The Best .224 Valkyrie Magazines for Feeding Your Precision AR

Last Updated on January 6, 2021.

One of the big complaints about .224 Valkyrie is that it doesn’t really work with standard .223/5.56mm magazines. Yes, you can jam .224 Valkyrie rounds into a standard AR-15 magazine. But you’ll get all sorts of feeding issues.

Therefore, getting the best .224 Valkyrie magazines for your .224 Valkyrie rifle should be high on your list of to-do’s for building your .224 Valkyrie rifle. That way you get the reliability you need.

Fortunately, the selection of the best .224 Valkyrie magazines is fairly broad. And you can use 6.8 SPC magazines in your .224 Valkyrie rifle.

But, we’ve sorted out all the best .224 Valkyrie magazines, and tossed out the worst ones, to save you a whole bunch of time and reading.

Precision Reflex, Inc.
  • Constructed from tempered stainless steel to maximize durability and lifespan.
  • Stamped with a waffle pattern that gives you better grip and enhances durability.
  • Equipped with Magpul anti-tilt followers for the most reliable feeding.

SPOILER—if you just want to get the magazines that came out on top, get the Precision Reflex, Inc. AR-15 Magazine 224 Valkyrie. It’s a reliable magazine that comes in just about any capacity you want. It checks all the most important boxes.

If you’re looking for the least expensive .224 Valkyrie magazines (or maybe the most expensive ones), keep reading. We’ve got magazines from every price point and magazine capacity.

Top .224 Valkyrie Magazines on the Market Today

The Best .224 Valkyrie Magazines Reviews: Precision Ammo Supplies

The overall best .224 Valkyrie magazines are up for review first. The other strong contenders will be presented in order of price.

Least expensive magazines? Those are covered in the first reviews.

Most plush magazines? We talk about those in the reviews near the end.

Read the reviews about the magazines that fit your budget.

1. Precision Reflex, Inc. AR-15 Magazine 224 Valkyrie - Overall Best .224 Valkyrie Magazines

For some reason, most .224 Valkyrie magazines come in 5 and 10-round capacities. But the Precision Reflex, Inc. AR-15 Magazine 224 Valkyrie offers a few more capacity options than most magazines.

These magazines are constructed from tempered stainless steel. The tempering makes the steel more rigid to reduce feed lip warping and make your magazines more crush resistant. That way your magazines last as long as possible and hold up to hard use.

Additionally, these magazines are stamped with a waffle pattern on the body. This pattern gives you better grip for loading a reloading. It also makes the magazine body more impact resistant. It’s a two-for-one.

One more thing before I talk about capacity: these magazines are packed with Magpul anti-tilt followers. Magpul followers are easily the best followers that you can get. No other followers eliminate alignment issues as well as Magpul followers.

Also, the followers are marked with the caliber. That way you don’t get these magazines confused with your standard AR-15 magazines.

Now for the big thing: these magazines come in 1015, and 25-round capacities. And they’re pretty much the only decent .224 Valkyrie magazines that come in these higher capacities.

These are definitely not the least expensive magazines you can get. But they’re some of the most reliable and longest lasting magazines that you can get for your .224 Valkyrie rifle.


  • Constructed from tempered stainless steel to maximize durability and lifespan.
  • Stamped with a waffle pattern that gives you better grip and enhances durability.
  • Equipped with Magpul anti-tilt followers for the most reliable feeding.
  • Available in 10, 15, and 25-round capacities.


  • Steel magazines are still more susceptible to warping than polymer magazines.
  • A bit expensive.

2. Duramag 6.8 SPC Stainless Steel AR Magazine - Budget 224 Valkyrie Magazines

Remember how I said that you can use 6.8 SPC magazines in your .224 Valkyrie rifle? Well, you can take advantage of that to get more affordable magazines.

The Duramag 6.8 SPC Stainless Steel AR Magazine is technically a 6.8 SPC magazine. But it fits .224 Valkyrie ammunition perfectly. And these magazines are super affordable.

These magazines come in 5 and 10-round capacities. They’re pretty standard fare in that regard.

The main features of these magazines are in the construction.

First, these are stainless steel magazines. But they’re covered in a proprietary coating that reduces friction and resists corrosion. The exterior coating also gets smoother the more you use these magazines. So they actually break in and get better with age.

Additionally, the feed lips are tempered to resist warping and extend the lifespan of your steel magazines.

Lastly, these magazines are stuffed with a Snap On anti-tilt follower. It’s just as good as a Magpul follower (it looks very similar to a Magpul follower).

Overall, these Duramag magazines offer very smooth and reliable operation and will last for a very long time. That makes them an excellent value for the money.


  • Stainless steel body with tempered feed lips is durable and long lasting.
  • Exterior coating reduces friction for a smoother action and more reliable feeding.
  • Proprietary coating is remarkably corrosion resistant.
  • Filled with Snap On followers for exceptional reliability.


  • Steel construction is not quite as warp resistant as polymer.
  • Only available in 5 and 10-round magazines.

3. C Products Defense .224 Valkyrie 10RD Magazine - Value .224 Valkyrie Magazines

The C Products Defense .224 Valkyrie 10RD Magazine is a simple and affordable solution if you need magazines that work, and aren’t concerned about too many special features.

These are steel magazines. However, the steel is slightly thicker than most other steel magazines. And the steel has been heat treated to improve the hardness. Thicker, harder steel makes these magazines more warp and crush resistant.

