars on either side that let you adjust the internal shelf. That shelf also slides out when you need more space.

The fully lined interior has a soft type of carpet that keeps any stored objects from knocking against the metal sides. Those sides, which feature a steel construction, are strong enough to keep thieves from breaking it but lightweight enough to open in seconds without catching on the edges of it. Two anti-pry areas on the front keep crow bars and similar tools from breaking off the door.

The built-in biometric scanner on the front will identify your fingerprint and open the door, but that scanner will inform you of anyone who tried to open it without prior authorization. You also have the option of setting up your own numeric code of between four and nine digits. The LCD display also lets you access all features of the safe to change the settings or its saved codes.

Gunvault GVB2000 

Gunvault GVB2000

When you have limited space available and less money in your gun safe budget, the Multi Vault Biometric from Gunvault is a good choice. Also known by its model number of GVB2000, it has a smaller and more compact space with just a single shelf inside. That shelf divides the inside into two compartments that let you store firearms as well as important documents.

A uniquely designed fingerprint scanner on the top lets you hold your hand flat and let the storage identify your fingerprint before the door opens. This scanner features different spots for each of your fingers to keep your hand comfortable. It can store up to 15 individual fingerprints too, which lets everyone in your home get inside the storage when needed.

Though the door easily pops open, it features a special design that keeps a robber from using tools to pry open the door and get inside. Both the bottom shelf and the back of the door has a lightweight foam lining that keeps your firearms from rubbing against the metal. That lining also protects your valuables when it shifts or falls over during an emergency.



The best safe for anyone who wants or needs a biometric scanning safe is the BARSKA Large Biometric. It is tall enough to accommodate almost any type of firearm and comes with built-in barrel stocks that support your guns and keep rifles from falling over. The carpet lining inside protects your firearms too.

Its biometric scanner checks for your fingerprint when you touch the screen and will only open if it finds your print stored in its internal memory bank. You can use that memory bank to retain the fingerprints of up to 120 different users, making it a great choice for both homes and firearm stores.

Top 8 Handgun Model

Rank Product Review Score
1 Blue Dot Second BLUE DOT S72X40X27-INCH
9.7 Check on Amazon
9.5 Check on Amazon
3 Blue Dot BLUE DOT 30X20X20-INCH
9.4 Check on Amazon
4 Stack-On Fire Resistant STACK-ON FIRE RESISTANT
9.2 Check on Amazon
9.1 Check on Amazon
9 Check on Amazon
7 Fort Knox Personal FORT KNOX PERSONAL
8.7 Check on Amazon
8 Fort Knox PB1 FORT KNOX PB1
8.5 Check on Amazon

Blue Dot 72x40x27-Inch

Blue Dot Second

This fire-resistant gun safe from Blue Dot takes our top spot because it’s so much larger than other models designed for pistols and handguns. Even if you don’t need the space that it has inside for rifles, you’ll like that you can rotate and adjust the shelves and compartments to make room for all the accessories and guns that you do use. It can store 51 rifles and even more handguns.

Its ample storage includes the flexible pockets on the back of the door. Those pockets come in different sizes, and some even have flaps that you can fold over to keep your ammunition and accessories from falling out. You can use those pockets and the interior shelves for storing up to five ammo pouches and up to eight holsters.

As a fire-resistant storage, Blue Dot guarantees that it can withstand temperatures of up to 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit and that the steel door will last for an hour or more at that temperature. A drill-resistant plate that sits between the door and storage pockets deflects the drills that robbers use to break in, and the digital keypad on the front lets you choose your own code for unlocking.

Mesa MBF2620C All Steel

Mesa MBF2620C

The issue with taller and larger gun safes is that you may not have enough space in your home for one, but this Mesa model offers plenty of storage space in a compact size. Though it measures just 22-inches by 22-inches by 26.5-inches, it gives you 4.1-cubic feet of storage space inside. Durable shelves inside let you store everything from handguns and ammunition to birth certificates and other important paperwork.

The thicker door on the front of this model is resistant to fires and comes with both dead bolts and locking bolts made from steel that can hold up to both attempted break ins and natural disasters. It keeps your documents and guns safe at temperatures above 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. Mesa storage even tested it during construction and found that it could safely survive a drop from a two-story building.

Four bolts on the corners of it let you mount it or anchor in your home. The manufacturer includes an anchor kit that helps you mount and install it in a convenient location around your home like on the bottom of a closet floor or under your bed. The traditional lock on the front works without a battery or power source.

Blue Dot 30x20x20-Inch

Blue Dot

The only real difference between this Second Amendment safe and the other model from Blue Dot on our list is the size. This one is a little smaller, which makes it a good choice for basic handguns like a pistol that you use for personal security and protection. It comes with three equally sized shelves inside that let you store all your guns and organize ammunition and accessories.

