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Last Updated on May 11, 2023.

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  • The single pin sight is extremely bright, making for easy sight acquisition.
  • The Zero In models make range adjustments quick and quiet, allowing for quicker shots.
  • Right and Left handed models are available.
  • Sight easily accepts additional accessories.


  • There have been reports of poor battery life on the models with illumination.
  • Some shooters have experienced dim fiber optics (that were replaced by Truglo).
  • While it can attach a quiver, you may find it to be loose depending on the model.

Are you a bow hunter looking for a combination of an accurate single pin sight and quick range adjustments?

The Truglo Range Rover sight just may be what you are looking for.  With its modern design, availability for right and left handed archers, and quick on the fly adjustments you may not want to take another shot without having this sight on your bow.

Is It Worth Your Money?

The Range Rover sight is one of the most popular single pin archery sights on the market today.   The new Zero In range adjustment is quick and quiet. 

With the pre-marked ranges on the sight all you have to do is decide the distance to your target, roll the wheel to the desired range, and you’re ready to shoot.

The Range Rover has several models available in both black and camouflage finishes.  Left hand models are also available. 

The large circular housing gives you a sight picture that is clean and easy to see with a fiber optic powered pin for easy aiming.  It features a solid construction and an optional scope lens is available to add a 2x magnification.

Sight Review and Breakdown

Even with all of the advanced features the Range Rover is a relatively simple sight that is easy to use.  The sight pin is available in two different sizes depending on the archer’s preference.  The sight can also mount a quiver directly to it for faster reloading.

The optional Zero In range adjustment dial is extremely quick to use to ensure you’re not wasting any time getting your bow sighted in correctly.  Other models feature windage adjustments for accurate shots, and neither option requires tools to make changes.  All of these features make for an accurate sight that is simple to use.  


Photo by kennyr43

  • The single pin design ensures accuracy. The illuminated pin gives a quick aiming point, and the different pin sizes allow the shooter to pick a sight based on their sight preference.
  • Fiber Optics ensure that the front pin is bright and easy to see in any lighting condition.
  • The Zero In wheel range adjustment tool is quick and quiet. Yardage tape is included so you can make adjustments on the fly and get shots off without wasting time.
  • Left hand models are available, ensuring that all archers have options when it comes to choosing their Range Rover sight.


Exact specifications are not listed by Truglo, but the sight weighs just under a pound.

Ease of Use & Reliability

Upon first examination the Range Rover appears extremely shooter friendly and simple to use.  The single pin is very bright thanks to the built in fiber optics and is easy to get on target.  The built in level ensures the sight is installed correctly.

Photo by kennyr43

The Zero In wheel lock is both innovative and incredibly simple.  Once you have your target ranged you can quickly lock in the correct distance with a simple one-handed motion.  The wheel is very quiet, as not to scare anything away, and does not require special tools.  On models without the Zero In option accuracy is enhanced via a precise micro-click windage adjustment.

Truglo archery sights have been trusted by shooters the world over for years, and the Range Rover is no different. It has solid construction that will withstand the elements, and has had no reported issues of the sight failing or being inaccurate in shooting.

Battery Life

Battery life for the optional rheostat light models is rated at 700 hours.


While there are several different models available, the Range Rover can typically be found for under $115.  Prices will vary depending on sight options.

Who Is This Sight For?

Type of Bow

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Thanks to the updated bracket design they Range Rover will fit almost any standard compound bow without issue.  While it is primarily designed for those who are bow hunting, it can also be a good option for those are shooting at stationary targets for practice.

Type of Archer

The Range Rover has been designed with bow hunters in mind, but all levels of shooters will find the Range Rover easy to use. 

The pin is easy to see and place on target, and the range and windage controls are simple.  Anyone using the Range Rover is sure to have accurate shots when it matters most.

Our Opinion

The Range Rover is a great sight option for the avid bow hunter.  The availability of different models allows you to choose the exact setup you prefer.  

Whether you want to use the new Zero In range adjustment, need a battery powered model for extra light, or are left handed and want a sight tailored to you, the Range Rover does it all.

Other Options Worth Looking At

Truglo makes several other archery sights, all with different purposes.  If you like the design of the Range Rover but want a sight that may be more precise you should check out the Range Rover Pro.  It has the same basic features, but also includes an upgraded aperture with an illuminated center dot for extreme accuracy at long range.

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