Best 308 Muzzle Brake – Brakin’ 2: Muzzle Brake Boogaloo.

Last Updated on January 5, 2021.

A Muzzle brake—or recoil compensator if you prefer—is a simple aperture mounted to the barrel of a firearm, purpose-built to redirect the explosive discharge of a round. 

The most notable effect of this is to reduce barrel rise and more quickly regain sight picture on target. 

This reduces recoil fatigue, meaning you get more rounds downrange. More practice in any skill is a greater skill.

So honestly, while it might only be a 10% to 50% decrease in barrel rise and recoil, it’s really an inexpensive way to improve every aspect of your shooting across the board.

Particularly when you consider the compound benefits to your practice over time.

So let’s find the right one for your .308 muzzle without breaking the bank.

  • No distracting flash
  • Decreased recoil
  • Crush washer included

VG6 PRECISION - AR 308 EPSILON 762 MUZZLE BRAKES are arguably the best 308 threaded muzzle brake and flash hider combos available on the market today. Engineered and purpose-built to reduce recoil and redirect combustion no matter how fast you shoot

The Top 308 Muzzle Brake in the Market Today

Compensating for Something - 5 Best Recoil Compensators for 308

1. VG6 PRECISION - AR 308 EPSILON 762 MUZZLE BRAKES - Best Recoil Reducing 308 Muzzle Brake

For those looking for the one piece that does it all, the VG6 PRECISION - AR 308 EPSILON 762 MUZZLE BRAKES is arguably the best 308 muzzle brake and flash hider combo available on the market today.

Its specifically engineered internal chamber geometry redirects combusted gases to significantly diminish felt recoil and minimize barrel drift. This means that one can focus on saturating the target with hits, no matter the speed of your shooting. 

The three-prong design on the VG6 Epsilon 762/308 substantially cuts flash signature. With no ports at the 12 o’clock position, there is no flash to interrupt your sight picture. 

Dual internal chambers redirect gas to reduce recoil and six valve holes on the underside release the fastest-moving gases from the chamber closest to the muzzle, further decreasing felt recoil in one’s shoulder.

Specifically configured for rifles chambered in .308 Winchester / 7.62x51mm NATO and machined from 17-4 PH stainless steel heat-hardened to Rc 68 (Rockwell C).

Fits muzzles with 5/8"-24 TPI threads, and comes with a pre-drilled hole for pinning to a 14.5" barrel to produce an NFA-exempt 16.1" barrel OAL.

Available in VG6’s silver-gray BBSS (bead-blasted stainless steel) finish or with a hard Blacknitride™ finish. Making it as sharp as it is functional.


  • No distracting flash
  • Decreased recoil
  • Crush washer included
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Minimized muzzle movement


  • Might be a bit loud

2. CMMG SV Muzzle Brake Compensator - Best 308 Muzzle Brake for Bolt Action

Established in 2002, things have continued to improve with this company.

Although the nature of firearm manufacturing continues to evolve, one thing does not—the commitment at CMMG to constantly look for new ways to improve their products, processes, and company at large. 

Both their customer service and product lineup continue to score the highest marks with their customers, and all of their firearms parts are made in the United States from the best materials available. 

CMMG guarantees its products against defects in material or workmanship for the life of the product.  CMMG Inc. will repair, replace or substitute any product(s) if a defect in material or workmanship is found.

This all combines to make the CMMG SV Muzzle Brake Compensator one of the best 308 muzzle breaks for hunting. 

It creates low energy recoil impulse providing crisp muzzle control to keep the barrel down and your shot placement on target at range while reducing the beating some .308 rifles can give your shoulder. 

Fabricated from steel with a military specified black phosphate finish, including the one crush washer.

Also available in 5.56 making this one of the best muzzle breaks for bolt action all the way up to full-auto firing. And if you go either route that shoulder will thank you.


  • Reduces muzzle rise and recoil
  • Includes crush washer
  • Steel construction
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Full-auto firing rated


  • Gripping barrel in a vise could mar it, consider having a professional install for you

3. VAIS MUZZLE BRAKE 30 CALIBER - Best 308 Muzzle Brake for a SBR

Vais Arms, Inc. has been serving the precision shooting community for years, and they specialize in highly accurate, recoil-reducing muzzle brakes and rifle customization.

