The Best 45 Suppressor for Making Your Big Bullets Quiet

Last Updated on January 5, 2021.

.45 is one of the most popular handgun calibers. And .45 is the best pistol caliber suppressor host because it’s natively subsonic. So you don’t need special ammunition to get the most from your suppressor.

If you’re running .45, and you don’t have a suppressor, you’re missing out on one of the big benefits of shooting 45ACP.

And you’re going to cause a lot of damage to your hearing, should you need to use your gun for self-defense.

Most .45 suppressors can also be mounted on 9mm pistols. So you also get tons of versatility from a .45 suppressor.

GEMTECH Lunar-45
  • Excellent sound suppression. Reduces .45 report to below the pain threshold in its full-length configuration.
  • Very compact in the short configuration and still hearing safe.
  • Compatible with other handgun calibers.

SPOILER—if you’re already convinced, get the GEMTECH Lunar-45 Silencer. It’s affordable, lightweight, and delivers excellent sound suppression for your blaster.

If you’re convinced, but want to check out the other suppressors, we’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling to read about all the best 45 suppressors.

Top .45 Suppressors on the Market Today

The Best 45 Suppressor Reviews: Big, Slow, Silent

Our winning 45 suppressor is up first. All the remaining suppressors are presented in order of price.

The most affordably priced suppressors are first in line.

The most expensive suppressors are at the end of the line.

Time to find out how these sound.

1. GEMTECH Lunar-45 Silencer - Overall Best 45 Suppressor

Not long ago, if you had asked me what company makes the best suppressors, I would have said GEMTECH, without question. Other companies have matched GEMTECH, these days. But the GEMTECH Lunar-45 Silencer still stands as one of the best suppressors on the market.

This suppressor is one of the quietest 45 suppressors around. It’s a two-piece suppressor that can be configured for maximum sound suppression or maximum compactness.

In the short configuration, this suppressor is 6.9 inches long. It reduces the sound level of 45ACP to 137 decibels without the extension. That’s technically hearing safe. But it is above the pain threshold.

However, if you throw the extension on, this suppressor is still just 8.5 inches long. And it brings the noise level below 130 decibels, which is below the pain threshold. Either way, it will protect you from permanent hearing damage in a self-defense scenario.

This suppressor is also remarkably light. It’s 12.3 ounces at most. So it won’t make your gun too front-heavy or awkward.

However, this suppressor uses a piston attachment system, which is slightly more complex to use than a quick detach or direct thread (though still very user-friendly). And you’ll have to purchase a separate piston if you want to use this on a 9mm handgun.

Attachment interface notwithstanding, this is definitely the suppressor to get. The performance is excellent. And the price is incredibly reasonable.


  • Excellent sound suppression. Reduces .45 report to below the pain threshold in its full-length configuration.
  • Very compact in the short configuration and still hearing safe.
  • Lightweight.
  • Compatible with other handgun calibers.
  • Really reasonably priced, given the performance.


  • Attachment interface is slightly more complex than other standard interfaces.

2. SilencerCo Octane 45K Silencer - Budget 45 Suppressor

Currently, SilencerCo is at the top of their suppressor game, right now. And the SilencerCo Octane 45K Silencer is one of the best performing suppressors you can get.

The most important thing: it’s impressively quiet. It reduces the report of a 45ACP round to 131.8 decibels, which is hearing safe. And it’s very near the pain threshold, though not quite below the pain threshold.

And this suppressor is 8.77 inches at longest. And it weighs 13.3 ounces. This suppressor is short and light enough that it won’t make your pistol too front heavy or awkward to handle.

Lastly, this suppressor is compatible with both piston and direct thread mounts. So you can put this suppressor on almost any handgun. However, the piston mount is sold separately.

Overall, this SilencerCo isn’t the lightest or the quietest suppressor. But it’s a solid all-around suppressor. It does everything well. But it’s not amazing at any one thing.


