The Best 450 Bushmaster Magazines for Those Big Bore Rounds

Last Updated on January 22, 2022.

The 450 Bushmaster is one of the biggest rounds that you can fire from the AR-15 platform. And you might be wondering why it’s so hard to find 450 Bushmaster magazines.

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Well, there’s a reason for that: a 450 Bushmaster magazine is basically just an AR-15 magazine with a single stack follower. So many shooters just modify a few AR-15 magazines to shoot 450 Bushmaster.

However, not everybody wants to disassemble AR-15 magazines. Most of us prefer to just purchase complete magazines.

Top 450 Bushmaster Magazines on the Market Today

Our Best Choice

DuraMag .450 Bushmaster Rifle Magazine

Duramag .450 Bushmaster Rifle Magazine

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  • Proprietary coatings resist corrosion and produce very smooth feeding.
  • Body is contoured to enhance reliability.
  • Snap On follower is rigid and slides very smoothly.

SPOILER—if you want to buy magazines rather than assemble them, get the DuraMag .450 Bushmaster Rifle Magazine. It’s a solid steel magazine that comes in the most common 450 Bushmaster capacities (5 and 7 rounds). And these magazines are actually pretty affordable for 450 Bushmaster magazines.

If you’d like to see all the other completely assembled magazine options that are available, keep reading. We found all those other options. And they’re here for your perusal.

The Best 450 Bushmaster Magazines Reviews: Where to Put Those Big Bullets

The overall best 450 Bushmaster magazine is up first. The other best 450 Bushmaster magazines will be slapped around in order of price.

Looking for the most affordable 450 Bushmaster magazines? Read the first reviews.

If you’ve got a bit of cash to spend, the more expensive magazines are near the end.

Check out the reviews that match your budget.

1. Duramag .450 Bushmaster Rifle Magazine

Duramag .450 Bushmaster Rifle Magazine

Overall Best 450 Bushmaster magazines

Duramag makes solid magazines in every caliber. That’s why the Duramag .450 Bushmaster Rifle Magazine is such a good 450 Bushmaster magazine. It’s durable and reliable. What else do you need from a magazine?

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The main thing about Duramag magazines is the proprietary coatings. The proprietary coatings improve the dry lubricity of the steel bodyThat way your magazine feeds super smoothly and reliably.

The steel body is also contoured to further enhance the reliability. The geometry is proprietary. So I’m not sure exactly what they did. But there’s rarely—if ever—any follower tilt or rounds sticking in the magazine.

Speaking of the follower, these magazines use a Snap On follower. It’s a well designed follower with nice smooth friction surfaces. The follower is also remarkably rigid, which keeps it from tilting or deforming and jamming inside the magazine.

The steel body is quite durable. However, steel can deform over time. After a long time the feeder pawls can warp and start to cause malfunctions.

However, the steel in these magazines is very thick and durableIt will take a very long time and a lot of rounds to cause any distortion, even though the magazines are steel.

Overall, these are affordable, reliable steel magazines. They have all you need from a magazine.


  • Proprietary coatings resist corrosion and produce very smooth feeding.
  • Body is contoured to enhance reliability.
  • Snap On follower is rigid and slides very smoothly.
  • Thick steel construction with solid welds resists warping.


  • Steel construction can warp over time.

2. C-Products 450 Bushmaster AR-15 Magazine

C-Products 450 Bushmaster AR-15 Magazine

Enhanced 450 Bushmaster Magazine

Most 450 Bushmaster magazines use a standard AR-15 magazine body with a single stack follower to keep the larger rounds lined up. The C-Products 450 Bushmaster AR-15 Magazine is actually a true 450 Bushmaster magazine.

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Rather than putting a 450 Bushmaster follower in a standard AR-15 magazine, the body of this magazine is shaped to accommodate the straight cartridge case, rather than simply putting it in a case designed for a necked cartridge.

Additionally, the follower has sturdier internal bracing to provide more support for stabilizing the rounds.

This keeps the rounds better aligned for more reliable feeding. The single stack follower also keeps the rounds aligned and prevents double stacking. So rounds feed smoothly into the chamber.

However, keeping the rounds aligned also reduces the stress on the body and feeder pawls.

