Best 300 Blackout Rifle: Your Must-Have Choices

Last Updated on January 22, 2022.

If you are like me, you know that a rifle that shoots a .30-caliber projectile faster and harder than the standard .223/5.56 mm NATO cartridge is a must-have gun. The .300 Blackout rifle is a marvel of firearms engineering and precision firing. 

The success of the 300 Blackout in spreading across sporting, military, and mainstream firearms markets speaks for the effectiveness and popularity of the design. 

The .300 BLK was developed for compatibility with AR-15-style standard magazines and bolts. It shoots farther, hits harder, and has optimal suppressed-fire capabilities

Lightweight, available for use with subsonic or supersonic loadings, and perfect for hunting or self-defense, get ready to add the 300 Blackout to your collection of every rifle types

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Top 300 Blackout Rifle That You Should Have

Our Best Choice

Wilson Combat AR-15 Protector Carbine

Wilson Combat AR-15 Protector Carbine

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  • Match-grade stainless steel barrel delivers exceptional precision.
  • Wilson Combat Q-Comp delivers good compensation and recoil reduction without crazy muzzle blast.
  • 2-stage trigger is smooth and easy to use for precision and tactical shooting.

​For an innovative and high-performing 300 Blackout rifle, the Noveske Gen III N4 Recon Rifle is heads above the rest.

7+ Best Overall 300 Blackout Rifles: What You Need for 2021

1. Wilson Combat AR-15 Protector Carbine

Wilson Combat AR-15 Protector Carbine

Best Overall 300 Blackout Rifle

Wilson Combat is one of the most respected names in firearms. And the Wilson Combat AR-15 Protector Carbine shows why people love Wilson Combat guns.

This is a great gun all around. But there are a few standout features.

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First, the stainless steel barrel. It’s a match-grade stainless steel barrel that delivers outstanding precision for more accurate shots. Additionally, stainless steel barrels have a remarkably long service life and wear evenly for very little shift in point of impact throughout the life of the barrel.

Then, the barrel is capped with Wilson Combat’s Q-Comp, which works as a compensator and muzzle brake. The compensation is solid. This muzzle device definitely keeps your muzzle level during rapid fire.

However, the Q-Comp is only a decent muzzle brake. Yes, it reduces felt recoil. But it’s not as good as a dedicated muzzle brake. The muzzle blast from the Q-Comp is super mellow, though. So it’s a decent compromise between recoil reduction and comfort.

Lastly, this 300 Blackout rifle comes with a Wilson Combat 2-stage trigger. The trigger pull is 4.5 to 5 pounds overall, broken into two 2.5 pound stagesThat way it’s super easy to press your trigger without moving your muzzle for high-precision shots.

The only real downsides to this rifle are that the stock is essentially just a skeletonized mil-spec stock. It’s good, but not great.

Also, this model comes without sights. For the price, even just a set of decent backup sights would be nice.

But, if you want an amazing 300 Blackout rifle for defensive or tactical shooting, this is an excellent option that’s reasonably priced, given the quality.


  • Match-grade stainless steel barrel delivers exceptional precision.
  • Wilson Combat Q-Comp delivers good compensation and recoil reduction without crazy muzzle blast.
  • 2-stage trigger is smooth and easy to use for precision and tactical shooting.
  • Incredible build quality.


  • Stock looks fancy, but isn’t that special.
  • No iron sights included.

2. HOWA 1500 ORYX


Best 300 Blackout Bolt Action Rifle

For the more rugged lifestyle, you want a durable and hardy rifle to take along. TheHOWA – 1500 ORYX 300 BLACKOUT 16.25″ is ideal. 

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Although traditionally enthusiasts picture the .300 Blackout as best-suited to the AR platform, the gem of a HOWA bolt-action rifle chambered for .300 Blackout cannot be overlooked. The .300 BLK-caliber HOWA M1500 Mini-Action ORYX is constructed with a 16.25” barrel and an overall length of 34.75”. Empty, it weighs 8.2 lbs. It is available in three color schemes: Flat Dark Earth/Black, Green/Black, and Gray/Black. 

