Top 5 Personal Safety Items to Have with You At All Times

Last Updated on February 8, 2024.

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The world is becoming a dangerous place to live in. You cannot control the actions of others (at least, not entirely), but with the right personal safety tools, you can defend yourself. This begins by becoming aware of the possibility of an attack from anywhere and equipping yourself for self-defense. Besides learning some self-defense techniques, you need to acquire some very important items that increase your personal safety – both at home and in the workplace as well.

Self-defense doesn’t necessarily imply that you must carry a gun. There are many non-lethal self-defense products that should help protect you from attackers. The rationale behind personal safety items is not for you to win a battle, but to be able to prevent a possible attack, or to put an attacker out of action long enough for you to get away to safety.

Personal safety items should be reliable, relatively affordable, and easy to use. They should keep you safe anytime and anywhere. Among other benefits of personal safety items, here are my top 3 favorites:

  • Keeping you safe while on the move
  • Self-Defense for home security
  • Training for protection in any situation or circumstance

Based on the above, I give you 5 top non-lethal personal safety items that should guarantee your safety and help you defend yourself against an attacker:

1. The Palm (Compact) Defender

Palm defender is a personal safety tool specifically designed for self defense against attackers. They are pepper sprays in small tubes attached to a keychain. You can easily slip palm defenders into your bag, purse or even your pocket, due to its compact size. When you are walking, they fit easily in your hand for easy use at a while notice.

It can be of great use as a self-defense item once you familiarize yourself where the trigger and safety are located and how to use it. This safety gadget is a very useful tool that will not make you accidentally spray it when you don’t mean to.

Palm defenders are a sure way to get you out of a likely dangerous or harmful situation. However, make your escape by running away from the attacker as fast as you can, once you have released the mist.

2. The Safety Set

This is a personal safety solution that mixes three demonstrated tools in a simple-to-carry system. Safety Set can immobilize even the strongest attacker. It consists of a little rechargeable LED flashlight that enables you to see and be seen, and a piercingly-loud Alert Whistle you get to blow at the same time to ensure that you are also heard.

flashlight gray

Just take a look at this beautifully designed safety set! This safety set is a must-have safety item for travelers, outdoor fitness enthusiasts, commuters, and students.

3. Alert Whistle

You should always have a good Alert Whistle around your neck. Alert whistles are designed to alert people that you are in trouble and need help. Continuously blowing the whistle is an indication that you need help immediately. However, don’t use your alert whistle unless you really have to. If used properly, your alert whistle can send signals for help and scare off predators.

4. Key Return System

You may have misplaced or even lost your key at one point or another. Losing keys can be frustrating and can make you stranded when you shouldn’t be.

The key return system is a simple solution to misplaced or lost keys. The system alerts you when your lost key is found, and it would be returned to you.

5. Street Defender

You have basic rights to self-defense and personal safety. The street defender ensures these rights, as you can protect yourself from your attackers before they can see it coming. Street defender is a safe, inert practice and training spray cartridge.

It is a safe self defense weapon that offers good spray performance that will give you confidence when facing your attackers. It is a great way to empower and protect yourself against attacks.

In closing, stay alert, stay alive today. Equip yourself with the right tools and learn some self-defense techniques. Life is good!