10 Best Under Bed Gun Safe Reviews – Which One Should You Get?

Do you want the security of knowing that your weapons are near at hand while you are sleeping, but want to be sure that they are secure from unauthorized users?

An under-bed gun safe is one of the best ways to give you the peace of mind that you will be able to protect your family in an intruder emergency.

Of the 10 best models we reviewed, we recommend this one:

Stealth Defense Vault DV652

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The Stealth Defense Vault DV652 allows for quick access to your long guns or pistols with a quick access lock and a slide out tray which gives you quick and quiet access to your firearm. It is built with durability and tamper proofing in mind and is the proper dimensions for an easy fit under any bed.

Our selected model may or may not fit your personal preferences or needs, but you can make an informed decision concerning the one which does fit you best using our guide below.

Best Under-Bed Gun Safe Reviews

Rank Product Review Score
Stealth Defense Vault
9.9 Buy on Amazon
Monster Vault Dual
9.8 Buy on Amazon
Titan Pistol Vault
9.8 Buy on Amazon
Artemis Handgun Safe
9.6 Buy on Amazon
Liberty Handgun Vault
9.2 Buy on Amazon
Hornady Rapid
8.9 Buy on Amazon
Barska Biometric
8.6 Buy on Amazon
Casket Fast Opening
8.5 Buy on Amazon
Snapsafe 75400
8.3 Buy on Amazon
Fort Knox PB6
8.2 Buy on Amazon

How to Choose The Best Model

Getting to your firearms when you have been awakened by an intruder is one of the main reasons that people desire having their weapons near at hand and an under bed gun safe makes that possible. Before understanding how to choose the best model, you need to consider the advantages of this model over other types of locks. Consider that:

• Nightstand firearm locks won’t work with long rifles or shotguns.
• A wall lock box is typical across the room and not near at hand.
• This kind of lock is a good place to conceal a weapon for ready access.

Mounting Options

Having your gun stolen while you are away is a concern to keep in mind. For this reason, mounting your firearm lock box to the floor in your bedroom or to the frame of the bed makes it more difficult for a thief to slip away with your firearms. Besides these mounting options, a steel tethering cable attached to a solid anchor is a third option to consider.


The size of the model will vary depending upon what types of firearms you wish to secure. If you only require a lock for a handgun, then a smaller lock will be adequate, but if you intend to secure a long gun, like a rifle or shotgun, the necessary size and capacity will change dramatically. Besides the interior capacity dimensions, you need to keep in mind how well it fits in your bedroom floor as well.


It is rather obvious that the number of firearms you intend to secure will make a difference when choosing the model as well, but it needs to be mentioned as one of the considerations for choosing the best lock for you. Interior dimensions also come into play when you consider the number of weapons you wish to guard in your lock.

Type of Lock

Various types of locks appeal to different individuals. Many prefer a simple, mechanical lock with a combination or key, but others prefer an electronic combination lock or biometric lock. Each type of lock has its advantages and disadvantages which often relate to quick and quiet access to your firearms or the ability for someone to easily open your lock and make off with your firearms.

Durable Construction

A firearm lock serves no purpose if it is not durable enough to withstand tampering or prying. Heavier gauge steel (10 and 12 gauge) is superior to light gauge steel (14, 16 and 18 gauge steel). Heavier steel makes it less likely for the case of the lock to be damaged, but other considerations like pry resistant doors and seamless welding should be kept in mind as well when selecting a lock with durable construction.

With these considerations in mind, you can make a well-informed decision about which model works best for you. To help you make that decision, here are 10 top rated locks to keep in mind.

Top Rated Options On The Market

1. Stealth Defense Vault

Stealth Defense Vault DV652

The Stealth Defense Vault is designed to fit a shotgun and a couple of pistols in a configuration which allows them to be accessed quickly and quietly. This model is constructed of durable 14 gauge steel, has a 5-point locking system on the door, fits well with a minimum of 6” clearance, has a backlit electronic combination lock and is ready for mounting to the floor in your bedroom.


