The 7 Best AR 10 Triggers: More Precision, Better Shooting

Last Updated on January 22, 2022.

The AR-10 is more of a precision platform than the AR-15. Not that an AR-15 can’t be precise. But the AR-10 fires a bigger round that’s typically more capable at long ranges. That’s probably why you’re here looking for the best AR-10 trigger: so you can get that sweet sweet long-range precision.

Now, I’m no trigger snob. But I’ve pulled on quite a few triggers. And I understand why people are picky about triggers.

So I’ve put together this compilation of the best AR-10 triggers, based on my experience with my own rifles, my friends’ rifles, and rifles we’ve built for the rental fleet.

The Top AR-10 Triggers to Purchase Today

Our Best Choice

Geissele Automatics AR-15/M16 Two-Stage

Geissele Automatics AR-15/M16 Two-Stage

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  • Reliable mil-spec design
  • Excellent 4.5 pound pull weight
  • Two-stage trigger for smooth trigger press and precise shooting

All that being said, it’s time for our standard SPOILER: If you just want a solid AR-10 trigger that will help you get the most from the .308 round, get the Geissele Automatics AR-15/M16 Two-Stage Trigger. It’s a strong, consistent trigger, and the two-stage design is excellent for long range precision.

If you like knowing all your options before you take the leap, keep reading. We’ve got all the best AR-10 triggers lined up and ready to review.

7 Best AR-10 Trigger Reviews: All Hits

Of course, I have my favorites. But these are the best AR-10 triggers I’ve found, even the ones that aren’t my favorite. Who knows, one of them might turn out to be your favorite.

1. Geissele Automatics AR-15/M16 Two-Stage

Geissele Automatics AR-15/M16 Two-Stage

A Geissele AR-15 trigger and a Geissele AR-10 trigger are one in the same. Geissele uses strong enough springs in their triggers to deliver reliability in both an AR-10 and an AR-15.Personally, I think the Geissele Automatics Two-Stage Trigger is probably Geissele’s best trigger, when you consider the price.

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It’s not quite as smooth as a more expensive Geissele trigger.  But it’s very good. And it’s notably more affordable than something like the Geissele SSA-E (more on that one below).

And it’s a really solid trigger for precision shooting.

The two-stage feel is excellent, especially if you’re using a more relaxed precision shooting grip. Each stage is reasonably pronounced. But it’s still easy to press smoothly through both stages without tensing your grip and disturbing your point of aim.

The thing that makes precision shooters sour a little bit on this trigger is the 4.5 pound pull weight. For a pure precision rifle, that might be on the heavy side.

However, it’s a decent pull weight for an AR-10 battle rifle that’s more of a hybrid between a full-on precision AR-10 and a tactical rifle.

And that’s why I like this trigger as an all-around AR-10 trigger: it’s a good all-purpose trigger, with a price that’s more in line with a do-it-all AR-10.

2. Geissele Automatics Super Dynamic Enhanced Trigger

ALG Defense AR-15 Enhanced Military-Style

The Geissele Automatics Super Dynamic Enhanced Trigger is one of the best if you want a lighter trigger press and a better trigger shape for precision shooting.

In many ways, this trigger is similar to the Geissele 2-stage trigger. But it has a flat trigger bow. And a lighter overall pull weight—3.5 pounds.

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The trigger press has the smooth movement that Geissele triggers are known for. However, it has a shorter reset than the standard Geissele 2-stage. It’s nice because it keeps everything more stable for follow-up shots.

The flat faced trigger bow may not be a big deal to you. But it makes it easier to press the trigger straight to the rear. That helps you press the trigger without moving your rifle laterally.

It’s a small improvement. But small improvements make a difference when tiny shifts in your point of aim can make you miss.

It might not turn you into a super sniper. Only you can do that. But, if you have an AR-10 that’s built for precision, this trigger is a fantastic option.

3. ALG Defense Advanced Combat Trigger (ACT)

If you’re upgrading or building an AR-10 on a budget, the ALG Defense Advanced Combat Trigger is the way to go. I use ALG triggers more than I use almost any other trigger. They’re affordable. And they’re excellent, considering the price.

Essentially, the ACT is a mil-spec trigger with a smoother coating on the trigger piece to smooth out the trigger press. Also, ALG is careful to use springs that keep the trigger press at about 5.5 pounds.

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Admittedly, 5.5 pounds is probably a tad heavy for a dedicated precision rifle. But, let’s be honest, a budget AR-10 is probably not an extreme precision rifle.

To me, this trigger is good enough for moderate long-range shooting. If you’re looking to hit the gong at 500 yards—maybe 700 yards—this trigger is good enough to get the job done.

If you’ve got an AR-10 with a bone stock mil-spec trigger, the ACT is an affordable upgrade that won’t hold you back.

