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I want to thank Steven at for providing us with an opportunity to review this ammo. We had a chance to run 50 rounds of it through a variety of 1911’s and had no problems.

As you can see, this ammo utilizes a nickel plated brass case, which should aid in feeding and extracting. We were able to put a few groups together at 10 yards, semi rapid fire. The groups are shown directly above the guns pictured.Here is what we did with an ATI FX .45 Commander, semi rapid fire, 7 rounds.Here is a group produced by Springfield Armory Loaded, semi-rapid fire, 7 rounds.Here is a group with a Springfield Armory Milspec, semi-rapid fire, 8 rounds.I might consider this as an outdoors/wilderness carry load when FMJ might be preferential for penetration.This is great ammo made by a quality manufacturer and provided to us by an excellent vendor, They shipped me this ammo quickly and I would gladly do business with them again.