Additionally, these magazines are finished in a proprietary coating that reduces friction. The exterior coating makes your action smoother and promotes reliable feeding.

And, these magazines are packed with a Snap On anti-tilt follower, which keeps the rounds stacked and aligned properly for reliable operation from the first round in your magazine to the last.

Now, the beefy construction makes these magazines a bit heavier than other steel magazines. And it’s quite a bit heavier than aluminum magazines.

Also, the 5 and 10-round models are the most reliable. There’s a 28-round model. But the 28-round version of this magazine seems to have some feeding issues.

However, if you just need really durable and reliable 5 and 10-round magazines, these CPD magazines are a super affordable option.


  • Constructed from thicker, heat treated steel than most magazines to maximize the lifespan and crush resistance.
  • Proprietary coating reduces friction and promotes smoother feeding.
  • Equipped with a Snap On follower to keep the rounds aligned and eliminate jams from misalignment.
  • 5 and 10-round models are extremely reliable.


  • Heavier than most steel or aluminum magazines.
  • 28-round model has some reliability issues.

4. E-lander Mags E-lander Magazine 224 Valkyrie - Dedicated .224 Valkyrie Magazines

Most .224 Valkyrie magazines are also 6.8 SPC magazines. The E-lander Mags E-lander Magazine 224 Valkyrie is one of the few magazines that’s designed specifically for .224 Valkyrie.

It might be difficult to spot, but these magazines have dimensions that are specifically formulated to accommodate .224 Valkyrie rounds. The dimensions aren’t so different that you can’t jam 6.8 SPC rounds into this magazine. But these magazines definitely work best with .224 Valkyrie ammunition.

Then, the construction itself is also quite durable.

These magazines are constructed from steel, with tempered feed lips, and finished in a smooth, corrosion resistant finish. And the floor plate is reinforced.

The build is quite durable and long lasting. Tempering the feed lips helps prevent warping. That way your magazines last longer before they start warping. And the reinforced floor plate bolsters the magazine body for additional crush resistance.

On the outside, the finish greatly reduces frictionRounds feed from this magazine super smoothly.

At the bottom, these magazines are fitted with an anti-tilt follower that keeps everything aligned inside the magazine.

Unfortunately, the 10-round model seems to be the only perfectly reliable capacity. The other capacities are decent. But not as spot-on as the 10-round model.

But, 10-round magazines are pretty standard for .224 Valkyrie rifles. And these magazines produce really smooth and reliable operation for shooting .224 Valkyrie.


  • Designed specifically for .224 Valkyrie.
  • Steel, with tempered feed lips and reinforced floor plates is quite crush resistant and long lasting.
  • Super smooth finish delivers super smooth feeding.
  • Anti-tilt follower keeps rounds aligned in the magazine.


  • Only the 10-round model is perfectly reliable.
  • Polymer construction is still slightly more warp resistant.

5. MDT Polymer Magazine - Polymer .224 Valkyrie Magazines

There aren’t a ton of polymer .224 Valkyrie magazines. But the MDT Polymer Magazine fills that gap very well.

First, these magazines are molded from glass-filled polymer. It’s one of the most warp and crush resistant designs that you can get. Polymer doesn’t warp the way that steel does. So these magazines will outlast most steel magazines.

Additionally, the polymer is remarkably smooth. One of the main complaints about polymer magazines is that they don’t feed as smoothly as steel magazines because the polymer has a semi textured surface.

But the polymer in these magazines is well molded and does an excellent job of promoting super smooth feeding. Though, admittedly, it’s still not quite as smooth as a steel magazine.

These magazines also have a very nice grid texture near the bottom with a flared base plate.

The grid pattern offers excellent grip because the grid is formed from deep ridges that your fingers can’t slide over.

The flared base plate makes it much easier to control your magazines during loading and reloading.

Overall, these magazines are super easy to handle during rifle manipulations.

My main complaint about these magazines is that the follower looks suspiciously like a USGI follower. It’s an upgraded USGI follower. But something like a Magpul follower would be better.

However, the follower doesn’t seem to be an issue. These magazines feed reliably. So, evidently the follower is better than it looks.

The only really serious allegation against these magazines is the price. These magazines are more expensive than most other magazines, even polymer magazines for other calibers.

But, if you want the longevity and durability of polymer magazines for your .224 Valkyrie rifle, these MDT magazines are the way to go. You’ll just have to surrender your wallet.


  • Super durable and long lasting glass-filled polymer construction.
  • Impressively smooth polymer promotes smoother feeding than most other polymer magazines.
  • Grid texture is deep and provides super secure grip.
  • Flared base plate enhances control during loading and reloading.


  • Follower looks a lot like a USGI follower, even though it works well.
  • Expensive.

Seating your Mags

One of the biggest challenges with any specialty AR round—.224 Valkyrie, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 SPC, and on and on—is getting good magazines. There usually aren’t quite as many options as you have for .223/5.56mm. And you can’t use your .223/5.56mm magazines for these other rounds.

So, setting out to find the best .224 Valkyrie magazines is an inevitable part of your .224 Valkyrie journey.

Precision Reflex, Inc.

If you want the shortest magazine quest possible, get the Precision Reflex, Inc. AR-15 Magazine 224 Valkyrie. They’re affordable, durable, and reliable .224 Valkyrie magazines, though they’re not the least expensive.

Now that you know, it’s time to stop going to the range with that one .224 Valkyrie magazine you have. Get some more magazines. That way you don’t have to spend all your time at the range filling magazines.