No-Stamp Guns: The Best 300 Blackout Pistol

Last Updated on January 6, 2021.

300 Blackout is an excellent short and medium range round. It’s an excellent short-barreled rifle caliber.

But short-barreled rifles require a SBR stamp, which will bump the cost of your rifle up by $200. And it gives your rifle a fairly long paper trail.

A 300 Blackout pistol is a good way to get around all these hurdles. What’s more, pistol braces are very nice these days.

Brace Built Modern Carbine MC6 300BLK Folding Brace Pistol
  • Equipped with a folding stock adapter for easier storage, staging, and transport.
  • Comfortable polymer handguard with M-LOK slots that are perfect for mounting lights.
  • SBA3 brace is easily the best brace you can get right now.

SPOILER—if you’re here for quick hits, get the Brace Built Modern Carbine MC6 300BLK Folding Brace Pistol. It’s reasonably priced. And it’s got all kinds of excellent features.

If you’re here to learn about all the 300 Blackout pistol options, keep reading. We’ve got all the best 300 Blackout pistols gathered up for you to look over.

Top 300 Blackout Pistol on the Market Today

The Best 300 Blackout Pistol Reviews: Big Rounds from a Small Package

Our overall best 300 Blackout pistol is up first. The other 300 Blackout pistols will be presented in order of price.

The most affordable 300 Blackout pistols are first in line.

Luxury 300 Blackout pistols are near the end.

Read the reviews that fit your budget.

The Brace Built Modern Carbine MC6 300BLK Folding Brace Pistol is a surprisingly affordable pistol, especially considering all the upgraded equipment they’ve crammed onto this pistol.

But there are a couple standout features.

First, this pistol comes fitted with a Sylvan Folding Stock Adapter. It’s one of the few folding stock adapters on the market that’s entirely functional without any special buffer or spring. Just slap it open, and you’re ready to shoot.

The handguard is also pretty nice. It’s a polymer handguard with a molded handstop up front to keep your hand away from the muzzle. And it has M-LOK attachment points at the 11 and 1 o’clock, which is perfect for mounting a light.

However, if you need space to add a ton of forend accessories, you may want to change the handguard.

Lastly, all the hardware on this pistol is upgraded in one way or another. There are no standard mil-spec parts.

It’s got a Radian Raptor charging handle (easily one of the best charging handles ever). And all the controls are upgraded in some way.

The bolt release has larger pads for faster and easier operation. And the magazine release has an upgraded texture for better tactile feedback. And the safety selector is ambidextrous.

One more thing: the brace is an SBA3 pistol brace. I think this brace is the best pistol brace you can get right now. It’s great as a true brace. And it’s also quite rigid, in case you need to use it in some other way.

There’s more cool stuff about this pistol. But that’s about all the space I have to talk about it. Overall, the price to performance ratio is excellentYou can’t go wrong with this pistol.


  • Equipped with a folding stock adapter for easier storage, staging, and transport.
  • Comfortable polymer handguard with M-LOK slots that are perfect for mounting lights.
  • All the controls are upgraded.
  • SBA3 brace is easily the best brace you can get right now.


  • Not a ton of forend attachment points.

2. PSA 10.5" Pistol Length 300AAC - Budget 300 Blackout Pistol

The PSA 10.5" Pistol Length 300AAC is one of the most affordable 300 Blackout pistols on the market. In fact, it might be the most affordable 300 Blackout pistol you can get right now. In any case, the price is excellent.

But, even though the price is excellent, this is a decent 300 Blackout pistol.

Now, all the hardware is pretty much mil-spec. There’s nothing special about the controls. And everything is phosphate coated. That’s not really a bad thing, though.

However, the handguard and barrel have a few creature comforts.

The handguard is a lightweight, slim profile handguard. Ergonomically, it’s very comfortable if you use a thumb-over grip, because it’s got a narrow section in the middle with no picatinny rail section.

There are a bunch of lightening cuts on the handguard. It keeps the front end of this pistol light and makes the whole platform easier to handle.

Unfortunately, the lightening cuts remove any M-LOK attachment points at the diagonal positions. So you can’t mount anything at the 11 or 2 o’clock positions without an adapter. But that only matters if you like to mount things at the diagonal positions.

Additionally, the muzzle device is a blast suppression can. It’s not a sound suppressor. But it’s a decent compensator. And it will help protect your light and other forend accessories, if you mount anything close to the muzzle.