The ability to customize this bolt-action rifle to the owner’s body with adjustable length of pull and comb height means a personalized experience with the popular .300 Blackout. Designed for comfortable, ergonomic shooting without compromising function, the aluminum chassis-style rifle is ideally suited to the outdoorsman on-the-go. 

Another benefit of the HOWA M1500 is its design as a chassis-style rifle, increasing the overall stability and repeat accuracy of the action because of its construction. 

300 Blackout rounds were designed to be shot suppressed, and the bolt-action rifle maximizes these benefits. When shooting bolt-action with a suppressor, the loudest sound will be the trigger squeeze. The movement of parts on an AR-style rifle as it fires creates quite a lot of sound, somewhat defeating the purpose of shooting with a suppressor. 

Designed to precisely meet shooter demands, the specially developed HOWA 1500, developed by Modular Driven Technologies, is versatile and reliable. The muzzle is also pre-threaded for use with a suppressor, capitalizing on the .300 Blackout’s strengths.

With this rifle being a monster on the accuracy aspect, you could even enter this to a long range rifle competitions.


  • Built-to-last, durable construction
  • Ergonomic and customizable to the shooter’s body
  • Allows for quieter shooting than the AR-15, maximizing the benefits of the subsonic rounds
  • Higher repeat accuracy


  • Replacement parts for additional customization must be purchased separately
  • Heavy



Best 300 Blackout rifle for Home Defense

Hunting calls for the ideal combination of lightweight and accurate. The WILSON COMBAT – AR-15 RANGER sets the standard for high-performing hunting firearms on this score and so many others. 

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Wilson Combat is known for bringing the quality, and the Ranger line of AR-15s chambered for .300 Blackout are no exception. The Ranger is sitting pretty at only 6.3 lbs. empty and boasts of match-grade accuracy even as the rifle heats from rapid shooting. 

With a barrel length of 16” and a total length of 37”, the minimal weight of this rifle is even more impressive. The Ranger is optimized for use with subsonic rounds, enhancing the capabilities of the shooter in taking down their target on a hunt. Its standard SLR adjustable gas block allows for fine-tuning to the exact pressure of the ammunition

It comes in both a standard black or coyote finish with camo optional. These finishes are highly appealing for the hunter looking to match their rifle to their existing gear and aid in cover and concealment. With the slim profile and light weight, the Wilson Combat Ranger is the ideal weapon for field carry and built for longevity. Pair it with a great suppressor to have a better shooting stability.


  • Ultra-lightweight and slim
  • Ideal for tactical, home defense, and hunting
  • Precision-handling


  • Only ships with one 20-round magazine, which many consider insufficient

4. Sig Sauer MCX Virtus Patrol FDE

Sig Sauer MCX Virtus Patrol FDE

Best 300 Blackout Piston Rifle

Shooters who frequently use suppressors and those who shoot with short-barrel rifles benefit from gas-piston systems. The gas piston and semi-automatic action of theSIG SAUER – MCX VIRTUS PATROL FDE 300 BLK means superior shooting. 

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With a quality piston system such as that of this Sig Sauer AR, the usual muck and grit of cleaning your rifle after a suppressed-fire shooting session is a much less unpleasant experience. 

The Sig Sauer MCX Virtus Patrol has a 16” barrel, an overall length of 35.5”, and weighs 6.9 lbs. empty. It has a twist rate of 1:6. It has a 30+1 capacity, and ships with a blackout magazine as standard. FDE model indicates the Flat Dark Earth finish; the rifle is also available in grey. 

Called a marvel of machining, the Sig Sauer MCX Virtus Patrol receives massive praise for crisp trigger pull and low recoil. 

The MCX Virtus Patrol exceeds even Sig Sauer’s high standards in its reliability and service life. Shooters are blown away by the accuracy, build quality, and performance of this modern firearm.


