Get a Grip in 2020—The Best AR 15 Foregrips

Firearm ergonomics have come a long way in the past decades. Foregrips were a milestone advancement in making rifles more comfortable and easier to shoot well.

Foregrips themselves have advanced, too. The original vertical “broomstick” foregrip has largely fallen out of popularity as shooters discovered that a thumb-forward or thumb-over grip was more stable and more comfortable.

Contemporary foregrips are smaller, and better suited for pulling the rifle into your shoulder to create a stable shooting platform. Some have the additional benefit of functioning as a forward brace for shooting from behind a barricade.

Our Favorite Choice

  • Versatile grip shape
  • Handstop tab
  • Barrier support stop

We’ll give you the rundown on all the best ones. But, if you need to know now, get the Magpul M-LOK Angled Foregrip. It’s minimal, but provides a good handstop for almost any grip technique, and it’s got a stop for barricade support.

If you prefer something on a picatinny rail, or just want to see what else is out there, keep reading. We’ll give you plenty of options.

Best AR 15 Foregrip Reviews: Hold on Tight

We’ll hand over all the information on our winning foregrip first. The rest will get their turn in order of price, from least expensive to most extravagant.

Let’s hit it.

1. Magpul M-LOK Angled Foregrip - Best Overall AR-15 Foregrip

Magpul has been a leader in polymer grips, stocks, and magazines for at least a decade now, and they’re still holding their own in the market. The Magpul M-LOK Angled Foregrip delivers all the simplicity and functionality we’ve come to expect from Magpul.

This is called an “angled foregrip,” but the angle is a bit lower, and there’s a handstop tab at the end nearest the shooter so that you can almost use it like a basic handstop, if that’s more comfortable for you.

The far end of this grip is also nice and narrow, so you can easily switch to a thumb-over grip if you need.

There’s also a small stop at the muzzle end of the grip for pressing against a barricade. It’s not a dedicated barrier support. But it’ll get the job done.

If this grip has one weakness it’s the dedicated M-LOK attachment. M-LOK is pretty common. 

But, it’s not as easy to mount to other systems, like KeyMod, as a picatinny mount. If you don’t have an M-LOK handguard, prepare to buy an adaptor.

Even if the mounting options are limited, the price and utility of this grip make it an excellent option for any rifle, regardless of the shooting context.


  • Versatile grip shape for any grip technique.
  • Handstop tab for pulling your rifle in tight.
  • Barrier support stop.


  • M-LOK attachment system isn’t tremendously versatile.

The Bravo Company KeyMod Gunfighter KAG Angled Grip is minimal to accommodate thumb-over grips, with a solid stop for really pulling your rifle into your shoulder.

Where this grip really stands out is the shape. It’s an angled grip. Sort of. It’s very short, and features a hooked handstop for maximum leverage.

The shape gives you excellent purchase for getting a tight shooting grip. But the hook enables you to exert downward pressure on your handguard to keep your muzzle level during rapid fire. It’s a very clever design.

The design also makes this a very minimal grip. It takes up very little space on your handguard, and adds very little height to your forend profile.

Unfortunately, the minimalism means there’s no barrier support stop.

Also, the KeyMod attachment requires an adaptor if you don’t have a KeyMod handguard.

Even with the limited mounting options, this grip is an excellent option for anyone who uses a thumb-over grip and shoots fast.


  • Provides excellent leverage over your rifle, both vertically and horizontally.
  • Takes up very little space on your handguard.
  • Adds very little height to your handguard profile.


  • No forward stop for barrier support.
  • Only KeyMod attachment points.

Vertical foregrips may not be popular these days. But, some shooters still like them. The Bravo Company Picatinny Gunfighter Mod 3 Vertical Grip offers improved ergonomics over the “broomstick” foregrips of old.

Rather than being a simple round stick, this grip is a bit thicker, resembling a pistol grip. It gives you better purchase and minimizes the grip fatigue and numbness associated with using a skinny grip for long shooting sessions.

This grip is also very slightly angled to improve the vertical grip ergonomics. The subtle angle also makes this a nice handstop for those who use a thumb-forward or thumb-over grip.

If you mount your foregrip fairly far forward, this foregrip can also function as a stop for barricade support.

It’s also a bit stubby, to reduce snagging potential

Most people won’t notice the length. But, shooters with thick fingers may find that their pinky rides at the very end of the grip.

This model mounts to a picatinny rail. But you can easily get adaptors for mounting picatinny hardware on a KeyMod or M-LOK handguard.

It may not be the best foregrip ever, but it’s an excellent option for those who still prefer a vertical grip.


  • Improved ergonomics over traditional vertical foregrips.
  • Short to reduce snagging potential.
  • Offers a decent stop for barricade shooting.
  • Versatile picatinny rail mounting.


  • Some shooters may find this grip to be a tad short for their hands.

