Slide Cuts: The Best Aftermarket Glock Slide

Last Updated on January 6, 2021.

One of the cool things about Glocks is that you can get the parts and build a Glock any way you want. That’s cool because you can get an aftermarket Glock slide and get rid of the Glock box look.

And looking cool matters. So aesthetic upgrades are important. But an aftermarket Glock slide can give you a few other performance enhancements, as well.

Brownells RMR Cut Slide for Glock
  • Nice angular aesthetics look better than a factory Glock slide, but aren’t over the top.
  • Front slide serrations for easier slide manipulations.
  • Comes with an RMR cut and iron sight mounts.

SPOILER—if you want a solid Glock slide that offers a few performance enhancements in addition to looking cool, get the Brownells RMR Cut Slide for Glock. It’s quite reasonably priced. And it comes with an RMR cut and forward slide serrations to give you a performance bump.

If you’ve got other boxes that you want checked, keep reading. We’ve racked up all the best aftermarket Glock slides to see how they move.

Top Aftermarket Glock Slide on the Market Today

The Best Aftermarket Glock Slide Reviews: The Most Action for the Money

The overall best aftermarket Glock slide will get reviewed first. The other best aftermarket Glock slides will get pulled in order of price.

The best aftermarket Glock slides for your budget are up first.

The aftermarket Glock slides that will gobble up your bank account are near the bottom.

Read around and find out which one fits your needs.

1. Brownells RMR Cut Slide for Glock - Overall Best Aftermarket Glock Slide

This might not be the most popular recommendation. And it’s fairly rare that a Brownells part falls into the “best overall” category, since they’re often budget options.

But the Brownells RMR Cut Slide for Glock wins this round because the performance and the price are both excellent.

One of the things that makes this a good all-purpose Glock slide is the reasonable aesthetics. It’s got stylish angles. And it looks great.

But there’s nothing over the top about it. So it’s a good option for shooters who want a better looking Glock and those who don’t want to turn their Glock into a dragon snout.

Additionally, part of the improved looks is the forward slide serrations. These forward slide serrations give you an additional place on the slide with grip for easier slide manipulations.

This slide also has an RMR cut. So you can mount a Trijicon RMR (and any optic that’s compatible with the RMR mount pattern) without any milling.

But there are iron sight cuts, too. That way you can mount suppressor sights for co-witnessing with your RMR. Or you can simply use this slide with iron sights, if that’s your style.

This slide is finished with a black nitride coating. It’s a good finish that’s reasonably durable. However, it’s not quite as tough as the Glock factory finish. But the finish will still hold up for a long time, even if that’s not quite as long as the Glock finish.

Overall, for the money, this slide is hard to beat. It’s stylish without going too far. And it’s got a few performance enhancements that make it a solid upgrade over your Glock OEM slide.


  • Nice angular aesthetics look better than a factory Glock slide, but aren’t over the top.
  • Front slide serrations for easier slide manipulations.
  • Comes with an RMR cut and iron sight mounts.
  • Black nitride finish looks great and is reasonably durable.


  • Finish isn’t quite as durable as the Glock factory finish.

2. TRYBE Defense Glock Pistol Slide - Best Aftermarket Glock Slide for the Money

The TRYBE Defense Glock Pistol Slide is a really well priced Glock slide that comes in a variety of optic cuts, which is nice if you want to use something other than an RMR.

The look of this slide is definitely more aggressive than a Glock OEM slide. However, it’s a clean, professional look. There’s nothing crazy about it. It just has some nice angles and serrations.

Additionally, there are some lightening cuts up front that help keep the weight down a bit. But they’re not huge. So the weight reduction is minimal. But they look good and offer some airflow to cool your barrel, though.

The big deal with this slide, though, is that it comes with optic cuts for a few of the most popular pistol optics: Trijicon RMR, Vortex Venom, and the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro (and any other optics that use the same mounting patterns).

If you’re not into any of these optics, this slide also has iron sight mounts for those who like to aim with metal.

