The Best AR-10 Trigger for Getting the Most Accuracy from Your Rifle

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Last Updated on September 10, 2021.

One of the biggest benefits of an AR-10 is the .308 round, which gives you more range and power. Your trigger is one of the most important parts of your rifle, when it comes to achieving maximum precision.

The right trigger will help you take advantage of the larger round and longer range of your AR-10.

Now, an AR-15 trigger will fit in your AR-10. However, .308 rounds often use military primers which are harder than 5.56mm primers. So, using a trigger that’s designed for an AR-15 may cause reliability issues for your AR-10.

Fortunately, almost all trigger manufacturers have AR-10 triggers that are identical to their AR-15 counterparts, but with stronger hammer springs to ensure your rifle functions reliably.

In fact, many manufacturers simply use stronger hammer springs on their AR-15 triggers, and you get the same unit whether you get one that’s labeled for an AR-15 or an AR-10.

The Top AR-10 Triggers to Purchase Today

Our Best Choice

Geissele Automatics AR-15/M16 Two-Stage

Geissele Automatics AR-15/M16 Two-Stage

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  • Reliable mil-spec design
  • Excellent 4.5 pound pull weight
  • Two-stage trigger for smooth trigger press and precise shooting

All that being said, it’s time for our standard SPOILER: If you just want a solid AR-10 trigger that will help you get the most from the .308 round, get the Geissele Automatics AR-15/M16 Two-Stage Trigger. It’s a strong, consistent trigger, and the two-stage design is excellent for long range precision.

If you like knowing all your options before you take the leap, keep reading. We’ve got all the best AR-10 triggers lined up and ready to review.

6 Best AR-10 Trigger Recommendations

We’ll kick the reviews off with our winning trigger. After that, everyone else gets a fair shake in order of price, from the most fitting for a budget rifle to the most fitting for the most expensive AR-10 ever.

Time to pull the trigger on this one.

1. Geissele Automatics AR-15/M16 Two-Stage

Geissele Automatics AR-15/M16 Two-Stage

Overall Best AR-10 Bolt Carrier Group

Geissele is one of the companies that makes their AR-15 triggers strong enough to run in an AR-10. So, don’t be worried about the name. The Geissele Automatics AR-15/M16 Two-Stage Trigger offers an excellent combination of trigger feel and pull weight for a long range battle rifle.

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The trigger feel comes down to the component construction and coatings. This trigger is made from tool steel, which is extremely hard and durable. Additionally, all the friction surfaces are coated to smooth out the trigger movementAll this helps you press your trigger without disturbing your point of aim.

Two-stage triggers are also excellent for long range shooting. A two-stage trigger breaks the trigger pull weight into two, lighter stagesThis makes it easier to break your shots without shifting your rifle.

However, the total pull weight of this trigger is still about 4.5 pounds

This is heavy enough that this trigger is suitable for fast, tactical shooting. But, it’s light enough and the two-stage design makes it an excellent long range trigger, as well.

Also, this trigger offers the reliability of a mil-spec design. Drop-in triggers have become plenty reliable. But, many shooters still find mil-spec triggers to be more trustworthy.

This trigger is suitable for a fully automatic rifle. However, Geissele also makes this trigger specifically for semi-automatic rifles. The Geissele Automatics AR-15/M16 SSA Trigger is the same two-stage trigger, but designed for tactical semi-automatic rifles.

If you’re not a hardcore single-stage trigger fan, this is an excellent trigger that’s an excellent option for long range, optic-assisted shooting.


  • Two-stage trigger makes it easy to get a smooth trigger press for precision shooting.
  • 4.5 pound pull weight is excellent for both long range and short range shooting.
  • Reliable, mil-spec design.


  • Long time single-stage trigger shooters may need some time to adjust to the two-stage trigger.
  • Harder to install than a drop-in trigger.

2. ALG Defense AR-15 Enhanced Military-Style

ALG Defense AR-15 Enhanced Military-Style

Budget AR-10 Bolt Carrier Group

Just because a trigger is inexpensive doesn’t mean that it’s not good. The ALG Defense AR-15 Enhanced Military-Style Trigger is an excellent trigger that’s super affordable.

