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Last Updated on January 5, 2023.

Below is a list of links to other conservative and libertarian news websites.I update this regularly.

If you have a conservative news blog and think that your site would be a good addition here, please email me.


An American conservative news and entertainment network available on television, radio, and the Internet founded by talk radio personality Glenn Beck, based in Irving, Texas.One of my favorites.

Chuck Baldwin:

Chuck Baldwin – is a radio broadcaster, syndicated columnist, and pastor dedicated to preserving the historic principles upon which America was founded.I was a frequent listener of his program when working as a contractor over in Florida.

Fox News:

Fox News (officially known as the Fox News Channel, commonly abbreviated to FNC) is an American basic cable and satellite television news channel owned by the Fox Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of 21st Century Fox.Not what it used to be.

The American Spectator:Spectator has a long history (back to 1924) as a no-fuss publication about traditional American values and promotes an American identity over subdivisions (creed, religion, gender, or even national origin).Ben Stein is a notable regular contributor as an economist and with whatever he feels like writing (it is THE Ben Stein after all).

“The Spectacle Blog” mainly reports ongoing news and relevant themes, like “20 Reasons Mass Shootings Happen.”Contributors point out hypocrisy on the left, especially with regards to journalism ethics, and don’t shy away from writing in snark and irony.

Articles feature Tweets from people currently in the spotlight almost as a rule, and are usually around 600-800 words, although they do have an “in-depth” column where articles run about 3 times that length, leaning heavily on long quotes.They favor a “what media isn’t telling you about X topic that changes the whole game” angle in reporting the news.

In non-political pieces, they talk mostly about very American fluff, like beer, sports, and cartoon commentary.They have sections on the usual newspaper headings (health, culture, entertainment) but it’s almost entirely political commentary on the front page, and they have an extra section called “Hillary Watch.”

Although writers are free to be sarcastic in approaching their topic, a huge amount of cold, hard, unadulterated facts are shown, verbatim, in each article and the commentary boasts a high level of analysis, not just ranting.

Intellectual Conservative:

The Intellectual Conservative is a free-for-all of Conservative and Libertarian politics.

Some favorite articles are “The Shady Bunch” (Hillary, Obama, Pelosi, et al.), “Reservoir Dogs” (FBI thugs), and “Slut-Shaming a US President,” which explains double standards in reporting sexual harassment.Some of the articles are a little more sober, but not many.They are not generally fans of President Trump because they don’t think he’s a conservative. Articles are as cheeky as their titles, and weave in their sources and actual news in a similar manner to Rush Limbaugh.

Patriot Post:

The Patriot Post is a spinoff of the online version of The Federalist and focuses on posting the constitutional framework and perspective on current events as an antidote to the court of popular opinion and mainstream media dramatization.

The site aims to act like the modern-day version of The Federalist Papers.

They run strictly on donations and do not accept advertisement.Similarly, all articles are posted under a pseudonym.They are very pro-liberty to the point where they don’t accept 501(c)(3) status because it’s a means for the government to control their messaging and editorial.

Articles are around 1000 words of in-depth analysis with lots of sources.They lean heavily on leading readers to important historic documents.For all intents and purposes, the underlying politics are more Tea Party than general conservative or libertarian.God is mentioned in many of its Latin mottos and they post regularly about what they view as shoddy science behind climate change.They curate the site carefully.

The New American:

The first thing one notices on The New American home page is that they haven’t let the biggest stories steal the entire spotlight.Rather, the site mixes the big stories in equally with more localized or less covered news.

Their biggest underlying theme  is the distrust of big government.They focus on the principle that the government ruins individual freedom as much as it kills the free market.

Their topics don’t stay within the US but link conservative ideals to global conflicts (and they tie it back to the “corrupt, globalist establishment”).

The John Birch Society owns the site- 'nuff said.

This site follows a mode closer to print news- they just write the facts without too much crazy rhetoric or editorializing.

The overwhelming majority of topics are news they can point to (Senator Paul’s live-Tweeting the Omnibus, new census statistics that were just published, etc.).

Michelle Malkin:

Michelle Malkin herself is a columnist for Conservative Review and a 6-time published author (she writes about government and the economy).Her blog works to maintain a more family-centric, feminine, personal tone compared to what can sometimes be the “gruff conservative” tone.

Malkin focuses on “buried news,” especially evidence of government corruption, but not too much on technicality.Most of her writing leads to a call for action, usually by government officials but sometimes by conservative Americans.She’s most heavily involved in school politics (and the school shooting-fueled movements) and FBI corruption.She regularly appears on CRTV as well as guest appearances on Fox and Friends.

Rodney Knott:

Rodney Knott really wants to inspire “positive change” on his blog.Knott is a self-help guru and author on the subject, and he’s also involved in community outreach things to get kids out of jail and off the streets.

