The Best AR 15 Collapsible Stock for Every Shooter [2023]

Last Updated on February 20, 2023.

The furniture on your rifle—your grip, stock, and foregrip—is like your user interface for your weapon.

Good furniture makes it easy and efficient to operate your rifle.

Bad furniture is uncomfortable at best, and unusable at worst.

And, of all the furniture on your gun, your stock might be the most important, since it’s what fits your rifle to your body. If your stock is too long or too bulky for you, it’s difficult to shoulder your rifle properly and get a good trigger press.

So, having the best AR 15 stock for your body type and shooting context is critical for achieving peak performance.

Comparison Table

Best Choice

Daniel Defense Collapsible Buttstock

Key Specs:

  • Weight:

0.5 lb

  • Fabric/Material:

Glass Reinforced Polymer

  • Finish:

Soft Touch Rubber


Rubberized cheek weld pad and flared body.

Lockable and easy-to-access adjustment tab.

Quick detach sockets and webbing slots.

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We’re going to talk about all the best AR 15 collapsible stocks. But (SPOILER ALERT),  if you’re short on time, just get the Daniel Defense Collapsible Buttstock. It’s an affordable upgrade over the standard M4 stock. And, it looks pretty cool, which is super important.

For those of you sticking around for the whole lot of reviews, we’ll dig right in.

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Table of Contents

The Best AR 15 Collapsible Stock Reviews: The Best Stocks for Comfortable Performance

As usual, we’ll start with our winner. All the honorable mentions will show up in order of least expensive to most budget busting.

Onward to victory.

Best Overall

1. Daniel Defense Collapsible Buttstock

Key Specs:

  • Fabric/Material:

Glass Reinforced Polymer

  • Weight:

0.5 lb

  • Finish:

Soft Touch Rubber


  • Rubberized cheek weld pad and flared body.
  • Lockable and easy-to-access adjustment tab.
  • Quick detach sockets and webbing slots.


  • The aesthetics aren’t for everyone.
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Many collapsible buttstocks are mere replacements for the mil-spec M4 stock. The Daniel Defense Collapsible Buttstock is a true upgrade.

On the top, there’s a rubberized cheek pad that covers the slightly flared body. This provides a comfortable and positive cheek weld, which aids in quick sight acquisition and alignment.

The adjustment tab is lockable. So, you won’t accidentally collapse or extend your buttstock. However, the adjustment tab is positioned near the front, where it’s easy to actuate with one hand. This enables you to make adjustments on the fly without setting your rifle down.

There’s a quick detach socket on each side, and two slots for webbing loops, if quick detach sling swivels aren’t your style.

Lastly, this stock includes two buttpads: A rounded pad for faster presentation from the ready, and a concave pad for snag-free operation.

The aesthetic of this stock is very unique. Which some may appreciate. However, it may not be a good match for all rifles.

All this adds up to deliver an excellent upgrade to your rifle’s ergonomics, and will suite almost any shooter in any shooting context.

Best for PDW

2. Magpul MOE SL-K Collapsible Stock


  • Short form factor for compact rifles and PDWs.
  • Ambidextrous adjustment latch.
  • Angled recoil pad for faster shouldering.


  • No quick detach sling swivel sockets.
  • Sling loop will not fit 1.5 inch webbing.
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Personal defense weapons (PDW) require a more compact form factor to remain maneuverable in tight situations. The Magpul MOE SL-K Collapsible Stock keeps your rifle compact without sacrificing function.

This stock is shorter than a standard AR-15 stock. So, you get a shorter overall length when you collapse it all the way down. The overall height is slightly lower as well, to ensure maximum maneuverability.

The adjustment latch is ambidextrous and easy to reach without setting your rifle down.

On the back end, there’s a rubber recoil pad that’s angled at the bottom. So, you can shoulder your rifle faster.

The body is sloped to improve your cheek weld. And, there’s a 1.25 inch sling loop.

However, there are no quick detach sling swivel sockets, and just the one sling loop. Also, the sling loop is too narrow to accommodate 1.5 inch slings. So, you may have to use a sling adaptor. But, even with the limitations of the compact size, this is still the best option for those who want a very short, maneuverable rifle for use inside a house or car.