Certified for use around temperatures of up to 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit, it can last for up to one full hour before the steel begins degrading or the metal melts. It meets all the standards put in place by the Department of Justice too. That high fire rating makes it a good choice for storing important documents and family treasures too.

Its locking system works in two different ways and comes with both live and fixed bolts that offer all the protection that you need. The shelves inside adjust to give you more than 6.4-cubic feet of storage space, and you can raise one shelf to store a larger handgun. As it weighs over 200 pounds, you can rest assured that robbers can’t lift it while stealing from your home.

Stack-On Fire Resistant

Stack-On Fire Resistant

Thanks to the electronic keypad on the front of this Stack-On storage, you can easily unlock the door and reach your firearms as quickly as you need. Though you can enter the code of your choosing, you can press the right numbers on the keypad and turn the handle on the front to open it in seconds. It uses a three-point system that only responds when you enter the code correctly.

Barrel rests inside that adjust are perfect for using it to store all your firearms. Not only do you have room for smaller firearms like pistols, but you can also use it for rifles and guns with longer barrels. Those rests allow you to learn the firearms against the barrels without worrying that the firearms might tip over when you move the safe.

Though it comes in two different sizes, the 40-inch size is more than large enough for most gun enthusiasts. The keypad uses a battery that you can easily replace in minutes, and a light on that pad lets you know when to change the battery. You’ll also get a back up key that lets you bypass that keypad and unlock the door.


Steelwater AMSWEL-530 

Steelwater AMSWEL

With this storage from Steelwater, you can now store all your important and treasured belongings together in the same space without worrying about fire or water damage. Designed for home use, this model is lightweight enough for anyone to use. Weighing less than 150 pounds, it’s the type of storage that you can easily move when cleaning your home or moving to a new home.

Rated to withstand fires of up to 1,850 degrees Fahrenheit for up to two hours, it also has a steel exterior and an interior lining made from separate pieces of steel. That metal won’t melt during fires and allows you to access all your important documents like social security cards and birth certificates after an emergency. The inside features a drawer that slides out from the top and a center shelf that you can remove or adjust.

The electronic keypad on the front requires just two AA batteries to run, and you can watch for a light to come on that indicates it needs new batteries. When you choose your code, you can select a code that contains multiple digits. You can also program it to accept codes attached to different users too.

SnapSafe Under Bed 

SnapSafe Under BedWith the SnapSafe Under Bed, you can now safely store one or more guns under your bed or in your truck bed without worrying that your kids will get their hands on those weapons. This convenient storage looks like a mixture of a drawer and a briefcase. The internal drawer glides out smoothly and lets you reach your weapon in just a few seconds, and it even has two simple handles for pulling out that drawer.

The included four-feet cable lets you easily secure it in your home. You can use that cord to tie down the storage to a piece of furniture or a specific area, but you can also use it to lock it down to your floor. That cable keeps anyone who sees the storage from walking away with it.

Inside the drawer is a thin layer of carpet that rubs smoothly against any guns or weapons you place inside, but even after storing a few guns, you’ll have room leftover for documents and family photos. The numeric keypad on the front works with the nearby knob to open the drawer, and that electronic keypad runs on batteries that you can install in the compartment on the back.

Fort Knox Personal 

Fort Knox Personal

When you think of security and protection, you probably think of Fort Knox, and thanks to this storage you can now enjoy the same level of protection at home. Made from 10-gauge stainless steel, it comes with a thin steel door that is resistant to all forms of tampering and prying. Even those with lock breaking tools cannot break off this door.

Four holes on it serve as bolt down holes and increase its overall security when you bolt the safe down to your floor. A thick lining made from carpet on the inside ensures that your weapons look just as great when you take one out as those guns do when you put one inside. It also comes with an antique finish and traditional lettering that gives the model an almost vintage look.

The mechanical lock on the front is great for anyone who needs a gun safe on the go. That lock lets you select from more than 1,600 different numeric combinations. As it does not need batteries or an AC adapter, you can unlock it and get inside during even the worst of emergencies and natural disasters to recover all your weapons and valuable belongings.

Fort Knox PB1 

Fort Knox PB1

Keep your gun away from the kids in your home but still keep that gun nearby with this Fort Knox PB1 Hand Gun Safe, which is small enough to store almost anywhere in your home. Even with the buttons and knob included, it measures less than six-inches tall. You can tuck it under your bed, on a top shelf in your closet or even in a dresser drawer.

