The Best AR 15 Accessories to Really Dial in Your Rifle

Last Updated on January 9, 2021.

So, you’ve got a new AR-15. Obviously, now you’re on the hunt for the best AR 15 accessories to upgrade from the base model. Why buy an AR-15 if you’re not going to tinker with it, right?

There are a ton of accessories you can put on your rifle. Which ones are best depends partly on your intended use for the rifle. But, there are some upgrades that are helpful in any context.

Our Best Choices

SPOILER: If you’ve got a base model AR-15, and you just want to make it perform better without much shopping around, add these three things to your rifle:

  1. Bravo Company AR-15 Mod 3 Gunfighter Grip
  2. Bravo Company AR-15 BCMGunfighter Stock
  3. Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Applications Sling

Just these three upgrades will make your rifle more comfortable, easier to use, and usable in any shooting context.

If you’re interested in adding more accessories, or just want to check out some other options, keep reading. We’ll cover all the essential AR-15 accessories.

The Top AR-15 Accessories Today

The Best AR 15 Accessories Reviews: Making Your Rifle Perfect for You

Here’s how this works: we’ll cover each accessory category, starting with the best in each class. All the rest will be covered in order of price, from least shock inducing to most ridiculously priced.

Let’s start with pistol grips.

Best AR-15 Pistol Grips

If you have an A2 pistol grip, it should be one of the first things you replace. The A2 pistol grip has a ridiculous grip angle that wrecks your trigger finger positioning. And, they’re uncomfortable. Here are your best replacement options.

1. Bravo Company AR-15 Mod 3 Gunfighter Grip - Best Overall Pistol Grip

The Bravo Company AR-15 Mod 3 Gunfighter Grip is easily one of the best pistol grips on the market. It might be the best upgrade you can get for under $20.

It does away with the A2 finger groove, which doesn’t really work for anyone. However, there’s a tab at the bottom to keep your pinky from slipping off of the grip.

But, the most important thing is the reduced grip angle. The grip angle is several degrees less than an A2 grip. This puts your hand in a more natural, upright position. And, it enables natural trigger finger placement. So, you don’t have to tweak your index finger to reach the trigger.

The grip texture is also more comfortable than an A2 grip. It provides good purchase on your pistol grip. But, it’s not abrasive.

This grip is hands down the best pistol grip you can get for the money. It’s simple, affordable, and effective.

  • Excellent grip angle and contour.
  • No finger groove.
  • Outstanding grip texture.
  • Base tab keeps your pinky on the grip.
  • A tad heavier than an A2 grip. If that’s even a real con.

2. Daniel Defense AR-15 Pistol Grip - Most Comfortable Pistol Grip

If you want a slightly more lavish grip, the Daniel Defense AR-15 Pistol Grip is the way to go. It’s a huge improvement over an A2 grip in both ergonomics and performance.

First, the grip angle is lower than that of an A2 grip. So, it promotes a natural hand position and index finger alignment with the trigger.

However, it also includes an integrated trigger guard. If you already have an upgraded trigger guard, this might not be that great for you. But, if you’re still using a mil-spec trigger guard, you get two upgrades in one.

The integrated trigger guard is curved to give you better access to your trigger, which is especially helpful if you wear shooting gloves.

This grip also features a rubberized texture, which provides a very secure grip that holds even when your hands are sweaty or grimy. 

But, it won’t tear your hands up during long shooting sessions.

Overall, this grip is probably the most comfort you can get without spending a ton of money.
  • Grip angle provides natural hand position and trigger finger alignment.
  • Integrated trigger guard is an upgrade over a mil-spec trigger guard.
  • Rubberized texture is super comfortable and grippy.
  • Integrated trigger guard isn’t a huge benefit if you already have an upgraded trigger guard.

Best AR-15 Stocks

Your stock is a major contributor to getting a good rifle fit that helps you naturally align the point of aim with your line of sight. Mil-spec stocks are not only uncomfortable, they also have fairly poor ergonomics. Here are the best stocks for replacing that old M4 stock.

