The Best 1911 Triggers for Making a Good Trigger Better

Last Updated on January 12, 2021.

The 1911 is beloved for it’s amazing grip ergonomics and incredible trigger press. It’s a high performance handgun that deserves one of the best 1911 triggers you can get.

But the 1911 is super popular. And there are a lot of 1911 triggers out there.

We narrowed it down a handful or so of the very best 1911 triggers, though. That way you can select from the cream of the crop.

Wilson Combat 1911 Ultralight Match Trigger
  • Available in multiple trigger shapes and lengths.
  • Super lightweight (weighs a mere 0.2 ounces).
  • Polished friction surfaces make your trigger movement smoother.

SPOILER—if you want to know which 1911 trigger is the creamiest of the crop, get the Wilson Combat 1911 Ultralight Match Trigger. It’s a very well manufactured trigger that comes in multiple designs to match your shooting style.

Maybe that’s not exactly the trigger you're looking for. That’s cool, though. We’ve got a whole bunch of the best 1911 triggers lined up. You decide which is best for you.

Top 1911 Triggers on the Market Today

The Best 1911 Triggers Reviews: How to Get an Amazing Trigger Press

The overall best 1911 will get pressed into action first. The other best 1911 triggers, based on various characteristics, will be presented in order of price.

Want the best trigger for the money? Read the first reviews.

Looking to build a 1911 with the best trigger possible, at any cost? Read the reviews near the end.

Time to slap some of these triggers around (just kidding, we press triggers like professionals).

1. Wilson Combat 1911 Ultralight Match Trigger - Overall Best 1911 Trigger

Wilson Combat is one of the oldest and most respected names in the 1911 parts market. There are very few companies with a better reputation than Wilson Combat.

So it’s no surprise that the Wilson Combat 1911 Ultralight Match Trigger checks all the boxes for a great 1911 trigger.

First, this trigger comes in 3 different trigger shapes:

Skeletonized curved.

Solid curved.

Flat faced.

That way you can choose the trigger shape that matches your grip technique and goals for your 1911.

Regardless of which model you get, this trigger weighs at most 0.2 ounces. It’s super light (or ULTRALIGHT!). If you’re building a lightweight 1911, this trigger will help you keep the weight as low as possible.

But, it’s also a very smooth trigger. The friction surfaces where the frame meets the trigger have been polished to reduce friction with the frame. That way your trigger moves as smoothly as possible.

Lastly, no matter which trigger shape you get, you’ll get super well defined serrations on the face with very cleanly radiused and deburred edges. Translation: this trigger gives you a super comfortable trigger press.

Like many Wilson Combat components, this trigger occasionally requires some fitting to install. But fitting is nothing new to 1911 owners. Even with a little fitting, this trigger still gives you a crisp, comfortable trigger press, while also keeping the weight of your handgun low.


  • Available in multiple trigger shapes and lengths.
  • Super lightweight (weighs a mere 0.2 ounces).
  • Polished friction surfaces make your trigger movement smoother.
  • Super well machined trigger face is super comfortable.


  • Sometimes requires fitting to install.

1911 triggers can be rather expensive. But your trigger doesn’t have to be super expensive to be good. The Greider Precision 1911 V-Series Match Trigger proves that an affordable trigger can give you a very good trigger press.

First, the basics: this trigger comes in both skeletonized and solid models. Obviously, the skeletonized version saves you a bit of weight.

However, it’s not super lightweight. The bow is machined from 400 series stainless steel. The stainless steel is super stiff to ensure that there’s as little mush and creep in your trigger press.

Additionally, the key friction surfaces have been highly polished to ensure that your trigger movement is as smooth as possible. Although, this trigger also helps minimize pretravel and overtravel.

Lastly, the trigger has cleanly machined grooves to give you good tactile feedback and an ultra comfortable trigger press.

The only unfortunate thing about this trigger is that the 3-hole model is only available with a long pull.

But, if you’re cool with a long length of pull or just don’t care about having a 3-hole trigger, this is a super affordable way to get an even better trigger press from your 1911.


  • Available in solid and 3-hole models. So you can save weight if you wish.
  • Rigid stainless steel bow ensures that your trigger has no mush or creep.
  • Highly polished friction surfaces for super smooth trigger movement.
  • Cleanly machined grooved trigger face gives excellent tactile feedback and comfort.


  • 3-hole model is only available with a long length of pull.

3. Ed Brown 1911 Trigger - Value 1911 Trigger

The Ed Brown 1911 Trigger is a super well made trigger, with one unique feature. And it’s quite affordable.

But first, the standard features.

The trigger bow is machined from stainless steel. The bow is as rigid as possible to ensure that there’s no mush or creep in your trigger break. This trigger gives you a super clean, crisp trigger break.

The shoe is machined from aluminum. And you can get this trigger in a 3-hole model to save weight.

However, the main feature of this trigger is that the trigger face is serrated, rather than grooved. The serrated surface delivers a really pleasant trigger feel and positive traction for your trigger finger.

Additionally, the highly polished surfaces smooth out the trigger movement. And the low friction also helps bring your trigger pull weight down a little bit.

Lastly, the trigger shoe is just slightly oversized to minimize the need for fitting during installation. So the installation is usually headache free.

Unfortunately, the 3-hole model is only available in a long length of pull.

But, even if you can’t get the 3-hole model in the length of pull you want, this Ed Brown trigger will still give you a super smooth trigger press, with a great trigger feel, that’s even a tad bit lighter than with your current trigger.


