Truglo TFX Pistol Sights – Ready Day or Night

Last Updated on July 7, 2024.

What if you could have the benefits of a night sight with the easy to see glow of a fiber optic for daytime shooting?  Truglo revolutionized this concept with the TFO sights a few years ago.  Now, utilizing feedback from shooters everywhere, they have released an upgraded version of the TFO – the TFX Day/Night pistol sight.

Utilizing the new upgrades, the TFX is more compact, sleeker, and more robust than the original TFO sight.  The combination of tritium and fiber optics gives you a bright sight picture any time of the day or night.  The new sight housing protects against oils, debris, and containments and is extremely resilient.

The TFX has also been designed to fit any standard holster you may already have for your pistol without modification.  This is a huge benefit and can save the shooter hundreds of dollars in the long run. With the combination of new features and durability, the TFX is a fantastic pistol sight.

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Sight Review and Breakdown

The TFX offers several benefits over a standard pistol sight.  The tritium inserts allow for use at night or in any low light condition.  The fiber optics gather natural light and allow the sight to glow during the day for quick target acquisition.  Additionally, there is a small ring around the front sight that allows the shooters eye to focus more easily.

The TFO inserts are housed in a hermetically sealed capsule to protect them from any sort of chemicals and solvents.  These sights are built using Truglo’s new “Fortress Finish” and CNC steel which has been designed to be virtually unbreakable.  

Unlike other fiber optic sights that can be fragile, you won’t have to worry about damaging the TFX while using a holster or firing your weapon.

The Truglo TFX sights are available for dozens of popular pistols, including Glock, Smith & Wesson, 1911s, and Sig Sauer.  Some models are available in suppressor height versions as well.


1. The TFO technology is a combination of fiber optics and tritium. This allows these sights to glow 24 hours a day, giving the shooter a bright sight picture and quick alignment.

2. The CNC Machined Steel and “Fortress Finish” ensures that the sights will withstand thousands of rounds of firing, as well as being tough enough for field use and holstering without issue.

3. The sealed chamber keeps oils, dirt, and chemicals out of the sights. This makes for quicker and easier cleaning of your firearm after use, and will ensure the sights glow as they should for a long time.

4. The snag-free design allows these sights to be used with any standard holster you may already have without modification.


While slightly longer than standard pistol sights, the overall footprint of these sights does not decrease sight radius very much, allowing for accurate shots down range.


The TFX sights operate like any other 3-dot pistol sight. Align the middle post between the two rear post and place over your target. Anyone familiar with shooting pistols will find these easy to use.

The rear sights have black retention rings around them, while the front sight features a white “focus lock” ring. This combination allows for the shooter’s eye to pick up on the front sight even quicker, drawing your focus and allowing for quick aiming.

While there is always the possibility of fiber optic inserts coming loose, the steel body of the TFX has been designed to be more durable than the original TFO sight and you should not have any issues with sight failures.


No batteries are required, fiber optic and tritium glow automatically.


The TFX sights have a range of pricing, depending on model, but can typically be found for under $140 for standard models. This is slightly more expensive than standard night sights, but is to be expected with the combination of tritium and fiber optic. This price does not include the cost of installation.

Who is this Sight for?

Type of Shooter

These sights are a great option for any level of shooter.  Since the basic 3-dot design is unchanged there will be no learning curve once the sights are installed.

The competition shooter will find that the fiber optics and focus rings allows for quick target acquisition. 

This can lead to lower times and higher scores.  It should also be compatible with any holster they are already using.

The home user can rest easy knowing they will have a clear and bright sight picture should to use their pistol ever arise.

Type of Gun

The TFX sights are available for a wide range of pistols.  There are currently over 25 different models available.  These sights would do well on pistols being used in a number of different capacities, including competition, concealed carry, and home defense. 

The bright front sight and focus ring make it a great choice for full sized competition handguns such as the 1911 or long slide Glock models. Concealed carry pistols, as well as pistols being used for home defense, will have the benefit of bright sights 24/7.

Our Opinion

Truglo Brite-Site TFX Handgun Sight - TG13

Truglo TFX Pistol Sights

If you are looking for a unique pistol sight that does a little bit of everything, the TFX is a great choice. 

The “always on” glow of the TFO inserts is easy to see, even in bright daylight.  

The construction means you don’t have to worry about over use or chemicals affecting the sights during cleaning.

The wide variety of models means there should be an option for whatever pistol you want install these on.  

These are fantastic pistol sights, and are well worth your consideration.

Other Options Worth Looking At

These sights are very unique, and there aren’t many things like them on the market today.  The original model TFOs are still available from Truglo.  While these aren’t as durable as the TFX, they are less expensive and are a great option for a pistol that is not going to be used as much or carried daily. 

Trijicon is making night sights with a similar bright front focus ring, but these do not have the fiber optic insert so will only glow at night.  They can be found for under $150.

Other Models from the Manufacturer