3. Bravo Company AR-15 BCMGunfighter Stock - Best Overall AR-15 Stock

The Bravo Company AR-15 BCMGunfighter Stock is easily the best straight over replacement for an M4 stock. It does everything an M4 stock does, but better.

First, it has a rubber recoil pad, which makes it more comfortable to shoot. The backend of the stock is also angled, with a slight bevel at the bottom to make it easier to present your rifle from the ready.

There are also two sling attachment points: one quick detach point, and one webbing slot. Both attachment points are ambidextrous.

The only struggle with the webbing slot is that it’s horizontal. A vertical slot would probably be better for most sling configurations. But, most shooters will want to use a quick detach sling swivel, anyway.

The adjustment tab is super streamlined, and the locking mechanism is steel

It’s an incredibly durable design that stands up to a ton of abuse.

This stock is also very light. So, it’s a perfect replacement for an M4 stock. It makes your rifle more comfortable, without changing the weight or profile.
  • Rubber recoil pad for more comfortable shooting.
  • Angled and beveled butt plate for easier rifle presentation.
  • Quick detach points and webbing slot for sling attachment.
  • Streamlined, snag-free design.
  • Very light.
  • Horizontal webbing slot isn’t ideal for most sling configurations.

4. Mission First Tactical Battlelink Minimalist Stock - Best Lightweight AR-15 Stock

Some have argued that the Mission First Tactical Battlelink Minimalist Stock is the best AR-15 stock ever. It’s a fair argument. So, let’s investigate.

As you may have guessed, this stock is super light. There’s just not much to it. And, the durability has been tested. There’s no compromise in construction to make this stock lighter.

However, despite the minimalist design, you still get two webbing attachment points and one quick detach sling attachment point.

Additionally, the body is angled to help you get a better cheek weld. So, there’s a lot of functionality packed into this stock.

The only real complaint is the quick detach sling mounting point. It’s located near the front of the stock. So, if you prefer your sling attached at the rear of the stock, you’ll need to use the webbing slot. But, that mostly comes down to personal preference.

Overall, this is a super lightweight stock that doesn’t sacrifice any durability or function to keep the weight down. It’s an excellent option for anyone trying to keep their rifle as light as possible.

  • Super lightweight.
  • Excellent durability and functionality.
  • Angled body for improved cheek weld.
  • Webbing and quick detach sling attachment points.
  • Quick detach sling attachment point may not fit everyone’s preference.

Best AR-15 Slings

No matter what you use your rifle for, you need a sling. A sling helps you retain your weapon in force on force situations. You can use your sling for shooting support. And, your sling just makes it easier to carry your rifle around. Here are the best slings for your AR-15.

There’s a lot of chatter about 1-point versus 2-point versus 3-point slings. But, a 2-point sling is the most versatile. And, a 2-point sling is just as simple as the others. The Blue Force Gear AR-15 Vickers Combat Applications Sling is the simplest, most versatile 2-point sling on the market.

First, this sling adjusts easily with a simple pull tab. And, there’s no tail or excess material to snag on anything.

All the hardware is hard polymer, and the only piece that’s a single point of failure is made of steel. Additionally, the strap is made of durable, cordura nylon webbing.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to purchase quick detach mounts. There are loops for attachment hardware at each end of the sling. But, no mounting hardware is included.

Overall, the design is very simple and functional. It’s a great all-purpose sling.

  • Incredibly fast and simple adjustment via a large pull tab.
  • Hard polymer adjustment hardware.
  • Steel mid-section connector.
  • Thick, cordura webbing straps.
  • No mounting hardware included.

6. Haley Strategic Partners D3 Sling - Most Versatile AR-15 Sling

2-point slings work in any context. But, they’re not great at adapting to specific contexts. The Haley Strategic Partners D3 Sling gives you a lot of configuration options for those who need a sling that can be configured for specific situations.

This sling functions as both a 1-point and 2-point sling. Swapping between the two configurations is as simple as detaching a quick detach sling swivel and reattaching it in a different position.

The configurability is excellent for armed professionals and those who use their rifles for multiple contexts like competition and home defense.