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This is essentially a mil-spec trigger with better components. The contact surfaces have been precision honed to smooth out the trigger pull and reduce the overall pull weight. This is nice because it has the same feel and function as a mil-spec trigger, just better. If you’re used to mil-spec triggers, this ALG Defense trigger will be a direct upgrade for you.

The pull weight is set at 6.5 pounds. This is about a pound and a half lighter than a bone stock mil-spec trigger. This pull weight is excellent for tactical shooting. However, many will find it to be a bit too heavy for long range precision.

But, the mil-spec design delivers maximum reliability and compatibility. It may not deliver the most impressive performance. But, it will fit and function properly in almost any AR-10.

Even with the slightly heavier pull weight, this is an excellent trigger that provides maximum reliability, with an improved trigger pull, that comes at an outstanding price.


  • Improved trigger press over stock mil-spec triggers.
  • 6.5 pound pull weight is a great pull weight for a battle rifle.
  • Excellent reliability and compatibility.


  • Trigger pull may be heavier than many long range shooters prefer.

3. JP Enterprises AR-15/.308 AR

JP Enterprises AR-15/.308 AR

Adjustable AR-10 Trigger System

If you’re building a custom AR-10, an adjustable trigger is almost a must. Is it even custom if you can’t, you know, customize it? The JP Enterprises AR-15/.308 AR Adjustable Trigger System makes your custom rifle truly customizable, the way a custom rifle should be.

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The obvious selling point here is the adjustable pull weight. But, the overtravel is also adjustable. The pull weight can be set as low as 3 poundsThis is excellent for long range precision shooting. And, you can set the pull weight at 4 pounds if you want your trigger to feel more like a duty trigger.

The adjustment may not be an acceptable range for some professional applications. So, this trigger may not be in compliance with some military or law enforcement requirements.

Even though this trigger is adjustable, it’s still a mil-spec design, which ensures solid function and reliability.

So, you get adjustability without compromising your rifle’s reliability.

But, this trigger smooths out much of the grittiness that plagues mil-spec triggers. The tolerances are tight and the surfaces have been honed smooth. Which makes the trigger press much cleaner than a bone stock mil-spec trigger.

Even though this JP Enterprises trigger doesn’t offer the precision adjustment of some bolt-action triggers, it still enables you to adjust your AR-10 trigger pull weight for a really reasonable price.


  • Gives you trigger pull adjustability for your AR-10.
  • Mil-spec design provides solid reliability.
  • Excellent trigger press in a mil-spec trigger.


  • Trigger press may not be adjustable to fit within some organization standards.

4. CMC Triggers AR-15

CMC Triggers AR-15

Drop-In Two-Stage Trigger

The CMC Triggers AR-15 Two Stage Trigger is an easy-to-install upgrade over a standard mil-spec trigger.

This trigger gives you a much smoother trigger press than a standard mil-spec trigger. Threaded sleeves and oversized center pins ensure that the trigger movement is ultra-smooth, and prevent trigger wobble.

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And, it’s a two-stage trigger which breaks the total pull weight into two stages. So, it’s easier to break your shots without moving your rifle.

The pull weight is not adjustable. But, the take up and overtravel are set very low from the factory. So, this trigger is suitable for tactical and long range shooting, right out of the box.

Drop-in triggers are easier to install than mil-spec triggers. Some shooters feel that drop-in triggers are less reliable than mil-spec triggers. However, this trigger has shown no signs of the reliability issues that gave drop-in triggers a bad name long ago.

And, even though it may not be pretty, the trigger housing is steel sheeting, which provides excellent durability.

It may not be adjustable, and it’s not the most affordable trigger ever. But, this CMC model is an excellent drop-in trigger option for those who want a direct upgrade for their stock trigger.


  • Excellent two-stage trigger press.
  • Minimal take up and overtravel.
  • Easy to install.
  • Durable steel trigger housing.


  • A bit expensive for a non-adjustable trigger.

5. Timney .308 AR Drop-In Module Solid Shoe

Timney .308 AR Drop-In Module Solid Shoe

Drop-In Single-Stage Trigger

Timney makes some of the best AR triggers on the market. The Timney .308 AR Drop-In Trigger Module Solid Shoe is the .308 model of the Timney AR-15 drop-in single-stage trigger. It’s incredibly easy to install, and the trigger press is excellent.