  • Super rigid, stainless steel bow eliminates trigger creep.
  • Available in a 3-hole model if you’re looking to save weight.
  • Serrated trigger face offers excellent trigger feel and traction.
  • Slightly oversized trigger shoe minimizes the need for fitting during installation.
  • Highly polished surfaces are smooth enough to lighten your trigger pull slightly.


  • 3-hole model is only available with a long length of pull.

4. Nighthawk Custom 1911 Lightweight Trigger - Lightweight 1911 Trigger

The Nighthawk Custom 1911 Lightweight Trigger is a lightweight trigger. But it’s also a legitimate match grade trigger. Nighthawk Custom uses this trigger in their custom pistols.

All the standard features are there. This is an aluminum trigger shoe with a stainless steel trigger bow.

The trigger bow is remarkably stiff to eliminate as much trigger creep as possible. That way you get a super crisp break. And, if you get the custom model, you get an extra wide trigger bow to further enhance your trigger break.

On the backside, this trigger also eliminates overtravel to keep your trigger movement as minimal as possible for the most possible precision.

Then the trigger shoe has super clean serrations that offer excellent tactile response and traction to keep your trigger finger in place through multiple shots.

Lastly, this trigger is available in a 3-hole model to keep the weight as low as possible.

But, like many 1911 parts, this trigger often requires fitting to install. It’s a trigger for custom 1911 handguns, after all.

Even with the need for fitting, though, this Nighthawk Custom trigger gives you super smooth trigger movement and a remarkably clean breakIt’s an excellent option for anyone who wants the lightest possible handgun that delivers custom 1911 performance.


  • Super rigid trigger bow eliminates trigger creep and gives you a super crisp trigger break.
  • Eliminates almost all travel and overtravel to minimize trigger movement.
  • Ultra clean, comfortable serrations.
  • Custom model includes an extra wide trigger bow that further reduces trigger creep.
  • Ultra polished friction surfaces give you super smooth trigger movement.


  • Usually requires some fitting to install.

5. Caspian 1911 Trik Trigger - Custom 1911 Trigger

If you have a super custom 1911, you probably want a trigger that matches the custom look as well as the custom performance.

The Caspian 1911 Trik Trigger fits the bill for a custom 1911.

First, this trigger has a super stiff stainless steel bow. That way you get a clean trigger break that’s fit for a custom gun, without any creep or mush.

And this trigger nearly eliminates pretravel and overtravel. That means less trigger and muzzle movement during every shot.

Additionally, this is a flat faced trigger, which helps you press your trigger as straight to the rear as possible. But the trigger shoe also has indexing tabs at the top and bottom to help you get consistent trigger finger placement.

Lastly, the trigger shoe is completely skeletonized to keep the weight as low as possible.

Unfortunately, this Caspian trigger comes in one size. There aren’t any additional length of pull options.

But it’s a decent one-size-fits-all trigger that offers excellent performance for a custom 1911. It’s also a great option if you just need a replacement trigger to restore the performance of a stock 1911.


  • Extra stiff stainless steel bow for a cleaner trigger break.
  • Eliminates almost all pretravel and overtravel.
  • Flat faced trigger with indexing tabs for more consistent trigger finger placement and trigger press.
  • Completely skeletonized for the lowest weight possible.


  • Only available in one size.

The Harrison Design & Consulting 1911 Extreme Service Trigger is an excellent trigger for all sorts of guns. But it’s designed to produce as much reliability as possible for those that require a rock solid handgun.

First, the normal stuff:

This trigger is fitted with an aluminum trigger shoe. And this model uses a smooth faced trigger. It’s comfortable.

You can also get this trigger in multiple lengths of pull. So you won’t need as much traction to keep your trigger finger in place.

But, if you prefer a textured trigger for a more pronounced tactile feel, this trigger might not be your style.

However, the big deal with this trigger is the trigger bow. It’s a super rigid, hardened stainless steel bow that ensures there’s no mush in your trigger break.

Additionally, the trigger bow is mirror polished to eliminate as much friction as possible and deliver ultra smooth trigger movement.

The unique feature about this trigger, though, is the fixed integral overtravel stop. The integral overtravel stop enables you to set your overtravel exactly where you want it by filing the fixed overtravel stop until your sear clears the hammer hooks and half-cock notch.

Obviously, that means that this Harrison trigger requires some fitting to install. But the fitting process is relatively simple. And you get a super precisely fitted trigger once the installation is done.


  • Smooth faced trigger shoe is super comfortable.
  • Available in multiple lengths of pull so you won’t need so much texture on your trigger face for traction.
  • Super rigid trigger bow with mirror polished finish produces a very crisp trigger break and smooth trigger movement.
  • Integral overtravel stop enables you to precisely set your overtravel, and will never back out like an adjustable overtravel stop.


  • Smooth trigger face may not meet your preferences if you like a textured trigger face.
  • Requires fitting to install, no matter what.

Getting Triggered

Most 1911 pistols ship with pretty nice factory triggers. The single action design just makes for a really clean trigger press and crisp break. But that doesn’t mean that your trigger will be perfect, right out of the box, every time. There’s usually some room for improvement, even if it’s only a little bit of room.

Wilson Combat 1911 Ultralight Match Trigger

If you want a great trigger that will be an upgrade in most guns, get the Wilson Combat 1911 Ultralight Match Trigger. Wilson Combat makes some of the best 1911 components in the world. This trigger is exceptionally well made and gives you a super smooth trigger press and a clean break.

Still living that bone stock 1911 life? It’s time to start tinkering and upgrading your gun’s performance. Start with the trigger. And you’ll notice a fast improvement to your 1911’s performance.

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