The Best AR 15 Foregrip Bipod: Get the Most from Your Rail Space

Last Updated on January 6, 2021.

Bipods are cool. And fore grips are cool. However, in most cases your AR-15 handguard will only have room for one. You get either a bipod or a fore grip.

But you can have both with an AR-15 foregrip bipod.

Foregrip bipods are great for designated marksman rifles or battle rifles where the rifle is capable enough that a bipod is needed to get the most precision at maximum range, but you still need tactical maneuverability.

That’s the most ideal use. But you can put a foregrip bipod on any AR-15 and get better stability for both supported and unsupported shooting positions. So it’s a lot of utility in a little bit of rail space.

Leapers UTG Pro D-Grip

Our Best Choice

Leapers UTG Pro D-Grip

  • Foregrip has good contours and rubberized side panels for solid grip traction.
  • Bipod legs are aluminum for maximum durability without excessive bulk.
  • Feet have decent traction.

SPOILER—if all that sounds pretty good to you, and you’ve heard enough, get the Leapers UTG Pro D-Grip. Not only is it one of the most affordable AR-15 foregrip bipods, it offers some of the best performance in both fore grip and bipod mode.

If you haven’t heard enough, we’ve got the fix for that, too. Keep reading to discover the best AR-15 foregrip bipod for your shooting context and budget.

Top AR 15 Foregrip Bipod on the Market Today

Best AR 15 Foregrip Bipod Reviews: Classic 2 For 1

The very best AR-15 foregrip bipod is up for review first. The best AR-15 foregrip bipods from each category will be set up and checked out in order of price.

The most affordable foregrip bipods are up first.

The highest quality (and most expensive) foregrip bipods are near the bottom.

Read where the reviews fit your budget.

1. Leapers UTG Pro D-Grip - Overall Best AR-15 Foregrip Bipod

The Leapers UTG Pro D-Grip is remarkably capable considering the price. It’s even a bit surprising.

First, as a foregrip, it’s actually quite comfortable. It’s got a nice contour that fits the hand well and helps keep your hand in place on the grip. And it’s got rubberized side panels that give you good grip traction.

Also, it’s not weirdly large like many of the bipod fore grips out there. The girth of the handle is about the same as any standard foregrip, which is a nice touch.

Overall, it’s a very comfortable and totally usable foregrip.

Then there’s the bipod.

Essentially, it’s just two legs that pop out of the grip. There’s no panning or tilting.

But the legs are aluminum. And the feet have a bit of traction. So the bipod is simple. But it’s durable and provides decent support for getting more precision at long range.

Lastly, this foregrip bipod attaches to a picatinny rail with a quick detach clip. It’s easy to put on or detach. And it’s sturdy and stable enough that the bipod doesn’t wiggle or flex when it’s supporting your rifle.

It’s not the most advanced bipod around. But it’s a good foregrip. The bipod does it’s job reasonably well. And it’s remarkably affordable for what you get.


  • Foregrip has good contours and rubberized side panels for solid grip traction.
  • Bipod legs are aluminum for maximum durability without excessive bulk.
  • Feet have decent traction.
  • Quick and easy to install or remove.


  • Bipod is very basic. No tilting or panning.

2. GPS, LLC. LE Model Grip Pod - Value AR-15 Foregrip Bipod

The GPS, LLC. LE Model Grip Pod is one of the original foregrip bipods. This is one of the most recent iterations. And they’ve beefed up the construction a bit from the original.

This model is steel reinforced polymer. It’s tougher than the original all-polymer version. Unfortunately, the legs are entirely polymer. But they’re durable enough.

This was a very popular foregrip bipod back when I was in the Marines. And I never saw any one break the bipod legs. So the polymer legs will be durable enough for most shooters.

The foregrip is very basic. But it works just fine. The simple texturing delivers good grip traction. And it’s not so thick that it’s uncomfortable.