So this magazine lasts much longer than many other 450 Bushmaster magazines. And it feeds more reliably than an AR-15 magazine that’s been fitted with a 450 Bushmaster follower.

But it’s not all about the magazine geometry.

These C-Product magazines also have all the corrosion resistant and friction reduction coatings that you get from standard magazines. These magazines give you all the standard features along with the dimensions specifically designed for 450 Bushmaster rounds.

Unfortunately, you can’t convert this magazine into a standard AR-15 magazine. But it’s a dedicated 450 Bushmaster magazine, anyway. You probably wouldn’t want to convert it back into an AR-15 magazine, anyway.

Overall, these are probably the most affordable dedicated 450 Bushmaster magazines available right now.


  • Body geometry designed specifically for 450 Bushmaster rounds, rather than using an AR-15 magazine with a 450 Bushmaster follower.
  • Improved internal bracing prevents unwanted double stacking and makes feeding more reliable.
  • Internal bracing reduces stress on feeder pawls and extends magazine life.
  • Includes corrosion resistant and friction reducing coatings like any good magazine.


  • Can’t be disassembled and converted into a standard AR-15 magazine.

 3. Ammunition Storage Components AR-15 Stainless Steel Magazine

Ammunition Storage Components AR-15 Stainless Steel Magazine

Value 450 Bushmaster Magazine

450 Bushmaster magazines can be a bit expensive because they’re a semi-specialized magazine. The Ammunition Storage Components AR-15 Stainless Steel Magazine is an affordable option if you need 450 Bushmaster magazines.

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As the name indicates, these magazines are stainless steel. Stainless steel construction is nice because it’s super durable. And the black oxide and black marlube coatings resist corrosion to prevent rust and keep your magazines operating for as long as possible.

Additionally, the spring is a chrome silicon springThe spring is just as durable and corrosion resistant as the finished stainless steel body.

The follower is an enhanced anti-tilt follower. It looks like a single stack Magpul follower, except the 450 Bushmaster follower is blue.

It may not be a true Magpul follower. But it works just as well as the Magpul followers.

Lastly, the feed lips are dimpled. The dimpling increases resistance to warping. This is nice because steel magazines have a tendency to warp over time. It takes a long time. But eventually stainless steel magazines can warp.

The dimpled feed lips help prolong this warping and extend the life of your magazines.

These magazines come in 5-round or 7-round capacities. The Ammunition Storage Components 7 Rd 450 Bushmaster AR15 Stainless Steel Magazine costs a little bit more. But it holds two more rounds. So a bit higher price seems fair.

The only struggle with these Ammunition Storage Components magazines is that they’re manufactured to fairly tight tolerances. It requires a pretty significant slap to a full magazine to seat fully when the bolt is closed.

It’s normal to require a bit of a tap to get a full magazine to seat when the bolt is closed. But these magazines seem to require a bit more force than most other magazines. It’s easiest if you load your rifle with the bolt open.

Even so, these magazines are an exceptional value for the money. They’re not the least expensive magazines on the market. But they’re quite reasonably priced, considering what you get.


  • Stainless steel construction is nice and durable.
  • Black oxide and black marlube coatings improve corrosion resistance and dry lubricity.
  • Chrome silicon spring is just as corrosion resistant as the coated stainless steel.
  • Enhanced anti-tilt follower ensures reliable feeding.
  • Dimpled feeder pawls resist warping and extend magazine life.


  • Seems to make a bit more force than other magazines to fully seat when loading with the bolt closed.

4. Radical Firearms Rf Asc Mag

Radical Firearms Rf Asc Mag

Mil-Spec 450 Bushmaster Magazine

The Radical Firearms Rf Asc Mag is shaped just like a standard mil-spec magazine… But it’s a 450 Bushmaster magazine. Try not to get them confused with your 5.56mm magazines.

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Obviously, it’s not a straight magazine like most of the 450 Bushmaster magazines are. However, it uses the same constant curve geometry you find in good 5.56mm magazines. The constant curve geometry ensures that the rounds don’t bind in the bend of the magazine.

The steel body is also coated in corrosion resistant, friction reduction coatings that both improve reliability and extend the lifespan.

