The Best 300 Blackout Ammo for Everything from the Range to the Woods

Last Updated on January 9, 2021.

300 Blackout is one of the best alternatives to .223/5.56mm. It works just as well—or better—for most types of shooting. And a 300BLK rifle makes an amazing suppressor host. Also, you have a ton of options when it comes to choosing the best 300 Blackout ammo.

And I mean A TON of options.

But, never fear, we sorted them out for you. That way you can get the best 300 Blackout ammo for your rifle and shooting context without spending hours agonizing over which brand is best.


Shooters who need affordable ammunition that performs very well for just about everything.


  • Affordable ammo with brass cases and full copper jacket bullets.
  • Delivers impressively high muzzle velocity for inexpensive ammunition.
  • Offered in both supersonic and subsonic loads.
  • SPOILERSellier & Bellot 300 AAC Blackout FMJ Ammunition came out on top as the overall best 300 Blackout ammo. It’s outstanding ammo for MOST types of shooting.

    This is FMJ ammunition. So it’s not ideal for hunting or defense. But it works great for everything else, and it’s affordable.

    If you’re looking for hunting, self-defense, or higher performance ammunition, keep reading. We dug up all the best ammo you can find right now. That way you can make your choice quickly and easily.

    Top 300 Blackout Ammo on the Market Today

    The Best 300 Blackout Ammo Reviews: Supersonic, Subsonic, You Name It

    The overall best 300 Blackout ammo is up for review first. The best 300 Blackout ammo from each category will be presented in order of price.

    If you need the best price per round, read the first reviews.

    If you're looking for the best rounds, period, read the reviews near the end.

    Let’s load up and shoot.

    1. Sellier & Bellot 300 AAC Blackout FMJ Ammunition - Overall Best 300 Blackout Ammo

    • Model: Sellier & Bellot 300 AAC Blackout FMJ Ammunition
    • Bullet type: Full metal jacket
    • Bullet weight: 147 grain or 200 grain
    • Casing: Brass
    • Muzzle velocity: 2076 FPS or 1060 FPS

    Sellier & Bellot ammunition has always been quite affordable. And the performance is rather impressive. I find that Sellier & Bellot ammunition is loaded a bit hotter than most budget ammunition.

    So the Sellier & Bellot 300 AAC Blackout FMJ Ammunition is great ammunition, even if you ignore the fact that it’s super affordable.

    First, even though this is relatively inexpensive ammunition, it’s not steel case ammo or anything. The casings are brass. And the bullets are 147 grain full metal jacket projectiles. No cheap bimetal jackets.

    Also, this ammunition produces muzzle velocities of 2076 feet per second. That’s the average. But this ammunition deviates relatively little from the average. You’ll get very consistent performance with this ammunition.

    Lastly, you can also get this ammunition in a subsonic load: Sellier & Bellot 300 AAC Blackout 200GR Subsonic FMJ Ammo. It’s loaded with a 200 grain projectile. That brings the muzzle velocity down to 1060 feet per second. That way you get the best possible sound suppression.

    This ammo isn’t the best choice for hunting or self-defense. But, it’s a great choice if you need ammo for training, competition, or plinking.

    • Model: Winchester USA Rifle .300 AAC Blackout Full Metal Jacket Rifle Ammunition
    • Bullet type: Full metal jacket
    • Bullet weight: 125 grain or 200 grain
    • Casing: Brass
    • Muzzle velocity: 2185 FPS or 1060 FPS

    The Winchester USA Rifle .300 AAC Blackout Full Metal Jacket Rifle Ammunition is often called “Winchester White Box.” And a lot of people hate on this ammo. But I’ve never had any significant issues with it.

    Even though this is Winchester’s cheapest offering, it’s still brass cased ammunition. You’re not dipping into the steel case end of the price spectrum or anything.

    Also, the bullets are true, 125 grain full metal jacket rounds, with a copper jacket. They’re not bimetal bullets or anything.

    Overall, this ammunition is made well enough.

    The only thing that really shows the price point is that most Winchester White Box ammunition seems to use different types of primers. If you open the box and look at the case heads, you’ll notice that the primers are one of two colors. That may be where people get their suspicions about this ammunition.

