The Best AR-10 Stock for Softening that .308 Recoil

Last Updated on January 22, 2022.

If you’ve built an AR-15, then you know that your AR-15 stock fits on your AR-10. This works well enough. But, the .308 round packs a bit more punch and a stiffer recoil. So, it’s wise to get a stock that makes this recoil more comfortable and helps you make the most of the .308 round.

Fortunately, there are a lot of options. And, there are several AR-10 stocks that are designed specifically for improved comfort and precision. That’s what we’re here to talk about.

Top AR 10 Stock in the Market Today

Our Best Choice

B5 Systems SOPMOD Bravo Stock

B5 Systems SOPMOD Bravo Stock

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  • Angled cheek piece for consistent cheek weld.
  • Three sling attachment points, including QD attachment point.
  • Thick rubber recoil pad.

SPOILER: Now, if you just want to get a stock, slap it on your AR-10, and get going, pick up the B5 Systems SOPMOD Bravo Stock. It’s a solid, utilitarian stock with just enough padding for an AR-10.

If you want to look over all the inventory before making your pick, stick around. We’ll dig into the bin and check out all the best AR-10 stocks.

Best AR 10 Stock Reviews: Filling Your Shoulder Pocket

As we do, we’ll give a rundown on our winning stock first. The honorable mentions will be served up in order of price, from most financially responsible to most financially inadvisable.

Let’s get this done.

1. B5 Systems SOPMOD Bravo Stock

B5 Systems SOPMOD Bravo Stock

Overall Best AR-10 Stock

The B5 Systems SOPMOD Bravo Stock is essentially an upgraded mil-spec stock. It’s just as sturdy and simple as a mil-spec stock. And, it’s more comfortable.

The biggest difference between a standard M4 stock and this stock is the cheek piece. The upper body of this stock is angled to help you consistently get a perfect cheek weldThis ensures that your sights come up in front of your eyes every time you shoulder your rifle.

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On the underside, this stock is fairly similar to a mil-spec stock. The adjustment tab is the same, and the two webbing sling attachment slots are in the same spots as on a mil-spec stock. However, this stock adds a quick detach sling mount point. So, you have plenty of options for attaching your sling.

Lastly, this stock has a generous rubber recoil padIt’s thick enough to make shooting your AR-10 comfortable for long shooting sessions and extended training.

At 11.8 ounces, this stock is slightly heavier than a standard mil-spec stock. So, if you’re replacing a standard M4 stock, it will add just a little weight. But, what’s a few ounces on an AR-10?

Overall, this is an affordable upgrade over a mil-spec stock that will make your AR-10 shooting experience much better.


  • Angled cheek piece for consistent cheek weld.
  • Three sling attachment points, including QD attachment point.
  • Thick rubber recoil pad.


  • A tad heavier than some other stocks.

2. Mission First Tactical Battlelink Minimalist Stock

Mission First Tactical Battlelink Minimalist Stock

Lightweight AR-10 Stock

The Mission First Tactical Battlelink Minimalist Stock is hands-down the best minimalist AR-10 stock on the market. There just isn’t anything else that achieves such a minimal design without sacrificing function.

First, even though it’s minimal, this stock still has three sling attachment points. And, there’s a quick disconnect sling socket. The only downside is that the quick disconnect socket is near the front of the stock, which is a bit unorthodox.

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The body of this stock has a slight angle to help you get a better cheek weld. It’s not a super wide cheek piece. But, it’s enough to help you get your eyes behind your sights quickly.

On the backend, the rubber recoil pad is fairly thick. Also, the buttplate of this stock is angled for faster presentation from the ready. And, even though it looks like it might be a bit fragile, this stock has proven to be incredibly durable.

The adjustment tab is nicely streamlined

There’s really nothing on this Mission First Tactical stock to snag on anything. However, the minimal adjustment tab isn’t ideal for fast adjustment, because it’s a pretty small button to push.

If you’re building a minimalist or lightweight rifle, this should be your go-to stock. And, even if you’re not going for a lightweight build, this stock is still an excellent option.


  • Super lightweight and minimal, without sacrificing function.
  • Angled body assists with getting a good cheek weld.
  • Ample recoil pad.
  • Angled rear plate.
  • Streamlined design.


  • QD socket is in an unusual spot.
  • Adjustment tab is a bit small.

3. Magpul MOE-SL Collapsible Stock

Magpul MOE-SL Collapsible Stock

Tactical AR-10 Stock

The Magpul MOE-SL Collapsible Stock is designed for anyone who needs to shoot with gear strapped to their chest. This stock gives you a good shooting platform, without pushing your kit around.

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First, this stock has a slightly narrower rear plate than most stocks. This is good because it helps you get the stock into your shoulder pocket when you’re wearing a chest rig or body armor. However, this also concentrates recoil forces a bit. So, this may not be the most comfortable AR-10 stock ever.

But, the rubber recoil pad is thick enough to soften the recoil. And, the rear plate is angled, with just tiny bevel at the bottomThis makes for faster presentation from the ready.

The body also features a slight flare to help you consistently get a solid cheek weld, with your eyes behind your sights.

Finally, there are three sling attachment pointstwo webbing slots and one quick disconnect sling socket. So, you can attach your sling in almost any common configuration.

The only downside to this stock is the adjustment lever. It’s not hard to reach, but you can’t put your fingers through the stock to press it. So, it’s a bit inconvenient.

But, this is still a great stock for anyone who uses their AR-10 as a battle rifle and shoots with gear on their chest. If you consider entering in entering competitive shooting, then it will be worth investing in a quality charging handles to avoid minor problems in the future.


  • Narrow rear plate for better shoulder pocket fit with chest rigs and body armor.
  • Decent rubber recoil pad.
  • Angled rear plate with slight bevel at the bottom.
  • Flared body for more consistent cheek weld.
  • Three sling attachment points, including QD sling socket.


