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Last Updated on May 5, 2023.

Serious hunters know the necessity of a scope that can quickly find the target but also indicate where to hold. If you are shooting prairie dogs, coyotes, or even big game like deer or elk, you need to have the upper hand to be successful. And the Burris Veracity was designed for this exact purpose.

Almost every major brand of riflescope manufacturer offers a reticle that allows you to make adjustments for elevation, windage, and bullet drop. Some are better than others, and we think the Veracity offers this and much more to the hunter, at a fraction of the cost of the competition.

Burris Veracity

Who is this Scope for?


I could leave it at that, but it’s true. Hunters who demand their shots to hit where they want, should definitely take a second look at this optic.

It is a great buy for the quality, and it will be the last scope you’ll buy thanks to the lifetime warranty.


  • The eye relief and the crystal clear glass make this scope an intuitive instrument in your hands. Once it is zeroed, you will forget it’s on your rifle, except for the fact that you may be taken back by the brightness and clarity you get when you look through it.
  • The reticle design is ideal for hunting because of the useful markings and reference points. Even if you don’t adjust the scope with the turrets when taking aim, there is enough information within the reticle to accurately take your shot. For quick target acquisition, the crosshairs are easy to see and engage your game.
  • The Front Focal Plane design increases the size of the reticle on your target for precise shots. While it may take a bit to get used to the reticle changing sizes, you will find that the precision marks are more easily seen at the highest magnification


  • The calibrated reticle on the Veracity has been calibrated to an average load and you will have to adjust to your specific cartridge. If you tend to use higher grain load cartridges, you will find that the reticle will be off. This is not isolated to the Veracity but is common in many scopes. To minimize dispersion, zero your scope with your cartridge at 400 yards using the 400 yard hold.
  • This is a heavy rifle scope, the smallest weighs 22.7 oz (1 lb 6.7 oz) and the largest weighs in at 28.2 oz (1 lb 12.2 oz). It is hard to get excellent optics with lightweight scopes.
  • The Veracity has a much more limited scale of MOA adjustment than competition scopes on the market. The elevation is 64 MOA, which is reasonable, but the windage is reduced to 30 MOA. This is NOT a competition scope but designed primarily for hunting.

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Easy To Use, Easy To Adjust, Easy To Trust

The intuitive reticle makes it easy to take your shot easily and accurately as well as determine distances without having to use a rangefinder. While you can still easily adjust the scope for windage and elevation, you don’t have to in order to use this scope effectively.

The Veracity is covered with Burris‘ no questions asked, forever warranty. Even If you buy the scope used, you can still take advantage of the warranty as it transfers to the next owner.

The scope can take the use and abuse of anything you put it through. No matter the conditions, weather, or the journey, you can trust that the Veracity to always perform as it was designed.

Photo by Burris

Value and the Veracity

The veracity is an imported scope designed by Burris, made in the Philippines. Before you completely discount it and go buy that American made rifles scope for twice the cost, there is more than one reason you should at least look into the Veracity.

Burris spent over two years creating the quality control certification before the scope was first released. After it goes through the multiple steps of quality control checks at the factory, the scopes are then double checked at the plant in Greely, Colorado before they hit retailers.

It goes without saying that Burris builds their scopes with quality that will last, otherwise they would be losing massive amounts of money through their warranty program.

4-20x50mm w/ Ballistic E1 FFP Reticle | Photo by Burris

Full Review of the Veracity

The Veracity is a rugged and solid hunting scope made to endure all the rigors that you endure to find your trophy or to bag as many prairie dogs as possible. The excellent optical clarity coupled with the easily visible reticle makes this THE hunting scope for SERIOUS hunters.

Here’s why we think you will like the Veracity as much as we do:


Reticle Design

Burris knows you take hunting serious and the importance of being able to take that precise shot for an instant kill. That’s why they have developed several reticles that they utilize specifically for the Veracity.

For varmint hunting, the Ballistic Plex E1 FFP Varmint reticle capitalizes on an easy to see crosshair pattern, even if you don’t use the MOA tick marks. The bold outer lines help with instant target acquisition, while the inner marks thin to accentuate the lethal kill zone. Experienced distance marksman will appreciate the detail that Burris has put into this specific reticle.

Not only do they include the typical MOA calibrated tick marks but they also include cascading dots on the left and right of the reticle to calibrate for crosswind. The dots represent a 10 mph wind holdoff for most hunting cartridges. You can adjust for 5 or 20 mph crosswinds by halving or doubling the distance without having to adjust anything on your turrets.

