The Best AR 15 Laser For Fast, Short Range Hits

Last Updated on January 22, 2022.

If you use your AR 15 for home defense or CQB, a laser can be handy for getting on target quickly.

Keep in mind that you still need to zero a laser sight, otherwise they’re woefully unhelpful.

Should You Use a Laser for Your AR-15

Also, remember that lasers are best for approximate aiming. With a laser sight, you’re going to see every tiny movement and wiggle. If you try to get your laser sight perfectly still and on target, you’ll never take a shot.

But, using a laser sight is super simple. So, it takes very little training to get proficient with one.

Best AR 15 Laser on the Market Today

Our Best Choice

Sightmark Lopro Green Laser Designator

Sightmark Lopro Green Laser Designator

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  • Uses standard CR123 battery
  • Weather and corrosion resistant
  • Thermoplastic body

If you have an immediate need for a laser, get the Sightmark Lopro Green Laser Designator. It’s reasonably priced, and will meet the needs of any civilian.

For those of you who want to weigh all the options, we’ll cover a whole bunch of them here, so you can make the best buy.

Top AR 15 Laser Reviews: Connecting the Dots

You know the drill. The best overall AR 15 laser is up first. All the rest get laid out in order of price from most affordable to most ridiculously priced.

Here’s the breakdown.

1. Sightmark LoPro Green Laser Designator

Sightmark Lopro Green Laser Designator

Best Overall AR-15 Laser

Sightmark is known for making solid, reasonably priced optics. They’re nothing fancy. But, they work, and they’re not too expensive. The Sightmark LoPro Green Laser Designator follows this trend.

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  • Green laser at a really good price.
  • Thermoplastic body keeps laser operation in most temperatures.
  • Weather and corrosion resistant.
  • Uses the common CR123 battery.
  • Mounts to a standard picatinny rail.


  • A bit bulky for a standard laser sight.
  • Not ideal if you need infrared sighting capabilities.

One thing that makes this one stand out is the green laser. Green lasers are usually rather expensive. So, this might be the most affordable green laser sight available.

It’s molded from impact-resistant thermoplastic. This keeps it operational and protects the battery in both hot and cold weather. It’s also weather and corrosion resistant. So, you can actually take advantage of the temperature protection.

The laser runs on a CR123 battery, which provides up to 30 hours of continuous useOf all the non-standard batteries, CR123 batteries are the most common and easiest to get. Not that you’ll be replacing them that often.

This laser mounts to a standard picatinny rail. Remember to get a picatinny adaptor, if you run an M-LOK or KeyMod rail.

The only real downside to this laser is that it’s a bit bulky for being a simple laser sight. They make lasers so small they fit inside pistol grips these days. So, such a blocky form factor seems unnecessary.

Even so, this is an excellent option for any civilian hobbyist or defensive shooter. It will also work well for law enforcement or military members who don’t need infrared capabilities.

2. TruGlo Micro-Tac Tactical Micro Laser

TruGlo Micro-Tac Tactical Micro Laser

Compact AR-15 Laser

Many AR 15 lasers take up a bit more space, for some reason. However, the TruGlo Micro-Tac Tactical Micro Laser brings the compactness of a pistol laser to the AR-15 platform.

The laser itself is green, which is a nice touch considering the price and size.

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  • Green laser.
  • Super compact, and takes up very little rail space.
  • Recessed, ambidextrous controls.
  • Solid and pulse modes of operation.
  • Weighs less than 1 ounce.


  • Steel mounting screws can strip out the aluminum body if overtightened.

However, the main selling point of this laser is the size. It’s very small, and mounts to a picatinny rail. The main benefit here is that it takes up very little rail space. So, you can easily mount other accessories around it.

And, even though it’s not an all-in-one module, military and law enforcement who need infrared sighting will have room for infrared equipment even with this laser mounted.

The controls are ambidextrous. Which is nice for left-handers and those who need to shoot offhand. There are also two modes of operation: solid and pulseStandard operation works fine for most shooters. However, some find it easier to locate their laser when it’s pulsing.

Also, the controls are recessed to prevent accidental actuation. If you do accidentally turn your laser on, or forget to turn it off, this model automatically turns off after 5 minutes to save the  battery.

The body is aluminum, which keeps the weight under 1 ounce. However, the mounting screw is steel. So, be careful not to strip the aluminum housing when tightening the mounting screw.

All in all, this TruGlo model is an outstanding laser for anyone who wants to mount a few things on their forend, or use the same laser on a pistol and an AR-15.

3. Holosun LS117 Red Laser Sight

Holosun LS117 Red Laser Sight

Value AR-15 Laser

Holosun is a fairly new company in the optics world. However, they’ve quickly made a name for themselves as an innovative company that builds affordable, durable optics. The Holosun LS117 Red Laser Sight fits right in with the company’s reputation.

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  • Machined aluminum housing for exceptional durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Included quick detach mount.
  • Powered by a single AA battery.
  • Cable switch for versatile laser control.


  • Aluminum body is susceptible to stripping by steel mounting screws.
  • Not the most compact laser.

This is a red laser sight. Maybe not as cool as a green laser sight. But, it’s just fine for home defense and CQB shooting.

Holosun constructed the housing entirely from aluminum for improved durability and corrosion resistance. The housing and caps are also sealed for weather resistance. So, you can use your laser outside if you need.

The aluminum housing can be stripped by the steel mounting screws, when you’re torquing them down. However, there’s an included quick detach mount. Which means you won’t have to torque the screws often.

This laser is powered by a single AA battery. The battery lasts long enough. But, the real bonus is that AA batteries are cheap and easy to find.

Lastly, there’s an included cable switch for remote operation. So, you can control your laser from wherever you put your support hand, regardless of where you mount your laser.

