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I recently got some more ammo. This time, 500 rounds of their 9mm factory reloaded ammo which sells for $79.50 and includes FREE SHIPPING to California, Nevada, and Utah! Nevada Residents do have to pay sales tax (which amounts to $6.14).

It comes packaged in the the round boxes you see on top.


As you can see from the picture above, it is mixed headstamp brass. If not for that, and the packaging that states it, you probably wouldn’t know it was factory reloads.

I inspected each round personally from my 500, and found nothing that stood out to me about this ammo. It was all uniform.


Shooting of the 500 rounds was flawless in several handguns, including two Glock 17’s, an S&W SD9, and a Kahr PM9.

Accuracy was acceptable at 10 yards (obviously I shoot my Glock a little better than the SD9).

Final Thoughts

I have read around on the forums that some people were upset with a delay in shipping that Jack Ross had been experiencing. I am not sure what the current delay might be on this ammo, so you probably want to check with them before ordering if you need it really soon.

I can tell you that the reason for the delay is clearly because people are starting to see what a good value this ammo is (the 9mm reloads cost roughly $0.16 per round, lowest I can find 9mm for, including Wolf and other steel cased offerings). It works great from my experience. I know several people who have placed orders with them now and will continue to keep you informed in the future about what I hear and see with them.

I didn’t find it to be particularly dirty, at least not any more than Winchester, Federal, or Remington, which is what I usually shoot in 9mm.

If you want some quality practice 9mm ammo, I think you will struggle to find a better value right now than Jack Ross Ammunition.