The Best AR 15 Furniture Kit for Making Your AR Comfy

Last Updated on January 6, 2021.

If you need furniture for your AR-15, buying an AR-15 furniture kit makes sense. It’s a one stop solution to get everything you need to get up and running.

The thing about furniture kits is that most manufacturers don’t sell furniture kits. Furniture sets are just collections of AR-15 furniture from the same manufacturer that are put together by resellers. And, if one item is out of stock, the whole furniture kit is out of stock.

So it can be tough to find complete furniture kits because most retailers also sell the individual components. As such, many furniture sets have been discontinued or are usually out of stock.

But we’ve got you.

We found the best AR-15 furniture kits and built some Minuteman Review specials to help you get all your AR-15 furniture as quickly and affordably as possible.

  • Ergonomics promote more consistent and more precise shooting.
  • Remarkably comfortable.
  • Works well for just about any shooting style or technique.

SPOILER—if you just want to get your furniture and go, get the Bravo Company BCM Gunfighter Furniture kit:

  • Bravo Company MFG (BCM) Gunfighter Grip Mod 1
  • Bravo Company MFG (BCM) Gunfighter Stock Mod 0
  • Bravo Company MFG (BCM) Gunfighter Vertical Grip Short Mod 3

All this furniture is remarkably comfortable and durable. And it’s really well priced, considering how high-quality and functional it is.

If you’re looking for something a little more specific or just want to check out all the options before you put everything together, keep reading. We’ve reviewed all the furniture you’ll ever need.

Top AR 15 Furniture Kit on the  Market Today

Best AR 15 furniture Kit Reviews: Tactical Comfort

The best AR-15 furniture kit is up first. Usually, our reviews are laid out in order of price. And we’ve done that as best we could for these AR-15 furniture kits. But sometimes prices change a bit.

In any case, the most affordable AR-15 furniture kits are reviewed first.

The most expensive furniture kits are near the bottom.

1. Bravo Company BCM Gunfighter Furniture Kit - Overall Best AR-15 Furniture Kit

Bravo Company makes some of the best AR-15 parts on the market. That includes AR-15 furniture. And they make all the furniture you need to get a complete build:

The Gunfighter Grip gives you a reduced grip angle—about 17 degrees—as compared to a standard A2 grip.

The grip angle puts your wrist in a more natural position and helps you keep your elbow in close to your body while you shoot. This makes your rifle more comfortable. And it makes it easy to get more stable, more precise shots.

Additionally, the grip comes with an insert that fills the gap between your grip and the trigger guard, which helps prevent blisters during long shooting sessions.

The Gunfighter Stock is the stock that I use most. It’s simple, durable, and comfortable.

It’s super easy to adjust because the adjustment tab is a huge and easy to grip with all four fingers. Also, the stock body is fairly narrow. So it doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk to your rifle. But the body is angled just a bit to give you a solid cheek weld.

Also, the recoil pad is quite generous, and makes for super comfortable shooting, even if you use this stock on an AR-10.

Lastly, the Bravo Company Gunfighter Vertical Grip Mod 3 is one of the best all-purpose grips on the market. It’s long enough that you can use it with a classic vertical foregrip technique, with all four fingers wrapped around the vertical grip.

However, it also works incredibly well as a handstop, for those who use a thumb-over or thumb-forward grip while using their foregrip for leverage to pull the rifle into their body.

Overall, it’s a compact vertical grip that’s great for almost any support-hand grip technique.

All in all, this is an outstanding AR-15 furniture kit that works great, regardless of how you shoot your AR-15.


  • Ergonomics promote more consistent and more precise shooting.
  • Remarkably comfortable.
  • Works well for just about any shooting style or technique.


  • QD socket on stock is an anti-rotation socket.

2. Brownells AR-15 Retro Furniture Set - Budget AR-15 Furniture Kit

The Brownells AR-15 Retro Furniture Set is aimed at getting you furniture at the lowest possible price. But, extreme affordability does come at a certain cost.

First, this furniture kit comes with a handguard. We didn’t include handguards in our other kits because the handguard must fit your rifle. And there’s no way for us to know how long your barrel or your gas system is or if you have a gas block with a fixed front sight post.

However, if you have a rifle length gas system with a fixed front sight post, this handguard will fit your rifle. And it’s the triangular-style handguard they used on the original M16A1 rifles. It’s comfortable enough and it protects your hand from the hot barrel, which is everything a handguard should do.

The pistol grip is a classic A2 pistol grip, which is kind of the minimum viable pistol grip for an AR-15. The grip texture is comfortable. And it provides good grip traction.