However, the grip is pretty long, even with the bipod retracted. It feels a bit bulky, though it’s only an inch or two longer than a standard vertical foregrip.

The bipod is decent. It’s got a couple inches of height adjustmentfrom 7 to 9 inches—which helps you get comfortable in a variety of shooting positions. However, there’s no tilting or panning.

Also, the feet have decent traction for keeping your rifle in place while you’re shooting. Though, the traction isn’t particularly aggressive. It’s best suited to urban environments.

Lastly, this GPS model attaches to your picatinny rail with a thumb screw. It works fine. And it’s relatively quick to attach or remove. However, I prefer flush screw attachments. Thumb screws just feel like such a snag on a forend.

But, that’s a minor gripe. For the money, this is a really hard foregrip bipod to beat.


  • Steel reinforced polymer construction is exceptionally durable.
  • Foregrip is simple but effective.
  • Bipod adjusts from 7 to 9 inches.
  • Feet have reasonably grippy traction that works well in urban environments.
  • Easy installation and removal.


  • A bit bulky in foregrip mode.
  • No panning or tilting.

3. FAB Defense T-POD G2 - Articulating AR-15 Foregrip Bipod

The FAB Defense T-POD G2 is one of the few foregrip bipods with panning and tilting capabilities. That alone sets it apart from most other foregrip bipods. But there are a couple other standout features, as well.

However, it works well in foregrip mode. When it’s set up as a foregrip, it’s the most like a standard AR-15 foregrip. It’s not ridiculously bulky or thick.

The foregrip has nice comfortable finger grooves. And it’s about as long as a standard foregrip. So it adds no uncomfortable bulk to the forend of your rifle.

But, the foregrip splits in half to transform into a fully functional bipod!

The bipod is capable of panning and tilting. So you can efficiently transition between targets or track moving targets.

Additionally, the legs can be adjusted independently. And the feet have decent traction that’s suitable for urban environments. That way you can set up in almost any shooting position.

Last thing: it attaches to your picatinny rail with 2 thumb screws (though I prefer flush screws. But that’s just me). The attachment is very secure. And the mount doesn’t flex at all.

However, when you use this FAB Defense model as a foregrip, you can feel the wiggle from the panning and tilting mount. It’s nothing serious. But it feels less rigid than a dedicated foregrip. But it’s not a durability issue. And you stop noticing it after a while.

Even with that small issue, this is still a perfect foregrip bipod for those who want an articulating foregrip bipod.


  • Foregrip is comfortable and less bulky than many other foregrip bipods.
  • Bipod pans and tilts.
  • Bipod legs are independently adjustable to help you access more shooting positions.
  • Rail attachment is exceptionally secure.


  • Thumb screws present a possible snag.
  • Panning and tilting mount causes the slightest bit of wiggle when in foregrip mode.

4. CTK PRECISION Ultimate Rail-Pod - AR-15 Foregrip Monopod

The CTK Precision Ultimate Rail-Pod is a good alternative to a foregrip bipod that works almost as well as a true bipod.

Let’s address the elephant in the pod: this is a monopod, not a bipod. However, a monopod offers some benefits that you might not get from a bipod.

First, the monopod gives you better shooting stability than an unsupported position. But you can use the monopod for unlimited panning. And you can tilt your rifle a bit. So the monopod works a bit like an articulating bipod.

Also, a monopod requires very little space. This enables you to use almost anything to create a supported shooting position.

Additionally, this monopod is exceptionally adjustable. It has a standard cam-locking gross adjustment, and a threaded adjustment that enables you to fine-tune the height. That way you can set the height exactly where you need it.

Lastly, this whole monopod is made of aluminum, which gives you exceptional durability.

However, it’s not the most comfortable foregrip, since the body is kind of blocky. CTK Precision admits that this monopod isn’t designed to function as a foregrip. But it works as a foregrip, as long as you’re willing to put up with a slightly less comfy grip shape.

