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Most crossbows have a problem. Both recurve and compound crossbows share it.

The thing is …

They’re bulky and sometimes awkward. They’re wide and much of the weight is at the front of the bow, making them unwieldy in the field.

Reverse draw crossbows help with many of these issues by making the bow more narrow and balanced. If you’re in the market for a reverse draw bow, the Barnett Vengeance is great choice with plenty of power and consistent accuracy.

Let’s take a closer look at the Vengeance and why it might be a good choice for you.

Is It Worth Your Money?

Barnett Vengeance Crossbow


  • Maneuverable, balanced design is easy to handle in the field
  • Comes with three arrows and cocking device
  • Carbon riser and limbs reduce weight and improve balance


  • At around eight pounds it’s a bit heavy
  • Some users report the string dampers detaching too easily
  • Comes in at a premium price point

The Barnett Vengeance is absolutely worth your while if you’re looking for a high-performance crossbow in a more compact, balanced package. This bow has good power and accuracy and is more than capable of taking just about any North American game animal.

Don’t be confused by the reverse limb design, it helps make this crossbow more compact and shifts more weight to the rear, enhancing balance and maneuverability in the close quarters often found while hunting.

A Closer Look at the Barnett Vengeance

The Barnett Vengeance takes the typically front heavy design of most crossbows and shifts more of the weight to the rear and center of the bow with a reverse draw design. This innovative bit of engineering allows shooters to more easily balance the bow when shooting.

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The size and balance of the Vengeance is perhaps one of its best features. The stock also has a very ergonomic shape that’s a good fit for most shooters. An adjustable vertical forward grip also makes this crossbow very easy to handle.

The Vengeance also makes use of a carbon riser, which helps to reduce weight and shifts the center of gravity even farther back in the crossbow.

With an arrow speed of 365 feet per second and a draw weight of 140 pounds, the Vengeance also provides plenty of power for just about any game most crossbow hunters will pursue.

Who Is the Barnett Vengeance For?

The Vengeance is a great crossbow for anyone looking for a high-performance bow in a compact, easy to handle package. This crossbow performs well with good accuracy and reliability.

If you’re hunting for just about anything in North America and want a crossbow that handles well in the woods or a blind, the Vengeance is an excellent choice. The lightweight limbs and riser keep the weight to the rear, reducing some of the awkwardness inherent to crossbows.

This crossbow is probably not a great choice for someone looking for a starter or budget bow, but will serve an experienced hunter well.

Our Opinion

Barnett Vengeance Crossbow

Anyone looking for a higher end crossbow that handles well in the field should consider the Barnett Vengeance. It’s balanced, accurate, and reliable.

The biggest downside to this crossbow is the weight. While it does balance nicely, it’s several pounds heavier than many other compound crossbows. That’s unfortunate given the effort Barnett has put into making this bow more balanced.

Overall, it’s still a great crossbow that will undoubtedly outperform most crossbow shooters.  If you can get past the weight, the Vengeance will provide you with plenty of performance at a price point that’s more than competitive.

Other Options Worth Looking At

While the Vengeance is an excellent choice, in this price range competition is pretty stiff (see our comparison here). There are quite a few crossbows in the $1000 range that are capable of speeds of up to or over 400 feet per second and kinetic energy of well over 100 foot pounds.

If you’re looking for a compact, maneuverable bow with even more power than the Barnett Vengeance, take a look at the Ravin R10. The R10 is lighter and narrower than the Vengeance. It’s also more powerful with arrow speeds up to 400 feet per second.

But the R10 will cost you. With a price tag of nearly $500 more than the Vengeance, it’s not exactly affordable.

The Barnett Vengeance is still a great choice for the price if you’re looking for a high performance crossbow that handles well.

The Leupold VX-2 is a reasonably comparable scope to the AccuPower. With a 1-4X magnification (it’s not a real 1X) and a 9-ounce weight, it still runs at less than $300, making it an excellent option if cost is a significant factor in your purchasing decision. It’ll also hold up to the recoil of bigger caliber rifles like a .458 Winchester.

The VX-2 4-12x40mm is another option. It lacks the 1X but sports a higher magnification capability, up to 12X. Also, its price point is under $450 with all mounting rings and accessories.

If battery-free operation (and resulting lower weight) is a factor, consider spending the extra cash on the AccuPoint 1-4X. It has all the same features of the AccuPower, but the tritium/fiberoptic design lets you run for 12 years without batteries. You’ll also get the 7075-T6 housing, which makes it nearly indestructible.