The only downside to this TRYBE Defense slide is that it’s only available for Gen 3 Glocks. It’s much easier to build a custom Gen 3 Glock, since the parts are much easier to get. And most 80% Glock frames are Gen 3 frames. So this slide is very useful for those who want a custom Glock.

Now, you can put a Gen 3 slide on a Gen 4 frame, no problem (there’s a slide gap between the frame and dust cover)... But a Gen 4 model would be nice.

Even with that little generation hiccup, this is still one of the best aftermarket Glock slides for the money, with some of the best optics cut options you can get.


  • Has fairly aggressive looks that are still clean and professional.
  • Lightening cuts help reduce the weight and increase airflow around your barrel.
  • Comes with optics cuts for the most popular pistol optics.
  • Cerakote finish looks great and is exceptionally durable.


  • Only available in a Gen 3 model.

3. Bishop Defense Glock 43 Pistol Slide - Aftermarket Glock 43 Slide

The Bishop Defense Glock 43 Pistol Slide is one of the few aftermarket Glock 43 slides you can get right now. And it’s a really solid slide.

One of the cool things about this slide is that it’s available in 3 different levels of aesthetic milling.

The tier 1 model is the most modified, with lightening cuts up front and a lot of aesthetic lines. The tier 3 model has relatively simple aesthetic lines and no lightening cuts. The tier 2 model falls in between these two.

Bottom line here: you get a few options for how cool you want your Glock 43 slide to look. But the overall aesthetic—even on the most modified model—is clean and professional, even if it’s slightly more aggressive than some other Glock slides.

Additionally, the aesthetic lines also serve as front and rear slide serrations, which make slide manipulations easier, regardless of how you do them.

This slide also comes with a pre-installed striker channel liner, which takes care of the most challenging part of assembling your Glock slide for you. You can assemble this slide very quickly, with almost no tools.

The finish is pretty thick. It’s durable. And it looks good. But, unfortunately, the finish isn’t quite as durable as the factory Glock finish. The Glock finish is hard to beat, in terms of durability, though.

Lastly, this slide is also available for other Glock models, too:

Bishop Defense Glock 19 Pistol Slide.

Bishop Defense Glock 34 Pistol Slide.

The Glock 34 slide is probably the best aftermarket Glock 34 slide, as well.

Even though it doesn’t come with any optic cuts, this Bishop Defense model is a high quality slide that looks cool and offers excellent useability.


  • Offered in 3 different aesthetic levels.
  • Front slide serrations for all types of slide manipulations.
  • Pre-installed channel liner takes care of the most challenging slide assembly step.
  • Durable matte finish.


  • Finish isn’t quite as durable as the Glock factory finish.
  • Not available with optic cuts.

4. Polymer80 P80 DLC Standard Slide for Glock - Value Aftermarket Glock Slide

The Polymer80 P80 DLC Standard Slide for Glock is a very straightforward slide that focuses mostly on providing a solid slide for those who want to build their own Glock from the ground up.

This slide is a fair upgrade over the standard Glock aesthetics. It’s more angular. And the slide serrations are slanted. The changes are simple. But they make for a very professional look that’s not too aggressive.

That also gives away the secret that there are front slide serrations to make all sorts of slide manipulations easier.

Then, the finish is a DLC (Diamond Like Coating) that’s impressively durable.

It might not be as durable as the factory Glock finish. But it resists holster wear impressively well. And it requires very little lubrication (as if requiring less lubrication were possible for a Glock). Also, it doesn’t show fingerprints quite as badly as the OEM Glock finish.

Now, there’s no optic cut. So you’ll have to use iron sights, if you don’t want to mill your slide.

Also, this is a Gen 3 slide. That makes it very easy to find the parts to assemble this slide. But there will be a gap between the slide and the dust cover if you mount this slide on a Gen 4 frame.

Even so, this Polymer80 accessory is a great slide for the money that’s perfect for those who need a slide to pair with an 80% lower or anyone who just wants a nice upgrade over their OEM slide.


  • Simple and professional aesthetics.
  • Front slide serrations for all your slide manipulations.
  • DLC coating resists holster wear very well and requires very little lubrication.


  • No optic cut.
  • Only available in a Gen 3 model.

