An Affordable Night Vision Scope? A Closer Look at the ATN X-Sight

Last Updated on January 7, 2021.

There are few things cooler than night vision. But, here’s the problem:

Traditional night vision is a bit much for the average shooter’s budget. Shelling out three or four grand is just not a possibility for most.

But, what if there was an optic that worked both day and night, allowing you to see just as well at dusk as you can at noon—all without breaking the bank?

The ATN X-Sight II does just that and a whole lot more.


  • Night vision at an incredibly low price point
  • Ability to set multiple zeros for different distances, loads, or guns
  • Pre-programmed with 7 reticle styles
  • Take high-definition photos and videos right through the scope


  • No traditional windage and elevation knobs—everything is adjusted electronically
  • Relatively short battery life
  • Night vision range slightly limited compared to traditional night vision optics

The ATN X-Sight II is a feature-packed night vision optic at an incredible price.

For less than the cost of most cellphones, you can see both day and night, quickly calculate the range to a target, and record your adventures in high definition.

A Closer Look at the X-Sight

The X-Sight is a digital rifle scope.

That means you won’t be looking through traditional glass elements. Instead, ATN uses digital imaging to capture the scope’s field of view and project it onto a high-quality LCD inside the scope.

If that sounds a little too good to be true, consider the image quality on most cellphones. Digital imaging and LCDs have come a long way in recent years.

ATN has been a leader in night vision and low light optics for years, supplying a range of optics and accessories to military and law enforcement organizations. 

So, even though the X-Sight comes in at a very agreeable price, you’re getting a product from a company with serious a history producing serious products.

Scope Review and Breakdown

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Ease of Use and Reliability
  • COST

The X-Sight has three primary view settings, all made possible by its digital imaging technology:

Green night view
Black and white night view
Day view
This gives you real flexibility in low light conditions or if you live in an area that allows hunting at night.

Along with its night vision capabilities, the X-Sight is loaded with other features made possible by its digital imaging technology

Ballistics Calculator and Rangefinder
ATN’s built-in ballistics calculator, allows shooters to quickly sight in their rifle with a one-shot zero feature and make ballistics calculations right through the scope.

The X-Sight also has the ability to calculate range and choose from a number of different zero settings based on the distance to target.

High-Definition Camera
With the X-Sight, you’re basically looking through a digital camera, so it only makes sense that you could record photos and videos.

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing you could record your shots, ATN’s digital scope can do just that. You can even use the “Recoil Activated Video” setting to automatically trigger video recording with recoil.

You can also connect to your iOS or Android device, download your photos and videos and even see right through the scope’s viewfinder with your phone.

Who is this Sight for?

The X-Sight is a great choice for anyone who wants night vision, or a technologically advanced scope packed with features.

While an inexpensive range finder can help you get an idea for a target’s distance, it means bringing an extra tool. The same goes for a camera.

ATN’s scope combines a lot of things many hunters and shooters already bring with them, but it does so in one convenient, easy to use package. Plus, it adds the power of night vision and on the fly ballistics calculation.

For hunters who may encounter low-light conditions or plan to take varmints or other game at night, the X-Sight is a no-brainer for those whose budgets don’t venture into the four-figure range.

Our Take

ATN’s X-Sight is heavily loaded with features.

It’s got so much going on, there’s almost too much to keep up with.

But, if the price fits your budget and you can deal with a few limitations—like limited night vision range and shorter battery life—the X-Sight is a great buy for those looking to get into night vision on a budget.

The X-Sight gives shooters incredible computing power that can really help improve shooting and ballistic knowledge.

Don’t let the fact that its not a traditional scope fool you. Digital imaging has made some incredible advancements in recent years and optics like the X-Sight take full advantage of this power.

Other Options Worth Looking At

The thing about night vision is …

It’s expensive.

There just aren’t a lot of less expensive options out there. Because of this, ATN really stands out.

If you want to look at other night vision optics and don’t have the ability to consider options that rival the cost of a used economy car, you might consider the Armasight ORION 5X.

Armasight’s ORION provides comparable night vision capabilities at a similar price. But it does not have any of the extra features that come with the X-Sight.

But, the ORION does get you a more traditional optics set up.

If the extra computing power offered in ATN’s X-Sight appeal to you, then it’s definitely in a class by itself.