• External dimensions: 6” x 52” x 14”
• Capacity: Inner tray is 3 3/8” x 43 ¼” x 13” (one rifle and/or several handguns).
• Construction: 14 gauge steel
• Lock: 5-point, ESL5 Electronic Lock

It is specifically designed to be used for longer firearms like a shotgun. Its dimensions and slide out tray design allow you quick and quiet access to your weapon when you need it. The locking system and electronic combination lock are among the best in the business and the LED backlighting on the combination keypad is a great feature to have. A spring-loaded tray, heavier gauged steel, and an alternative key lock would improve this already solid choice.


  • Durable tamper-proof construction.
  • 5-point bolt locking system.
  • Pre-drilled holes for 4-point floor mounting.
  • Backlighting for lock.
  • Well suited for bedroom floor
  • California DOJ approved.
  • 1 year warranty.


  • No key backup.
  • Tray is not spring-loaded.


Monster Vault T1261

The larger capacity of the MONSTER VAULT makes it a great choice for those who need additional storage space for additional firearms, ammo and other important items. It features a digital electronic combination lock, a roomy slide out drawer and is made of durable double walled steel. It also comes with a seven-year warranty.


• External dimensions: 7” x 48” x 28”
• Capacity: 5” x 44 ¾” x 26” (up to 4 long rifles and/or numerous handguns)
• Construction: double wall, cold-rolled steel
• Lock: digital combination

There are a lot of things to like about this lock. Its durable double steel wall construction is one of its best features, but its capacity for various types of and large number of firearms grabs attention as well. The fact that you have the option of a backup key if needed is a plus as is the 7 year warranty, which because of the cost of this unit you would certainly need to demand.


  • Heavy double wall steel construction.
  • Low profile to fit in the bedroom floor.
  • Lots of interior capacity for multiple types of firearms and a large number of guns.
  • Has an override key.• Seven year warranty.


  • No pre-drilled mounting options.
  • Pretty pricey.

3. TITAN Pistol Vault

Titan Pistol Vault

Having your weapon in your hand in seconds is one of the best features of the TITAN. The spring-loaded action when you open the door gives you quick and silent access to your weapon when you need it most. It comes with mounting brackets and its lock does not require batteries or any power source to operate it.


• External dimensions: 12” x 10 ½” x 2 ¼”
• Capacity: 10” x 6-1/2” x 2” (single handgun)
• Construction: 14 gauge hardened steel
• Lock: mechanical push-button combination lock

What will excite you about this model is the spring-loaded action of the door. Fit into a holder inside the lock, your gun’s grip is instantly exposed when you open the door so that you can take it into your hand. The push-button combination lock allows you to avoid the need to change out batteries and this model meets California DOJ and TSA requirements. The mounting is not tampered proof, however, and it might be pretty difficult to justify the price for a single handgun.


  • Hardened steel construction makes it durable and tamper-proof.
  • Spring-loaded for quick access.
  • Small enough to mount under your bed.
  • Can be customized for various sizes of handguns.
  • Meets California DOJ and TSA requirements


  • A little pricey for a single handgun.
  • Mounting is not as tamper-proof as the lock itself.

4. Artemis Biometric Handgun Safe

Artemis Biometric Handgun

A cost efficient option for keeping your handgun secure and ready to use when you need it is the Artemis Biometric Quick Access Handgun Lock. It is made of weapons grade polycarbonate plastic which is durable as well as secure. It has a low profile to fit well and makes use of a biometric lock for quick access by authorized users.


• External dimensions: 13” x 12” x 4”
• Capacity: 10 5/8” x 6 7/8” x 2 ¾” (single handgun)
• Construction: weapons grade polycarbonate plastic
• Lock: biometric up to 200 users

This lighter weight, single handgun lock has some solid qualities to it. It is portable, but can be tied down with the steel tethering cable, it allows quick access to the weapon with the biometric lock, and the tamper alarm is great to either scare off a thief or alert you if a child is messing with it. Being single capacity is a concern for many and you will have to keep fresh batteries in it, but it comes with a 1 year warranty and it is moderately priced.