Unfortunately, the grip angle is a bit steep and that can lead to a chicken wing elbow and it tends to put your wrist in an unnatural position.

Lastly, this kit includes an M16 rifle stock. You need a rifle length buffer system. And the stock design is very basic.

However, it does include a nice rubber butt pad that was never present on military issue rifle stocks. So it’s as comfortable as plain AR-15 rifle stocks get.

All things considered, this furniture kit is a good buy for the money. It does everything you need a furniture kit to do. And it’s more comfortable than bone-stock mil-spec furniture.


  • All furniture is remarkably durable.
  • Works perfectly with rifle-length AR-15 rifles.
  • Classic aesthetics.
  • Stock is more comfortable than a true mil-spec A2 stock.


  • Not the most ergonomic furniture around.

3. Daniel Defense AR-15 Stock Set - Value AR-15 Furniture Kit

Daniel Defense has a reputation for building remarkably high-quality rifles and AR-15 parts. But they’re not known for being inexpensive. So the Daniel Defense AR-15 Stock Set is surprisingly affordable, considering what you get.

First, all this furniture has rubber overmolding that makes it really comfortable and gives you a super secure grip. Your hands just never slip on the rubberized texture. And it’s softer than plain plastic. So it’s perfect for extended shooting sessions.

This furniture is also relatively lightweight, altogether. The stock is mostly skeletonized. And there’s no extra material on any of the components.

The grip features an integrated trigger guard. This is good and bad. It’s good because you don’t need to get a trigger guard or worry about the trigger guard fitting with the pistol grip if you’re building a rifle.

However, if you already have a trigger guard, you’ll have to remove it to install the pistol grip. Hopefully you’re not too attached to your trigger guard.

Lastly, the foregrip is comfortable and usable with any support-hand grip technique. And it’s super easy to install without tools.

However, it’s a classic broomstick foregrip. And that tends to be a tad bit bulky. Most of us just don’t need that much grip on the front of our gun. But you can get a full four-finger grip on this vertical grip, if you want.

This Daniel Defense kit is a great value because it’s not the most expensive kit out there. But it’s one of the most comfortable and most ergonomic furniture sets you can get.


  • Rubber overmolding provides excellent grip traction and comfort.
  • Grip and stock are remarkably ergonomic and make for easy shooting and weapon manipulations.
  • Pistol grip has an integrated trigger guard.
  • Relatively lightweight, altogether.


  • Integrated trigger guard means you’ll have to ditch your current trigger guard.
  • Broomstick design makes the foregrip a tad bulky.

4. Mission First Tactical AR-15 Furniture Kit - Minimalist AR-15 Furniture Kit

Mission First Tactical makes what is easily the best minimalist grip on the market. And there’s no extra flair on their other furniture components. So these furniture pieces will make your rifle minimal, functional, and comfortable:

The real standout component in this kit is the stock. It’s as minimal as you can get without sacrificing functionality. That makes it exceptionally lightweight.

But it’s still quite comfortable. The rubber recoil pad is fairly thick. And the rear of the stock features an angled butt plate for faster presentation from the ready.

Also, Harley Wood tried to break this stock with a hammer. This stock is quite durable. It’s not going to break under ordinary use.

The rest of the furniture in this kit is fairly standard.

However, the grip features one of the shallowest grip angles you can get—just 15 degrees.It’s really comfortable. It pretty much eliminates any tendency to chicken wing when you grip your rifle. And the grip angle keeps your wrist almost totally straight.

All that means that it’s easy to get a consistent grip on your rifle that’s comfortable and provides the best stability and precision.

Lastly, the short vertical grip is long enough to use with a classic, four-finger vertical grip if you’re into that. However, it’s also great for a thumb-over or thumb-forward grip. But this grip is still more compact than a traditional broomstick.

So it works just as well, but takes up less space than a traditional grip. Win-win.

Don’t let the minimal look fool you. This AR-15 furniture kit is remarkably capable, even though there’s not a lot to it.


  • Stock is super lightweight, but still comfortable, durable, and functional.
  • Grip offers one of the shallowest grip angles on the market.
  • Vertical grip offers all the utility of a traditional broomstick grip, but is much more compact.


  • Grip has no storage compartment.

5. B5 Systems AR-15 Furniture Kit - Essential AR-15 Furniture Kit

B5 Systems makes some of the most popular furniture on the market. That’s because it’s durable and utilitarian. This AR-15 furniture kit has just what you need to get your rifle running:

The P-Grip is probably the most utilitarian grip out there. It’s a pistol grip… And THAT’S IT. No crazy finger grooves. No storage compartment. Just a comfy grip with a good beavertail.

