Feed Your Glock: The Best Aftermarket Glock Magazines

Last Updated on January 5, 2021.

I’ll be honest: I’m not a big user of aftermarket Glock magazines. Glock OEM magazines are some of the most affordable magazines you can get, compared to many other manufacturers. And they work really well.

However, most aftermarket magazines are even more affordable. And—most of the time—they work just as well. So I can’t blame anyone who wants to use aftermarket Glock magazines to save a little cash.

Magpul PMAG GL9

Our Best Choice

Magpul PMAG GL9

  • Rigid and durable polymer.
  • Slightly flared floorplate makes it easier to strip magazines during malfunction clearance.
  • High visibility follower, just like the Gen 5 Glock magazines.

SPOILER—want to save cash now instead of after you read this article? Get the Magpul PMAG GL9. They cost about half as much as factory Glock magazines. But they work just as well.

If you’re interested in seeing how the rest of the aftermarket Glock magazines fare, keep reading. We’ll cover all the best aftermarket Glock magazines.

Top Aftermarket Glock Magazines on the Market

 Best Aftermarket Glock Magazines Reviews: A More Affordable Magazine

Our overall best aftermarket Glock magazine is up for review first. The remaining aftermarket Glock magazines will be loaded in order of price.

The aftermarket Glock magazines that will save you the most money are up first.

Head to the end for the most expensive magazines, if you want to barely break even.

Load and make ready.

1. Magpul PMAG GL9 - Overall Best Aftermarket Glock Magazines

The Magpul PMAG GL9 is probably the aftermarket Glock magazine that I trust almost as much as a factory magazine. They’re much more affordable than OEM magazines. And they run reliably.

The reason aftermarket magazines are more affordable than OEM Glock magazines is usually because aftermarket magazines use all polymer construction. Whereas Glock magazines are steel-lined polymer.

This is the case with the Magpul GL9 magazines. They’re all polymer. However, Magpul has been making all polymer magazines for quite a while. And these magazines hold up just fine.

The polymer is rigid and durable. And Magpul followers are some of the best when it comes to reliability. This magazine even has the bright orange, high visibility follower that Glock started using in their Gen 5 magazines.

These magazines also have a ridged and slightly flared floorplateThis makes it easier to strip magazines for faster malfunction clearance.

Unfortunately, these magazines aren’t quite perfect.

The floorplate is ever so slightly longer than a stock floorplate. It’s maybe a millimeter. Most people probably won’t even notice. But that tad bit of extra bulk is there.

Also, these magazines only have a sight window at the bottom. So you can see when the magazine is full. But you can’t see how many rounds you have in the magazine when it’s only partially filled.

Lastly, the polymer is slightly different than Glock polymer. So this magazine will occasionally stick in the magazine well during reloads, and you’ll have to shake it out. It doesn’t happen during every reload. But the magazine will stick more often than a factory magazine.

But these magazines run just as reliably as OEM magazines. And they’re much more affordable. So they’re a totally viable alternative to factory magazines.


  • Rigid and durable polymer.
  • Slightly flared floorplate makes it easier to strip magazines during malfunction clearance.
  • High visibility follower, just like the Gen 5 Glock magazines.
  • Perfectly reliable.


  • Only has one sight window at 15 rounds.
  • Occasionally sticks in the magazine well and needs to be shaken out during reloads.

2. KCI USA 9mm Glock Magazine Gen 2 - Steel Lined Aftermarket Glock Magazines

The KCI USA 9mm Glock Magazine Gen 2 seems too good to be true. These magazines are virtually identical to factory Glock magazines. Except they’re MUCH less expensive.

These magazines are steel lined polymer, just like factory magazines. So they’re just as durable as factory magazines.

They also have the exact same form factor as an OEM magazine. This includes the ambidextrous magazine catch notches. Even the follower is almost exactly the same as an OEM magazine. However, it’s not a high visibility follower.

I could go on. But really, the only noticeable difference between this magazine and a factory Glock magazine is the KCI stamp on the floor plate.

Now that does come with a drawback or two.

These magazines aren’t that easy to strip during malfunction clearance because it’s tough to get a solid grip on the rounded floorplate.

And it can be tough to fill these magazines to capacity because the spring gets pretty stiff once the magazine is nearly full. But most people will have no problem. And a magazine loader easily handles that issue.

Overall, for the money, these KCI magazines are hard to beat if you want Glock mags that are as close as possible to factory magazines.


  • Steel lined polymer is just as durable as an OEM magazine.
  • Exact same shape as a factory magazine, including ambidextrous magazine catch notches.
  • Perfectly reliable.


  • Rounded floorplate makes it tricky to strip the magazine during malfunction clearance.
  • Fairly tough to get the last few rounds into the magazine.

3. Amend2 A2-19 Glock Magazine - Extended Aftermarket Glock Magazines

The Amend A2-19 Glock Magazine is a solid aftermarket magazine that helps give you a better grip for more control.

These magazines are completely polymer. But the polymer is rigid and about as thick as possible without changing the dimensions of the magazine. So the durability is solid.

In terms of the shape and function, these magazines are a lot like the Gen 5 factory magazines.

The follower is high-visibility orange. And there are ambidextrous magazine catch notches. These magazines fit any generation of Glock.

The big difference is the floorplate. Rather than the standard flat floorplate, these magazines have an extended floorplate that provides an index point for your pinky finger.

This helps you grip your pistol more consistently. And it’s handy for those who have big hands and need just a bit more space to get a true 4-finger grip on their gun.