Is a monopod as stable as a bipod? Not quite. But this CTK Precision model offers increased stability over unsupported shooting. And it gives you much of the functionality of an articulating bipod in a very compact and versatile package.


  • Monopod design allows for 360 degree panning.
  • Requires almost no space to set up. You can use almost anything as a supported shooting position.
  • Precisely adjustable to set the height exactly where you need it.
  • Folds up when you don’t need a monopod or a foregrip.
  • Made entirely of aluminum.


  • Not quite as stable as a bipod.
  • Grip is angular and not tremendously comfortable.

5. FAB Defense Vertical Foregrip & Bipod - All-in-One AR-15 Foregrip Bipod

The FAB Defense Vertical Foregrip & Bipod is, as the name states, a foregrip and bipod. But this model utilizes the body to provide additional shooting utility.

The grip is comfortably shaped. And it employs a cool, skeletonized design that helps save weight. However, the slots on the grip may feel a tad uncomfortable, especially without gloves.

But the nice thing is that the grip isn’t ridiculously bulky. It’s about the size of a dedicated foregrip.

Just like the other FAB Defense foregrip bipods, this one also splits in half to deploy the bipod.

The bipod legs are independently adjustable to help you access more shooting positions. And the feet have suitable traction for urban environments. So it’s a decent bipod and a comfortable foregrip.

But this model also has an integrated flashlight that puts out 100 lumens of white lightIt basically has every accessory that you might want to put on your rifle in a single unit.

Unfortunately, the integrated flashlight means that this foregrip bipod offers no panning and only very limited tilting.

But it’s one of the few all-in-one solutions on the market. It covers all the bases in a very small space, at a rather reasonable price.


  • Vertical grip is comfortable and about the same size as a standard foregrip.
  • Skeletonized design helps keep the weight low.
  • Independently adjustable legs give you access to a wider range of shooting positions.
  • Integrated flashlight puts out 100 lumens of white light.


  • Slotted grip texture might feel a bit aggressive without gloves.
  • No panning and only limited tilting.

6. Smith Enterprises Red Arrow Quick Detach Bipod - Quick Detach Foregrip Bipod

The Smith Enterprises Red Arrow Quick Detach Bipod isn’t the only bipod with a quick detach mount. But it’s a quick detach foregrip bipod that offers better durability than most alternatives.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first: this foregrip bipod is really bulky. The grip section is pretty thick. It might feel a bit awkward, depending on your hands and grip technique. And there’s a box at the bottom that houses the bipod feet.

But, the quick detach mount is quick and easy to use. And the mount is quite robust. So this bipod is super stable once you’ve got it clamped down on your rail.

Also, the legs are steel. And they’re capped with nice little sled feet that work well in urban environments.

The legs are also independently adjustable from 6.25 to 8 inches. It’s not a huge adjustment range. But it’s enough to help you get good support even in mildly uneven terrain.

Unfortunately, there’s no pan and tilt with this Smith Enterprises bipod. But the sled feet make it easy to adjust the feet position to move your point of aim.

It may not be the most feature-rich foregrip bipod. But it uses more steel than many competing options. And it’s quick and easy to use in all phases.


  • Quick detach mount is so easy to use that you could easily reconfigure your rifle if you don’t need the bipod.
  • Many components, including the legs, are steel.
  • Sled feet are very easy to slide to adjust your point of aim.
  • Independently adjustable legs.


  • A bit bulky in the foregrip configuration.
  • No pan or tilt.

Getting 2 in 1

Both bipods and fore grips are nice to have on your AR-15. But it’s tough to find the space for both of them, especially if you have a short handguard. An AR-15 foregrip bipod solves this issue.

That way you get maximum stability for all types of shooting.

Leapers UTG Pro D-Grip

Still running a dedicated bipod or fore grip? Get the Leapers UTG Pro D-Grip. It’s super affordable. And it works well in both the foregrip and bipod configuration.