The Best AR 15 Brass Catcher for Retaining that Not-Cheap Brass

Last Updated on January 6, 2021.

Let’s face it: picking up brass sucks. Whether you have to do it for range maintenance or to collect brass for reloading, picking up brass is less fun than filling magazines or cleaning your AR-15.

That’s why having an AR-15 brass catcher is awesome. It saves you all sorts of time and hassle during the cleanup phase of shooting. And you can get a decent brass catcher for a pretty minimal price.

So an AR-15 brass catcher offers a ton of value for the money.


Our Best Choice

XAegis Brass Catcher

  • Easy to attach and detach once you’ve got the picatinny mount installed.
  • Distance from ejection port can be adjusted to accommodate any upper receiver design.
  • Structured bag reduces the number of casings that land nose down in the pouch.

SPOILER—if you’re here to buy, not read, get the XAegis Brass Catcher. It’s a simple, efficient, and affordable brass catcher that offers excellent convenience for the money.

If you’re here to do a bit of reading and research, we’ve got all the best AR-15 brass catchers lined up for you to inspect.

Top AR 15 Brass Catcher on the Market Today

Best AR 15 Brass Catcher Reviews: Less Cleanup, More Brass

The overall best AR-15 brass catcher is first on the list. The best AR-15 brass catchers in each category are laid out in order of price.

First on the list: least expensive AR-15 brass catchers.

Last on the list: most expensive AR-15 brass catchers.

Scroll accordingly.

1. XAegis Brass Catcher - Overall Best AR-15 Brass Catcher

The XAegis Brass Catcher offers a lot of convenience for a remarkably low price. It’s easy to use and does the job. And you can’t ask for much more than that.

The two big deals with this brass catcher are the bag and the mount.

The mount is easy to use. But it could be simpler. It uses a clip that mounts to your picatinny top rail. Then you can simply slide the brass catcher on and off using the spring loaded button.

It’s a quick and easy system once you get the picatinny mounted clip installed. And you can adjust how far out from the ejection port this brass catcher sits, which makes it compatible with any upper receiver.

However, I’m not a fan of having to attach the clip to the top rail. I’d prefer that the bag left the top rail clear when it wasn’t attached. But it’s not a big deal, if you don’t have anything else you need to mount in that spot.

On the other hand, I really like that the bag is structured. So it stays open rather than sagging. This helps keep casings from landing nose down in the bottom of the bag. That way the bag lasts longer.

The mesh is heat resistant. But it will eventually burn through if you continually put the hottest part of the casings against it.

Occasionally, casings still land nose down. But it doesn’t seem to happen as often as it does with floppy brass catcher bags.

Even though it’s not perfect. For the money, this brass catcher is excellent. It’s easy to use once you get it set up. And it holds about 100 rounds, which is about as many as you’d want to have hanging on the side of your rifle.


  • Easy to attach and detach once you’ve got the picatinny mount installed.
  • Distance from ejection port can be adjusted to accommodate any upper receiver design.
  • Structured bag reduces the number of casings that land nose down in the pouch.
  • Zippered bottom for fast emptying.
  • Holds about 100 casings.


  • Picatinny mount takes up rail space on top of your upper receiver.

2. Feyachi Brass Shell Catcher - Budget AR-15 Brass Catcher

The Feyachi Brass Shell Catcher is not only a really affordable brass catcher. It also keeps your top rail clear. So it’s a great option for those who have an optic or carry handle on top of their upper receiver.

This brass catcher mounts to your handguard, rather than the top of your upper receiver. That means that the rail space where you’d ordinarily mount a scope or red dot sight stays clear.

Also, the mounting system is just a velcro strap, which is super quick and easy to use. And it doesn’t require a specific mounting system. It fits any handguard.

However, the brass catcher mount covers the space where many handguards have a QD sling socket. So this brass catcher may interfere with your sling configuration.

Also, the mouth of the bag is structured. So it stays open to give the casings space to eject. That way it doesn’t cause any malfunctions from casings failing to eject.

Unfortunately, the bag itself is not structured. Casings land nose down in the bottom of the bag more often than with a fully structured bag.