4. JP Enterprises Trigger Kit

CMC Triggers AR-15

JP Enterprises produces competition-ready rifle components. And the JP Enterprises Trigger Kit is one of the simplest and most affordable adjustable AR-10 triggers on the market. But it’s not all about simplicity and price.

The JP adjustable trigger kit has an incredibly minimal pull and reset. The overall trigger movement is tiny. It’s not quite as slight as a bolt-action trigger. But it’s close

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I found the minimal movement to be the biggest help in precision shooting. It’s just easier to keep your crosshairs steady throughout the trigger press because there’s not much trigger press.

Additionally, the pull weight can be set at 3 pounds, which is decent for even a precision rifle. Some people even make the argument that you shouldn’t go lower than 3 pounds on an AR pattern rifle. Though, that’s debatable.

The only thing that might stick in your craw is that this is a single-stage trigger. Sure, the overall pull weight can be set pretty low. But you may find that a two-stage trigger is more manageable for precision shooting. If two-stage triggers are your game, you’ll probably want to pony up for a Geissele.

But, if you want a more affordable adjustable trigger with a great trigger press, the JP Enterprises trigger kit is the way to go.

5. Hiperfire Hipertouch Enhanced Duty Trigger Heavy Gunner

Timney .308 AR Drop-In Module Solid Shoe

Admittedly, the Hipertouch Enhanced Duty Trigger Heavy Gunner is my favorite AR-10 trigger. But, to be fair, that’s because it’s a great trigger. And it’s not all that expensive.

This trigger has a proprietary trigger piece and sear that shortens the take-up, makes the break cleaner, and produces a short, snappy reset. And it works.

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In terms of the precision shooting experience, the short trigger pull does most of the work. I find that having to move the trigger less makes it easier to take precision shots because I don’t feel like I’m pressing the trigger forever while trying to keep my crosshairs on target.

Of course, the lowest pull weight is 4.5 pounds and this is a single stage trigger. That may not be ideal for a pure precision AR-10. But this is a great trigger for an all-purpose battle rifle. I’ve never had trouble getting hits at 500 to 700 yards, as long as I take time with my shots.

All in all, if I had to put just one trigger in all of my rifles, this would be the one I would use.

6. CMC Triggers AR-15

Geissele Automatics AR-15 Super Dynamic

A CMC AR-15 trigger and a CMC AR-10 trigger are the same trigger. And the CMC Triggers Two-Stage Trigger is the best option if you want a two-stage trigger press from a drop-in unit. Yeah, it’s a tad pricey. But the performance is solid.

The trigger press is broken into 2 pound stages. That does make for a 4 pound overall pull weight.

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But the trigger movement is impressively smooth. And the two-stage design does it’s job of easing the trigger press. It’s no problem to ease through the trigger press without any snappy movements that would impact your accuracy.

Additionally, the break is incredibly clean. And that’s one of the key selling points of a drop in trigger. The entire trigger unit is self contained. So they can alter the geometry inside the trigger to create a crisp snap when the trigger breaks.

Overall, even with a 4 pound trigger press, this trigger delivers a clean and smooth enough trigger press that you could totally use it on a precision rifle.

If you want a super light trigger press, this might not be for you. But if you want a really clean, manageable trigger press, the CMC 2-stage trigger delivers.

7. Timney .308 Drop-In Trigger Module Solid Shoe

Geissele Automatics AR-15 Super Dynamic

The Timney .308 Drop-In Trigger Module is one of the few triggers that’s designed specifically for AR-10 rifles.

Now, Timeny does make fancier triggers. But I find they’re higher end triggers to be a bit overcomplicated. I prefer the standard trigger shoe on this trigger, rather than the Timney adjustable trigger shoe.

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Now, the thing that makes this trigger popular is the trigger movement. It’s short and smooth. Almost no takeup. And absolutely no creep, which is what Timney triggers are known for.

Whenever I’ve had the opportunity to use this trigger, I’ve been impressed. It feels a lot like a bolt-action rifle trigger. It’s easy to press the trigger steadily without tensing your grip, which is what you want.

However, the trigger pull weight is 4 pounds. Not terrible. But there are comparably priced triggers that have a lighter pull weight.

Also, this is a single stage trigger. So you’ll have to push through that entire 4 pounds altogether. It’s totally manageable. But I think it would be easier to keep your aim steady through the trigger press if this were a 2-stage trigger.

Overall, I think the trigger press and break are good enough to justify the cost. But I think that this trigger is best if you actually prefer a single-stage trigger.

Getting Good Hits

A good trigger can be even more valuable in an AR-10 than it is in an AR-15 (though, your AR-15 trigger is still really important). The .308 round is capable of reaching longer ranges. So, a good trigger really helps you squeeze all that performance out of the larger round.

And, you can use your AR-10 trigger in your AR-15, if you enjoy swapping parts.

So, if you’re yearning for a trigger that will help you get those long range hits, you know which ones will help you get on target. Now, upgrade your trigger and start getting better hits.