  • Makes the report of a .45 round hearing safe.
  • Relatively short and lightweight.
  • Compatible with both direct thread and piston mounts.


  • Piston mount is sold separately.

3. GSL Technology .45 ACP Python Suppressor - Compact 45 Suppressor

The GSL Technology .45 ACP Python Suppressor is one of the shortest .45 suppressors you can get. And it still performs very well.

Is it hearing safe? Yes. It reduces the report of a .45 round to about 135 decibels. That’s hearing safe, but above the pain threshold. You won’t get any hearing damage. But you’ll feel the crack as well as hear it.

This suppressor is also crazy lightweight. It weighs just 5.6 ounces, not including the thread adaptor. So you almost don’t even notice it on your gun.

However, the exceptionally low weight does come with an unexpected drawback: it doesn’t reduce the felt recoil as much as a heavier suppressor. It’s better than a bare muzzle. But it doesn’t keep your muzzle as a flat as some of the heavier suppressors out there.

This GSL Technology suppressor surprised me, because usually short, light suppressors are loud. But this one delivers excellent sound suppression. And it’s small and light enough that you could conceivably use it as part of your concealed carry kit, if you have enough pockets.


  • Remarkably compact.
  • Ridiculously lightweight.
  • Reduces sound level to hearing safe.


  • Doesn’t reduce felt recoil and muzzle flip as much as a heavier suppressor.

The Griffin Armament Resistance 45 Suppressor is at the perfect intersection of performance, versatility, and price.

Does it make your .45 handgun hearing safe? Yes. A .45 round will put out about 135-137 decibels with this suppressor.

However, this suppressor also works on other pistol calibers. And it’s compatible with rifle calibers. It won’t make all rifle calibers quite hearing safe. But you can get the hardware to attach this suppressor to most rifles.

So it’s a great suppressor for those who want to suppress several guns with a single suppressor.

This suppressor is 7.9 inches long. And it weighs 11.6 ounces.

There are smaller and lighter suppressors out there. But this one is compact and light enough to work easily on a home defense handgun. And you could totally run this suppressor on a home defense rifle without sacrificing too much maneuverability.

Something to be aware of: this suppressor heats up fairly quickly. If you run this on a rifle, you’ll need to let it cool between strings of fire. However, it runs quite efficiently on a pistol. Though you’ll still need to let it cool periodically during longer shooting sessions.

Even with that bit of heat buildup, this Griffin Armament suppressor still delivers remarkable performance for the money. It’s an excellent option for anyone who wants versatile suppression on a budget.


  • Makes .45 hearing safe.
  • Compatible with many pistol and rifle calibers.
  • Compact enough for use on a home defense pistol or rifle.
  • Easy to disassemble.


  • Heats up fairly quickly, especially with rifle calibers.

5. SilencerCo Osprey 45K Suppressor - Simplest 45 Suppressor

The SilencerCo Osprey 45K Suppressor is one of my favorites. Mainly because I’m a grump who doesn’t like putting suppressor height sights on my guns. This suppressor looks cool. But the design also simplifies the process of putting a suppressor on your gun.

This suppressor sports a hexagonal shape and an offset mount point that keeps the suppressor out of your line of sight. That way your suppressor doesn’t obscure your view of your target. And it eliminates the need for suppressor height sights.

And, it’s not just aesthetics. This suppressor reduces the report of 45ACP rounds to 137.3 decibels. Admittedly, it’s not the quietest suppressor. But it makes your .45 hearing safe.

It’s also just 6.4 inches long. And, despite the bulky appearance, it weighs just 8 ouncesIt’s great for those who need their suppressed handgun to be light and easy to handle.

Even though this suppressor is very simple to add to your gun, it does require a bit more configuration than other suppressors. You have to adjust the mounting adaptor so that the suppressor is oriented correctly once it’s threaded onto your barrel.

But it still requires less modification to your gun than other suppressors. And it works really well, especially considering how short and light it is.