  • Narrow end plate can make recoil impulse feel a tad sharper.
  • Adjustment lever could be more convenient.

4. Bravo Company BCMGunfighter SOPMOD MOD 1 Stock

Bravo Company BCMGunfighter SOPMOD MOD 1 Stock

Value AR-10 Stock

The Bravo Company BCMGunfighter SOPMOD MOD 1 Stock is a lightweight stock, that delivers excellent ergonomics and function.

First, the entire thing is very streamlined and snag-free. All the corners are rounded, and the adjustment tab is integrated into the bottom of the stock. Additionally, the adjustment tab is wide and easy to grasp with all four fingers.

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Also, this stock is a tad narrower than most stocks. So, it fits in your shoulder pocket very well, even while wearing a chest rig or body armor. All these things make for a stock that’s perfect for shooting while wearing kit.

This stock is fitted with an angled cheek piece that gives you an excellent cheek weld, every time you shoulder your rifle. And, the cheek piece is skeletonized to reduce the weight. However, some shooters may find that the cheek piece interferes with their gear, depending on their setup.

There’s only one sling attachment point on this stock: a quick disconnect sling socket at the rear. So, you’ll have to stick to standard sling attachment configurations.

Lastly, the rear plate is angled for faster presentation from the ready. And, the integrated rubber recoil pad absorbs recoil surprisingly well.

Even though it might not be the perfect tactical stock, it’s a great stock for anyone who wears kit, and wants the SOPMOD cheek pad.

Also, check out the Bravo Company BCMGunfighter SOPMOD MOD 0 Stock if you want something that’s almost the same, but slightly less expensive.


  • Super streamlined and snag-free design.
  • Narrower overall width to accomodate body armor and chest rigs.
  • Skeletonized SOPMOD cheek piece provides an excellent cheek weld.
  • Angled rear plate.


  • Narrower end plate may deliver slightly more felt recoil.
  • Only one sling attachment point.
  • SOPMOD cheek piece may be too wide for some tactical loadouts.

5. Magpul UBR 2.0 Collapsible Stock

Magpul UBR 2.0 Collapsible Stock

Collapsible Precision AR-10 Stock

One of the downsides of collapsible stocks is that they’re often not as stable as a fixed stock. The Magpul UBR 2.0 Collapsible Stock is designed to give you the stability of a fixed stock, with the adjustability of a collapsible stock.

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This stock is designed so that when you extend and collapse it, the cheek piece stays in place. This enables you to get a more consistent cheek weld and eye relief, regardless of how the stock is adjusted.

And, this is an A5 length stock. So, it’s ideal for using with magnified optics.

Surprisingly, there’s no real cheek rest. But, since the top tube is stationary, you can add your own custom cheek rest.

On the side, there’s a storage compartment for extra batteries, tools, or snacks.

There are only two sling attachment pointsone quick disconnect sling socket on the side, and one webbing slot on the underside

The webbing slot isn’t in the most convenient location. But, it’s adequate for most common sling setups.

Lastly, this isn’t a super high-speed tactical stock. The adjustment mechanism is pretty small, and adjusting this stock takes a moment. So, this stock is better for a long range AR-10.

But, if you need an adjustable stock for a precision AR-10 or DMR, this stock is the way to go. To really solidify your rifle performance, also invest on bolt carrier group which increases your accuracy two-folds.


  • Adjustable stock that mimics the feel and stability of a fixed stock.
  • A5 length for better compatibility with magnified optics.
  • Integrated storage compartment.
  • Two sling attachment points, including one QD sling socket.


  • No cheek rest.
  • Only two sling attachment points.
  • Not ideal for short range tactical rifles.

6. Magpul 308 AR PRS Gen 3 Precision Stock

Magpul 308 AR PRS Gen 3 Precision Stock

Precision AR-10 Stock

The Magpul 308 AR PRS Gen 3 Precision Stock is designed to deliver a perfect fit for precision AR-10 rifles.

First, there’s tons of adjustment. Both the comb height and length of pull are adjustable. And, these are precise adjustments. So, you can dial in the exact fit. All the adjustment components are steel or aluminum for maximum lifespan.

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Unfortunately, the precise adjustments mean that you can’t collapse this stock down to make your rifle compact.

On the backend, there’s a super thick recoil pad designed to absorb the recoil of heavier rounds. So, this stock adds a lot of comfort to your AR-10.

There are two quick disconnect sling sockets, which support most common sling configurations. 

Additionally, there’s an M-LOK rail along the bottom for attaching a monopod or a custom sling mount.

Because of all the adjustment components and metal parts, this Magpul stock is heavier than almost any collapsible or fixed stock. However, the customized fit is worth the weight.

If you have a high-end precision AR-10, this is the stock you should put on it. Just watch out for the price tag. It bites.


  • Outstanding adjustment.
  • Super cushy recoil pad.
  • Two quick disconnect sling sockets.
  • M-LOK accessory rail.


  • Heavy.
  • Expensive.

Settling In

In the end, the stock on your AR-10 is more critical than the stock on your AR-15. The AR-10 packs more recoil. So, the bare minimum stock probably won’t cut it.

B5 Systems SOPMOD Bravo Stock

B5 Systems SOPMOD Bravo Stock

If you need a stock that will do the job without putting you in poverty, get the B5 Systems SOPMOD Bravo Stock. It’s beefy enough to handle the AR-10 recoil, but affordable enough that you won’t have to use one stock for all your ARs.

There you have it. If you’re still running some flimsy mil-spec stock on your prize AR-10, it’s time to fix that. Get yourself a new stock, and have more fun shooting. 

If you're building rifle with this stock, you should pair this up with a heavy-duty and compact barrels.

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