The Strike Industries Picatinny Cobra Tactical Foregrip checks all the boxes.

It does just about everything.

Starting with the shape, it looks rather snakelike. It’s an angled foregrip combined with a forward barrier support stop.

But, the shape skews toward a thumb-forward grip. There are protective panels the sides that help keep your fingers cool when your barrel gets hot.

But, they also make it a bit tricky to get a good thumb-over grip.

On the other hand, the forward barrier support stop features a textured front that keeps your rifle from sliding when you’ve got it pressed to a barrier, which is handy for stability.

This grip mounts to a picatinny rail, which is nice because it’s easy to get picatinny rail adaptors for M-LOK and KeyMod handguard (but not so much the other way around).

The texturing on the angled grip itself is fairly minimal, which could present some grip issues when your hands get sweaty. So, you may find your hand sliding back on the grip if you pull on your rifle a lot.

Even so, this is an excellent option for shooters who use a thumb-forward grip, and do a lot of action shooting where they rest their rifle against barriers.


  • Excellent shape for those who use a thumb-forward grip.
  • Combines an angled grip and barrier support into a single attachment.
  • Picatinny mounting system is versatile and easily adapts to other mounting systems.


  • Grip texturing is minimal. Could get slippery if your hands are sweaty.
  • Not ideal for those who use a thumb-over grip.

The Magpul Picatinny AFG2 Angled Foregrip is Magpul’s original angled foregrip. Even though it’s been replaced in Magpul’s lineup, they still keep it on the shelves because it does a few things better than the newer model.

First, the angle is fairly steep. This is good if you use a thumb-forward grip, or like your hand to be a bit more vertical for pulling your rifle into your shoulder pocket. There’s also a finger groove to ensure that your grip doesn’t slip.

The only downside of the shape is that it’s not great for using a thumb-over grip. It’s possible. But, this grip might make your thumb-over grip a bit awkward.

At the muzzle end of the grip there’s a small tab for barricade support. It’s not a dedicated barrier support stop. But, it’s better than nothing.

This grip mounts to a picatinny rail, which is nice because it can be easily adapted to other attachment systems.

All in all, this is an excellent all-purpose foregrip, and it works especially well for those who use a thumb-forward grip and shooters who like their forward hand to be a bit more vertical.


  • Steep grip angle is nice for a thumb-forward or semi-vertical grip technique.
  • Grip texture and finger grooves keeps your hand in place.
  • Tab for barricade support.
  • Versatile picatinny rail mount.


  • Steep grip angle can make it awkward to use a thumb-over grip.

If you’re not a fan of having a ton of stuff on your gun, this is the foregrip for you. The B5 Systems AR-15 Short Length Grip Stop adds almost nothing to your rifle. But, it provides a good index point for your support hand.

So, this isn’t so much a foregrip as a tab. It’s a simple aluminum stop that gives you an index point for quickly acquiring your grip when presenting your rifle.

The tab is steep, with rugged texture. So, you can use it to pull your rifle into your shoulder as well.

Since it’s just a stop, it’s perfect for any grip technique.

This handstop comes with KeyMod and universal mounting hardware. So, it’ll mount to any handguard.

In the end, this is the foregrip for minimalists. It’s good for improving your grip, and that’s it.


  • Very minimal. Adds no bulk to your rifle.
  • Aluminum construction.
  • Nice, rugged grip texture.
  • KeyMod and universal mounting hardware included.


  • Minimal design offers very little utility beyond functioning as a handstop.

Noveske designed the Noveske Rifleworks Picatinny K9 Barricade Support to do one thing: improve your barricade shooting.

To be fair, this isn’t really a foregrip. But, if you often shoot from behind a barricade, but don’t really need a foregrip for your support hand.

The aluminum construction is tough, and the front face is aggressively stippled (it’s practically spiked) to keep your rifle from slipping and provide the best shooting support when you’re pressed to a barricade.

This grip mounts to a picatinny rail. And it has a nice hook on the bottom to prevent your hand from accidentally slipping over it.

It’s a bit pricey considering how small it is, but this is a great “foregrip” if all you need is a barricade support.


  • Durable aluminum construction.
  • Aggressively stippled for maximum barricade shooting stability.
  • Picatinny rail mounts.
  • Hook to keep your hand from slipping forward of your barricade support.


  • Expensive for such a minimal accessory.

Last Grasps

Not everybody wants a foregrip. But, the right foregrip can improve your speed and accuracy. Simply stated, a better grip on your rifle translates to better control.

If you’re not into experimenting, the Magpul M-LOK Angled Foregrip will help almost any shooter improve their performance. It’s a solid, all-around grip that works with any grip technique. And, it’s inexpensive.

That’s it for our grip talk. Head out, and get a foregrip. Then get a grip on your rifle, and lay down some lead.