The Ballistic Plex E1 FFP available in the 4-20x and 5-25x models is a slightly more detailed and refined version of the varmint reticle above. The bold, tapered lines of the crosshairs make the reticle extremely useful even at low power.

It still features the cascading dots for crosswind calibration, but the bullet drop tick marks on the lower portion are easier to see. They are calibrated from 100 yards at the center to 600 yards to the bottom mark.

The final reticle Burris offers is the SCR MOA, which is primarily used in the long range scope of the XTR II. In the XTR II it is illuminated but in the Veracity, it is not. The proprietary reticle design increases precision when used in long range applications.

SCR stands for Special Competition Reticle and while it is perfectly suited to long range competition shooting, it is also suited to long range hunting as well. It features 1-MOA holdover lines, ½-MOA and 1-MOA windage hold-off lines, and ¼-MOA ranging brackets on the top, left and right extremes of the crosshairs. 

This is an extremely technical but versatile reticle only available in the highest power Veracity 5-25×50 model.

Front Focal Plane Design

The design of the front focal plane reticle is crucial in calculating accurate distances at any magnification.

Increasing the magnification will increase the magnification of the reticle, allowing you to differentiate between the MOA tick marks.

For long range applications, the front focal plane design is preferred because it performs better. The trajectory compensation will always be correct and proportional for the selected magnification.

Adjustable Turrets For Windage, Elevation, And Parallax

The Veracity features the exposed turrets that are commonly seen on its long distance scopes. Adjustment matches the reticle’s MOA measurement system and the audible clicks can also be felt, even when using hearing protection. Zero Click Stop can be easily reset to zero by loosening a single hex screw.

Burris lets you choose between the MAD System with exposed adjustment turrets, or to cap them. The main difference besides the caps is that the capped turrets stand taller on the rifle scope than the MAD System.

Parallax adjustment is easy to adjust and access with an ergonomic side focus knob that will focus from 50 yards to infinity.

High Performance Optics

The Hi-Lume multi-coating is index matched to the lenses, meaning that the optical engineers have created the optimal coating for each specific glass. What does this mean? Light transmission is optimized in low light conditions and glare is minimized in bright light.

Burris uses high quality glass and precision grinding in its optics and the Veracity is no exception. The Veracity has outstanding brightness and clarity that makes it the ideal hunting scope for your next expedition.


Adjustable 5x zoom allows for wider field of view and close up magnification to execute those difficult shots

Front Focal Plane Design allows for accurate calculations for distances at any magnification

MOA Adjustments are accurate, repeatable, and easy to adjust

Side Parallax adjustment ensures you get the best possible picture possible from 50 yards to infinity

Water, Fog, and Shockproof, this scope delivers every time, no matter what you throw at it.


Burris offers 9 different models in the Veracity line ranging from $600 all the way to $1,200. There is a scope for every hunter’s budget and need. This is a great price for this quality of glass and its abilities.

Our Opinion

Not only is this a piece of solid optical engineering, it delivers precision accuracy, every single time. Once you learn how to use the highly technical markings, you will be able to take any shot you need to.

This is the kind of scope that can be used at 100 yards or 600. It is versatile, dependable and accurate. Veracity does mean “accurate” or “the truth” and we agree that it lives up to its name.

Even Outdoor Life Magazine recognized this scope saying:

“We are too cynical to proclaim a “perfect” riflescope, but we’re also experienced enough to recognize a first-rate optic that can handle a wide range of shooting tasks with an equally high level of aptitude for each.”

The Competition

Toric Ultra HD

The Toric Ultra HD Plane BDC reticle scope was created by Nikon's Sports optic division. It features premium glass, precision controls, and completely bypasses retailers by selling directly to consumers. 

Toric shines in low-light conditions and continues to give you the same resolution it has in brighter light conditions. It is comparable in price to the Veracity and offers a similar reticle design.

Swarovski X5i

The Swarovski X5i is a high-performance, high-priced optic that is well suited to long range competitive shooting. While the Veracity is suited for hunting, the X5i is much better suited to bench shooting where precision determines the winner or loser. 

It also offers an illuminated reticle with MOA adjustments for the serious competition shooter.

Sig Sauer Tango 6

The Sig Sauer Tango 6 is also a higher priced optic with precision at its heart and soul. Built on the 34mm tube, the Tango 6’s first plane, illuminated MIL reticle allows nearly 80 MOA of elevation adjustment. 

The large elevation and windage controls and proprietary zero stop, make this a serious rifle scope for competition shooters and long-range hunters alike.

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