Best Budget

3. Brownells Mil-Spec Collapsible Stock Assembly

Key Specs:

  • Material:


  • Type:


  • Made in:



  • Super affordable for a complete assembly.
  • Classic mil-spec styling.
  • Easy to adjust.


  • No recoil pad.
  • No quick detach sling swivel sockets.
  • Adjustment latch could be more conveniently located.
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Other Options

If your replacing a fixed M16 stock, or just want mil-spec furniture, the Brownells Mil-Spec Collapsible Stock Assembly is the most affordable option.

First, this is a complete assembly that includes:

  • Buffer tube.
  • Buffer.
  • Buffer spring.
  • Castle nut.
  • Stock.

This is handy if you need to replace a rifle length buffer tube, or are building from scratch.

The stock itself is an injection molded nylon stock.

It’s similar to the standard issue M4 stocks. It’s light, and offers two sling attachment points. However, there are no quick detach sling swivel sockets.

Also, there’s no recoil pad. It’s just crosshatched plastic against your shoulder.

The adjustment latch is fairly easy to access. However, it would be a bit more convenient if it weren’t so far back.

But, the drawbacks are to be expected. This Brownells stock is intended for the budget minded builder and those who want the classic mil-spec look.

Best Minimal

4. Mission First Tactical Battlelink Minimalist Stock

Key Specs:

  • Buffer Tube Size:


  • Color:


  • Gun Model:



  • Free floated and crowned
  • Very light.
  • Improves shooting comfort and rifle presentation.


  • Butt plate design creates a hook that could snag.
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The Mission First Tactical Battlelink Minimalist Stock saves weight and bulk without sacrificing functionality.

Clearly, the main thing here is how light this stock is. It comes in at just 6 ouncesIt’s an excellent option for any lightweight build.

However, it’s still equipped with a rubber recoil pad and an angled back end. So, this stock makes for faster presentation and more comfortable shooting, even with the minimal design.

There are also three sling attachment points: two sling slots and one quick detach sling swivel socket.

The sling swivel socket is located near the front of the stock, for more comfortable use with 2-point slings and ambidextrous shooting.

The only struggle with this stock is that the butt plate is a bit hook-shaped, which could be a snagging hazard. However, this can be remedied with p-cord.

Even so, this is an excellent stock for anyone who wants to keep their rifle as light as possible, or prefers minimal hardware.

Best Value

5. Magpul AR-15 STR Collapsible Stock


  • Improved comfort and cheek weld over mil-spec M4 stocks.
  • Two battery storage tubes.
  • Lockable adjustment latch.


  • Adjustment latch isn’t super easy to reach.
  • Only two of the three sling attachment points are in good spots.
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The Magpul AR-15 STR Collapsible Stock is perfect for use as a straight over replacement for your mil-spec M4 stock.

This stock adds ergonomic comfort with a rubber recoil pad and a sloped bodyThis provides more comfortable shooting and a better cheek weld.

The sloped body also provides room for two battery storage tubes. So, you can ensure you’ve always got power for your optics.

The adjustment latch is lockable. However, it can be tricky to reach quickly, because it’s housed inside the frame of the stock.

There are three sling attachment points: two webbing slots and one quick detach sling swivel socket. Unfortunately, one of the webbing slots is in an awkward location.

But, all in all, this is an excellent option if you’re looking for something that’s better than a mil-spec M4 stock, but isn’t too fancy or specialized.

The only struggle with this Magpul stock is that the butt plate is a bit hook-shaped, which could be a snagging hazard. However, this can be remedied with p-cord.

Even so, this is an excellent stock for anyone who wants to keep their rifle as light as possible, or prefers minimal hardware.

Best Utility

6. Mission First Tactical Battlelink Utility Stock


  • Excellent ergonomics and easy adjustment.
  • Rubber recoil pad and angled buttplate for faster and more comfortable shooting.
  • Large storage compartment with inserts to keep items secure.


  • Webbing slots are in awkward locations.
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Your stock can be a handy place to store stuff, if you have the compartments for it. The Mission First Tactical Battlelink Utility Stock Provides excellent storage capabilities and ergonomics.

Right out the gate, all the basics are covered.

The adjustment latch is easy to reach and actuate with one hand.

There are five total sling attachment points: three webbing slots, and two quick detach sling swivel sockets. The webbing slots aren’t in great locations. However, the quick detach sling swivel sockets are ambidextrous, and located at the front and back of the stock for excellent configurability.

