The Best AR 10 Magazine for Your .308 Monster

Last Updated on January 5, 2021.

For some reason, AR-10 rifles seem to be pickier about magazines than AR-15 rifles. It’s just my experience. So it may not be universally true. But I’ve seen magazines cause reliability issues in AR-10s more often than in AR-15s.

So your magazine choice matters more if you’re a .308 AR shooter (at least it seems that way).

There are a lot of AR-10 magazines out there. And we’re here to find out which ones are the best. That way you can keep your AR-10 running.

Magpul AR .308 25RD PMAG Gen M3 Window
  • Durable polymer construction will never warp the way a steel magazine will.
  • Self-lubricating anti-tilt follower ensures reliable feeding.
  • Flared floor plate gives you a secure grip during loading and reloading manipulations.

SPOILER—if you just want to grab a mag and go, get the Magpul AR .308 25RD PMAG Gen M3 Window Magazine. It’s reasonably priced. And this magazine has set the standard in reliability for AR-10 magazines.

If you’d like to read up on the best AR-10 magazines and make a more deliberate choice, read on. We’ll check out all the best AR-10 magazines, so you can get the best AR-10 magazines.

Top AR-10 Magazine on the Market Today

The Best AR 10 Magazine Reviews: The Most Reliable Feeders

The best AR-10 magazine is up for inspection first. The other magazines are evaluated in order of price.

The least expensive magazines are near the top.

Head to the bottom of this article for the most expensive AR-10 magazines.

Time to lock and load.

1. Magpul AR .308 25RD PMAG Gen M3 Window Magazine - Overall Best AR-10 Magazine

The Magpul AR .308 25RD PMAG Gen M3 Window Magazine has been one of the most popular AR-10 magazines on the market for many years. And all other AR-10 magazines are forced to live up to a standard that this magazine has set.

This is the original polymer magazine. The polymer construction is remarkably durable. And this magazine will never warp the way steel magazines do. This model will remain reliable for a very long time.

This magazine has also proven to be impressively reliable. The self-lubricating anti-tilt follower ensures that rounds feed smoothly to reduce malfunctions, even when feeding those thick .308 rounds.

This magazine also uses a flared floor plate to give you a more positive grip on your magazine during loading and reloading manipulations.

And the floor plate makes it easier to pull this magazine out of your mag carrier.

Lastly, there’s a round count window. It’s a totally optional feature. But it’s nice to be able to see about how many rounds you have left without pulling your magazine.

There’s only one real issue with this magazine: it’s designed for a very precise magazine well fit.

So, occasionally, this magazine has fit issues with certain lower receivers. It’s very uncommon, and doesn’t seem to be related to the lower receiver manufacturer. But even a very thick anodized coating can cause this magazine to feel a bit tight in the magazine well.

Even so, this magazine still represents the standard in polymer AR-10 magazines. And you’ll most likely have zero issues if you use this magazine.


  • Durable polymer construction will never warp the way a steel magazine will.
  • Self-lubricating anti-tilt follower ensures reliable feeding.
  • Flared floor plate gives you a secure grip during loading and reloading manipulations.
  • Easy to pull from your magazine carrier.


  • Occasionally has fit issues in the magazine well of some lower receivers.

2. Magpul PMAG 10RD Gen M3 Magazine - 10-Round AR-10 Magazine

If you need a 10 round magazine to comply with state laws or just to make your rifle more comfortable to shoot from the prone position, the Magpul PMAG 10RD Gen M3 Magazine is the way to go.

This magazine is just a shorter version of the venerable 25RD PMAG. So it gives you the same durable polymer construction.

It’s also got the self-lubricating anti-tilt follower for reliable feeding and fewer (if any) magazine related malfunctions.

So it’s just as reliable and long-lasting as a full-size PMAG.

And it’s fitted with a flared floor plate for faster and easier magazine handling during loading and reloading operations. The flared floor plate also makes it easy to get these magazines out of your magazine carrier.

The only trouble with these magazines is that the smaller size makes the spring unusually stiff. After about 4 or 5 rounds, you really have to work to get rounds into the magazine.

This is pretty typical of small magazines—both in rifles and pistols. It’s a sort of necessary evil that you have to deal with if you want short magazines.

Even though it might be a little tough to pack, this Magpul magazine is an excellent and affordable for those who need a shorter magazine because of their shooting context or local regulations.


  • Durable polymer construction won’t warp over time like a steel magazine.
  • Self-lubricating anti-tilt follower reduces (or eliminates) magazine-related feed issues.
  • Flared floor plate makes this magazine easy to handle during weapon manipulations.
  • Easy to pull out of magazine carriers and chest rigs.
  • Great for shooting from the prone position.


  • Can be a bit tough to fill.

3. D&H Industries, Inc. AR 308 Magazine - Steel AR-10 Magazine

Many steel AR-10 magazines have reliability issues. But the D&H, Inc. AR 308 Magazine has solved many of the issues related to steel 308 AR magazines.

