Vortex Strike Eagle: Outstanding Mid-Level AR-15 Optic

Last Updated on April 8, 2024.

If you’re looking for a product with a quality adjustable zoom on the AR platform that won’t break the bank, look no further, you’ve found it. The Strike Eagle is an alterable zoom scope with a bullet drop compensator in the reticle designed especially for the AR-15.

This feature-laden scope can be used for multiple shooting scenarios, from up close to distances of 600 yards or more. It is available in two models, 1-6x zoom and 1-8x zoom.  It stands up to any of the higher end units regarding features, durability, and reliability.

1-6 x

Is it Worth Your Money?

Vortex Strike Eagle

Vortex Strike Eagle


  • Affordable
  • High quality
  • Illuminated reticle
  • Bullet drop compensator
  • Tactile windage and elevation “clicks”
  • Fast target acquisition in 1x zoom


  • Difficult to maintain perfect eye relief
  • Zoom is almost too tight, difficult to turn

While this product is not cheap, the amount of features you get for the price is terrific. The technology is has packed unlike any other on the market today.

Distance will no longer be an issue as it is accurate out to 1200 yards. It has a built-in laser rangefinder that displays the distance to the target above the crosshair.

Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25x56 sitting on a Tikka T3| Photo by shaun.milburn56

It can be programmed to your specific caliber and bullet weight to assist in the most accurate reading possible. It also features Hi-Lume multicoating for a clear sight picture and a double internal spring system to hold zero and protect against recoil and vibrations.

Scope Review and Breakdown


Vortex has once again set the standard for affordable, quality units with its line of AR scopes. It is an AR optic for any user, at a price everyone can afford.

It features a 1-6x or 1-8x adjustable zoom, a feature that allows you to accurately reach distances of 600 yards or more, as well as be used in close combat with 1:1 zoom. The ability to switch between close combat and distance shooting without changing optics is indispensable.

Pair that with the illuminated reticle with Bullet Drop Compensator (BDC), and it makes any AR-15 a formidable long-range rifle. The reticle features a centered halo for fast target acquisition, as well as listed reticle subtensions for estimating ranges, holdover, and wind drift correction, all crisp and accurate even at the highest magnification

The scope also features fully multicoated lenses which allow maximum light collection, increasing visibility in low light situations. It has also been nitrogen purged to reduce lens fogging over a wide range of temperatures greatly. Included with your purchase are flip-up lens caps to keep your glass safe when not in use.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that it comes with the brand’s unconditional lifetime warranty. No matter what happens, whose fault it is, or how long you’ve owned it, It will fix or replace your unit at no charge.

This benefit is fully transferrable as well. You don’t need to register your product or fill out a warranty card.

NOTE: Per the company website, the warranty does not cover loss, theft, deliberate damage or cosmetic damage that does not affect the function of the item.


Scoped in | Photo by shaun.milburn56

1.6x Specs

  • 1-6x Magnification
  • 24mm Objective Lens Diameter
  • 5 in Eye Relief
  • Field of View 116.5-19.2 feet/100 yards
  • Tube size 30mm
  • Capped turret style
  • ½ MOA adjustment graduation
  • 44 MOA travel per rotation
  • Max elevation adjustment 140 MOA
  • Max windage adjustment 140 MOA
  • 100 yards parallax setting
  • Length 10.5 in
  • Weight 17.6 oz
  • 1.8x Specs

  • 1-8x Magnification
  • 24mm Objective Lens Diameter
  • 5 in Eye Relief
  • Field of View 116.5-14.4 feet/100 yards
  • Tube size 30mm
  • Capped turret style
  • ½ MOA adjustment graduation
  • 44 MOA travel per rotation
  • Max elevation adjustment 140 MOA
  • Max windage adjustment 140 MOA
  • Length 10 in
  • Weight 16.5 oz
  • Ease of Use and Reliability

    It is very simple to use, even for a beginner. One turret adjusts the point of impact up and down, while the other accounts for left and right adjustment.

    The use of these settings can help even a first-time shooter to zero this scope within a few rounds. It has very tactile “clicks” when making changes, which allows you to count how many clicks you’ve made, in case you need to go back the opposite direction.

    1-6x24 mounted on a Aero Precision M4E1 16" | Photo by avataardeux

    The zoom is also very tight; it stays in position firmly until the user adjusts it. There is no risk of the zoom slipping or moving on its own.

    The brand is well known as a high-quality alternative to high-end products such as Leupold or Trijicon. It has similar features, quality of build, and life expectancy as the higher cost scopes. It feels solid and well built and will hold up nicely to the beating an AR optic takes.

    Battery Life

    It takes a CR 2032 watch battery. When looking through the scope from behind, the battery goes in the turret on the left-hand side. The battery is inserted with the writing facing outward.

    An advantageous feature of this product is that a spare battery can be stored in the windage adjustment turret, so you will never find yourself without a fresh battery. A battery should provide you with 10,000 hours or more of illumination.


    This model is not a high-end rifle scope; however, it isn’t an entry level either.

    In a market where you can get a scope from $80 to $1200, it fits nicely into the middle.

    This model will cost you between $300 – $400, which is a steal for the high quality that these products deliver. 

    When you combine the features such as an illuminated reticle and BDC with the fact that they are 1-6x and 1-8x adjustable zoom, similar scopes will cost you upwards of $1000.

    Who is this Scope for?

    Type of Shooter

    This product is an excellent option for many shooters. Not only is it affordable, but it’s versatile too. For novice shooters, this scope allows you to transition between reflexive firing and long-range target shooting so that you can get the maximum enjoyment out of your new AR-15.

    For the more experienced shooter, it can be your three-gun competition optic. It will perform equally as well as any Leupold or Nikon scope at the match. Anyone who has trouble parting with $1000 or more on a shooting accessory will love the this model. You could easily outfit three guns with this optics for what you would pay for one Trijicon ACOG.

    Type of Firearm

    It is specially designed for use with the AR platform. The Bullet Drop Compensator has been measured for use with the .223/5.56mm round so that it will be useful on any rifle chambered in .223 or 5.56mm, such as the Ruger Mini-14 or the Kel-Tec SU-16.

    Our Opinion

    Vortex Strike Eagle

    1-6 x

    In our opinion, the 1-6x and 1-8x AR optics are in a league of their own regarding quality and affordability.

    You can find cheaper scopes, and you can discover better scopes.

    But this model combines a myriad of features that shooters look for, quality design and durability, and a reasonable price.

    It will keep up with any high-priced scope concerning accuracy and longevity.

    Whether you are just starting shooting, or you have years of experience, you will be impressed with this model.

    Other Options Worth Looking At

    It is difficult to find a 1-6x or 1-8x adjustable zoom scope for the AR platform, period. When you throw in all of the features that this model offers, at the affordable price it’s listed at, it’s hard to go wrong.

    For a similar price, another option is the Primary Arms 1-6x or 1-8x zoom scope with ACSS illuminated reticle. It’s practically identical in design and function to this unit. Another option is the Trijicon RS-27, which is a 1-8x adjustable zoom scope as well.

    The significant difference between the scopes is that the Trijicon reticle is on the First Focal Plane (FFP), while the Vortex is a Second Focal Plane (SFP) reticle. FFP reticles appear to increase in size when you zoom, while SFP reticles remain a constant size throughout the zoom. It leads to better accuracy in FFP scopes.

    However, the price tag for the Trijicon RS-27 is north of $1,200, and the small increase in efficiency does not justify the quadrupling of the price, in our opinion.

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