But the bag is heat resistant. The casings won’t immediately melt the mesh. But it could shorten the life of the bag.

The bag is zippered to make it quick and simple to empty. It holds somewhere between 50 and 100 casings, depending on how stuffed you let the bag get.

All in all, though, this is a great value for the money, especially if you want to use the rail on top of your receiver.


  • Mount system keeps rail space on top of your upper receiver clear for optics.
  • Quick and simple velcro mounting system.
  • Mouth of the bag is structured to stay open so it doesn’t cause malfunctions.
  • Zippered bag is quick and easy to empty.


  • Velcro mount covers QD sling sockets on some handguards.
  • Loose bag sometimes causes rounds to flip and land nose down, which could shorten the life of the bag.

3. GLORYFIRE Picatinny Rail Brass Catcher - Value AR-15 Brass Catcher

The GLORYFIRE Picatinny Rail Brass Catcher offers excellent brass catching capabilities and is very well-built. But it mounts to a picatinny rail, which comes with it’s complications.

This brass catcher uses a structured bag that stays open and away from the ejection port. And the brass tends to land on its side at the bottom of the bag.

The bag design keeps your ejection port clear. So the bag doesn’t cause any malfunctions. And it ensures that the bag holds up for as long as possible by keeping the hot nose of the brass away from the mesh.

Also, the bag holds up to about 100 casings. And the rigid frame at the mouth of the brass catcher keeps it from sagging once it gets full.

It also attaches and detaches really easily. You basically just slide it on and off the included picatinny mount.

The picatinny mount is the least convenient part. Not only does it take up rail space above your ejection port cover. It’s also one of the bulkier picatinny brass catcher mounts.

The picatinny rail mount is sort of a bummer because everything else about this brass catcher is excellent. However, if you’ve got the rail space and don’t mind the chunky picatinny rail mount, you’ll be super happy with the ease of use and function of this brass catcher.


  • Bag features a very sturdy frame that eliminates malfunctions caused by your brass catcher.
  • Casings tend to land on their side at the bottom of the bag.
  • Frame keeps the bag from sagging when it gets full.
  • Quick and easy attachment and detachment.


  • Picatinny rail mount takes up rail space above your ejection port and it’s a somewhat chunky mount.

4. KET Brass Deflector - AR-15 Brass Catcher Alternative

Just because you want to collect your brass doesn’t mean that you need to catch it as it comes out of your gun. The KET Brass Deflector offers an excellent alternative to a brass catcher that’s actually very handy.

There’s no bag on this brass deflector. It simply stops the brass shortly after it exits the ejection port. So your brass falls straight down from your gun. If you have a tray or bucket, you can easily position it to catch the brass as it falls.

However, this is also a nice bit of gear to have on your gun in a class or on a crowded range. It keeps your brass out of your neighbor’s face. But you never have to stop and empty the bag. So this brass deflector is handy even if you don’t need to pick up your brass.

It also attaches and detaches super easily and quickly with simple snap-on clips.

Unfortunately, it still takes up space on your picatinny rail. But the clips are small enough to fit under or around certain optic configurations.

It also comes in several colorsBecause looking cool is half the battle.

In all seriousness, this KET brass deflector is an excellent option if you want easier brass cleanup and additional utility beyond just catching brass.


  • Can be used to catch brass or just make brass cleanup easier.
  • Ideal for keeping brass out of other people’s faces in classes or on crowded ranges.
  • Super quick and easy attachment and detachment.
  • Multiple color options.


  • Won’t catch brass without a tray or bucket.
  • Takes up space on your upper receiver picatinny rail.

The TacStar Industries Brass Catcher with Picatinny Rail Mount is probably the most durable brass catcher you can get without going full plastic or metal.

The bag is incredibly structured. It stays well away from your ejection port cover and won’t cause any malfunctions.

The bag also has impressive capacity for its size. It holds about 120 casings, which is about 20 casings more than many competing brass catchers.

Yes, this bag requires you to put a picatinny mount on your top rail.

However, this is one of the best picatinny mount designs available. The mount can be positioned anywhere along the top of the bag. That way you can put the picatinny mount where it doesn’t interfere with your optics.

