The New Burris XTR II Scope – Blowing Other Scopes Out Of The Water

Last Updated on May 11, 2023.

We’ve all been on a morning hunt with the sunlight creeping over the hills in the crisp morning air when that monster trophy comes into view. You pull up on it and wait for that right shot and your scope fogs up at the wrong moment.

As frustrating as it is to overcome, Burris has removed this variable and some others from the hunter, tactical, and competitive shooter completely.

Burris XTR II with Mil Adjustments SCR Mil Reticle


  • The crystal clear optics with the illuminated reticle mean that you won’t have any problem finding your target and taking your shot. The 11 brightness settings make it easy to select what you need for the reticle to illuminate. The durable construction and triple spring tension ensures that no matter where you go or what you put your weapon through, the XTR II will continue to function and stay zeroed.
  • The durable construction and triple spring tension ensures that no matter where you go or what you put your weapon through, the XTR II will continue to function and stay zeroed.
  • Windage and elevation is easy to configure with the adjustment turrets because they correspond to the markings and measurement within the reticle. For long range precision shooters, this is a must have feature.


  • When using a front focal plane reticle at the highest magnification, the elevation and windage adjustment marks cannot be seen on the reticle. While the reticle enlarges onto your target, you won’t have the normal markings you have at a lower magnification.
  • In blaring, bright sunlight, the illuminated reticle is somewhat hard to see even at the highest setting. This is a scope that would do best with normal to lower light situations if you want to use the illuminated reticle.
  • Turning the knobs can be difficult sometimes as they are tight, this is to eliminate accidental changes in case you bump them. The clicks are hard to hear so you have to pay attention when you adjust them to ensure the right amount of adjustment.

The XTR II is a rugged, durable scope that gives you extra clarity in its optics and simple to use adjustments for windage and elevation.

If you depend on your rifle, the last thing you need to worry about is your scope. All the more reason you should take serious notice of the new XTR II from Burris.

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Can A Scope Outperform Its Price Tag?


The XTR II offers excellent resolution optics and easily adjusts for windage and elevation with adjustment turrets, making it an extremely affordable accessory compared to similar scopes for serious competitive or tactical shooters.

Its very design allows it to be abused and dropped while still functioning perfectly. Read more in our full review on how it does this.

Not to mention, you can use it with night vision, low light and daytime with its different light settings. The XTR II is waterproof as well, so you don’t have to baby it, just use it. Plus, Burris offers a no questions asked, forever warranty, making this the last scope you’ll need to buy.

The XTR II is the perfect scope for you if your demands are quality, precision, reliability and affordability.

The Full Review

The XTR II is THE scope for serious rifle shooters – both competitive and tactical. Precision long range shots are made just as easily as close range ones.

Here are just a few of the state of the art features this scope offers:


Illuminated Reticle

The illuminated reticle on the XTR II features 11 brightness settings to suit your needs. The lowest can be used in conjunction with night vision and the brightest will still show up in daylight.

Quick reflexes DEMAND the ability to focus and execute your shot quickly when in a tactical or competitive shooting situation with success. The XTR II, with its crystal clear optics and easily seen reticule, you don’t have to think about finding your target and taking your shot.

Adjustment Knobs

The exposed adjustable turrets easily allow you to make complicated and advanced windage and elevation changes.

All the adjustments on the turrets correspond directly to the measurement system of the reticle, taking guesswork out of the picture.

Zero click stop adjustment allows you to quickly and seamlessly revert back to your original zeroed yardage setting.

4×20-50 SCR Mil

High Performance Optics

Highest performance optical glass produces phenomenal brightness and crystal clear clarity so you can quickly find your target.

The lenses are treated with a Hi-Lume® multi-coating allowing you to shoot well in low-light situations while eliminating glare so you can keep shooting and not have to think about your optics.

Top it all off with a nitrogen filled body tube and you now have a scope that prevents internal fogging caused by cold or rain.

Shock, Drop, Anything Proof

All the internal assemblies are hand-fitted and triple spring-tensioned for total shock-proofing. This includes shock from severe recoil of high powered rifles, dropping your weapon, or even extended vehicular patrols.

The solid one piece outer tube construction gives you a waterproof, fogproof optic, and the durability to withstand all the vibrations and recoil shock of extraordinary use.

5x25x50 on a Tikka T3X Tactical | Photo by John45


Adjustable 5 times zoom allows wider field of view for up close target engagement and superior target acquisition at long range distancesReticle and adjustment knobs correspond for easy changes in windage and elevationIlluminated reticle with 11 brightness settings and battery saver positions between each settingSpring tensioned system prevents damage and preserves the scopes zero setting from shock, vibrations, and heavy recoilAvailable in front, rear or dual focal plane design allows you to choose how you want the reticle to react to magnificationReticle type choices of Ballistic, MIL, and MOA allow you to get the scope and reticle that is exactly what you require

reticle type choices

Easy To Use, Guaranteed To Last

The easily adjustable windage and elevation turrets make your life easier as you adjust to every situation and environment. The zero click stop allows you to set your normal zero and return to it whenever you need to after you have finished taking your shots.

The forever warranty means that Burris is serious about their quality and you can relax and trust your optics to do their job, no matter what. But should something happen, Burris will take care of you without asking any questions.


Burris XTR II Model Lineup

With 8 different sizes to choose from, there is a scope for everyone ranging between $700 and $1,000.

But in reality, this is a great price for this type and quality of glass, especially for competition.

You can spend a whole lot more on other optics that will serve you just as well as this one.

Who Should Buy This Scope?

ANYONE who is looking for crystal clear and accurate optics should seriously look into the XTR II. Especially if you are a competition shooter and need an adjustable and easy to use scope.

This is a scope for the SERIOUS shooter who DEPENDS on their weapon and optics to deliver accurate and precise shots. 

8-40x50mm | Photo by mississippigun

The weight of the largest XTR II scope tops out at about 2 pounds while the smallest is a little over a pound. If you are trying to cut down on weight, this is not going to be the scope for you.

But if you have a little wiggle room in your weight or don’t need to worry about it, this is an overachieving optic that will deliver every time.

What Do We Think?

Burris XTR II Scope 4-20x50mm 34mm Tube. SCR Mil Reticle, Matte Black

This is a solid optical piece of equipment and while not perfect in every way, it more than adequately delivers. For the price point, you won’t find a better scope out there. For long range shooting, you can easily dial this scope in to 1000 yards right out of the box.

All of the adjustments are easily accessible and you can return it to zero when you need. The larger models feature a parallax adjustment from 50 yards to infinity located on the illumination settings knob.

Burris is making a comeback in competition scopes with the XTR II. The value, coupled with the forever warranty, which by the way, can be transferred to the next owner, makes this a great purchase where you won’t have any buyer’s remorse.

It is refreshing to find a scope that is so easy to use right out of the box.

The Competition And Other Options

The Vortex Viper PST (Precision Shooting Tactical) starts at around $1K and delivers the same precision and adjustability that you would need for competitive shooting. The reticle comes in MOA and MRAD options. Sometimes its brand loyalty that determines what consumers buy and Viper has a large following and a great warranty program.

The Leupold VX-2 is a compact, waterproof, and fogproof long range scope that offers parallax, MOA windage and elevation adjustments for the budget minded shooter. It could be an option for someone who wants to hunt with it as well as use it for competitive shooting. Leupold also covers its scopes with a warranty.

And finally, for extreme shooters whom budget isn’t a hinderance, the Nightforce NXS riflescope is the optic that offers supreme clarity with a huge field of vision for double the price. It has 100 MOA of internal adjustment and offers a wide array of reticles.

Other Models from the Manufacturer

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