Made from 10-gauge stainless steel,  it has a separate steel wall that wraps around each side. That door is tamper-resistant and ensures that no one can use a crow bar or another tool to break the lock and pry open the door or break through the sides. You’ll also get a lifetime warranty that the manufacturer includes will all these models, which it makes in the United States.

It has a simple design that lets you enter a code via the top buttons and turn the knob to open the door. It comes with a foam lining inside that mimics the look of an egg carton to keep items from moving and to reduce the vibrations inside. The California Department of Justice approved this gun safe for home use.

Our Top Choice For This Model...

Blue Dot Second

We selected the Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment Fire-Resistant 72x40x27-Inch as the best overall hand gun safe because it comes with both live and fixed bolts that offer more protection than other models do. Thanks to its durable construction, it will keep guns and ammunition protected in temperatures of up to 1,7000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Though it comes with shelves already installed, you can change the placement of those shelves to give yourself even more storage. It can hold more than 50 guns with space leftover for ammo pouches and gun holsters. Weighing more than 800 pounds, it’s heavy enough that robbers cannot carry it off.

Top 8 Long Rifle MODELs

Rank Product Review Score
1 Stack-On E-66-MB STACK-ON E-66-MB-E-S
9.7 Check on Amazon
2 Steelwater STEELWATER 45
9.6 Check on Amazon
3 Stack-On W-24 STACK-ON W-24-BH-E-S
9.3 Check on Amazon
4 The Arsena THE ARSENAL 60” X 40” X 28”
9.2 Check on Amazon
5 Steelwater Heavy Duty 39 STEELWATER HEAVY DUTY 39
9 Check on Amazon
6 The Special Forces THE SPECIAL FORCES
8.9 Check on Amazon
7 The Sergeant by Pentagon THE SERGEANT BY PENTAGON
8.7 Check on Amazon
8 Stack-On TD STACK-ON TD-40-GP-C-S
8.6 Check on Amazon

Stack-On E-66-MB-E-S 

Stack-On E-66-MB

With this gun safe from Stack-On, you’ll have more than enough room for all the guns and rifles that you use as well as accessories like extra ammunition. The inside features eight adjustable shelves that you can both lift up and down as well as remove to make room for longer guns. Depending on the type of guns you store, you may have enough room for up to 66 firearms.

The electronic lock on the front has a built-in operational light that allows you to see that lock and enter the right code when the lights are low. That lock also has a light that flashes when you use the wrong code and a light that lets you know when you need to replace its battery. Stack-On lets you select your own code too.

Those looking for a more stylish gun storage will like the matte black finish on this one. That finish gives it a more traditional look and almost resembles an antique bank vault. Stack-On uses a screen-printed graphic on the front that adds to that look and won’t rub off from frequent use, letting you enjoy the look of it for years to come.

Steelwater 45 


Some models have a nice look but don’t do a good job of protecting your firearms, but this gun storage from Steelwater offers protection from fires. It can actually keep those gun storage for up to a full two hours. The fire-resistant door will stop any flames or heat from penetrating it and melting your guns or setting off your ammunition.

Another feature that many will like is durable steel door that comes with an extra steel plate attached on the inside. Even if someone tries to break into the safe, that plate will keep them from opening the door. It also comes with an internal drive system that keeps prospective thieves from breaking through the lock or the door with picks and other tools.

The inside features several larger and more open spaces that are perfect for long rifles, but there are also a number of smaller compartments that are suitable for ammunition, scopes and other accessories. Though the shelves do not adjust, it does come with a reinforced top shelf. This shelf is strong enough to hold larger or heavier firearms without bowing or breaking from the weight you place on top.

Stack-On W-24-BH-E-S 

Stack-On W-24

Though the Woodland from Stack-On holds less rifles than other models, it ranks highly because so many past customers loved it. The Woodland has a classy and almost elegant look because it comes with a flat black finish and gold accents on the front that give it the look of an antique safe. Once you enter the right code via the electronic lock, you can twist the gold handle to open the door.

Stack-On guarantees that it can resist fires of up 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 30 straight minutes, which can help you rest easy if a fire breaks out in your home. You’ll also appreciate the locking bolts inside the door that move at the same time that you enter the numbers in your code. That locking mechanism comes with lights that alert you to a low battery and an incorrect code.

A steel plate added to the back of the door ensures that if someone drills through the lock that they still cannot get inside the storage. The interior has two large spaces for storing rifles and specially designed areas for keeping those firearms upright. Stack-On includes door storage and adjustable shelves too.

The Arsenal 60” X 40” X 28” 

The Arsena

Though many of the gun safes for long rifles come with a matte black finish, The Arsenal stands out because of its unique burgundy finish. Gold accents around the edges and on the front highlight that deep red color and ensure that the safe works with the decor of your home.