It’s super lightweight. It’s comfortable. And don’t let the grip texture fool you. It doesn’t look like much. But the grip texture actually works quite well, even with wet or oily hands.

The stock follows a similar utilitarian philosophy. It’s not bulky. And there’s nothing fancy about it.

However, the rubber recoil pad is impressively thick and comfortable to shoot with. And the adjustment tab is easy to squeeze for fast adjustments when you need them.

The body also has a slight angle that gives you a good cheek weld every time without adding bulk to your rifle.

And—unlike some OTHER stocks—the QD socket allows free rotation, which is best if you’re going to attach your sling near the rear end of your rifle.

Overall, this B5 furniture kit is nice because everything in it just sort of works. Slap it on your rifle and go.


  • Grip is comfortable and ergonomic, but has no frills or potential snags.
  • Everything is relatively lightweight.
  • Rubber recoil pad on the stock is thick and comfortable to shoot with.
  • QD socket and sling attachment slots on the stock are well-positioned and usable.


  • Grip may be a bit TOO basic for some shooter’s tastes.
  • No angle on the buttplate of the stock for easier presentation from the ready.

6. Magpul Industries AR-15 Furniture Kit - Basic AR-15 Furniture Kit

Magpul is one of the original manufacturers of aftermarket AR-15 accessories. This furniture kit is just a collection of the most popular Magpul parts:

The MOE-K2 grip is one of my go-to grips these days.

The grip angle is fairly shallow to put your wrist in a nice natural, neutral position. And the beavertail is remarkably thick, which helps you get consistent hand placement with your trigger finger in line with the trigger.

In short, this grip is comfortable and makes it easy to consistently get the best grip for the best precision.

The CTR Carbine Stock is one of the most popular stocks around because it’s affordable. And it’s a good stock.

The stock is easy to adjust. And it locks to prevent accidental adjustment. It’s got a rubber recoil pad, which is a step up from a mil-spec carbine stock. And it’s got a QD sling socket—another step up from a mil-spec stock.

No, there’s no angle near the bottom to help with presentation from the ready. But the entire butt plate is a tad angled to improve the ergonomics. So it works well enough.

Lastly, the vertical grip is about as short as you can get without losing some functionality. It’s long enough to get a decent four-finger grip, if you’re into that traditional technique. But you can easily use this foregrip for a thumb-over or thumb-forward grip. And this grip adds very little bulk or weight to your rifle.

So, overall, this furniture kit is a good demonstration as to why Magpul equipment is still so popular after all these years. It’s simple, affordable, and works well.


  • Pistol grip offers an optimum grip angle and trigger finger placement.
  • Stock is comfortable and easy to use. Big upgrade over a mil-spec stock.
  • Vertical grip adds very little weight or bulk to the front end of your rifle.


  • Stock and vertical grip are both very basic.

The Matrix Diversified Industry Mil-Spec Magpul MOE Furniture Kit is just basic Magpul MOE furniture, which we talked about above. So we won’t belabor this too much.

The big deal about this kit is that it’s got a sweet Kryptek paint job on it. So it looks super sweet.

And it has all the furniture you need. That way your AR-15 doesn’t look like you put it together using the mix-and-match method. It even comes with a painted Magpul PMAG.

Unfortunately, you can’t get this kit in anything but camo. If you’re into black or FDE, you’ll have to check out one of our other kits.

But, if you want a pre-painted AR-15 furniture kit that includes absolutely everything you need, this kit is the way to go.


  • Kryptek painted Magpul MOE furniture looks rad.
  • Includes everything, even the handguard and a Magpul PMAG magazine.
  • Magpul MOE furniture is a solid upgrade over mil-spec furniture.


  • Only available in camouflage. No standard black or FDE.

Furniture Kit, ASSEMBLE!

You could get away with putting bone-stock mil-spec furniture on your AR-15. But there’s two reasons why that sucks:

  1. It doesn’t look that cool, unless you’re going for the classic military style.
  2. Mil-spec furniture isn’t that comfortable.

An AR-15 furniture kit is a great way to upgrade all your furniture at once and improve the feel and operation of your AR-15. Using a kit also gives you a consistent aesthetic.

If you’re still running mil-spec furniture, it’s time for an upgrade. Here’s what to get:

Bravo Company furniture is affordable, comfortable, and extremely durable. You can’t go wrong.

So stop gritting your teeth through the discomfort of cheap AR-15 furniture. Get an AR-15 furniture kit and shoot better and more comfortably.