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This trigger uses a heavier hammer to ensure reliable function in .308 rifles. Otherwise, it’s the same as the 5.56mm model.

Reliability is expected. Where this trigger really shines is in the trigger press.

The trigger press has almost zero uptake and creep. And, the break is exceptionally crispIt feels a lot like a good bolt-action trigger.

The pull weight is set at 4 pounds, which is a good compromise between a duty trigger pull weight and a precision trigger press. So, this might be the best drop-in single-stage trigger for an AR-10 battle rifle that you use for both tactical and long range engagements.

And, all the trigger components are machined from tool steel for exceptional hardness and durability. The housing is aluminum, which keeps the weight low, without compromising the longevity.

This Timney trigger is also on the high end of the price spectrum. But, it’s an excellent all-purpose trigger that will make your AR-10 a breeze to shoot in any context. It is also important to invest in excellent rifle stocks to get more comfortability and stability with every shot.


  • Heavier hammer to ensure reliable function with .308 rounds.
  • Excellent trigger press, with minimal uptake and trigger creep.
  • 4 pound pull weight is an excellent all-purpose weight.
  • Tool steel components provide excellent lifespan.
  • Lightweight.


  • Expensive.

6. Geissele Automatics AR-15 Super Dynamic

Geissele Automatics AR-15 Super Dynamic

Flat-Face Mil-Spec AR-10 Trigger

While a good curved trigger is an excellent option, a flat-face trigger offers better trigger finger placement and trigger feel for many shooters. The Geissele Automatics AR-15 Super Dynamic Trigger is an excellent option for those who want a flat-face trigger with an incredible pull.

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The flat face is the main point of this trigger. A flat-trigger reduces the perceived pull weight, which gives you better control over your trigger press. It also gives better tactile feedback which helps you feel the reset for faster shooting.

The total pull weight is set at 4.5 pounds, which is separated into two-stages for more precise shooting. So, this is an excellent trigger for a designated marksman rifle or precision AR-10. However, the pull weight is high enough for duty and tactical use as well.

If you’re a competition shooter or use your AR-10 exclusively at long ranges, you may prefer the 3.5 pound or the single-stage 3.5 pound model. 

But, these lighter triggers may not be suitable for a duty or tactical rifle.

As with all Geissele triggers, all the components are coated and honed for exceptional smoothnessThis removes any grit or crunch in the trigger press, for a super smooth pull.

One of the nice things is that Geissele has made an exceptional mil-spec trigger. You get an excellent trigger, with mil-spec reliability.

Overall, the price point of this trigger makes it best for high-end rifles. If you’re doing any serious long range or competition shooting with your AR-10, this might be the best trigger for you. For final piece of advice with every pull of your trigger, recoils can be felt therefore it is kind of a no-brainer move to get a reliable muzzle brakes to greatly reduce recoils from every shot.


  • Flat trigger face reduces perceived pull weight and increases trigger control.
  • Two-stage trigger makes it easier to break each shot.
  • Excellent tactile reset.
  • 4.5 pound and 3.5 pound models for multiple applications.
  • Exceptionally smooth trigger press.


  • Expensive.
  • Some people find flat-face triggers to be uncomfortable.

Getting Good Hits

A good trigger can be even more valuable in an AR-10 than it is in an AR-15 (though, your AR-15 trigger is still really important). The .308 round is capable of reaching longer ranges. So, a good trigger really helps you squeeze all that performance out of the larger round.

And, you can use your AR-10 trigger in your AR-15, if you enjoy swapping parts.

Geissele Automatics AR-15/M16 Two-Stage Trigger

Geissele Automatics AR-15/M16 Two-Stage

If you want a trigger that will work for almost any AR-10 rifle and won’t force you to file bankruptcy, get the Geissele Automatics AR-15/M16 Two-Stage Trigger. It’s an affordable trigger that gives you a great trigger press.

So, if you’re yearning for a trigger that will help you get those long range hits, you know which ones will help you get on target. Now, upgrade your trigger and start getting better hits.

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