    However, the variation in primers doesn’t seem to affect the performance. This ammunition shoots just fine when you press the trigger.

    And, since the bullet is so light, the muzzle velocity is relatively high. This ammunition pushes the 125 grain slug at 2185 feet per second, which is pretty fast.

    If you need ammunition for shooting suppressed, get the Winchester USA Rifle .300 AAC Blackout 200 Grain Full Metal Jacket Rifle Ammunition. It fires a 200 grain projectile. So the muzzle velocity is only 1060 feet per second. That’s low enough to be hearing safe, if you run a good suppressor.

    I’m not sure exactly how much the different primers might affect consistency. This Winchester model may not be consistent enough for super serious competition shooters. But it works just fine for anything less than winner-take-all shooting contexts.

    • Model: Barnes Bullets Range AR 300 AAC Blackout Ammo
    • Bullet type: Full metal jacket
    • Bullet weight: 90 grain
    • Casing: Brass
    • Muzzle velocity: 2550 FPS

    The Barnes Bullets Range AR 300 AAC Blackout Ammo is amazing training and competition ammunition. The muzzle velocity and trajectory are about as high and flat as you can get with 300AAC.

    To get this sort of ballistic performance, the bullet weighs just 90 grains. That’s good for flight path ballistics. But it’s not as great for terminal ballistics. This ammo is not ideal for hunting or self-defense.

    But the lightweight bullets enable this ammunition to generate a muzzle velocity of 2550 feet per second. The muzzle velocity is higher than almost any other ammo on the market. The high muzzle velocity produces a very flat trajectory, which makes it easier to get hits at long distances.

    Additionally, the casings are brass. So this ammunition runs about as clean as possible. And you can use the brass for reloading, if you make your own ammunition.

    Lastly, the Barnes bullets are made with zinc, rather than lead. That way you can shoot this ammunition at ranges that don’t allow lead bullets. And this ammunition has fewer carcinogens than most other options.

    Overall, if you need incredibly high performance ammunition for anything other than self-defense or hunting, this ammo is the way to go.

    • Model: Hornady Black .300 AAC Blackout 208 grain Subsonic Rifle Ammunition
    • Bullet type: Hornady A-Max ballistic tip FMJ boat tail
    • Bullet weight: 208 grain
    • Casing: Brass
    • Muzzle velocity: 1020 FPS

    Hornady is one of the best ammunition manufacturers in the world. That’s why the Hornady Black .300 AAC Blackout 208 grain Subsonic Rifle Ammunition is some of the best 300BLK ammo you can get for a suppressor host.

    First, the bullet is a 208 grain projectile, which keeps the muzzle velocity low. The muzzle velocity is just 1020 feet per second. This gives you hearing safe performance from just about any suppressor.

    Additionally, this ammunition is fitted with the Hornady A-Max bullet. This bullet gives you an excellent ballistic coefficient and a flat trajectoryIt’s an amazing bullet for target and match shooting.

    As you may have guessed, this ammunition is brass cased ammo. And Hornady brass is excellent for reloading. So this is good ammo to shoot if you collect your own brass for reloading.

    Overall, if you run a suppressor on your competition gun—and you want the report to be hearing safe—use this Hornady ammunition.

    • Model: Hornady Black .300 AAC Blackout 110 grain V-Max Rifle Ammunition
    • Bullet type: Hornady V-Max ballistic tip FMJ
    • Bullet weight: 110 grain
    • Casing: Brass
    • Muzzle velocity: 2375 FPS

    The Hornady Black .300 AAC Blackout 110 grain V-Max Rifle Ammunition is incredibly well-made ammunition. And it uses one of the most versatile bullets in the world.

    This ammunition fires a 110 grain V-Max bullet. The Hornady V-Max bullet is great for just about everything. It’s a powerful bullet for hunting and self-defense. And this ammunition is affordable enough that you could use it for training or recreation.

    The bullet is a full metal jacket projectile with a ballistic tipThe ballistic tip causes the bullet to expand rapidly, even at low muzzle velocities.

    However, this ammunition definitely gives you high muzzle velocities. The muzzle velocity is 2375 feet per second. So you’ll get incredible ballistic performance at any range.