  • Accuracy
  • Trigger quality
  • Aesthetics


  • Heavy
  • Length of the pull may not be sufficient for some shooters

5. PSA 16” Pistol Length 300AAC Carbine

PSA 16 Pistol Length 300AAC Carbine

Best 300 Blackout Rifle under 1000

The PSA 16” Pistol Length 300AAC Carbine is an amazing value. And Palmetto State Armory uses solid components in their builds. There’s just one thing to watch out for.

But, in terms of build quality, this is about as close as you can get to a true mil-spec 300 Blackout rifle.

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The barrel is 4150 chromoly vanadium steelIt’s super durable steel that produces solid precision and lasts for a really long time.

Additionally, the bolt is Carpenter 158 steel. That’s the actual steel that’s specified in most military contracts. C158 steel bolts give you a super long service life and excellent reliability.

Lastly, the receiver set is forged from 7075-T6 aluminum. It’s the most durable construction you can get for a receiver set. And the hard coat anodizing is smooth and durable, without any chalkiness.

One more thing: this rifle comes with Magpul MOE furniture, which is a definite upgrade over true mil-spec equipment. So this rifle is more comfortable and easier to handle than a full mil-spec model.

The only word of caution about this rifle is that Palmetto State Armory has occasional assembly issues. I strongly recommend that you thoroughly inspect this rifle before firing. Assembly mistakes are usually easy to correct. But you could damage your rifle if you fire it while incorrectly put together.

Other than that, this PSA rifle delivers amazing value for the money. It will last for a long time and do everything that most shooters need.

Constructed with high-quality materials and assembled from reliable components, holding a rifle like this gives you more confidence in shooting.


  • 4150 chromoly vanadium steel barrel delivers exceptionally long service life.
  • C158 steel bolt lasts a long time and runs reliably.
  • Forged 7075-T6 aluminum receiver set is impressively durable and features an excellent hard coat anodized finish.
  • Fitted with Magpul MOE furniture for better ergonomics than a full mil-spec rifle.


  • Occasionally ships with assembly issues. Mistakes are easy to correct, though. Just inspect this rifle before you fire it.

6. IWI US Tavor X95

IWI US Tavor X95

Best 300 Blackout Bullpup Rifle

Compact and heavy-hitting, the IWI US – TAVOR XB95 is a capable and popular choice for 300 Blackout enthusiasts. With its upgraded trigger, ambidextrous mag release, and the other convenient tweaks of the latest generation of bullpups from IWI US, the Tavor XB95 is an exciting addition to any shooter’s collection. 

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The barrel of the Tavor XB95 is 16.5” long, but the rifle itself is very compact at only 26.125”, barely meeting minimum length restrictions. It is weighty for its size, however, at 7.95 lbs. It has a 30+1 round capacity and a 1:8 twist rate. 

Labeled the king of zombie hunts and home defense, this bullpup is made for suppressed shooting, as, arguably, all 300 Blackout rifles should be. Mounting a suppressor on this rifle requires the use of the included jam nut to act as a shoulder. The jam nut sticks out somewhat awkwardly but is effective in keeping the suppressor in place. 

The Tavor XB96 (B for Black, or FDE for Flat Dark Earth) is the newest generation bullpup.

Some of the modifications from the previous design include relocating the mag release and charging handle for more convenient and precise handling. The modular pistol grip can be swapped for a standard pistol grip as it suits the shooter’s preference. 

For maneuverability and fun shooting, this IWI rifle can’t be beaten. Its compact size and backup iron sights make this an ideal home defense weapon. It’s a hit for those looking for a unique semi-automatic shooting experience.

The simplicity of this rifle's assembly makes it really easy to do a thorough maintenance.


