The Best 9mm Suppressor for Protecting Your Hearing (and Looking Cool)

Last Updated on January 6, 2021.

A suppressor is a great tool for a home defense pistol or pistol caliber carbine. It enables you to use your gun for defense without deafening yourself. And, if you’re a tactical professional, a suppressor can give you a valuable tactical advantage.

So, a suppressor can be a good investment for almost any gun owner.

  • Compact.
  • Fits .300 BLK rifles as well as 9mm.
  • Corrosion resistant construction increases lifespan.

If you want a solid suppressor that not too large and not too expensive, get the Silencerco Omega Silencer. It’s compact and performs well in a variety of contexts.

If you’re here to see the whole show, keep reading. We’ll show you all the suppressors you can get, and rate them so you can make a smart decision.

Top 9mm Suppressor Models on the Market

The Best 9mm Suppressor Reviews: Keep It Down in There, Kids

Our best suppressor gets the best spot: the first one. The rest of our suppressors will be reviewed in order of price, from (sort of) inexpensive to wildly expensive.

Let’s make just a little noise.

1. Silencerco Omega Silencer - Overall Best 9mm Suppressor

One issue with running a suppressor is that the suppressor adds length to your gun. The Silencerco Omega Silencer gives you an excellent combination of performance and size.

This silencer is just 4.7 inches long. It’s nicely compact. And, it won’t make your pistol or rifle too unwieldy, even if you’re using a full-size pistol or full-length rifle. So, you’ll still be able to maneuver your weapon fairly easily with this can on the end.

Also, this suppressor works with .300 BLK rifles. And, it’s compact enough to use on a short-barreled rifle without making the weapon too long. So, it’s a great suppressor to put on a home defense 9mm carbine.

In terms of performance, this silencer reduces the muzzle blast of a 9mm round to 131.5 decibels. It’s not completely hearing safe. But, it’s far better than a full muzzle blast, especially if you’re shooting inside a house.

This suppressor is constructed from corrosion resistant Stellite cobalt-chromium alloy and stainless steelThese materials extend the useful lifespan of the suppressor and minimize maintenance requirements. And, this suppressor is rated for full-auto fire.

Even though suppressors are just not that cheap, this suppressor offers solid performance in a compact package, and it’s a few dollars less expensive than some other silencers.


  • Compact
  • Fits .300 BLK rifles as well as 9mm.
  • Solid noise reduction for such a small suppressor.
  • Corrosion resistant construction increases lifespan.


  • Compact size offers slightly less noise reduction than a full-length suppressor.

2. Advanced Armament Illusion 9 Suppressor - 9mm Suppressor for Handguns Without Suppressor Sights

One of the things that you need to consider when adding a suppressor is how the suppressor will interfere with your sight picture. Most suppressors require suppressor height sights.

However, the Advanced Armament Illusion 9 Suppressor uses an offset design to eliminate the need for suppressor sights. This is handy if you don’t want to change your sights to accomodate a suppressor.

The overall length is 7.9 inches. It’s not super compact. But, it’s manageable on a full-size handgun. However, it will most likely make a short-barreled rifle into a standard length rifle.

The full-size design offers excellent noise reduction. It reduces the muzzle blast of a 9mm round by 33 decibels. This brings the sound level of a typical 9mm round down to 127 decibels, which is just barely hearing safe (below 130).

You should still wear hearing protection for normal shooting. But, you won’t experience much hearing loss if you need to use your gun without hearing protection in a defensive situation.

This suppressor also includes the Assured Semi-Automatic Performance (ASAP) system. This ensures that there’s enough back pressure to reliably operate most self-loading pistols. So, this suppressor will most likely work with whatever gun you put it on.

Overall, this is a great suppressor for those who want to add a silencer to their gun without having to change the sights or worry about reliability during suppressed operation.


  • Offset design eliminates the need for suppressor sights.
  • Excellent sound reduction.
  • ASAP system ensures proper function with almost any self-loading pistol.


  • Not compact at all.

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3. Sig Sauer SRD9 Suppressor - Most Versatile 9mm Suppressor

Some pistol designs don’t work well with suppressors. The Sig Sauer SRD9 Suppressor addresses this issue. So, you can use a suppressor on guns that usually have issues with suppressed operation.

The overall length is 7.2 inches. It’s about the middle of the road as far as suppressor size goes. It’s manageable on full-size guns. But, it’s not compact.