With nearly 50 years of experience in the field, it comes as no surprise that Vais compensators are so highly touted by those who’ve used them.

The VAIS - MUZZLE BRAKE 30 CALIBER is no exception. Its short length and low profile design makes it a perfect addition to any short-barreled rifle.

An intricate maze of gas dispersal holes limits muzzle rise with no increase in muzzle blast, while multiple venturi expansion chambers disperse and redirect combustion for effective recoil control and mitigated blast effects. 

Proprietary manufacturing design features attenuating holes that are both horizontal and perpendicular to the centerline of the bore to disperse gas and sound equally to all sides.

Available made from stress-proof chrome molly steel with a parkerized finish or in stainless steel featuring a matte finish.


  • Short length
  • Low profile
  • Perfect for short-barreled rifles
  • No increase in muzzle blast
  • Stress-proof chrome molly steel


  • Fitting required

4. LANTAC Dragon SilencerCo ASR .308/7.62 Muzzle Brake - Best Muzzle Brake for a Remington 700

The LANTAC Dragon SilencerCo ASR .308/7.62 Muzzle Brake with SilencerCo ASR Quick Mount Suppressor Adapter is precision machined and hardened to 48Rc with a nitride finish for enhanced corrosion resistance.

It features a patented gas handling system that claims to reduce muzzle rise and recoil to zero—meaning that the only recoil felt by the shooter is from the movement of the carrier and buffer within the buffer tube.

Its unique Short Energy Pulse system reduces length of recoil so that a repeating shot’s energy cannot overlap and knock the shooter off sight picture or target.

Full auto fire is possible with it’s massively reduced recoil and muzzle climb, meaning that all shots are far more likely to land on point.

With the addition of the SilencerCo ASR quick-mount system it is possible to mount the SilencerCo Saker, Omega Suppressors, and even their Blast Shield. Really sets this model apart.

The DGN762B-ASR Brake/ Mount is threaded 5/8 X 24 and is designed to be used with 7.62/308 Caliber ammunition only.


  • Full auto fire
  • Reduces muzzle rise and recoil
  • Short energy pulse system
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Possible to mount suppressors or blast shields


  • Can only be used with 7.62/308 caliber ammunition

5. ZRODelta Cowl Induction Muzzle Brake - Best muzzle brake for LR 308

Improve nearly every aspect of your shot performance by outfitting your long rifle with a ZRODelta Cowl Induction Muzzle Brake.

These Muzzle Brakes & Compensators developed by the team at ZRODelta are made from 4140 alloy steel with a matte black nitride coating for maximum durability and superior resistance to corrosion. 

Compared to models from the previous generation, this rifle muzzle brake offers up to 72% better recoil reduction and sports tapered ports for a sleeker, more blended aesthetic. 

Further, its horizontal ports dispel gas in a way that prevents dirt and debris from interfering with your shooting. And of course it the reduced recoil will help you place precise follow-up shots with greater ease.

Proprietary design allows for the most effective recoil reduction on most calibers (.223 up to .308) and a new slim design that is under 1 inch in diameter keeps your profile low.

The second generation of ZRODeltas muzzle brake is a bonafide crowd-pleaser that any shooter can appreciate.


  • Includes shim set
  • Slim design
  • Rifle movement reduction
  • Tapered ports
  • Better recoil reduction


  • Depending on your rifle, using all the alignment washers still may not balance out the brake to horizontal

Recoil No More

There is little in the way of improving one's caliber of shooting—for less time, money, energy, etc—than through the purchase and addition of a high-quality muzzle brake and/or recoil compensator like the VG6 PRECISION - AR 308 EPSILON 762 MUZZLE BRAKE.

If you are the kind of detail-oriented and analytical shooter who tracks their performance for meta-analysis—and if you are, good form and much respect—the evidence of value becomes apparent almost immediately.

Even if you are more of an intuitive shooter, or even a hobbyist, the tighter shot grouping and more comfortable seat for the butt of your rifle will make this purchase one you are grateful for, for years to come.

So pick yours out and pick it up today. There is no time like the present, and few gifts to a shooter better received than making every shot count just a little bit more.