5. ZEV Technologies Z19 Citadel Stripped Slide - Competition Aftermarket Glock Slide

The ZEV Technologies Z19 Citadel Stripped Slide does more than look cool: it’s one of the few slides that offers legitimate performance upgrades for your Glock.

First, the aesthetics.

This slide has very aggressive styling. It looks pretty rad. But it may not appeal to those who prefer a simpler aesthetic. However, it’s up to you whether or not the look of this slide works for you.

In other news, this slide has a few design differences from a factory Glock slide:

The ejection port is wider to ensure positive ejection of spent casings. If you use an upgraded extractor and extractor spring, you’ll almost never get brass in your face.

Then, the breach has slightly tighter tolerances, which provide a tighter barrel lockup. This ensures more consistent barrel alignment for better organic precision. That means tighter groups, if your shooting technique is good.

Additionally, the DLC or PVD finish provides more surface hardness than the factory Glock finish. So it’s actually more durable than the OEM finish, which is pretty impressive.

Last thing: this ZEV Technologies slide comes with an RMR cutThe RMR cut gives you several options for mounting pistol optics.

This slide might be a little aggressive in terms of aesthetics. But it’s an excellent slide for competitive shooters or anyone else who wants better precision and less brass in their face.


  • Very aggressive aesthetics.
  • Wider ejection port to help keep brass out of your face.
  • Slightly tighter tolerances enhance organic precision.
  • DLC or PVD finish is harder than the Glock OEM finish.
  • Includes an RMR cut.


  • Aesthetics may be a bit too aggressive for some.

6. Grey Ghost Precision Glock Version 4 Pistol Slide - Aftermarket Glock RMR Slide

The Grey Ghost Precision Glock Version 4 Pistol Slide is one of the few slides that’s cut for more than one optic. And this slide is no slouch in other areas.

First, this slide looks really good. I’m a big fan of the Grey Ghost aesthetic. It’s fairly aggressive, but not complicated or busy. It’s a great aesthetic that works for those who want an aggressively styled gun and Glock owners who like the simple looks of a bone stock Glock.

Additionally, this slide is manufactured to tighter tolerances than a factory slide. So the barrel alignment is more consistent. Therefore, the organic precision of your Glock is better with this slide.

Now for the cool part.

This slide comes with an optic cut that’s compatible with both the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro and the Trijicon RMR (and all the optics that have the same mounting pattern as those two optics). If you want maximum optics compatibility on a single slide, this is the slide to get.

Lastly, the black nitride coating is very thoroughly applied and remarkably durableIt seems just about as durable as the Glock OEM finish. It might be a tad less durable. But it’s close enough that most people won’t notice.

Interestingly, the aesthetic cuts on this slide are different for each Glock generation. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. But if you prefer the look of the Gen 5 slide, but you want a Gen 4 slide… Sorry.

But all the aesthetics look pretty good. So you might not have any issues there.

We’re at the expensive end of this article now. So this Grey Ghost Precision slide isn’t cheap. But the build quality and optics compatibility definitely make it well worth the money, if you have optics to put on your Glock.


  • Excellent aesthetics work for both very custom Glocks and simple utilitarian designs.
  • Tighter manufacturing tolerances improve the organic precision of your Glock.
  • Optic cut is compatible with multiple pistol optics.
  • Excellent black nitride finish that’s very comparable to the factory Glock finish.


  • Each Glock generation has a different look for some reason.
  • Costs almost as much as a complete OEM slide.

Racking Slides

Regardless of whether you’re building your own Glock or just want a slide that looks a bit less utilitarian than the factory Glock slide, your slide is an important part of your Glock. So it’s important that you get the best aftermarket Glock slide that you can.

Brownells RMR Cut Slide for Glock

If you want to get a solid aftermarket Glock slide without slogging through miles of research, get the Brownells RMR Cut Slide for Glock. It’s quite affordable, as far as Glock slides go. It looks cool. And it’s got an RMR cut for those who want to use a pistol optic. You can’t go wrong.

Is your Glock still a block? It’s time to fix that. Get an aftermarket Glock slide and—at the very least—make your Glock look cooler.