His biggest “positive change” goal is to raise upstanding young men (he has a SUPERMAN principle).For example, he spoke harshly about March Madness and the NCAA because they’re happy to get kids involved in massive scandals as long as March Madness keeps raking in money.He thinks the NCAA is broken with respect to how it treats student athletes (which, for the record, is true).

Knott brings a moderate, level-headed stance on politics.

Real Clear Politics:

A lot of their Real Clear Politics' content (currently, as of April 2018) seems geared toward informing people about the midterm elections.

In addition, they make a valiant effort to cover every hot-button topic around, and their column Real Clear Life covers less timely stories or celebrity news.Their stated goal is to present deeper news analysis and curate it in a non-partisan way that informs readers but doesn’t try to sway them.

The Gateway Pundit:

Tone- and content-wise, The Gateway Pundit falls in behind stormier Fox News hosts (Bongino comes to mind).Each article is more rant than praise and features some sort of extremely emotionally charged photo as the article’s thumbnail.

The content of articles is pretty fiery but mainly serves to stitch together tweets, press releases, and the like.Currently, about 75% of their front page is calling BS on anti-gun movements (this was written the day after March for Our Lives).

The Gateway Pundit was started in 2004 and has about 15 million monthly visits per month, making it one of the top political news sites.

Laura Ingraham:

Laura Ingraham is one of the bigger conservative radio personalities as well as a Fox News host with her own show, The Ingraham Angle (which airs after Hannity Report).

The written news articles on the site are under the “Must Read” tab and focus on big deals that she covered on The Ingraham Angle or in one of her podcasts.

PJ Media:

PJ Media is a large parent company that manages a number of sites I like, was founded by a libertarian).The stated goal of the site is to get useful information to Americans, particularly parents who want help figuring out how to clarify politics for their children.They have just a few categories: “Politics and News,” “Trending,” “Lifestyle,” and “Homeland Security.”


Reason has the coolest slogan ever: “free minds and free markets”.Their blog, “Hit and Run,” features a wide range of topics, including primary articles from journalists who interviewed activists at the March for Our Lives rallies, a farmer in Iowa who beat back regulations, and Steven Pinker.The top opinion piece focused on a specific market regulation.

Overall, the content is broadly libertarian in theme, not necessarily conservative and definitely not republican.

Their mission is to be the antidote to left-wing and right-wing opinion “news” by making well-reasoned cases for individual liberty and calm analysis of the news.I like 'em.

Powerline Blog:

Powerline has one of my favorite blog post titles I've ever seen: “Trump Fought the Swamp and the Swamp Won.”

The language of the posts is concise and accessible, but veers towards snarky at times.Topics that get the most attention are economics and trade, government affairs, and universities abusing their liberalism.Tributes to various public figures are also consistently featured.

They post with a slant towards individual liberty (e.g., the March for Our Lives events weren’t “anti-gun” but “Anti-Civil Rights”).

Bearing Arms:

This site geared towards people who are knowledgeable about guns and wish to learn more or those who want sources to help explain guns to critics.

Their tabs are nicely defined as “News” (legislation, policy, protests), “Guns Saving Lives” (basically: no, it’s not just psychopaths discharging weapons), and “Guns, Gear, and Training” (specifics of different models, tactics, news on mandated training, and concealed carry).They believe in the Second Amendment and its protection of modern firearms, ammunition, and accessories, and also that it codifies the duty of gun-owning Americans to protect public safety by training extensively with their weapons and using them judiciously.

The Federalist:

The Federalist features mainly a mix of current events and a wide variety of posts about movies (not reviews but commentary based on movies).A lot of movie references are used to discuss current events and politicians (e.g., comparing Jennifer Rubin to Monty Python).

Articles take a knowledgeable and rational tone over Fox News heavy-handed commentary.The site isn’t explicitly conservative, Republican, or even libertarian, but definitely seems to lean that way.

Falco Holsters:

Falco Holsters is a leading gun holster manufacturer, focusing on high-quality holsters that yield craftsmanship, precision, and meticulous attention to detail.A place where tradition meets modern utility to form a product unmatched and inimitable in its versatility, practicality, and function as well.

Honor Defense:

Honor Defense is a reputable 9mm firearms seller selling exclusively USA-made handguns, gear, and ammo, assembled by Veterans from a 100% USA stainless steel.

Family Archery

A family-run archery range & firearms shop that lets you unleash your “hidden archer” in a fun and effective manner.Tradition-meets-utility as Family Archery runs courses for all ages and backgrounds, including camps for the youngest members of the family.

Venture Surplus

Venture Surplus is a highly organized online military surplus gear seller, offering a most varied inventory of stocks and supplies both for those men and women in the service, and for everyone else, too! Their commitment to the armed services community makes getting your gear as simple and as efficient as it needs to be. is self-serve job board in the Outdoor, Bicycling, Fitness, Fishing, Hunting and Shooting and much more

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