The Best AR 15 Flash Hider for Keeping the Lights Low

Last Updated on January 22, 2022.

Many shooters don’t realize this: muzzle flash can be blinding if you’re shooting in the dark or using night vision. This is especially true if your rifle has a short barrel.

It’s so bad that your muzzle flash can make it difficult to find new targets or even take follow-up shots.That’s what a flash suppressor is for. And, that’s why many people prefer a flash hider over a muzzle brake or compensator. So, if you often shoot in low light environments, a flash hider may be your best option for a muzzle device.

Top AR-15 Flash Hiders on the Market Today

Our Best Choice

Yankee Hill Machine Co., Inc. AR-15 Phantom 5C1

Yankee Hill Machine Co., Inc. AR-15 Phantom 5C1

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  • Excellent Flash Suppression
  • Also doubles as a compensator
  • Reduces dust signature

SPOILER—if you want to get your gear and get out of here, grab the Yankee Hill Machine Co., Inc. AR-15 Phantom 5C1 Flash Suppressor. The price is good. And, the performance is exceptional. You can’t go wrong.

If you prefer to scout out your options before pulling the trigger, we’ve got you covered. These are the best AR-15 flash hiders.

Best AR-15 Flash Hiders

Our overall best AR-15 flash hider will be inspected first. The runners up, honorable mentions, and solid performers will be evaluated in order of price. Those with the friendliest prices are up first. Those with the “beware of price” sign are near the bottom.

Let’s not get flashy.

1. Yankee Hill Machine Co., Inc. AR-15 Phantom 5C1 Flash Hider

Yankee Hill Machine Co., Inc. AR-15 Phantom 5C1

Overall Best AR-15 Flash Hider

The Yankee Hill Machine Co., Inc. AR-15 Phantom 5C1 Flash Suppressor is designed to offer better flash suppression than an A2 birdcage flash hider, while maintaining a mil-spec aesthetic.

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First, this flash hider does it’s job. It’s been tested. And it reduces muzzle flash brightness to 0.41 Lux.

For reference, the same tests showed a bare muzzle to produce a muzzle flash of 10,760 Lux. Safe to say this flash suppressor works really well. And, it performs better than a standard A2 flash birdcage muzzle device. This makes it a solid option if you’re running night vision.

It’s a bit longer than an A2 flash hider. So, even though it has the standard accessory slots, some muzzle devices that are made to fit over an A2 flash hider may not fit this one.

But, the additional length is handy for civilians who need a muzzle device to pin and weld to their barrel to ensure that their barrel is longer than 16 inches.

And, even though it’s a flash suppressor, it’s also a compensator. Since there are no vents on the bottom, it helps reduce dust signatures as well.

If you’re in the market for affordable performance, this is the flash hider to get. It offers some of the best flash suppression on the market, and it’s on the low end of the price spectrum.


  • Excellent flash suppression.
  • 2.25 inches long to help meet 16 inch barrel length requirements.
  • Has standard A2 birdcage accessory slots.
  • Also works as a compensator.
  • Reduces dust signature.


  • May not work with muzzle devices that fit over an A2 flash hider.

2. Brownells AR-15 XM15E1 3 Prong Flash Hider

Brownells AR-15 XM15E1 3 Prong Flash Hider

Budget AR-15 Flash Hider

The Brownells AR-15 XM15E1 3 Prong Flash Hider makes flash hiders available to everyone, regardless of your budget. And, it works pretty well.

This flash suppressor works just about as well as an A2 birdcage flash hider. This muzzle device reduces your muzzle flash enough for shooting with night vision goggles. And, your muzzle flash won’t wreck your night-adjusted vision if you’re not using NVGs.

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Also, this model looks far cooler than an A2 flash hider. It’s modeled after the original flash hiders from the M16A1 rifles of the Vietnam era. It’s got a great aesthetic. It’s ideal for anyone who wants a classic look.

Additionally, this Brownells muzzle device is compatible with almost anything that’s designed to fit over an A2 flash hider. So, it doesn’t limit your options for addition muzzle attachments.

However, there’s no gas redirection. So, you’ll still get a pretty decent dust signature.

And, there’s no compensation or recoil reduction. This is strictly a flash hider, which isn’t really a drawback if you only need flash reduction.

But, overall, this is probably the best flash suppressor you can get for less than $20.


  • Equivalent flash suppression to an A2 birdcage flash hider.
  • Excellent, classic aesthetic.
  • Compatible for devices that fit over an A2 flash hider.


  • No gas redirection to reduce dust signature.

3. Smith Enterprise AR-15 Vortex G6-A3 Flash Hider

Smith Enterprise AR-15 Vortex G6-A3 Flash Hider

Value AR-15 Flash Hider

The Smith Enterprise AR-15 Vortex G6-A3 Flash Eliminator is one of the best flash hiders on the market. Only a few flash hiders perform better. However, the price is far from the highest on the market. So, it’s an excellent value.

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First, this model reduces muzzle flash to a mere 0.37 LuxYou can easily shoot a short-barreled rifle at night or with night vision goggles without affecting your night vision.

Speaking of short barrels, this muzzle device will bring the total length of a 14.5 inch barrel to 16.1 inches. So, it’s also handy if you’re building a carbine, and you don’t want to make it an SBR.

Additionally, this flash hider is compatible with the Smith Enterprise M4DC CQB sound suppressor and standard blank firing adaptors.

Finally, it’s constructed from 8620 bar stock. It’s the same metal that’s used to build AR-15 bolt carrier groups. It’s tough metal that will last for a really long time.

But, it’s a great flash hider, not a compensator or muzzle brake. And, there’s no gas redirection to reduce your dust signature.

Even so, the flash suppression is top-notch, this Smith Enterprise muzzle device is reasonably priced. It’s probably the most flash reduction per dollar that you can get.