As you’d expect, the stock is equipped with a rubber recoil padThe back end is also angled for easier and faster shouldering.

Then there’s the big deal: the storage compartmentThe storage compartment is quite spacious (for a storage compartment on a stock. This isn’t an SUV), and includes foam fillers to keep items from rattling around inside.

So, if you’re the type who likes to store stuff in their stock, this Mission First Tactical model is the way to go. It offers excellent ergonomics and ample storage space.

Best Compact

7. LWRC International Ultra Compact Stock Assembly


  • Available in two suitable big game cartridges.
  • Comes with a muzzle brake.
  • Adjustable trigger.


  • 70 degree throw could be shorter.
  • Camouflage isn’t everyone’s favorite color.
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If you want an extremely compact rifle, the LWRC International Ultra Compact Stock Assembly will give you the most compact package.

This is a complete assembly that comes with a shortened buffer tube. So, it reduces the overall length of your rifle by a full inchThe kit includes all the hardware you need to mount the stock—buffer tube, buffer, buffer spring, castle nut, and stock.

The stock itself is fitted with a rubber recoil pad, and a slightly angled butt plateThe recoil pad makes for more comfortable shooting, and the angled butt plate improves rifle presentation. However, the butt plate angle is very minor. So, you may not notice the difference.

An additional ergonomic improvement is the sloped bodyThis helps you get a better cheek weld for faster sight acquisition and alignment.

Since it’s a compact stock, there’s only room for two sling mount pointsThere’s a webbing slot and a quick detach sling swivel socket. Both are in good locations for most shooting styles.

The adjustment latch is in a familiar location, since it’s essentially the same as a mil-spec M4 stock.

Since this LWRC model is a super compact stock, it may not provide a long enough length of pull for precision shooting. However, it’s meant for compact rifles, and it’s excellent for that purpose.

Best for Precision

8. Ergo Grips AR-15 F93 Pro Collapsible Stock


  • Incredible adjustability.
  • Rubber recoil pad.
  • Stationary cheek piece.


  • Carbine length buffer tube and buffer are required, but not included.
  • Flat back plate.
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Other Options

Some prefer fixed stocks for precision shooting, and fixed stocks are great for precision shooting. However, collapsible stocks can be outstanding for precision shooting as well. The Ergo Grips AR-15 F93 Pro Collapsible Stock provides the benefits of a fixed stock, without sacrificing the space saving qualities of a collapsible stock.

First, this stock offers 8 adjustment positions, so you can use your stock to adjust the length of pull on your rifle. The shortest setting is 8 inches. And, this stock extends a full 12 inches. So, the adjustment range is great.

The extension mechanism is designed so that the cheek piece remains stationaryThis provides a consistent cheek weld, regardless of where you set the length.

Of course, there’s a rubber recoil pad to make things more comfortable. However, the back end is flat. This stock isn’t designed for quick and easy presentation from the ready.

Also, it comes with an ambidextrous sling mount plate. The sling mount plate offers two sling attachment points: one webbing slot and one quick detach sling swivel socketBoth are in convenient locations.

This Ergo Grip stock does require a carbine length buffer tube and buffer, which are not included. So, if you’re replacing a rifle length stock, you may need to replace your buffer tube and buffer.

However, this is an excellent stock for precision shooters who want the ergonomics and adjustability of a collapsible stock, without sacrificing the stability of a fixed stock.

The Final Shot

Daniel Defense Collapsible Buttstock

  • Fabric/Material:

Glass Reinforced Polymer

  • Weight:

0.5 lb

  • Finish

Soft Touch Rubber


  • Quick detach sockets
  • Includes two buttpads​​​​
  • Rubeberized cheek weld pad
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Your stock is one of the most important pieces of furniture on your rifle. A good stock is going to help you shoot more comfortably, faster, and more accurately. So, don’t skimp on your stock.

If you want a stock that’s going to make your life behind your rifle better, regardless of your body type and shooting context, get the Daniel Defense Collapsible Buttstock. It’s a solid upgrade for a good price.

So, now you know there are better options than that old, cruddy mil-spec stock. You have no excuse not to upgrade your stock, and start loving your rifle even more.

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