The Best 300 Blackout Powder for Custom 300BLK Ammo

Last Updated on January 5, 2021.

The cheapest way to get 300 Blackout ammo is to make it yourself. But loading your own ammunition presents a whole new set of challenges and decisions, like which powder to use.

When it comes to the best 300 Blackout powder, there’s probably no really good one-size-fits-all answer. It depends on what type of bullets you plan on shooting, and how you want your ammunition to perform.

You might want to use different powder for heavy, subsonic 300BLK bullets than you use for lighter, faster loads.

Some shooters prefer a powder that’s optimized for heavier 5.56mm bullets. Then some shooters prefer powder that works best with light 308 bullets.

IMR Smokeless Powder

Our Best Choice

IMR Smokeless Powder

  • Consistently produces high muzzle velocities.
  • Precise enough for typical 300BLK shooting distances.
  • Available in 2 mixtures to accommodate any 300BLK bullet.

SPOILER—Ultimately, it’s up to you to dial in your ammunition. But if you want some solid, all-purpose powder that will work for most purposes, get some IMR Smokeless Powder. It comes in a couple mixes. It’s reasonably affordable. And you can adjust the powder load to work with most 300BLK bullets.

Looking for something else? Enjoy reading about gunpowder? We’ve got all the best 300 Blackout powder lined out for you.

Top 300 Blackout Powder on the Market Today

The Best 300 Blackout Powder Reviews: Just Enough propellant

The overall best 300 Blackout powder is up first. We’ll spill the powder on the other best 300BLK powder in order of price.

Want to get the most grains per dollar? Read the first reviews.

Looking for the most performance, dollars be damned? Head to the reviews near the end.

Let’s see how these powders burn.

1. IMR Smokeless Powder - Overall Best 300 Blackout Powder

IMR Smokeless Powder has been around for a long time. And a lot of people use it and love it, because it’s affordable and versatile.

The detractors say that this powder produces larger groups than some competing powders, which is true to some extent. But the difference in group sizes is usually less than an inch. Still, this powder might not be the perfect choice for high precision rifles.

However, this powder consistently produces higher muzzle velocities than most of the more precise powders.

300BLK isn’t really a high precision round. And it’s powered by a 5.56mm parent case. So the stronger muzzle velocity is probably more valuable for loading 300BLK.

Also, this powder comes in 2 mixtures:

The 4831 seems to work best for heavier 300BLK bullets. If you want better performance with light 300BLK bullets, the 4350 is probably worth a try.

Ultimately, this powder has more emphasis on muzzle velocity, which is going to be most valuable for 300 Blackout ammunition. And it’s precise enough that most shooters won’t notice the difference between this and powders that are known for higher precision.


  • Consistently produces high muzzle velocities.
  • Precise enough for typical 300BLK shooting distances.
  • Available in 2 mixtures to accommodate any 300BLK bullet.


  • Available in 2 mixtures to accommodate any 300BLK bullet.

2. Hodgdon Powder Co., Inc. Hodgdon Powder H335 - Precision 300 Blackout Powder

The Hodgdon Powder Co., Inc. Hodgdon Powder H335 originated as a powder for .223 and 5.56mm ammunition. So it’s a good candidate for 300BLK, which uses the same parent case as .223.

The most notable thing about this powder is that it produces very precise ammunition. It’s very popular in varmint hunting ammunition, because it typically gives you very tight groups.

Additionally, it works well enough with heavy ammunition. It’s capable enough to push even the heavier 300BLK bullets.

However, this powder is probably most ideal if you plan on shooting lighter 300BLK bullets.

This powder delivers very strong velocity and precision with heavy 5.56mm ammunition. And that makes it a bit easier to dial in the performance with lighter 300 Blackout bullets, since you can get performance without tons of powder in the case.

It might not be the most optimal for loading subsonic ammunition with heavy bullets. But this Hodgdon powder is a good option if you’re planning on shooting lighter bullets and want the most consistent precision.


  • Offers excellent precision.
  • Works well with light 300BLK bullets.
  • Ideal for making high velocity, precise 300BLK ammunition.


  • May not work great for making subsonic ammunition with heavy bullets.

The Hodgdon Powder CO., Inc. Hodgdon Powder BL-C(2) was originally designed for .308 and 7.62mm NATO cartridges. Naturally, that makes it a good fit for 300BLK ammo.

Since it’s designed for .308 bullets, you can easily get the velocity you need for shooting heavier 300BLK bullets. And this powder meters very easily. So you’ll have no problem adjusting the load to achieve subsonic velocities, if you wish.

Additionally, shooters have also achieved excellent performance with 55 grain 5.56mm bullets using this powder. You won’t have any trouble if you load lighter bullets in your 300 Blackout ammo.

The main complaint about this powder is that it’s not incredibly precise. Though, this powder produces ammunition that’s more precise than any shooter.

But, if you put your gun in a vice and test it, reports from the field say that you’ll probably get slightly larger groups than you get with some other powders.

However, it’s easy to meter and adjust your powder loading to really dial in the velocity, which is super handy for loading 300BLK. And you can make some really nice 5.56mm and .308 ammo with this powder, if you load multiple calibers.