The steel construction is very solid and durable. The steel shell itself is thick enough that this magazine won’t warp for a very long time. And it’s got a better anodized coating than most steel magazines. So this magazine will probably last about as long as your rifle.

It uses an anti-tilt follower which solves the failure to feed issues that many steel magazines have. This magazine feeds rounds smoothly and reliably.

Additionally, there are witness holes drilled in the body. So you can see how many rounds you’ve got in your mag without pulling your magazine. It’s not as precise as a window. But the witness holes work well enough.

The only complaint about this magazine is that it takes quite a bit of force to get it to seat when the bolt is closed. You really have to give it a good push or slap. Or just load your rifle with the bolt open.

Other than that, this magazine functions exceptionally well. It doesn’t have the creature comforts of some polymer magazines. But it’s durable and reliable.


  • Thick steel construction is rigid and durable. Will not warp for a very long time.
  • Excellent anodized coating improves corrosion resistance.
  • Anti-tilt follower ensures reliable feeding.
  • Witness holes at the 5 and 10 round mark.
  • Very comfortable for shooting from the prone position, especially without a bipod.


  • Takes quite a bit of force to seat properly with the bolt closed in some rifles.

4. Magpul AR .308 20RD PMAG Gen M3 Magazine - 20-Round AR-10 Magazine

The Magpul AR .308 20RD PMAG Gen M3 Magazine strikes a good balance between bulk and ammunition capacity.

First, the standard stuff: it’s a PMAG. So it’s quite durable and won’t warp. And it’s fitted with a self-lubricating anti-tilt follower to eliminate magazine-related feed issues.

And it’s got the flared floor plate for better grip and handling during weapon manipulations. Also, it’s easy to pull from your mag carrier or chest rig.

However, the 20 round capacity isn’t too limiting. But it’s a tad shorter than a 25 or 30 round magazine. So it’s easier to shoot from a prone position with this magazine. It’s kind of the best of both worlds: more than 10 rounds, but less bulk than 25 or 30 rounds.

Obviously, it’s not as compact as a 10 round magazine. But it gives you a little more room to work on the ground.

Unfortunately, this magazine doesn’t come with the same round count window as the larger Gen M3 PMAGs.

But it works just as well as any PMAG. So it’s a good option for those who want a compromise between magazine capacity and maneuverability.


  • Durable, long-lasting polymer construction won’t warp like a steel magazine.
  • Feeds reliably thanks to the anti-tilt follower.
  • Flared floor plate makes for easy magazine handling during weapon operations.
  • 20 round capacity is a good compromise between capacity and maneuverability.


  • No round count window like other Gen M3 PMAGs.

5. Lancer Systems AR 308 L7AWM 20-RD Magazine - Tactical AR-10 Magazine

The Lancer Systems AR 308 L7AWM 20-RD Magazine is a hybrid magazine that uses both polymer and steel for the lightest, most durable magazine possible.

This magazine is mostly polymer. It’s light and rigid just like an all-polymer magazine.

However, there’s steel reinforcement around the top of the magazine body. So the magazine latch and feed lips are steel. The steel reinforcement means that this magazine locks up nice and tight when you insert it into the magazine well.

And the steel feed lips work with the anti-tilt follower to ensure reliable feeding and maximum reliability.

The steel reinforcement cage is thick and quite durable. However, this magazine is susceptible to the sort of feed lip warping you might see on an all steel magazine.

But this magazine will last a very long time before you see any warping. And you can always bend the feed lips back into place.

The body of this magazine also has a waffle pattern and grip texturing to ensure a secure grip during weapon manipulations. And the floor plate is flared to make it easy to pull this magazine out of a magazine pouch.

The main complaint about these magazines is the price. Holy smokes, they’re as expensive as Sig MPX magazines. But, admittedly, the price is reasonable for what you get.

So, if you want reliable, state-of-the-art AR-10 magazines, these Lancer Systems magazines are the only that fit the bill.


  • Hybrid polymer and steel construction minimizes weight and maximizes durability.
  • Steel feed lips and anti-tilt follower give you reliable operation.
  • Waffle pattern and grip texture offer easy handling during weapon operations.
  • Flared floor plate makes it easy to pull these magazines from your magazine carrier.


  • Steel feed lips are susceptible to warping (after a lot of use).

Blast Away

Your magazine is a critical part of your rifle’s operation. It may not be more common in AR-10 rifles than in other rifles. But bad magazines are one of the most common causes of rifle malfunctions. So make sure you get decent magazines.

Magpul AR .308 25RD PMAG Gen M3 Window

The Magpul AR .308 25RD PMAG Gen M3 Window Magazine is the definition of “decent magazine.” It’s durable and reliable. And it’s got a few creature comforts that help improve your performance with your AR-10 rifle.

If you’re still plinking with those old GI magazines—and having problems—it’s time to upgrade your magazines and remove that common malfunction.