There’s also a padded section which makes the sling more comfortable when you’re not wearing any kit to protect your shoulders. And, the padding is very low profile. So, it doesn’t add bulk to the sling or snag on your gear.

This sling has two adjustment points. There’s one locking adjustment slider for sizing the sling to the shooter. Then, there’s a quick adjustment pull loop for quickly shortening or lengthening the sling for different weapon carriage positions.

The only issue with this sling is that the attachment point for switching between 1-point and 2-point can snag on gear a bit when sliding the weapon around your body. Also, if you use this as a hasty sling, the additional sling swivel digs into your forearm.

Even so, this is still an incredibly adaptable sling that takes a more situation-specific approach to versatility, rather than a one-size-fits all design that does everything pretty well.
  • Excellent configurability for adapting to any shooting context, works as a 1-point and 2-point sling.
  • Two adjustment points for very specific sizing and quick loosening or tightening.
  • Steel mid-section connector.
  • Includes quick detach sling swivels.
  • Additional hardware can snag on gear.
  • Not ideal for use as a hasty sling.

Best AR-15 Foregrips

Foregrips are less essential than the other accessories we’ve talked about. However, the right foregrip can really help you tighten your shooting grip and get more control over your rifle. Here are the foregrips that will improve your performance in any context.

7. Bravo Company BCMGunfighter Mod 3 Vertical Grip - Best AR-15 Vertical Foregrip

Vertical grips aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Many shooters like to get a grip on their handguard rather than on the vertical grip itself. However, the Bravo Company BCMGunfighter Mod 3 Vertical Grip is designed to work for almost any grip technique.

This vertical foregrip is slightly angled. So, you can use it as a handstop or a brace for a thumb-forward or thumb-over grip. The angle also makes it more comfortable for those who like to hold the foregrip itself.

To reduce snagging potential, they made this grip as short as possible, without making it too short to be useful. It’s just enough to get a full grip on.

It’s also got two grip textures. There are horizontal serrations on the front and back, where your fingers are, to keep your hand from sliding off the grip. Then, there’s sandpaper-like texturing on the sides to ensure a solid grip even with sweaty or grimy hands.

Now, if you prefer a totally horizontal grip, this isn’t the foregrip for you. But, for those who prefer a hybrid grip, with their hand braced against a stop, this is an incredibly versatile option.

  • Slightly angled grip design makes this comfortable for most grip techniques.
  • Short, but not too short to get a full grip.
  • Strategically placed grip texturing.
  • Works as a handstop or vertical grip.
  • Not ideal for shooters who want to keep their support hand completely horizontal.

8. Phase 5 Tactical Mini Handstop - Best AR-15 Handstop

For those who like their support hand to be horizontal, with the thumb forward or over the handguard, a handstop works perfectly. The Phase 5 Tactical Mini Handstop gives you the brace you need, without adding any bulk to your forend.

There’s not a ton to say about this one, because it’s so simple.

It’s a solid piece of aluminum.

It’s contoured to give you a comfortable platform to pull your rifle into your shoulder.

There are wide serrations to keep your hand from slipping over your handstop, even if your hands are sweaty and slick.

That’s it. The only downside is that, unlike a vertical grip, you can’t really use this as a barricade support, because of the angled front face.

So, if you grip your handguard with your support hand, this is probably the forend accessory for you.

  • Solid aluminum construction.
  • Comfortable contour.
  • Grip serrations to keep your hand in place.
  • Minimal design.
  • Makes a poor barricade support.

Customize Your Loadout

One of the great strengths of the AR-15 platform is the customizability. If you’ve got a bone stock rifle, changing out just a few things will make a huge difference especially with excellent quality construction.

If you want just a few accessories that will significantly improve the comfort and function of your rifle, get these three:

  1. Bravo Company AR-15 Mod 3 Gunfighter Grip
  2. Bravo Company AR-15 BCMGunfighter Stock
  3. Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Applications Sling

Just a few upgrades can go a long way. Now that you know which ones will give you the most mileage, customize your rifle a bit and watch your shooting improve.

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