The Best AR 10 Lower for Any Type of Battle Rifle

Last Updated on January 5, 2021.

The AR-15 is a great tactical rifle. However, it does have range and power limitations. You can only squeeze so much performance out of a 5.56mm round.

That’s why the AR-10 is such an excellent battle rifle. It offers more range and power than an AR-15. But, the ergonomics and operation are the same as an AR-15. So, you get the benefit of platform familiarity, with a more capable long-range round.

Complete AR-10 rifles can be expensive. Building your own rifle is less expensive. It makes sense that you’re here, looking for parts to build an AR-10.

  • 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • Wide integrated Trigger Guard
  • Versatile with almost any manufacturer component

SPOILER: If you’re looking to get a lower that will do the job and be done with it, get the Aero Precision 308 AR M5 Lower Receiver. It’s a high quality lower receiver that’s really reasonably priced.

If you’d like to play the field a bit more, keep reading to find out about all your options. We’ll give you the details on all the best AR-10 lower receivers.

Best AR-10 Lower Models on the Market Today

Best AR 10 Lower Reviews: Building a Bigger Rifle

As usual, our winning lower receiver gets the pole position. The rest of the pack gets covered from lowest price to most account draining.

Time to get all the parts together.

When it comes to AR-15 and AR-10 parts, Aero Precision is always a good choice. The Aero Precision 308 AR M5 Lower Receiver is one of the more affordable AR-10 lowers on the market. But, it’s an incredibly well-built part.

This lower is built to mil-spec standards. It’s machined from 7075-T6 aluminum. And, the hard-coat anodizing is a 8625 type 3 class 2 finish. So, it’s durable and corrosion resistant, as an AR-10 component should be.

There are threaded holes for the rear takedown pin detent and the bolt catch. This means there are fewer retention pins that can back out during operation.

The integrated trigger guard is widened to give better access to the trigger while wearing gloves. This makes operation easier, and means that there’s one less part you need to buy.

This receiver fits all DPMS pattern components, and works with 45, 60, and 90 degree safety selectors. So, you can complete the lower with a wide variety of component.

This is a standard right-handed lower. But, the quality is hard to beat at this price. This might be the best option for anyone looking to build an affordable AR-10 without sacrificing quality.


  • 7075-T6 aluminum, with mil-spec hard coat finish.
  • Threaded holes to replace some pins with screws for more durable construction.
  • Wide, integrated trigger guard.
  • Accepts components from almost any manufacturer.


  • Standard, right-handed design offers minimal ambidextrous or custom configurations.

2. Polymer80 AR 308 80% Lower Receiver - 80% Polymer AR-10 Lower Receiver

80% lower receivers are an excellent option if you’re building on a budget. You can save money by doing some drilling and milling yourself. The Polymer80 AR 308 80% Lower Receiver is exceptionally affordable. And, it’s easy to drill out and complete, because it’s polymer.

When the polymer lower receivers came out, there was some concern about their durability. But, so far, polymer receivers for both AR-15s and AR-10s have proven to be durable enough for hard use.

This polymer lower is constructed from a single block of injection-molded hard polymer. It also includes all the drill and mill bits you need to complete your polymer lower. All you need is a drill press and a milling machine.

There are strengthening ribs across the upper surface, and the gas tube ring is thicker than a standard lower receiver to improve longevity and durabilityThis ensures that your polymer lower receiver will last just as long as an aluminum lower.

Even though it might not be a common grip for an AR-10, there are finger grooves on the front of the magazine well for placing your support hand on the magazine well. And, the magazine well is reinforced to stand up to abuse during loading and reloading.

Lastly, there’s an integrated trigger guard, although it’s not widened.

If you don’t mind using a polymer lower, this is an excellent option that enables you to save some money by doing a bit of work yourself.


  • Excellent price.
  • Constructed from a single block of injection-molded hard polymer.
  • Strengthening ribs and reinforced gas tube ring for increased durability.
  • Finger grooves on the front of the magazine well.
  • Integrated trigger guard.


  • Not an option if you don’t have access to the right drill and milling tools.
  • Integrated trigger guard is essentially a straight, mil-spec trigger guard.

3. Brownells BRN-10 Lower Receiver - Best Value AR-10 Lower Receiver

The Brownells BRN-10 Lower Receiver is as close to complete as you can get without actually being a complete AR-10 lower receiver. Given the price, this makes it an excellent value.