  • Small size for maneuverability
  • Ease of ambidextrous use
  • Easy breakdown for cleaning
  • Included cleaning kit


  • Some magazines may be difficult to remove
  • Heavy for its size
  • Gas blowback

7. Ruger® American Rifle® Ranch

Ruger American Rifle Ranch

Best 300 Blackout Rifle for Hunting

If you’re on a tighter budget, Ruger is always a solid choice. The Ruger® American Rifle® Ranch Bolt-Action Rifle in .300 Blackout has a price tag that makes you feel better about less-than-gentle handling or storage

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It’s lightweight at 5.9 lbs., has a 16.2” barrel, and an overall length of 36”. The Flat Dark Earth synthetic stock and matte black alloy steel barrel give the Ranch a classic, sturdy look. Looks aside, the Ranch Bolt-Action Rifle is designed for easy use, maneuverability, and rugged handling

With minute-of-angle accuracy, this less expensive 300 BLK option will become a fast favorite. This Ruger model offers sling studs, and a factory-installed scope base to enable shooters to customize the rifle to meet their needs. Reviewers laud the Ranch as an accurate and great-value-for-the-money everyday firearm lightweight enough to carry all day long.


  • Great value
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Great on a budget


  • Not as accurate as other .300 BLK options
  • Synthetic stock may have rough edges and plastic burrs.
  • 5+1 round capacity

8. Daniel Defense DDM4 Rifle 300 S SBR

Daniel Defense DDM4 Rifle 300 S SBR

Budget 300 Blackout Rifle

Daniel Defense builds incredibly reliable AR-15 rifles. Our Daniel Defense DDM4 is one of the few rifles that has survived being a rental gun.

That’s why the Daniel Defense DDM4 Rifle 300 S SBR is the best budget 300 Blackout rifle, even though it’s not super inexpensive: it’s difficult to find a better rifle at any price point.

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I suspect that this rifle’s durability and reliability come from the quality control. Daniel Defense is one of the few manufacturers that test fires all their guns before they ship.

So the bolt carrier group and the barrel have been magnetic particle inspected (MPI) and high pressure tested (HPT)Not only can you be sure this rifle will work when you get it, you know that all the components work together.

Additionally, all the other components are manufactured to the highest mil-spec standards:

The receiver set is forged from 7075-T6 aluminum.

The barrel is cold hammer forged from 4150 chromoly vanadium steel.

The bolt is C158 tool steel.

And the gas system is built with a 4140 tool steel gas block and stainless steel gas tube.

That’s all table stakes for a mil-spec rifle.

The improvements are in the ergonomics. The Daniel Defense stock and pistol grip are some of the most durable and comfortable furniture that you can get. This rifle is exceptionally comfortable and easy to handle.

My main complaint with this rifle is the same as some other rifles in this price range: it comes without sights. I’m not super picky about the included sights on any rifle. But I just like rifles to come with SOMETHING.

But you’d probably change out the iron sights anyway. And this model is built to such high standards that the price is actually very reasonable.


  • Incredible quality control. Every rifle is test fired before it ships.
  • Every component is built to the highest mil-spec standards or better.
  • Stock and pistol grip are super comfortable.
  • Includes rail covers for the quad rail.


  • No included iron sights.

Final Verdict: Best 300 Blackout Rifle for Your Collection

Noveske Gen III N4 Recon Centerfire Rifles are at the top of their class. Their rifle build quality, attention to detail, and customer service hit high notes for shooters everywhere.

Noveske is lauded as an innovative maker of firearms. As one of the first manufacturers to offer high-end billet receivers, the love and respect that the name brings to the market are well-deserved in their Gen III Recon. Offered with quality accessories, the rifle is built with thoughtful touches and precise specifications to make customization easy.

Wilson Combat AR-15 Protector Carbine

Wilson Combat AR-15 Protector Carbine

If you were to ask around for the best investment for your money in the AR-style .300 Blackout market, the answer would be a resounding and enthusiastic, “Yes” to the Wilson Combat AR-15 Protector Carbine. The uncompromising quality, durability, and craftsmanship of this superior rifle make it the best 300 Blackout rifle to add to your collection in 2021.

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