  • Tamper alarm.
  • Weapons grade durable polycarbonate construction.
  • Foam lining on the inside.
  • Biometric lock with up to 200 users.
  • Steel tethering cable.


  • Limited capacity.
  • Have to keep fresh batteries in it.

5. Liberty Handgun Vault - HD-300

Liberty Handgun Vault - HD-300

The design of the Liberty Handgun Vault makes getting a hold of your handguns a snap. Besides allowed quick and silent access, this safe comes ready to mount with 4 pre-drilled holes and hardware. It is made of 16 gauge steel and utilizes a soft touch combination lock.


•External dimensions: 8 3/8 x 13 7/8” x 10 1/8”
• Capacity: 6” x 10” x 8 3/8” (two handguns)
• Construction: 16 gauge steel
• Lock: soft touch combination

The angled design of this unit allows for quick access to the grip of your handgun as soon as the drawer drops open. The soft touch lock is quiet and allows for quick opening as well. It comes ready to mount to the floor in your bedroom. Its 16 gauge steel construction is a little bit light and you are limited to the type of weapons you can store in it, but it is moderately priced and has a good warranty, so it isn’t a bad option for a handgun owner.


  • Angled front door for quick access.
  • Multiple weapons storage.
  • Soft touch electronic lock (9 volt battery)
  • Pre-drilled holes for floor mounting.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Moderately priced.


  • 16 gauge steel is a little bit light.
  • Limited to handgun storage.

6. Hornady Rapid

Hornady 98190 Rapid Safe

International safety standards are exceeded in the design of the Hornady Rapid. It is constructed of 14 gauge steel, utilizes two hardened steel lugs in the lock, comes with a steel tethering cable and is tamper and pick proof. Its interior design protects firearms against being damaged if the safe is dropped during transport as well. Its locking mechanism makes use of RFID technology.


• External dimensions: 42” x 15 ¼” x 6 ¾”
• Capacity: 40 ½” x 14 ½” x 5 ½” (up to 2 automatic rifles and/or several handguns)
• Construction: 14 gauge steel
• Lock: RFID sensor, up to 5 cards

This is a well-built model which meets TSA standards for safety. Its interior racks are a nice touch for securing your firearms during transport. The 14 gauge steel construction is decent and its tamper-proof lock and door is certainly a plus. What is cumbersome about this safe is the RFID locking mechanism which reads up to 5 individual cards for gaining access. In addition, though you have the option of attaching the safe to a power outlet instead of using a battery, the cord is pretty short.


  • Durable, tamper-proof, 14 gauge steel construction.
  • Multiple rifles and handgun capacity.
  • Adjustable interior racks for proper gun security during transport.
  • Steel tethering cable
  • Battery or power cord power option.
  • TSA approved.


  • RFID can be tricky to operate.
  • Door opening is a little loud.

7. BARSKA Biometric

BARSKA Biometric Safe

The BARSKA Biometric Lock allows you quick and quiet access with the touch of a finger. It features pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware to attach it to the floor, has the interior capacity to fit 2 to 3 handguns and is made of durable 14 gauge steel.


• External dimensions: 16 ½” x 7 ¾” x 14 ½”
• Capacity: 2 to 3 handguns depending on size
• Construction: 14 gauge steel
• Lock: motorized, biometric, up to 30 prints

Biometric locks, with their one touch lock opening certainly provide the quickest access to your weapons when you need them most. The backup key access which requires a key to move the logo plate and another key to open the lock is a good security measure that makes it truly a backup and not a possible weakness. Multiple handgun security and pre-drilled mounting are pluses, but it is a little bulky and might not fit.


  • Durable 14 gauge steel construction.
  • Quick access with biometric lock.
  • Two key backup access.
  • Fits multiple handguns
  • Pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware.