However, the full-size offers solid noise reduction. This suppressor is rated at 128 decibels with a dependable 9mm ammunition. So, you won’t lose your hearing if you need to shoot without hearing protection (but wear it if you can!).

Even with all the baffles to absorb that muzzle blast, this suppressor is still impressively light. It weighs just 9 ounces. So, it won’t make your gun awkwardly front-heavy.

Lastly, it includes a booster for Browning tilting barrel pistols. So, you can use this suppressor on a much broader range of pistols than most suppressors.

So, if you have a gun that’s usually not great with suppressors or you want to keep your rig lightweight, this is the suppressor for you.


  • Excellent noise reduction.
  • Lightweight.
  • Useable with almost any gun.
  • Short enough to be maneuverable.


  • Might be a tad long for use on a rifle.

4. Gemtech Tundra Suppressor - Value 9mm Suppressor

The Gemtech Tundra Suppressor offers excellent performance without a huge bump in price, compared to the competitors.

First, it’s 7.2 inches long. Not compact. But, not ridiculous.

But, it’s lighter than most. This suppressor weighs in at 8.5 ounces. So, it won’t throw off the balance of your weapon.

The noise reduction is 32.9 decibels. Which brings a 9mm muzzle blast down to being hearing safe. So, you won’t lose your hearing in a self-defense situation.

You can also add a bit of coolant to this suppressor to increase the flash and noise reduction. Which means you can get even more hearing safe.

This suppressor is cerakoted. This is an extremely tough finish, and will resist wear and corrosion for the life of the suppressor. 

You can abuse this silencer a lot without worrying about durability.

The only struggle with this suppressor is that it only comes in flat dark earth. So, it may not match the aesthetic of your gun. But, the performance might be worth a mismatched suppressor.

Even if it’s not your favorite color, this is still an excellent suppressor that will protect your hearing, and hold up through all sorts of tactical scenarios.


  • Not too large.
  • Lightweight
  • Reduces muzzle blast to hearing safe levels.
  • Optional coolant further reduces flash and noise.
  • Cerakoted for exceptional durability.


  • Full-size suppressor will make your rifle a bit long.
  • Only available in flat dark earth.

5. Dead Air Armament Wolf-9SD Suppressor - Configurable 9mm Suppressor

The Dead Air Armament Wolf-9SD Suppressor might be the only configurable suppressor on the market. You can setup this suppressor for any context or situation.

First, this suppressor can be setup in a compact or full-size configuration. The compact setup is 4.1 inches. And, the full-size configuration is 7.58 inches. So, you can adjust the length of you suppressor based on what gun you put it on and what you’re using that gun for.

Unfortunately, all this adjustability adds some weight. This suppressor is 14.7 ounces in the full-size configuration. So, it may not be ideal for a super lightweight gun. Also, it’s a fairly girthy suppressor. So, it may feel unieldly on a pistol.

However, the noise reduction is great. The full-size configuration brings the noise to just below 130 decibels. And, the compact configuration sits at about 133 decibels. So, it’s a great option for a home defense gun, even if you need to run in the compact setup.

This suppressor will also work on a .300 BLK carbine. So, you can take advantage of the compact size and keep your short-barreled rifle short.

Lastly, the exterior is cerakoted. It’s an outstanding coating that protects your suppressor from all the knocks and bangs that are bound to happen.

All in all, this is probably the best suppressor for anyone who wants a suppressor for a short-barreled rifle or subgun, since it can be configured to work with a variety of barrel lengths and shooting contexts.


  • Can be a full-size or compact suppressor.
  • Excellent noise reduction.
  • Works on .300 BLK rifles.
  • Cerakoted for exceptional wear resistance.


  • Heavy.
  • Bulky

Quiet Time

Contrary to popular belief, suppressors aren’t just tools for hitmen and professional assassins. It’s totally reasonable for a civilian to use a suppressor to protect their hearing in any defensive situation where hearing protection isn’t an option. And, they make you look cool.

If you want a solid suppressor that’s not quite the most expensive thing you’ve ever purchased, get the Silencerco Omega Silencer. It’s a great, all-around suppressor that makes a 9mm pistol or rifle mostly hearing safe.

Now that you’re savvy on which suppressors you can get, pick up a suppressor so you can defend yourself without blowing out your eardrums.

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