    The only downside to the incredible muzzle velocity is that this ammunition might be a little TOO effective for hunting very small game. It’s powerful enough that you might not have a whole lot of meat left on a small animal.

    On the other hand, this ammunition makes incredibly effective self-defense ammunition. At typical self-defense distances, the Hornady V-Max bullet expands explosively for incredible defensive efficiency.

    Ultimately, this isn’t the least expensive ammunition you can get. But it’s affordable enough that you could use it as your one-size-fits all ammo for self-defense, hunting, or shooting paper at the range.

    6. Hornady Subsonic .300 AAC Blackout 190 Grain Sub-X Rifle Ammunition - Subsonic Defensive 300 Blackout Ammunition

    • Model: Hornady Subsonic .300 AAC Blackout 190 grain Sub-X Rifle Ammunition
    • Bullet type: Hornady Sub-X hollow point polymer tip
    • Bullet weight: 190 grain
    • Casing: Brass
    • Muzzle velocity: 1050 FPS

    Using a suppressor on your defensive rifle is a smart move, since it protects your hearing and makes it easier to communicate with your family and other friendlies. But a suppressor isn’t all that quiet if you use supersonic ammunition.

    The Hornady Subsonic .300 AAC Blackout 190 grain Sub-X Rifle Ammunition gives you the ballistic performance you need from defensive ammunition at subsonic muzzle velocities.

    The way it works is this ammunition fires a 190 grain bullet. The bullet is heavy enough to bring the muzzle velocity below the sound barrier—1050 feet per second. That way you don’t get that supersonic pop when you shoot with a suppressor.

    But the bullet is the Hornady Sub-X bullet. It’s a hollow point bullet with a polymer insert that enables the round to penetrate intermediate barriers, like glass, and rapidly expand in soft tissue.

    That way you get excellent wounding capacity, even with the subsonic muzzle velocity.

    The downside is that this ammunition works best at typical defensive shooting distances. At super long range, the bullet slows down too much to get good terminal ballistics.

    This ammunition is best as dedicated defensive ammunition. So, if you’re looking for ammunition to keep packed in your dedicated defensive magazines, this is the ammo to get.

    • Model: Rainier Munitions Remanufactured 300 BLK 147GR FMJ
    • Bullet type: Full metal jacket
    • Bullet weight: 147 grain
    • Casing: Brass
    • Muzzle velocity: 1778 FPS

    Reloaded ammunition may not be the most economical choice if you buy ammunition in small batches. But remanufactured ammo is excellent if you save money by buying in bulk. And the Rainier Munitions Remanufactured 300 BLK 147GR FMJ is great remanufactured ammunition.

    There’s nothing super special about this ammunition other than the fact that you save a bit of money because it’s reloaded.

    First, the bullets are standard 147 grain full metal jacket bullets.

    Then, the casings are brass. Rainier Arms says the brass is once-fired. I’m not sure how they verify that. But the brass is collected from an indoor range. So the brass is cleaner and less likely to be damaged when it goes in for reloading, which minimizes the chances that a bad casing gets loaded.

    Rainier Arms does super thorough quality control, though. So it’s even less likely that you’ll have any issues with this ammunition. I’ve shot a lot of Rainier Arms reloads and never had an issue.

    Also, this ammunition has a great finish. It’s well polished and feeds super smoothly.

    Admittedly, you can get less expensive remanufactured ammunition.

    But, if you’re going to buy ammunition in bulk, you get an excellent price-per-round from this ammunition. And the performance is outstanding for remanufactured ammunition.

    Filling The Magazines

    300BLK is a great round. It works great for just about anything that you’d want to do with an AR type rifle. And it’s especially great for shooting suppressed.

    But a versatile round demands good ammunition. It’s important to get the best 300 Blackout ammo that fits inside your budget.

    Sellier & Bellot FMJ Ammunition

    If you just need to get out and shoot, without blowing up your wallet, get the Sellier & Bellot 300 AAC Blackout FMJ Ammunition. It’s affordable. It runs well in just about any rifle. And the performance is impressive for such affordable ammo.

    Now that you know, it’s time to fill those magazines. Then get out there and press the trigger.