The BCMGunfighter Stock Mod 0 is the Best BCM AR-15 Stock

Last Updated on February 9, 2024.

BCMGunfighter Stock Mod 0

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Bravo Company has a few AR-15 stocks—the BCMGunfighter Mod 0, SOPMOD, and Mod 1. They’re all good stocks. But I think the BCMGunfighter Stock Mod 0 is the best of the three.

You may not agree. But just hear me out.

Now, I do have a point of frustration or two with the Mod 0. Compared to the Mod 1 and SOPMOD, though, it’s the best.

I have a BCMGunfighter Mod 0 stock that I transfer between a couple rifles (I like it that much). Here’s how this stock has worked for me.

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BCMGunfighter Stock Mod 0 Review: Zero Frills are the Best Frills

The main reason I like the BCMGunfighter Mod 0 stock is simplicity. It does everything I need with the bare minimum. So it passes the Occam’s Razor test.

Here’s what I mean.


The design is actually my least favorite aspect of this stock. It’s not bad. But it’s the least convenient aspect. However, there are good things to say about the design, too.

Let me complain, first.

My biggest complaint about this stock is how it installs. I think it might be the only AR-15 stock that requires a tool to install. You don’t need a special tool. An allen wrench works. But most other AR-15 stocks install without a tool. All in all, the design is excellent. This stock is incredibly usable.

However, I found a workaround for this: the Aero Precision Enhanced Buffer Tube. You can just press the adjustment tab and push the stock onto the buffer tube.

But, if you have a standard buffer tube, be prepared to use a tool to put this stock on. And the retention spring is pretty sturdy. So it takes a bit of effort to pull the retention pin down enough to put this stock on.

As I mentioned earlier, I transfer this stock between a few rifles. That’s why this is my least favorite aspect of this stock.

My second least favorite aspect of this stock is the sling attachment. Admittedly, I don’t really use the sling attachment points on the stock. I attach my sling to the lower receiver end plate.

However, the QD attachment point is essentially an anti-rotation socket. If I attach my sling to the rear of the stock, I prefer a rotating QD sling swivel. That way the sling swivel will turn the way I need it if I route the sling around the rear or over the top of the stock.

But, if you attach your sling to the rear of the stock, the QD sling socket is in a good spot. It just stops the sling swivel from rotating.

On the other hand, I find everything about the design to be superb.

If Bravo Company made the installation toolless, I don’t know if I would like this stock as much.

The adjustment tab is excellent. It’s wide enough that you can basically just grab the stock and squeeze it to adjust the length of pull. It’s super quick and easy.

Also, the adjustment tab is super streamlined. There’s literally nothing to snag on your gear (even if the normal adjustment tab on an M4 stock isn’t all that much of a snagging issue). That’s nice.

Next, the part of the design that I think elevates this stock above the SOPMOD and the Mod 1 is the width. I know that some people really like that wide shelf for a cheek weld.

I prefer slim stocks. I just don’t like the bulkiness of the SOPMOD design. And this stock still has an angled body that gives you a strong cheek weld.

I’ve never had any stability issues from the cheek weld. But the stock is only as wide as your upper receiver. So it keeps your rifle as bulk-free as possible. And that’s how I like it.

Lastly, the buffer tube fit is solid. This stock fits snugly on the buffer tube. There’s zero wiggle on the buffer tube.


One of the absolute standout aspects of this stock is the ergonomics. The ergonomics are great.

It’s just a super comfortable stock. It’s comfortable when your rifle is slung. It’s comfortable when you shoulder your rifle. It’s just comfortable all around.

I already touched on the slightly angled stock body. It’s slim, but the cheek weld is still super stable.

Then, the recoil pad is excellent.

The rubber pad is relatively thick. And it’s not super high density rubber. So it’s got decent give to it, which makes for pretty solid recoil absorption and shooting comfort.

Also, the angled toe actually helps more than you’d think. It seemed like a gimmick to me back when I first picked this stock up. But it couldn’t make anything worse, right?

Then I did some shooting from the ready. And I was like, “Hey, that’s actually kind of nice.”

No, it’s not a deal breaker, or a game changer. The slightly angled toe isn’t going to turn you into a professional operator. But it’s nice. It makes it a little easier to roll the stock up into your shoulder when you present the rifle. And that’s better than nothing.

I know, a stock is a stock. People shoot great with those pure plastic, mil-spec M4 stocks all the time. But the BCMGunfighter Mod 0 just makes shooting great a little more comfortable and makes your rifle a little more shooter friendly.


This is an area that Bravo Company has tested more thoroughly than I have. I actually use this stock on my rifles. Bravo Company doesn’t send me free stuff. So I don’t want to break my stock just to see if it’s super durable.

However, I’ve run my guns pretty hard with this stock. And the polymer doesn’t seem to scratch easily. Also, the stock hasn’t developed any wiggle on the buffer tube.

I had a Magpul CTR stock on an old rifle (I’ve since sold it). And the stock got a little loose on the buffer tube over time. Not unbearably loose. But it got a tiny bit wobbly after a while.

The BCMGunfighter stock hasn’t developed that little bit of slop. I suspect that might be because the stock body is slightly thicker than the CTR stock body. That probably makes the stock body slightly more rigid.

Another area where the durability is pretty strong is the locking mechanism. Again, some other stocks have developed a little bit of looseness in the retention pin. I’m not an expert, but I suspect that’s because the metal retention pin is mounted in polymer, which stretches out over time.

According to Bravo Company, the retention device on the BCMGunfighter stock is bedded in metal. That probably has something to do with how sturdy the retention is.

Long story short, no I didn’t drive over my BCMGunfighter stock with my truck to see if it would break. I want it to last for a long time. But I have used it a lot. And it’s definitely durable enough to do what ordinary humans do with their rifles.

Stocking Up

BCMGunfighter Stock Mod 0

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Here’s my concession: I think the BCMGunfighter Stock Mod 0 is better than the SOPMOD and Mod 1 BCMGunfighter stocks.

However, if you get the SOPMOD or the Mod 1, you’ll get pretty much all the same quality and ergonomics, with a wider cheek piece. If you like the wide cheek piece, go for one of those other stocks.

But I don’t like how bulky that wide cheek piece makes my rifle. I prefer the streamlined design of the Mod 0.

That’s my case for the Mod 0 over the new SOPMOD and Mod 1 stocks. But they’re all solid stocks. And you’d be well served with the other models, even if I don’t like them as much.