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    In the world of 1911 pistols, there are all sorts of makes and models, each with their own specifications and features that make them unique.  It can be a tough decision figuring out which one to purchase.  Enter the Springfield Armory "Loaded" 1911 - if you need a reliable, accurate handgun with everything you could want in a 1911 (and more), look no further.   For this article we will be looking at the standard Loaded 1911, model PX9109L.








    Foreign Made?

    Break-In Period/Reliability

    Lack of Smoothness


    Want Custom Features without the Custom Price? 

    The Loaded series from Springfield is a culmination of years of standard upgrades that users have implemented into their 1911s.  Springfield named this series Loaded because it is "loaded" with improved parts over the standard 1911.  Some of these upgrades include:

    Low Profile Night Sights

    Match Grade Barrel

    Extended Ambidextrous Manual Safeties

    Extended Beavertail Grip Safety

    Angled Front and Rear Slide Serrations

    Lightweight Hammer

    Lightweight Trigger


  • Caliber - .45 ACP
  • Height - 5"
  • Length - 8"
  • Weight - 40 oz. (Without magazine)
  • Magazine Capacity - 7 Rounds (8 & 10 round aftermarket magazines are available)
  • Slide Material - Forged Carbon Steel
  • Frame Material - Forged Carbon Steel
  • Finish - Parkerized (Other finishes available)

  • Conclusion

    Springfield Armory Loaded 1911

    The Springfield Armory Loaded 1911 is a fantastic pistol.  It has every feature a majority of users could ever want or need on a 1911.  

    The cost is extremely reasonable for the features included, and Springfield is now making a variety of models in the loaded range with different features including light rails, different finishes, and a lightweight option.  

    If you are looking for a high-end style pistol without the high-end price, the Loaded 1911 is definitely worth your time.