Many gun enthusiasts will love and appreciate the ample storage inside. The Arsenal can accommodate even the longest of firearms and features cut-out spaces for holding the barrels of those guns. Smaller storage compartments on the side and pockets on the back of the door only add to that storage, and all storage areas feature soft carpeting to prevent scratches to your guns.

Other nice features include a combo lock that lets you use an electronic lock on the door for convenience, but this lock also lets you use a more traditional key. The door on this storage has a pry-resistant design that keeps others out and a steel panel inside that keeps drills from penetrating it too, and that door is fireproof at high temperatures too. Pentagon, the manufacturer behind The Arsenal, also gives you five wheels that attach to the bottom for easily moving it around.

Steelwater Heavy Duty 39

Steelwater Heavy Duty 39

No matter what type of gun accessories you use, you’ll find loads of places to store each one of those things in this lock from Steelwater. The Heavy Duty 39 Gun lock gets its name from the fact that it can store up to 39 guns inside, but you’ll also find storage on the back of the door. Smaller pockets can store grips and scopes, while the larger pockets can store ammunition boxes.

Most of its available storage is near the back of the safe. Covered in carpet to protect your firearms, it also features a large central space for your guns with larger barrels and shelving on either side as well as a shelf on top. That top shelf can hold pistols and smaller guns, but the shelving on the sides can store other accessories.

Steelwater promises that it will last for up to 60 minutes in fires with temperatures up to 1,875 degrees Fahrenheit. To keep your guns even safer, it has a steel plate that stops burglars from drilling through the lock. It even comes with reinforced bolt holes on the bottom for bolting it down in your home.

The Special Forces

The Special Forces

The Special Forces Gun Safe has the type of look that would appeal to anyone who is a member of the special forces or the armed forces, but it’s also a good option for those who need to store long rifles at home. Its exterior features a matte black finish that highlights the bold white color of the American flag near the bottom and the Pentagon logo near the top. White accents also surround the edges of the front door.

Designed to keep fires out for up to 90 minutes, it also has a durable steel door that does a good job of stopping thieves in their tracks. The S & G combo lock offers some extra protection too. Thanks to its included bold system, you can actually bolt this safe down to your floor to keep someone from grabbing in and running while robbing your home.

Though the digital keypad acts like a strong lock and lets you decide on the code you want to use, it also comes with its own key. That key lets you access the lock and open the door if you forget your code or enter the wrong code too many times.

The Sergeant by Pentagon

The Sergeant by Pentagon

Pentagon appears on our list again with The Sergeant. Though it has the same rich matte black finish as other gun locks, it comes with decorative accents in shades of both white and gold. Those gold accents make this safe look like it costs more than it actually does.

As The Sergeant uses an electronic keypad, you’re only seconds away from opening the door when you enter the correct code. Anyone who enters the wrong code will find that the door remains tightly locked. This lock also sends out an alert when someone puts in the wrong code several times to let you know that someone tampered with it, and it comes with a warning light that lets you know when you entered the wrong code too.

Its pry-resistant door actually prevents thieves from possibly breaking the door off and gaining access to your guns. When you open that door, you’ll find soft carpeting covering every surface, which reduces the risk of your guns suffering any damage. The interior also features shelves of various sizes that let you better store all your guns and organize accessories like scopes, holsters and even ammunition of different calibers.

Stack-On TD-40-GP-C-S 

Stack-On TD

The Total Defense from Stack-On is a solid option for those who need a lock for storing long guns but have less cash available. While it isn’t quite as strong as some of the other Stack-On gun safes, it does offer a high level of protection because of the solid lock and the steel handle on the front. It also offers defense against the elements because it is both fireproof and waterproof.

One thing you’ll notice when you open the door on this lock is that it has lots of interior storage. Soft pockets on the back of the door are just the right size for scopes and other smaller accessories, but some of those pockets are also large enough to store boxes of ammunition. There are even individual elastic holders on the back of that door.

Designed specifically for long rifles, it comes with two shelves that have built-in compartments for holding the tops and barrels of any rifles that you place inside. Two shelves on the very top can store smaller guns and other accessories. Depending on whether you use it for accessories and ammunition or just guns, this lock can hold up to 40 rifles.


Stack-On E-66-MB

The best safe for a long rifle is the Stack-On E-66-MB-E-S Elite 66 with Door Storage. Thanks to extra storage tucked away behind the door, you’ll have more than enough space for all your favorite guns as well as any scopes or accessories that you use as well as ammunition. It can safely store up to 66 guns of different sizes and types including long rifles.

The matter black finish and screen-printed graphics on the outside give it a vintage look, but it’s electronic lock is completely modern. That lock comes with warning lights when the battery is low and when someone enters an incorrect code.