  • Industry-leading flash suppression.
  • Brings 14.5 inch barrels to 16.1 inches, when pinned and welded.
  • Compatible with the Smith Enterprise sound suppressor and standard blank firing adaptors.
  • Constructed from super durable 8620 bar stock.


  • No dust signature reduction.

4. Advanced Armament AR-15 51T Flash Hider

Advanced Armament AR-15 51T Flash Hider

High Performance AR-15 Flash Hider

The Advanced Armament AR-15 51T Flash Hider offers better flash suppression than almost every other flash suppressor (including the Smith Enterprise Vortex). If you want absolute flash suppression, and aren’t as concerned about the cost, this flash hider will do the job.

This muzzle device reduces muzzle flash to just 0.35 LuxIt reduces the flash to almost nothing, which is perfect if you’re using older NVG that are prone to washing out.

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If you want additional suppression, this model has ratchet teeth for attaching any Advanced Armament sound suppressor. However, it’s not compatible with muzzle devices that fit over A2 flash hiders.

But, it is long enough—2.5 inches—to bring a 14.5 inch barrel to 16 inches for the purposes of compliance.

For durability, this model is coated in Advanced Armament’s SCARmor, which improves surface hardness and corrosion resistance

So, this Advanced Armament muzzle device will last just as long, if not longer, than your rifle.

The three prong design directs gases away from your line of sight. But, that means more dust signature when shooting from the prone. Watch out for that.

But, the amazing flash suppression is the star of the show here. This might be a slightly higher priced model. But, it delivers on every dollar.


  • Top-notch flash suppression.
  • Compatible with Advanced Armament sound suppressors.
  • Brings 14.5 inch barrels to 16 inches for legal compliance.
  • Excellent surface hardness and corrosion resistance.


  • Produces a fairly noticeable dust signature.

5. Surefire AR-15 WARCOMP Flash Hider

Surefire AR-15 WARCOMP Flash Hider

Compensator and AR-15 Flash Hider

The Surefire AR-15 WARCOMP Flash Hider is a combined compensator and flash hider, with suppressor compatibility to boot.

This muzzle device offers a lot of performance. However, the hybrid design comes with a few drawbacks. This model only reduces muzzle flash to 1.11 LuxIt’s enough that your muzzle flash won’t blast your dark-adapted vision. However, it’s not as much flash suppression as a dedicated flash hider.

However, there are vertical gas ports. These gas ports offer compensation that helps keep your muzzle flat during rapid fire. This helps you maintain a better sight picture and keep your shots on target through multiple shots.

There are quick-detach lugs that enable you to add any Surefire SOCOM series sound suppressorIt’s a great feature for home defense and CQB rifles.

The entire exterior is coated in Surefire’s Ionbond DLCThis improves corrosion resistance, which is important when your flash hider is stuck inside a suppressor with all that gas and carbon.

Even though there’s a lot of performance in this muzzle device, it doesn't reduce your dust signature (unless you’re running a suppressor).

However, the only real struggle with this muzzle device is that it’s pretty expensive. So, if you’re not planning on using a suppressor, you may be better served with a dedicated flash hider or muzzle brake.

But, if you want to run a suppressor, this Surefire flash hider is by far your best option.


  • Vertical gas ports to help keep your muzzle flat during rapid fire.
  • Quick detach lugs for attaching Surefire SOCOM series sound suppressors.
  • Excellent exterior coating improves corrosion resistance.


  • There are better flash suppressors out there.
  • May be too expensive for those who do not want to use a suppressor.

6. Precision Armament AR-15 EFAB Hybrid Flash Hider

Precision Armament AR-15 EFAB Hybrid Flash Hider

Muzzle Brake and AR-15 Flash Hider

The Precision Armament AR-15 EFAB Hybrid Flash Hider reduces recoil and muzzle flash. It’s an excellent combination for competitive and defensive shooters.

As a flash hider, this muzzle device is just okay. It reduces muzzle flash to 0.55 Lux. It’s not bad. But, it’s just as effective on short barrels as it is on longer barrels. And, it works well enough for low light shooting with night vision or bare eyes.

However, it does a pretty solid job of reducing recoil. It makes your rifle more comfortable to shoot, and helps you get the most accuracy. And, unlike many muzzle brakes, the muzzle blast is fairly minimal.

And, there are only gas ports on the top. So, the dust signature is very minimal.

This muzzle device also brings 14.5 inch barrels to 16 inches, when it’s pinned and welded. So, it can easily be used for legal compliance.

The only hangup about this muzzle device is that it’s quite expensive. The performance is excellent. But, you pay for it.

However, if you want excellent performance on all fronts, this Precision Armament model is an outstanding flash hider to slap on your rifle.


  • Works as a flash suppressor, muzzle brake, and compensator.
  • Reduces gas signature.
  • Long enough to make a 14.5 inch barrel 16 inches.
  • CrCN coating adds tons of corrosion resistance.


  • Flash suppression is on decent.
  • Expensive.

Hit the Lights

A flash hider is a super versatile muzzle device that can make a lot of difference in tactical situations, when bright muzzle flashes can cause operational issues. And, in some places, flash hiders are the only muzzle devices that are legal. So, there’s a good argument for using a flash hider over a muzzle brake.

Yankee Hill Machine Co., Inc. AR-15 Phantom 5C1

Yankee Hill Machine Co., Inc. AR-15 Phantom 5C1

If you want an affordable flash hider that will do the job, get the Yankee Hill Machine Co., Inc. AR-15 Phantom 5C1 Flash Suppressor. The performance is outstanding, and the price will fit any budget.

Now that you know how to keep your muzzle flash under control, it’s time to get a flash hider, and stop blinding yourself.

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