This lower receiver includes everything except the trigger components: safety selector, magazine release, bolt catch, takedown pins, and all the retaining hardware. The only thing that’s not included in this kit is the trigger guard. But, that’s fine, since most people prefer an upgraded trigger guard these days.

Everything in the kit is built to mil-spec standards. So, this lower will accept standard mil-spec components from almost any manufacturer.

The lower itself is milled from 7075-T6 aluminum, and coated in a mil-spec hard coat anodized finish. So, the durability and corrosion resistance matches that of many higher priced lower receivers.

If you like any sort of accents or aesthetic design, this may not be ideal for you. It has to be the plainest lower receiver ever. Also, interestingly, the magazine release is a sort of flush fit design. It’s not the best for speed reloads.

Even so, if you want a nearly complete lower at a really great price, this is easily the best option.


  • Includes a lower receiver completion kit, minus the trigger components.
  • Mil-spec lower receiver for maximum parts compatibility.
  • 7075-T6 aluminum construction.
  • Mil-spec hard coat anodized finish.


  • Zero aesthetics.
  • Magazine release is an odd design.

Ambidextrous lower receivers are handy for right-handers as well as left-handers. Ambidextrous controls are nice for off-handed shooting, regardless of which hand is dominant. The Battle Arms Development Inc. AR308 Ambidextrous Billet Receiver Set is ambidextrous, and it comes paired with an upper receiver.

First, both the upper and the lower receiver are precision milled from 7075-T6 aluminum. The exterior of both parts use skeletonized milling to reduce weight. So, it’s a lightweight and durable receiver set that’s suitable for lots of hard use.

The dimensions and hard coat anodized finish are mil-spec to provide excellent parts compatibility. So, you can use almost any parts you want to complete this lower. This includes DPMS parts, 90 degree and short-throw safety selectors.

The magazine well is flared to facilitate faster reloads. And, the integrated trigger guard is widened to provide better access to the trigger. These features will help you shoot and reload your AR-10 faster.

Obviously, as the name suggests, this receiver set is compatible with most ambidextrous parts. And, there are multi-caliber markings for those who want to use their lower with an AR-15 upper.

If you want a different upper receiver, this receiver set may not be worth the cost for you. However, if you want to kill two birds with one stone, this is an excellent kit that provides both upper and lower receiver platforms to build on.


  • 7075-T6 aluminum construction.
  • Skeletonized milling to reduce weight.
  • Wide parts compatibility.
  • Flared magazine well and wide trigger guard for better performance.
  • Ambidextrous compatibility.


  • Expensive
  • If you don’t want the upper receiver, the cost is even more outrageous.

Although, there are a few legal steps to purchasing a complete lower receiver. But, there’s no assembly required. The Lewis Machine & Tool AR 308 MWS Lower Receiver Complete is one of the best complete lower receivers on the market.

First, this lower receiver is machined from 7075-T6 aluminum, and hard coat anodized to mil-spec standards. This delivers industry leading durability and compatibility.

One of the cool things about this receiver is that the ambidextrous controls are machined directly into the receiver. Many ambidextrous control systems are bulky and sometimes gimmicky. The Lewis Machine & Tool ambidextrous controls are as simple and streamlined as they can be.

Additionally, the included pistol grip and stock are exceptionally ergonomic, and will improve the comfort and performance of your rifle.

Lastly, the included trigger features a two-stage trigger kit, which makes this an extremely good option for a long-range battle rifle.

The only real drawback to this lower is that Lewis Machine & Tool does not guarantee that this lower will work with any upper that’s not made by Lewis Machine & Tool. However, that’s not uncommon for rifle manufacturers.

Although the price is high, this is a complete lower receiver that’s ready for action. And, the components and design make it an excellent option for anyone who’s looking to build a high-end AR-10.


  • 7075-T6 aluminum construction with mil-spec hard coat anodizing.
  • Excellent ambidextrous control design.
  • Ergonomic pistol grip and stock.
  • Excellent two-stage trigger for long range shooting.


  • Expensive
  • Not guaranteed to work with other manufacturers’ upper receivers.

Completing Your Build

An AR-10 is an excellent battle firearm that can help you save some money and training time, because it’s the same platform as your AR-15. That way, you get the capabilities of two different rounds, without the need to learn an entirely different platform.

If you want a solid lower that’s surprisingly affordable, get the Aero Precision 308 AR M5 Lower Receiver. The quality and price is a hard combination to beat.

Now that you’re familiar with all the lowers you can choose from, pick your favorite and put your rifle together. Then, get out there and shoot.

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