The extended floorplate also makes it much easier to strip your magazine during malfunction clearance.

Unfortunately, the extended floorplate doesn’t offer increased magazine capacity.

But these Amend2 magazines are significantly less expensive than stock magazines. And they offer enhanced shooting performance over OEM magazines.


  • Thick polymer construction is just as durable as factory magazines.
  • High visibility follower and ambidextrous magazine catch notches.
  • Extended floorplate makes it easier to get a consistent grip on your pistol.
  • Super easy to strip during malfunction clearance (if you have any malfunctions).
  • Just as reliable as a factory magazine.


  • Extended floorplate adds no additional magazine capacity.

4. Pro Mag Glock Polymer Magazines - Value Aftermarket Glock Magazines

The Pro Mag Glock Polymer Magazines are good magazines for the price. However, these magazines tend to show their price point more than some alternatives.

The best thing about these magazines is that they’re carbon copies of factory Glock magazines.

The polymer is pretty much the same. They have the same steel liner as a Glock magazine. They have the same witness holes to see how many rounds are in the mag. And the magazine catch notches are ambidextrous for use with all Glock generations.

For the most part these magazines are reliable. I find that these magazines either work perfectly right out of the box, or they have feed issues.

To be fair to these magazines, the majority of them work fine. And the main issue seems to be the follower. Occasionally, you’ll get one with a follower that’s out of spec. This causes follower tilt and therefore a feed problem.

Usually, replacing the follower solves the problem.

But, overall, these Pro Mag magazines work well enough for the price. And they make good training magazines because they’re pretty affordable. However, I would definitely recommend thoroughly testing one of these magazines before you used it as part of your defensive kit.


  • Steel lined polymer construction is just as durable as a factory magazine.
  • Form factor is compatible with all Glock generations.
  • Reasonably reliable, for the price.


  • Occasional quality control issues with the follower, which causes feed issues. Definitely check these before you use them for anything other than training or recreation.

5. Elite Tactical Systems Group Magazine - Clear Aftermarket Glock Magazines

The Elite Tactical Systems Group Magazine has become one of the most popular aftermarket Glock magazines around. And these are solid magazines, for the most part.

As you can tell by just looking at these magazines, they’re entirely plastic. And it’s a different plastic than a typical black magazine.

However, it’s still quite tough. And I haven’t seen these magazines break or warp even when I drop them in training. The durability seems solid.

The clear plastic body also makes it ridiculously easy to see how many rounds you have in the magazine, no matter what.

Additionally, these magazines are compatible with all Glock generations. And I haven’t experienced any reliability issues with these magazines out of the box.

However, the longevity doesn’t seem to be quite as good as a factory magazine.

Occasionally, one of these magazines will start to bulge outward in the middle. It doesn’t cause a reliability issue. But it does cause problems with the magazine well fit.

A full magazine will feel a bit sticky going into the magazine well. Once it’s empty, and there’s no pressure against the sides of the magazine, it will usually fall out just fine.

Now, I’ve never seen one fail from this warping issue. And the warping doesn’t start until these magazines have a lot of rounds through them.

However, it does raise some concerns about the lifespan of these magazines. I have Glock magazines that still function after over a decade of use. Will these magazines hold up that long? I’m not sure.

But these ETS magazines are more affordable than Glock magazines. And they hold up just fine through quite a bit of shooting before there are any issues. So, in terms of rounds fired per dollar, they’re still a great value.


  • Much more durable than they look.
  • Super easy to see how many rounds are in your magazine.
  • Compatible with all Glock generations.
  • Very reliable.


  • Probably won’t last quite as long as a factory Glock magazine.

6. Glock Magazines - The Best Glock Magazines

I know you’re here looking for aftermarket Glock magazines. But the bottom line is that there are very few magazines that work as well in a Glock pistol as a Glock OEM magazine. Glock even makes extended magazines and extended baseplates. And they all work great.

The only real advantage that aftermarket Glock magazines have over factory magazines is the price. There are aftermarket magazines that cost half as much as a factory magazine, or less.

So aftermarket magazines are excellent if you just want a lot of magazines for training or recreation.

However, if your main concern is reliability and service life, it’s virtually impossible to beat the OEM Glock magazines.

Even though they’re expensive compared to aftermarket magazines (but still quite affordable compared to many other manufacturer’s magazines), these Glock magazines are your best option for a defensive Glock pistol.


  • Super durable steel lined polymer construction.
  • So reliable that it’s boring.
  • Compatible with all Glock generations.
  • Can be easily upgraded with Glock extended floorplates.


  • More expensive than aftermarket magazines.
  • Stock floorplate makes it a bit tough to strip magazines during malfunction clearance.

Mag Change

All in all, there’s nothing wrong with saving money by buying aftermarket Glock magazines. Most aftermarket magazines are reliable. And they cost significantly less than OEM magazines.

So aftermarket magazines are an excellent solution if you need to build up a stock of magazines for training or recreation.

Just be sure to check your aftermarket magazines for reliability before you use them in a duty or defensive firearm.

Magpul PMAG GL9

If you need good, affordable aftermarket magazines that are perfectly fine for most types of shooting, get the Magpul PMAG GL9. They’re very affordable. Magpul has gone to great lengths to ensure that these magazines function just as reliably as a factory magazine. And they’ve added a few small features that make these magazines more tactically viable than some other Glock magazines.

Now that you know, stop refilling your magazine after every 10 or 15 rounds. Get more magazines and shoot more with less thumb abuse.