Also, the bag detaches from the mount. So you can empty this TacStar Industries brass catcher without taking the whole thing off your rifle. It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to empty your brass catcher.

Lastly, brass almost never lands nose down in the bottom of the bag. Even if it did, the material is exceptionally tough. So it will hold up much longer than most mesh bags.

But, overall, this is an incredibly sturdy and easy-to-use brass catcher that’s surprisingly affordable, considering the quality.


  • Bag is super rigid and structured. Won’t cause malfunctions.
  • Holds more casings than most brass catchers.
  • Bag can be emptied without detaching the brass catcher from your rifle.
  • Super durable.
  • Picatinny mount can be adjusted around your optics.


  • Even though the picatinny mount is adjustable, it still takes up space on your top rail where optics are usually mounted.

6. Caldwell Picatinny Rail Brass Catcher - Compact Brass Catcher

The Caldwell Picatinny Rail Brass Catcher is a very simple and efficient brass catcher that probably offers the best solution for a picatinny mounted brass catcher.

Although other brass catchers have an adjustable mount, this one can be positioned impressively far back. You can slide the mount far enough to the rear of the bag that it most likely won’t interfere with any optic.

So it’s great if you have an optic that takes up most of the rail space on top of your lower receiver.

The bag also features a nicely structured mouth that keeps the bag away from your ejection port. However, the bottom of the bag is loose. Occasionally rounds will land with the hottest end down. This can shorten the life of the bag.

But, the bag holds about 100 casings, which is about standard for a brass catcher. However, the structuring at the mouth of the bag does a good job of keeping the mount from sagging as it gets full.

As you’d expect, the bag is zippered for easy emptying.

There’s nothing super special about the bag on this brass catcher. However, the mount is more adjustable than most other bags. So it nearly solves the issue of taking up space on your upper receiver picatinny rail.


  • Excellent structuring around the mouth of the bag eliminates ejection.
  • Bag structure keeps the bag from sagging when it gets full.
  • Adjustable mount can be positioned further back than most brass catchers.
  • Zippered bottom makes emptying bag quick and easy.


  • Rounds have a tendency to land with the hottest end against the mesh of the bag, which will eventually start to wear through the bag.

7. E&L Manufacturing, Inc. Brass Catcher - Rigid Box AR-15 Brass Catcher

The E&L Manufacturing, Inc. Brass Catcher is probably the most durable and robust brass catcher on the market.

That’s because it’s a box brass catcher, rather than a bag. So it’s a completely rigid shell that’s more durable and more heat resistant than mesh.

It also attaches using a very simple snap on system that attaches and detaches super quickly and easily.

Unfortunately the mount doesn’t offer a lot of adjustability. It’s a very small mount, though. But if it’s in the way of your optic… You may not be able to fix that without removing your optic.

The box holds 60 expended casings, which is pretty decent. But it doesn’t hold as many casings as some of the bag brass catchers.

Also, the remarkable durability comes with a price: this brass catcher is entirely rigid. So you have to work around it a tad more than a soft brass catcher.

But this brass catcher will hold up to more abuse and last longer than a mesh bag. So it’s a good option for anyone who needs a brass catcher for hard use.


  • Super durable polymer construction.
  • Snap attachment system makes attaching or detaching this brass catcher a snap.
  • Attachment system takes up very little space on top of your rifle.
  • Holds 60 expended casings.


  • You’ll need to work around the rigid box during weapon manipulations.
  • Doesn’t hold quite as many casings as some of the bag brass catchers.

Cleaning Up

Cleaning up brass sucks. If you collect brass for reloading, or if you just want to be a courteous and responsible shooter (which you should), life is much easier with a brass catcher. End of story.


If you want a brass catcher that will do the job without putting a dent in your ammo budget, get the XAegis Brass Catcher. It’s affordable, easy to use, and it catches your brass just the way it should.

There’s no reason to keep spitting brass all over the place. Get yourself a brass catcher and spend more time shooting and tossing back cold ones after a good range day and less time collecting brass that goes great a notable AR 15 speedloader.