Lastly, this pistol comes with the SBA3 brace, which is the king of pistol braces, as far as I’m concerned.

I only have one word of caution for this pistol: I recommend inspecting this pistol to ensure that it’s assembled correctly before you take it out. PSA uses good components in their rifles. They might be budget components. But they work just fine.

However, I have seen PSA rifles that had assembly issues, which wouldn’t have been terribly difficult to correct. But, if you fire a rifle that’s been incorrectly assembled, you could end up needing to replace components. And that can get expensive.

But, when they work, PSA rifles work. So this pistol is an excellent value for the money.


  • Handguard is both ergonomic and lightweight.
  • Blast suppression muzzle device minimizes flash and helps protect forend attachments mounted near the muzzle.
  • Fitted with an SBA3 brace.


  • Occasional quality control issues related to incorrect assembly.

3. V Seven Weapon Systems 7075 Enlightened 300BLK Pistol - Lightweight 300 Blackout Pistol

The V Seven Weapon Systems 7075 Enlightened 300BLK Pistol is a very lightweight system. However, it does sacrifice a bit of function and comfort to keep the weight down.

On the other hand, they use lightweight components almost everywhere to really keep the platform lightweight. Everything from the charging handle to the dust cover rod are lightweight components.

So they’ve cut as much weight as possible without affecting the ergonomics or operation.

However, there’s no brace on the buffer tube. And the buffer tube is shorter than a standard carbine buffer tube. There are ways to add a brace to a bare pistol buffer tube. But this pistol comes with a bare tube.

Additionally, the handguard is about as lightweight as it gets without completely removing any handguard function. There’s an M-LOK slot near the muzzle end.

However, everything else is skeletonized as much as possibleIt’s a very lightweight design.

The only problem with the super lightweight handguard is that you’ll start to feel heat from the barrel pretty quickly if you’re doing a lot of rapid fire.

Up front, there’s a linear compensator. The linear compensator offers decent compensation to keep your muzzle level. However, it also helps protect your forend attachments from the muzzle blast.

Lastly, almost all the coatings on this pistol are DLC (Diamond Like Coating). It’s a thick, durable coating that also improves dry lubricity. So the coatings also help improve the reliability of your pistol.

There are more features to talk about. But those are the major points.

Also, this V Seven Weapon Systems pistol is reasonably priced. It’s certainly no budget pistol. But the price point is reasonable, considering the build quality.


  • Almost everything on this pistol is lightweight.
  • Handguard is incredibly lightweight, but still has M-LOK slots where it matters.
  • Linear compensator helps keep your muzzle flat and protects forend rail accessories.
  • Almost everything is DLC coated to improve lifespan and reliability.


  • Ships with a bare pistol buffer tube.

4. Griffin Armament MK1 PSD - 300 Blackout Pistol for Suppressed Operation

The Griffin Armament MK1 PSD is designed specifically to be a 300 Blackout suppressed pistol. To be clear, it does NOT come with a suppressor. But you can mount a Griffin Armament suppressor on this pistol right out of the box.

First, the muzzle device is a Taper Mount Tactical Compensator. It’s a solid compensator on it’s own. But it also has threading to accept Griffin Armament Taper Mount suppressors. So you don’t need to purchase a muzzle device or a suppressor mount to throw a suppressor on this rifle.

Additionally, all of the components are optimized for suppressed operation.

The charging handle is an ambidextrous charging handle with a gas groove and vent that minimizes the gas that blows back into your face when you’re shooting with a suppressor.

The action is also optimized for suppressed operation. The bolt carrier group, buffer, and buffer spring, are all designed to keep the bolt moving at a normal speed, even with the increased back pressure from using a suppressor.

This improves the reliability of your suppressed platform. And it reduces wear and tear on the internal components.

On the outside, this pistol is complete. It even comes with sights, which is more than most other pistols. It’s ready to run right out of the box.

If you’re not going to run a suppressor, this Griffin Armament pistol might be a tad overkill. But, it’s a perfect option for anyone who plans on taking advantage of the suppressability of the 300 BLK.


  • Comes fitted with a suppressor mount muzzle device.
  • All the upper receiver components are optimized for suppressed operation.
  • Ambidextrous controls.
  • Includes sights.
  • Comes with an SBA3 brace.


  • Might be a bit overkill if you’re not going to run a suppressor.