  • Very easy to meter and customize your load.
  • Works well with both light and heavy bullets.
  • Excellent powder for reloading other common calibers, as well.


  • Some shooters say that this powder is slightly less precise than some other options.

4. IMR Powders 4166 Powder - Match Grade 300 Blackout Powder

300 Blackout may not be a great precision competition bullet. But it works fine for tactical competition. And there’s no real downside to using match grade powder in your ammunition, even if you’re not using it for matches.

The main feature of IMR Powders 4166 Powder is the consistency.

It has good loading density. And it meters easily. That way you can consistently get the same powder charge, round after round.

However, this powder also produces consistent muzzle velocities and group sizes in varying temperatures and environments.

Even though the precision and velocity might not be quite as high as some other powders, this powder produces the most predictable performance. And that translates to more accurate shots.

Lastly, this powder is blended to reduce copper fouling, which keeps your barrel cleanerThis makes your ammunition and rifle even more predictable, since your point of impact will shift less as you put more rounds through your barrel.

Predictability is something that’s most often valued by long range shooters. But, predictability is valuable in any type of shooting.

This IMR powder is a great option if you use your 300BLK rifle for multiple types of shooting and want the most consistent performance from various types of ammunition.


  • Ideal loading density and easy metering makes for consistent powder charges from round to round.
  • Produces consistent muzzle velocities and group sizes in almost any environment or temperature.
  • Reduces copper fouling for more consistent performance through high round counts.


  • Although there’s less variance, the muzzle velocities and group sizes are not quite as good as some other powders.

5. Hodgdon Powder Co., Inc. Hodgdon Powder H4831 SC - Long Range 300 Blackout Powder

Long range powder might not seem like the best idea for 300BLK, which isn’t really a long range round. But the Hodgdon Powder Co., Inc. Hodgdon Powder H4831 SC is actually a pretty good candidate for any type of 300BLK ammo.

This powder is super popular among long range shooters, especially those who shoot magnum cartridges. It’s very good for propelling heavy bullets.

And it’s a short grain extruded powder, which helps it flow through your meter easier and reduces the need to cut grains. So you get more consistent and more precise charges. It’s easy to really dial in your muzzle velocity with this powder.

That’s perfect if you want to make subsonic ammunition or get the right muzzle velocity for specialized 300BLK bullets.

Also, as you might expect from a popular long range powder, this powder produces consistent muzzle velocities and groupsYou can easily make match grade ammunition with this powder.

You might find that it takes a bit of experimentation and tuning to get things right if you’re shooting lighter bullets. But this powder is easy to use for fine tuning your ammo. And it’s a near perfect option for anyone who’s looking for solid performance at max range.


  • Works very well for making ammunition with heavy 300BLK bullets.
  • Short grains flow through your measure easily for more precise metering and fewer cut grains.
  • Easy to use for fine tuning your muzzle velocity.
  • Excellent for producing ammunition that maximizes the effective range of 300 Blackout.


  • Might take a bit of experimentation to get the load right for lighter bullets.

6. Vihtavuori N135 Smokeless Rifle Powder - Dedicated 300 Blackout Powder

The Vihtavuori N135 Smokeless Rifle Powder is a great option if you’re looking for powder that you can use exclusively for your 300BLK ammunition.

This ammunition is designed specifically for lightweight 308 bullets. And 300 Blackout is pretty much a light 308 bullet. So this powder is formulated to work very well with 300BLK.

Also, this powder burns relatively fast. That makes it a good candidate for 300 Blackout rifles with short barrels and suppressor hosts, since you’ll get less unburned powder exiting the muzzle.

Lastly, this ammunition delivers impressively consistent performance in all environments. It seems relatively unaffected by changes in temperature and humidity.

But, say you wanted to use this powder for loading other calibers. That will work, too. This Vihtavuori powder performs very well in 5.56mm, .308 Win, and other popular calibers. You could use this as your one-size-fits-all powder, if you want.

It’s not the least expensive powder around. But it’s very versatile. And it’s one of the few powders that’s formulated in a way that accommodates 300BLK bullets very well.


  • Designed specifically for lightweight 308 bullets, which works very well for propelling 300BLK bullets.
  • Burns relatively fast for good performance in short-barreled rifles and suppressor hosts.
  • Consistent performance in all environments.
  • Works very well for loading other calibers, as well.


  • A bit more expensive. Might cost you a cent or two more per round to load with this powder.

Powdering Up

Reloading is the way to go, if you want the most affordable ammunition possible. Unfortunately, 300BLK is a fairly new cartridge. And many manufacturers haven’t even added the load data to their labels.

So you might have to experiment a little to find the best 300 Blackout powder and get things perfect.

IMR Smokeless Powder

It might not turn out to be your favorite powder ever, but the IMR Smokeless Powder is a strong contender that produces high muzzle velocities. And it comes in two mixtures. So you can get the one that works best with your favorite bullet weight and barrel length.

Now that you know, it’s time to get some powder, make some ammunition, and see what kind of magic you can make from the bench.

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