  • No need for suppressor height sights.
  • Gives you a clear line of sight to your target.
  • Makes .45 handguns hearing safe.
  • Remarkably short and lightweight.


  • Requires adjustment with proprietary tools to ensure proper alignment.
  • Low weight doesn’t reduce felt recoil and muzzle flip as much as heavier suppressors.

6. SilencerCo Omega 45K Silencer - Multi Caliber 45 Suppressor

The SilencerCo Omega 45K Silencer is both very small and very versatile. And it works very well on a broad range of calibers.

How small is this can? 6.4 inches long. And it weighs 10.7 ounces. So your gun stays easy to handle, even with this suppressor on the front.

Even though it’s small, this suppressor still makes almost any handgun caliber and 300BLK hearing safe, even with supersonic ammunition. It doesn’t quite bring the noise below the pain threshold. But you won’t get any hearing damage with this suppressor.

You can use this suppressor with other rifle calibers. But it may not make them hearing safe.

Also, this is one of the few pistol caliber suppressors that SilencerCo builds with stellite baffles, which last longer and require less cleaning than inconel or stainless steel baffles. So this suppressor has a remarkably long service life and long service intervals.

It won’t keep your muzzle as flat as a heavier suppressor. And there are quieter suppressors out there. But there are very few suppressors that are this compact and compatible with as many calibers as this one.


  • Very compact and relatively lightweight.
  • Makes most pistol calibers and 300BLK hearing safe, even with supersonic ammunition.
  • Compatible with other rifle calibers, though it may not make them hearing safe.
  • Stellite baffles improve service life and reduce cleaning requirements.


  • Sound suppression is only decent.

The Advanced Armament Ti-Rant 45 Auto Pistol Suppressor (and an M16X1LH thread model) is designed to be a configurable, true multi-caliber suppressor. The idea being that you get multiple suppressors on a single tax stamp.

I’ve found that it almost lives up to the hype of multiple suppressors on one tax stamp.

Yes, it’s configurable. It’s a two-piece suppressor that can be used as either a 7-inch compact suppressor. Or as a full-size 9-inch suppressor.

However, the sound suppression is best with the full-size suppressor, as you’d expect. But I had hoped it would be a bit better in the compact configuration.

The full-size configuration reduces the sound from your .45 to 132 decibels, which is respectable. It’s nearly at the pain threshold for noise. And it’s definitely hearing safe.

However, the compact configuration only reduces the noise to 144 decibelsIt’s good enough for defensive shooting. But it’s not quite hearing safe.

But you can get piston adaptors that enable you to put this suppressor on a 9mm, .40 S&W, or 300BLK rifle. However, it’s only rated for subsonic 300BLK ammunition.

All in all, this is a good suppressor with a lot of versatility. It’s also incredibly easy to disassemble (no tools required), which is nice. And the main tube is made from titanium, which gives it a lot of durability and helps keep the weight down.

But the sound suppression makes this Advanced Armament item best for shooters who mainly want the versatility and aren’t as concerned with perfect noise reduction.


  • Full-length configuration offers excellent sound suppression.
  • Can be configured as a 7-inch suppressor.
  • Can be mounted on most common pistol calibers and 300BLK rifles.
  • No tools required for disassembly.
  • Titanium tube is strong and lightweight.


  • Sound suppression isn’t quite below the hearing safe threshold in the compact configuration.

Turning Down

If you use a 45ACP handgun or carbine for home defense, a suppressor will protect your hearing and your family’s hearing. That way you can still talk to each other when it’s all over.

You also get tons of cool guy points at the range for having a suppressor. So there’s really no reason NOT to get a suppressor.

GEMTECH Lunar-45

If you want an excellent suppressor that’s totally affordable, get the GEMTECH Lunar-45 Silencer. The attachment interface is just a tad comlex. But it’s still an excellent suppressor that reduces the noise level to below the pain threshold, which is exactly what you want.

Now that you know which 45 suppressors are best, stop making so much noise. Get a suppressor, so you can turn down the volume whenever you crank off rounds.

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