  • Limited to handguns.
  • Might be a little too bulky

8. Casket Fast Opening Shotgun 

Gun Casket Fast Opening Shotgun

The length and low profile of the Casket Fast Opening Shotgun Lock make it ideal for storing a shotgun in your bedroom. The case is made of rustproof anodized aluminum, features a quick access electronic locking mechanism with the pressing of 4 to 6 buttons. It is portable and easy to transport and allows for longer barreled firearms to be stored inside.


• External dimensions: 50 ½” x 7” x 4 ¼”
• Capacity: 50” x 6 ½” x 3 ¼” (single shotgun)
• Construction: 16 gauge anodized aluminum
• Lock: electronic combination


  • Low profile design fits easily under almost any bed.
  • Long enough for long-barreled shotguns or rifles.
  • Quick access electronic combination lock.
  • No-rust anodized aluminum case.


  • Will not fit tactical shotguns or rifles with scopes.
  • Does not have backlighting on the lock.
  • 16 gauge is pretty light material.

9. SnapSafe 75400

SnapSafe  75400

Keeping multiple firearms secure and close at hand is the goal in mind for the design of the SnapSafe 75400. Manufactured in America out of high quality 16 gauge steel, the interior capacity of this lock allows you to store multiple firearms for quick access in the limited space in your room. Two internal steel lugs and electronic combination locking system keep others out, but allows you quick access to get in.


• External dimensions: 24” x 48” x 7”
• Capacity: 21 ½” x 44 ½” x 4 ½” (3 to 4 long rifles and/or shotguns and/or numerous handguns)
• Construction: 16 gauge steel
• Lock: 3 to 8 digit electronic keypad

Much like the Monster Vault we reviewed earlier, it allows for the storage of multiple types and numerous weapons. Its electronic keypad lock allows for quick access when you need it most and its locking mechanism is tamper-proof. The disappointing features of this vault are the 16 gauge steel construction and the fact that it is not set up for floor mounting.


  • Multiple long gun and hand gun capacity.
  • 3 to 8 digit electronic keypad combination lock.
  • Padded tray.
  • Tamper proof.
  • Half the price of the Monster Vault.


  • 16 gauge steel is pretty light.
  • No floor mounting holes and anchors.

10. Fort Knox Shotgun PB6

Fort Knox Shotgun Safe PB6

When it comes to durability and heavy duty security, the Fort Knox Shotgun PB6 is built like the actual fort. The case of this safe is 10 gauge steel with nearly ¼” of steel plate for the door. There are no worries about batteries or fumbling with keys to open the lock on this safe as it makes use of a simplex mechanical lock. The interior is carpet lined and this model meets California DOJ requirements.


• External dimensions: 5” x 45” x 9”
• Capacity: single shotgun or long rifle
• Construction: 10 gauge steel
• Lock: simplex mechanical

Storing a shotgun in a safe that is built like Fort Knox itself is hard to turn away from at first glance. The simplicity of the locking mechanism, the life time warranty and the fact that it meets California DOJ requirements are added benefits. There are some drawbacks which include no mounting options, the awkwardness of sleeve storage and access and the fact that you will feel like you actually bought Fort Knox.


  • Heavy-duty 10 gauge steel construction.
  • Fits almost any long rifle (without scope) or shotgun.
  • Simplex mechanical lock
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Meets California DOJ requirements.


  • Sleeve type storage is a little awkward for quick access.
  • A bit pricey for storing a single weapon.

Our Favourite is...

Stealth Defense Vault DV652

An under bed lock allows you the security of knowing that your firearms are secure from being stolen or from accidents within the house, but it also allows you to store it where you can get your hands on it during a home invasion. The model for our purposes is the Stealth Defense Vault DV652.

The Stealth Defense Vault DV652 is specifically designed to be used as a lock for long firearms like a shotgun. Its dimensions and slide out tray design allow you quick and quiet access to your weapon when you need it. The locking system and electronic combination lock are among the best in the business and the LED backlighting on the combination keypad is a great feature to have.

Keeping your firearms secure when not in use is a major reason to choose a safe. Choosing a model which allows for quick access to your firearm when you need it most. Whichever model you choose, you can now make an informed decision while purchasing your safe.