5. Primary Weapons Systems 300 BLK MK1 Mod 2 Pistol - Gas Piston 300 Blackout Pistol

The Primary Weapons Systems 300 BLK MK1 Mod 2 Pistol is the pistol version of a PWS gas piston rifle. You get all the good stuff that comes with a PWS rifle, but on a pistol.

The star of the show here is the PWS long stroke gas system. It keeps your bolt carrier group cleaner than a direct impingement system.

Now, it’s not exactly more reliable than a direct impingement system. However, it requires less cleaning than a traditional system. So it can be more reliable if you’re not the sort to clean your guns all the time.

But the gas piston system bleeds off gas as it reciprocates, which makes it a less violent system than many other gas piston systems.

So there’s less wear and tear on the internal parts of your rifle. And the recoil impulse is mellower and feels more like a direct impingement system.

Then, all the hardware on this rifle is nice. The brace is a Maxim Defense EXC brace. It’s a 3-position adjustable brace that’s a strong pistol brace. And you can comfortably use it for multiple shooting positions.

My only complaint about the pistol brace is the bulkiness. It uses rails to extend and collapse, and those rails add a bit of thickness to your rifle. It’s still comfortable and totally usable. But I prefer more minimal pistol braces.

The other thing about this pistol is the trigger. It comes with a Bravo Company polished mil-spec trigger. It’s nickel teflon coated. And all the surfaces are polished to make the trigger press as smooth as possible, with a nice crisp break.

The trigger is better than most of the mil-spec triggers that come in complete AR-style firearms.

This PWS pistol runs a bit on the high side of the price spectrum. But it’s actually quite reasonable when you compare it to other gas piston rifles and pistols. So the value is still great.


  • Gas piston action keeps your bolt carrier group cleaner than a direct impingement system.
  • Long stroke piston design makes the recoil impulse mellower and reduces wear on internal components.
  • Maxim Defense brace is adjustable and provides a very stable shooting platform.
  • Trigger is excellent for a stock trigger in a complete rifle.


  • Pistol brace is a bit bulky.
  • No forward assist.

The Battle Arms Development The Silent Professional 300BLK AR Pistol is designed to give you the most stable shooting platform possible.

The pistol brace is where most of the stability is achieved. The pistol brace is adjustable. However, there’s a fixed stabilizing piece along the top of the buffer tube.

Additionally, the arm wrap portion of the brace is also more rigid. This makes the brace remarkably stable when you use it as a brace for one-handed shooting.

However, if you need to use it for shooting from other positions, it provides a super stable platform and a consistent sight picture.

And this brace is mounted to some solid hardware.

The receiver set is a Battle Arms Development receiver set that uses a ton of skeletonization to keep the weight down. However, the receiver set also uses the Battle Arms Development monolithic design to keep the upper and lower receiver rigid, despite the metal that’s been removed to reduce the weight.

Additionally, all the controls are enhanced. The bolt release is enlarged, the magazine release is easier to reach, and the charging handle is super easy to pull. And all the controls are ambidextrous.

There’s a lot to like about this pistol. However, the muzzle device is a standard A2 flash hider, which seems a bit out of place on such a nice rifle. A nice compensator or muzzle brake would be a great fit for this pistol.

However, the A2 muzzle device works just fine. And this Battle Arms pistol is still well worth the fairly high price.


  • Extremely rigid brace with a fixed stabilizing bar that provides a consistent sight picture in a multitude of shooting positions.
  • Skeletonized receiver set is remarkably lightweight, but still very rigid and strong.
  • Every control is enhanced and ambidextrous.
  • RACK charging handle is just about as good as a Radian Raptor.


  • A2 flash hider seems a bit out of place on such a high end pistol.
  • No forward assist.

Short Range Dominance

The 300 Blackout round is one of the best candidates for use in a gun with a short barrel. Using a pistol is a great way to get a nice 300 Blackout platform without the paper trail that comes with a short-barreled rifle.

Brace Built Modern Carbine MC6 300BLK Folding Brace Pistol

If you want a solid pistol that’s almost ready to go right out of the box, get the Brace Built Modern Carbine MC6 300BLK Folding Brace Pistol. It’s affordable. And you get a lot of features that you usually find on more expensive firearms.

Now that you know, it’s time to go… Get a 300 Blackout pistol that goes great with a remarkable blackout magazine. That way you can dominate the short range space.

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