And, the followers are anti-tilt and self-leveling. They’re designed to prevent unwanted double stacking to further enhance reliability.

The only thing these magazines don’t have is dimpled feeder pawls. The ribs do extend into the curved portion of the feeder pawls. However, it doesn’t seem to be enough to prevent warping over the long term.

Though, it might be enough. Radical Firearms has tested these magazines with military units. And it seems that these magazines will run for a long time before the stress takes its toll on the feeder pawls. But that’s something to look out for.

However, even if the feed lips don’t have the perfect design, these Radical Firearms model are still excellent 450 Bushmaster magazines for the money. And they’re the only magazines that use the standard curved mil-spec body. If that’s what you’re looking for, these magazines are your only option.


  • Shaped just like a standard 30-round 5.56mm magazine.
  • 7-round capacity is about as good as it gets for 450 Bushmaster.
  • Corrosion resistant and friction reducing coatings give a longer lifespan and enhance reliability.
  • Anti-tilt self-leveling followers prevent unwanted double stacking and further improve the reliability.
  • Ribs extend onto the curve of the feed lips to reduce warping.


  • Feed lips aren’t dimpled, which could shorten the lifespan.

5. Glfa Magazine .450 Bushmaster 5rd Smoke Modified Lancer Magazine

Glfa Magazine .450 Bushmaster 5rd Smoke Modified Lancer Magazine

Polymer 450 Bushmaster Magazine

The Glfa Magazine .450 Bushmaster 5rd Smoke Modified Lancer Magazine is pretty much the only polymer 450 Bushmaster magazine out there. So it kind of wins by default. But it’s not a bad magazine.

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First, this is essentially a Lancer AR-15 magazine with a 450 Bushmaster follower. Lancer makes solid AR-15 magazines. And Sig contracts Lancer to make the Sig factory 5.56mm magazines. So the quality of these magazines is unquestionably high.

One of the nice things about Lancer magazines is that the magazine body is polymer. But the feed lips are steel.

The steel is coated to prevent corrosion. And the feed lips are supported by the polymer body to help keep them from warping in the long term. So you get the benefit of steel feed lips: smoother, more reliable feeding.

But the polymer reinforcement mitigates the drawbacks of using steel feed lips and extends the lifespan of these magazines.

This magazine is stuffed with an anti-tilt follower to keep your rounds feeding smoothly from the first round to the last.

But there’s one more thing: the translucent polymer body makes it easy to see how many rounds you have in the magazine. That way you don’t have to do manual magazine checks.

There is a 7-round version of these magazines. Unfortunately, the 7-round model doesn’t seem to work as well as the 5-round model. I’m not sure why. But the 5-round is the way to go.

Again, these Great Lakes models are pretty much the only polymer 450 Bushmaster magazines out there. But they’re decent magazines. And they’ll do the job if you want polymer magazines for your 450 Bushmaster rifle.

Just a piece of advice when going to ranges with low-capacity mags you'll probably need to bring spare magazines with you.


  • Steel feed lip insert gives you the smooth feeding of a steel magazine, with polymer reinforcement to minimize feed lip warping.
  • Corrosion resistant coating on the steel insert.
  • Anti-tilt follower ensures reliable feeding.
  • Translucent polymer body enables you to see your round count.


  • 7-round model isn’t that great.

Shooting the Big Bores

450 Bushmaster is a cool big bore round designed for semi-automatic rifles. Unfortunately, the 450 Bushmaster magazine selection can be a bit limited. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get good magazines.

If you're looking for good reads, check this article on 30 rounds magazine.

Duramag .450 Bushmaster Rifle Magazine

Duramag .450 Bushmaster Rifle Magazine

If you just want 450 Bushmaster magazines that will do the job and won’t add massive cost on top of building a 450 Bushmaster rifle, get the Duramag .450 Bushmaster Rifle Magazine. They’re about average in terms of cost. But the reliability and longevity is exceptional.

There you have it. If you’re still taking your AR-15 magazines apart and adding a 450 Bushmaster follower, there’s an easier way. Get some 450 Bushmaster magazines and spend more time shooting and less time building magazines.