The remote switch is nice. This isn’t the most compact module, especially considering it’s only a laser.

This laser boasts a strong feature set. And, though it’s not the least expensive laser, the durability and utility this an excellent value for any civilian shooter, or even a dedicated visible laser for a military or law enforcement duty rifle.

4. Holosun LS117G Green Laser Sight

Holosun LS117G Green Laser Sight

Green Laser Sight

For those who prefer a green laser, Holosun offers a laser for you, too. It just costs a bit more than the red laser. The Holosun LS117G Green Laser Sight offers one of the best values for the money in the green laser category.

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  • Green laser offers improved range and visibility.
  • Solid aluminum body.
  • Quick detach mount to protect aluminum body from being stripped by steel screws.
  • Included remote cable switch.
  • Single AA battery power supply.


  • A bit bulky for only being a laser sight.

This model is a carbon copy of the Holosun red laser sight, but with a green laserThe green laser is better for those who struggle to see a red laser dot or who need a laser that performs at longer ranges.

Holosun also offers an infrared model at the same price, for those that need infrared designation capabilities.

Beyond that, the body is a solid piece of machined aluminum, with sealed caps. This offers better durability, corrosion resistance, and weatherproofing.

There’s a quick detach mount to protect the aluminum housing by being stripped by the steel mounting screws.

remote cable switch is included so you can mount your laser anywhere, without compromising control.

Lastly, everything is powered by a single AA battery. So, you’ll never have a hard time finding batteries.

It might be a bit bulky for being just a laser sight, but it delivers excellent performance for the money. It’s a great option for any shooter who needs the bump in performance from a green laser.

5. Crimson Trace Linq Wireless Green Laser Sight and Tactical Light

Crimson Trace Linq Wireless Green Laser Sight and Tactical Light

Wireless Laser Sight

Wireless technology has given shooters unprecedented control and configurability when it comes to forend-mounted devices. The Crimson Trace Linq Wireless Green Laser Sight and Tactical Light takes advantage of this wireless technology to make it much easier to control your laser without running wires all over your gun.

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  • Green laser for improved visibility and range.
  • Integrated light.
  • Wireless controls that enable you to control the device with your firing hand.
  • Corrosion and temperature resistant polymer construction.


  • Requires you to replace your pistol grip with the crimson trace pistol grip.
  • Controlling your trigger and two devices with one hand can be tricky unders stress.

First, the laser is green. Which is a nice touch, considering all the other technology in this package. The green laser offers a range and visibility boost over its red laser brethren.

There’s also an integrated 300 lumen light. So, you get aiming and illumination in a single device.

Where the wireless technology comes in is the controls. This module comes with a pistol grip with controls that wirelessly connect to the laser on your forend. So, you can control the laser with your firing hand.

However, you’ll need to replace your pistol grip to use the wireless capabilities. The Crimson Trace pistol grip is an upgrade over a classic A2 grip. However, it may not be great for those who already have an aftermarket pistol grip.

Additionally, you’ll need to practice controlling your laser with your firing hand. Working the trigger, your laser, and your light with the same hand can be tricky, especially in stressful situations.

The laser itself features polymer constructionThis helps regulate the temperature for more reliable operation in a variety of environments, and makes the body corrosion resistant.

Even though it may not be perfect for everyone, this is an excellent option for a home defense rifle or tactical competition rifle since it gives you illumination and optical sighting in one rail-mounted device.

6. Steiner Optics DBAL-I2 Dual Beam Visible and IR Aiming Laser

Steiner Optics DBAL-I2 Dual Beam Visible and IR Aiming Laser

Visible and IR AR-15 Laser Combo

If you need IR aiming capabilities, it’s nice to have both IR and visible aiming solutions packaged up in a single forend device. The Steiner Optics DBAL-I2 Dual Beam Visible and IR Aiming Laser is a good option for military and law enforcement duty rifles, or even civilians who have their own night vision goggles.

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  • IR and visible green laser in a single module.
  • Quick detach mount for picatinny rail.
  • Mounts to any mounting system without quick detach mount.
  • Includes cable remote switch.


  • A tad bulky.
  • Expensive.

If you’re shooting with night vision goggles, you need a laser for aiming. It’s really tough to get your eyes behind any ordinary sight with night vision goggles on. The IR laser gives you night vision aiming capabilities, with a laser that’s invisible without night vision goggles.

Then, the green laser gives you excellent aiming capabilities without your night vision optics. So, you get night and day laser sighting in a single forend accessory.

Unfortunately, having both IR and green laser diodes in the same unit means that it’s a bit bigger. So, this laser might feel a bit bulky to some.

This device mounts to a picatinny rail with the Steiner proprietary quick detach mount.

The mount fixes securely to your rail without any tools. However, the quick detach mount can be removed for mounting to other mounting systems.

There’s an included cable remote switch. So, you can control your laser from wherever you want. And, of course, this laser has controls on the body as well.

This Steiner Optics unit is a bit pricey. So, it’s best for military and law enforcement who need to purchase their own optics. However, if you have night vision goggles, this is a great aiming device, regardless of who you are.


Laser sights are hard to beat for close quarters aiming devices. If you know how to use one, a laser can make your close quarters shooting life much easier.

Sightmark Lopro Green Laser Designator

Sightmark Lopro Green Laser Designator

If you want a laser that will work in a broad variety of contexts, get the Sightmark Lopro Green Laser Designator. It’s a solid, all-purpose device that offers a green laser at a great price.

So, if you’re in the market for a nice laser aiming device, now you’ve got the knowledge to get the best laser for you, it’s time to get a laser and start aiming with a dot on your rifle.

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